Teary-Eyed Andy Murray Dedicates Brisbane Win To Sick Friend [Video Highlights]
by Tom Gainey | January 6th, 2013, 12:11 pm

Emotions got the best of Andy Murray once again. After winning his second straight Brisbane title the Scot got choked up when he dedicated his title a friend back home.

“I’d like to dedicate this victory to one of my best friends,” Murray told the crowd following a 7-6, 6-4 win over Grigor Dimitrov. “He’s back home watching and you’re going to get through.”

Murray did not reveal his mate’s name but not soon after his friend and doubles pro Ross Hutchins announced in a tweet that he’s been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

“Happy New Year to all!Unfortunately I will be away from tennis for a while as I was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma..” he tweeted. “I am doing well, very positive with excellent medical support,friends and family around me. Looking forward to being back on the court soon!”

The 27-year-old Hutchins who was born and lives in Wimbledon, ranks No. 28 in doubles and has five career titles, two last season. We wish him the best for a speedy recovery.

The WTA’s Alisa Kleybanova was also diagnosed with the disease in July, 2011, and she’s returned to pro tennis last March.

Murray now heads to Melbourne where he’ll be the No. 3 seed hoping to continue his excellent form.

“I hope that the Australian Open goes a bit better for me than it did last year,” Murray said. “I do feel more relaxed one week out from slam than I have done previously, that’s for sure, so I hope that’s a good sign.”

Dimitrov, who was appearing in his first ATP final, will move into the Top 40 for the first time in the next rankings.

“I think I still need couple of years on the tour to get stronger and be able to hang with these guys all weeks, and especially playing best of five sets,” the Bulgarian said.

Reports broke before the match of a possible courtship between Dimitrov and Maria Sharapova! Grigor did not address the dating rumor.


Murray’s presser:

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49 Comments for Teary-Eyed Andy Murray Dedicates Brisbane Win To Sick Friend [Video Highlights]

alison Says:

Congrats to Andy on winning another opponent against a very talented up and coming young player in Dimitrov,so sad about Ross Hutchins and i wish him well for the future,lovely interview from Andy about his good friend.

alison Says:

^another title against an opponent whos an up and coming,sorry about the typos duh^.

Jonathan @ peRFect Tennis Says:

Good win for Murray, he is a threat at the Australian Open. But can he win back to back slams?

Also, probably Dimitrov’s best week on tour ever. Wonder how he fairs in Melbourne? I can see him maybe losing early now but you never know.

Bad new for Hutchins too, I think he will recover though, it has a good recovery rate so I’m sure he’s a fit guy that will see it off.

Wog boy Says:

I have to say that after I saw Dimitrov against Baghdatis and Murray, haven’t seen him playing for a long time, I am impressed. He is not baby Federer anymore, he is developing his own game, very sharp game. Good choice of coaches, Sweedish boot camp helped him alot. What I like is what he said that he will need more hard work and that he is not there yet with his game. Good luck Grigor, you might have me as a fan one day when Nole retires:)
On the other han we have Tomic coming into Sydney like Roman Emperor and declaring himself unstoppable, favourite to win Sydney and to be top10 by the end of the year. Very moderate and measured young man;)

Wog boy Says:

“On the other hanD … “

Wog boy Says:

BTW, nice and fitting name:

Grigor-Gregory, “watchful one.”

We are watching you Griša-Гриша !

alison Says:

Wogboy Grigor is Gregory in a different language?i didnt know that,i like that name NICE.

Wog boy Says:


Yes, it is the same name, was very popular in eastern Europe and ofcourse goes back to ancient Greece and from there stright into the bible, St Gregory-Sv Grigor or Sv Grigorije or depend which country you are in , Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia etc.

the DA Says:

Shocking news about Ross. Hope he pulls through quickly. I remember a funny interview that he, Andy and Colin Fleming gave in 2011 which shows how close they are:


And to the Andy detractor(s) who profess to know his ‘true nature’, this emotional reaction during the acceptance speech (as well as the above video) should completely set the record straight.

Anyway, 8 days to go. Hooray, can’t wait.

jane Says:

That’s sweet DA; thanks for posting.

the DA Says:

You’re welcome jane. It’s one of the videos I post whenever someone says Andy never smiles or laughs.

BTW, I just saw this AO promo about Andy on the web. It’s done in the style of a graphic novel. Kind of different, cool even.


jane Says:

Cool promo indeed. ^_^

Of course Murray smiles. And how nice to dedicate his trophy to Ross; hope he recovers well and swiftly.

Bada Bing Says:

The vimeo graphic makes him out to be a dark-skinned person when he is actually very, very milk-white.

dari Says:

Tennis doesn’t happen in a vaccuum. These are real people with real lives and struggles. Wish the best in recovery to Ross- that particular cancer has pretty good outcomes these days, so I hope he can return to full health. I have seen that interview and another one before and those guys are kinda like the three stooges, fun stuff. Surely they will have more laughs and memories in the future.

