Andy Murray Won’t Play Dubai In 2013, He’ll Focus On Indian Wells
by TennisOne | October 10th, 2012, 10:30 am

Newly crowned Grand Slam champion Andy Murray is already making changes to his future schedule after a big summer haul. Murray announced yesterday in Shanghai that he will forego the 2013 Dubai event to focus more on the Indian Wells Masters 1000, and perhaps get himself better into the No. 1 mix.

“The last few years I hadn’t played particularly well in Indian Wells,” Murray said. “After Australia this year I went over to train in Miami afterwards, which I felt worked well. I flew back to Dubai, then back over for Indian Wells. You know, that beginning part of the year, I was a bit tired for certain tournaments. So I decided after the Australian Open, I’ll go home for a little while and then go over to Miami and train and stay over in America for a while, get used to the conditions, try and reduce the travel at the beginning of the year.”

The Scot hasn’t won a match at Indian Wells since a 2010 fourth round victory over Nicolas Almagro. The last two years he’s lost in his first match.

Murray also joked about the question he gets asked the most by the press now that he was the Slam monkey off his back.

“I’ve been asked what’s is like not to be asked that question anymore,” he said. “I got asked that pretty much every time I did some media. But, yeah, I mean, I’m sure in a few months that will get old. It’s nice not to have to discuss it anymore.

“With having not won a Grand Slam, it was sometimes hard not to just focus on that all the time. It was always in my head to a certain extent. I’m glad it’s done now.”

Murray received a walkover today from Florian Mayer in the second round, tomorrow/tonight he’ll face Alexandr Dologpolov.

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9 Comments for Andy Murray Won’t Play Dubai In 2013, He’ll Focus On Indian Wells

Arun Says:

Hmm interesting schedule of muzz’s.Apart from points IW is one masters where he’s just not been able to win so thats probably why too.Federer’s 2013 schedule will be very interesting too.There’s this clause which allows a player whose played more than 600 matches and is min. 31 years old to skip a mandatory now that he has most of the ranking records in his pocket,he’ll prob shorten his schedule to focus more on the majors and events where he’s good at.

Margot Says:

Very sensible of Andy. All that air travel is a killer.
Good time for him to re-evaluate what he wants too.

steve-o Says:

What makes Murray tired is the grinding nature of his game. That ain’t gonna change. He can only go for so long before having to wind down and take a break.

Really to have a shot at #1 he’d have to win Wimbledon and a hard-court major in the same year, and then win a couple hard-court Masters to boot. That’s very physically demanding.

During the post-USO hard court season, his goal was probably to go all-out so he could lay the groundwork for getting to #1 sometime next summer. So far, he’s lost some points from last year, and now he’s trying to win Shanghai for the third straight time. I know Federer and Nadal have both won a particular Masters tournament three years running, but it’s a tall order.

I’m sure he’s happy to get the walkover.

Brando Says:

Excellent move by andy- very wise decision.

He’ll be able to tackle the US hard court swing firing on all cylinders now.

Very much expect the outdoor HC big prizes to be spread out next year, in terms of the winners!

Best of luck andy!

jane Says:

I think Andy made a comment post-USO win about performing well at all the events, including the Masters, being consistent throughout the year, so it doesn’t surprise me that he’d be eyeing up his schedule to ensure that. Makes sense.

Colin Says:

Yes, I think it’s a good move, and if he concentrates on the US he exploits the advantage of
having a second home in Miami.

I don’t entirely agree about the “grinding nature of his game”, Steve-o. In the Olympics and the USO he mostly played more aggressively, which demands less of the defensive scampering about. That’s why he got so frustrated against Raonic – his attacking shots were not quite working.

jamie Says:

Next year Andy will win two slams. Book it.

jamie Says:

Andy will win a HC slam and Wimbledon in 2013.

alison Says:

Both Brando and Jamie make good points,although Andy has only just won his 1st slam,Andy will now be a different player when the two meet,all ifs and buts ATM,But if Andy were to win the AO and Wimby next year,Andy is closer to Novak than Novak is to Rafa in terms of GS and other titles won,Andy could be the thorn for Novak that Novak was for Rafa hopefully,Andy is my second favorite player so i would love for him to bag some more GS titles,even if it is at the expence of Novak,sorry Novak and fans.

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