And by the way I remember Margot saying that she likes Roger F’s game, but she wouldn’t want to have him over for tea. Well I WOULD like to have Andy over for tea, very personable, and he seems like he would be a tremendous friend to have in your corner.

dari Says:

To turn back to the tennis in the final, really enjoyed seeing both guys play very offensively. Andy stepped up at all the right moments (of course grigor will have to.learn how to counter that), I remember a couple of big FH and a beautiful BH dtl on break points against him. I know it was a young guy, but I liked what I saw from Andy and on top of that coming through when he was up and down all week and thinking of his friend.
I sure hope we get lots of great matches and a memorable tournament despite rafa absence. Then again AO does not.usually disappoint.

Ps. Long time no see from kimmi. If you are reading but not posting, I say Hello!

Margot Says:

dari: Andy can come to tea any time he likes and I might even bake a cake…..;)

Wog boy Says:

dari, Margot,

Can I come over for tea … I’ll bring my cakes ?

Margot Says:

Wog boy honey, u can come to tea any time u like….but, ahem, what exactly is wrong with MY baking?….;)

Wog boy Says:


I guess nothing, but since I invited myself I thought it would be nice manners to share the costs and bring something … apart of myself ;)

alison Says:

Sometimes when im watching Andy been interviewed i cant help but laugh,when he scratches his face im thinking of Alistair Mcgowans doing his impressions lol.

MMT Says:

One big improvement I’ve seen from Dimitrov over the last year is the quality of his serve – it’s gotten bigger and more consistent, which takes a lot of pressure off in his return games, in addition to the obvious boost to his own serve.

There’s just two things technically that I think he needs to really improve – I still think he doesn’t hit through his backhand enough. With almost all the other players on tour with a one-handed backhand, that shot is a major weapon (Gasquet, Almagro, Wawrinka). Dimitrov is still just rolling over it for the most part, and that makes him too technically asymetric – as a result he hugs the backhand corner and his court positioning leaves him open to players who can change direction quickly and or wrongfoot him. This is similar to Federer, but Federer’s footwork is far superior to his, which leads me to his other problem.

If you watch this match, it almost looks like Murray is playing on a different surface with all the slipping and sliding Dimitrov does. Murray on the other hand has a good combination of little steps, changes of direction and slides when necessary. Dimitrov just looks totally disheveled by comparison and from the unforced error count, you can see that after the first 4 games or so, Murray made almost no unforced errors, and Dimitrov just went off the boil.

For now, unfortunately I don’t think he’s a major threat, although his game is aesthetically very appealing.

jamie Says:

Murray will have a great 2013, he is the favorite to win the Australian Open.

You heard it here first.

jamie Says:

More stuff:

Murray will win the AO and Wimbledon.

Murray is looking like the “luckiest player” for 2013, 2014 and 2015, if you know what I mean….

It will not be easy for Nole to win as many slams as before. They will not come as easy as they did from AO 2011 to AO 2012. He will be the main challenger to Murray for the next few years but Murray will win more slams from 2013-2015 than Nole will. Both will win slams but Murray will win more slams than Nole from 2013-2015.

Nadal will have bad luck(game) until mid 2013 just in time for RG.

Del Potro should win a slam again in the next few years.

Murray, Federer and Del Potro will have the best good luck for AO but Murray will be the winner in the end.

jamie Says:

BTW Murray will go down in history as the multiple slam winner who was the latest bloomer in the open era. Ironically, Murray’s current coach holds that record by blooming at 24 and winning 8 slams. Murray bloomed at 25 and will win almost as many slams as Lendl. Probably around 7 slams.

jamie Says:

Nole will win around 9 slams.

You heard it here first.

Thomas Says:

WTF, I am thoroughly confused. Didn’t you say that Nole would definitely win both the AO and USO this year? So why are you now saying it will be murray?

skeezer Says:


Enjoyed your technical analysis @ 8:34, and was spot on imo.

jamie Says:


The predictions I posted today are not mine but the Argie guys’ predictions….

RZ Says:

Sad about Rosco Hutchins. I certainly hope he pulls through. He and Colin Fleming were on the cusp of making it to the London WTF last year (they were the alternates). One of them was injured during the late spring which led to them sitting out the French Open and not doing so well at Wimbledon and the Olympics. I was really hoping to catch them at Indian Wells this year but it looks unlikely to happen.

Margot Says:

MMT, a very interesting analysis as always. GD not top 10 maybe yet, but what about top 20? He’s a very attractive player to watch and he too has loads of variety at his disposal.
However, his beautiful backhand looked vulnerable to a two hander at times, especially to high looping balls that he couldn’t run round. Sound familiar? He hasn’t got Fed’s extraordinary movement either of course, but I thought he was very fast nonetheless. And Andy’s so solid defensive game does force UE’s.
He’s working with 4 coaches at the mo, who comms said, travel with him.
Sounds like over kill to me!

Brando Says:

Extremely off topic, but that won’t stop me from saying:


Age 25 and has the ALL TIME record for most overall and consecutive wins of the prestigious Ballon d’or!!!


courbon Says:

@Wog Boy: Hristos se rodi.

Giles Says:

^^ I was hoping Ronaldo or Iniesta would win. Anyway well done Messi!!

Brando Says:

Leo had a record breaking year though, so IMHO he was the ONLY choice for the win!

Alok Says:

@MMT: “With almost all the other players on tour with a one-handed backhand, that shot is a major weapon (Gasquet, Almagro, Wawrinka).”

Youz has a super strong BH, and Haas is another, but not as strong as Youz, due to his many surgeries, which has caused Haas’ BH to become weaker. I had the opportunity to watch Youz play Davy last week, and the strength and fluidity of Youz’ BH was what gripped my attention. Now that Fed has gotten older his BH is not as strong as Youz’ BH, but that can also be attributed to Youz being much more muscular than Fed, same as Stan’s.

Thanks for your analysis. As always it’s a great read and a very nice interruption from the usual gossip and senseless chattering, etc. It would be nice if you could post more often.

Wog boy Says:


Vaistinu se rodi.

I hope you enjoyed it with your family same as I did with mine:)

courbon Says:

@Wog Boy: Thank you,all the best wishes to you and your family.

jane Says:

Margot “He’s working with 4 coaches at the mo, who comms said, travel with him.” Whoa – that is a lot. Are some of them physio etc? It would be confusing having that many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak.

boss Says:


link to the thread where you found this?

dari Says:

hopefully these problems MMT has brought up with the BH don’t have to be forevwr for dimitrov. He can get a LOT stronger (he is a bit slight as is), has an inch or more in height over a lot of the major one-handers, and a few of his BH’ s were bullets, so he’s got it in him.

Daniel Says:

Agree with MMT

If you look at the video his backhand is short, lacking depth. He has a very large and beutifull swing but when he hit the BH, almost no power. Murray on the other hand unleash a few super fast BH.

2 more years and Dimitrov will be contesting Slams. Too much game not to.

Wog boy Says:

There you go, just when I wanted to go to see Dimitrov tomorrow he bombed out. Fognini was too good for him.

Sienna Says:

It is certainly sad, but it is costing Murray to much energie. You can get affected by smething like that and usually not in a good way for your tennis.
It will have an energie draining effect on him.

Sometimes players get a rush of adrenaline when confronted with bad news. Like Sampras and Courier, but he didnot win that years OZ Open.

So all this negative energie and concern about his friend will damage his changes for his next slam. I say murray no contender.

Djokovic his been riding the good ride to long he is certainly not 2011 material or fact Fed is now better then 2011. The 2012 Fed is onpar or above Djoker.

Delpo is not good enough on this surface even is berdych.

This slam is for TMF.

alison Says:

Margot thanks for that link,and what great support Andy is showing to his dear friend,Andy is very kind hearted young man,it makes you put things into perspective sometimes,and makes all this silly squabbling rather pointless,after all its only a game,many things in life are so much more important.

the DA Says:

@margot – I read that earlier today. Nice article. Ross seems in a strong frame of mind. Once again, Andy detractors should read this piece and enlighten themselves about his true character /nature.

Sienna Says:

here we mortals make the mistake in thinking it is just a game.

They do not win slams thinking like that. To win tennis slamsmaybe among top 5 sporting achievements in a year.
Tennis is a worldwide game and evolved pretty good. With the Fed surge in the last decade followed by Rafa and later on DJoker… Now Murray is in the mix. The level i pretty high and they donot win it onchance. Nor on luck.

Theyiwin with a few basic rules. Mind, body, technical ability.

In those 14 days it takes to win a slam 1 of those start to falter then it s almost impossible to win a slam.

Mind power is todays pinnacle. They all got what it takes to win a grueling 5 hour match but have they the mindset to do it again and again.

Last few years Djokovic has really upped his level in that departmend. Murray by winning Olympics and US Open especially. Has also made a move.

But this is a distraction he just cannot use. If in any ways he beleives like Alison says it is just a game. He is dogfood for the contenders. they smell it when they are onthe court. Djoker and Fed will take him down if he shows any of those frail thoughts.

A few years ago Djoker said it best.

They dont play tennis, they play for the history of the game” We fight for a place in history” were his words I believe.

And so it will be written This game doesnot leave ampel room for feelings of lesser gods or friends we have in day to day life. The sacrifice it all for a slam. Better not make illusions that you can have both.

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