Bernard Tomic: This Is The Perfect Time To Play Roger Federer! I Think I Can Do It, I’m Ready
by Tom Gainey | January 17th, 2013, 10:04 am

After winning a 10th match of the young 2013 season today, brash Bernard Tomic’s confidence is sky high. So high that not even playing 17-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer is going to bring him down.

Federer has beaten Tomic rather easily in all three of their meetings including a straight-set 64, 62, 62 lesson a year ago. And Swiss hasn’t dropped a set in two matches. But the 20-year-old Tomic is not afraid to talk-the-talk against the tennis legend.

“I feel so confident. This is the perfect time to play him,” Tomic said following a 4-set victory over Daniel Brands. “I think, you know, I’ve got a good attitude to win. I’ve beaten a lot of good players over the last past two weeks, especially Novak. I think I can do it if he wins his match. I’m ready.”

Tomic did beat Novak Djokovic at the Hopman Cup but it was just an exo. This is the third round at a Grand Slam. Quite a difference. Though he has a strategy.

“The most important thing against someone like that, against Roger,” he says, “is that I’ve got to hold and keep it close within the first set. If I keep it close in the first set, manage to win that first set, then it can be a different story. Being one set to Love up is a huge advantage against him. If he frees up and wins that first set, it’s different. But I’m confident. I’m going to get ready as much as I can to play any of those two players. All I can do is try to win.”

And the response from Federer: “Look, I have so much more experience than him. Last year I reached my thousandth match on tour. That’s what I meant. I know how hard a five setter can be. I know how intense a night session can be and all these things. Whatever that means, length of rally, length of match, intensity, I’ve been there. That could potentially help me, but it could also not help me. We’ll see how it goes.”

Tomic and Federer are set to clash on Saturday night in Melbourne. The 43rd-ranked TOmic has just a 2-11 record against Top 10 players.

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38 Comments for Bernard Tomic: This Is The Perfect Time To Play Roger Federer! I Think I Can Do It, I’m Ready

regi Says:

yeah right, dream on…

Ben Pronin Says:

I don’t know if I like Tomic’s cockiness or not. On the one hand, it’s good that these young guys are confident in their abilities, at least going into matches. But Tomic seems unreasonably full of himself. I mean if feeding off that Djokovic win allows him to fulfill his potential and really play great tennis from now on, then great. But it still just seems unreasonable. It makes me want Federer to whoop him and remind him of his place. I would love the young guys to make some serious noise but I just don’t like any of them enough. So, let’s go Federer, show him what’s up.

Sandra Says:

@Ben pronin I normally don’t mind cockiness, but I feel Tomic has gone a bit overboard with it especially after winning his first title.

sienna Says:

Tomic is going to get blitzkriegt old new and future style.
It is thefirst match of TMF I can see, but I rather go swimming with the kids on saturday morning. No problemo for Fed in third round.

El Flaco Says:

I would have liked to have seen Hewitt whip Tomic’s butt at the AO this year.

Steve 27 Says:

Well Tomic, that’s the attitude to defeat the experimented Swiss . If he does not have confidence, then who?

RZ Says:

I’m also having a hard time deciding if I like Tomic’s cockiness or not. Obviously players need some degree of confidence to win big matches so on that hand it’s good that Tomic is being cocky. On the other hand, it’s really silly for him to be saying stuff like “if he gets there” when asked about his 3rd round match.

I think if this was best of 3, Tomic would have a good shot. But it’s really difficult to beat Federer over 5 sets, and Tomic barely made it through his match with Brands.

Ben Pronin Says:

Well it also depends on the weather, right? It was scorching yesterday, so good on Tomic for battling through 4 long sets. But if it’s hot again, that greatly favors Federer. Tomic needs to focus and zone, which is obviously harder to do in the heat. Especially if you start losing. Federer, though, will keep his composure regardless.

I mean, man, this Tomic. Even when he’s actually playing good tennis like we want, still so controversial.

skeezer Says:

Love how Fed handled this on the Tele after his win over Davy. Mellow. When asked about Tomic’s remarks Fed refused to react. Wouldn’t get involved in the fodder. He loves Australia, Loves Tomic, etc. etc etc.
See you on the court Tomicio! BTW, have you ever taken a set off Fed on HC? Maybe you should work on that first!

Humble Rafa Says:

When I retire, I am going to start a school on humility. Where do they raise these kids?

skeezer Says:

^School of HR of course, wtf?

Wog boy Says:

I am not sure but I think TTTE did win one set in DC match in 2011 in Sydney. At least I feel better when I read your posts, for a moment I thought I was alone in my opinion about TTTE:)

There is more talk here about what Armstrong is going to say today 1pm local time than about tennis. I am pretty sure Armstrong is going to bring some big birds down, he is not going down alone. There is already calls for cycling to be kicked out of Olympic games!

Wog boy Says:

As for temperature,it is not going to favour Federer, they are predicting day temperature about 22 or 72 degrees, night one is even lower.

skeezer Says:


Who is TTTE?

Wog boy Says:

Thomas The Tank Engine.

skeezer Says:

^he won 1 set on grass, none on HC, like I said earlier.

Wog boy Says:


Sorry, didn’t have enough sleep so missread your post. Getting ready for Extremly hot day here, over 40 or 100 degrees. I hate hot weather:(

skeezer Says:

^hot weather sucks. When your cold you just put on more clothes. When your hot, you can’t take off all your clothes and get colder, you just get a sunburn, in the wrong places.

mat4 Says:

Hi, WB, hi Skeez. Glad you’re here.

WB: Yesterday, I thought you were already sleeping and won’t see my post. Sorry.

mat4 Says:

Just read the Harrison interview. It is a very good read about Djokovic. But it also says a lot about Ryan Harrison, and I have no doubts he will soon be one of the stars of the game.

For anybody interested, it’s here:

Polo Says:

Honest observation: The discussions have been tepid since Nadal left the game.

Humble Rafa Says:

Honest observation: The discussions have been tepid since Nadal left the game.

Thanks for the love.

Wog boy Says:

“in the wrong placees” not wrong:)


I never had any doubt about your manners.
I cannot really sleep when the tennis on, even the ugly match as Kvitova/Robson was, I watched until end. No dissrespect for either of them but it wasn’t nice match.

Brando Says:

FED: Spank him! Sorry but being confident is one thing, and I generally like Tomic, but you should keep quite as opposed to mouthing off in public about how you are really ready to take it to a legend when you have still done close to nothing on court! Do your talking first on the court with your game berny and then say whatever you want off it!

mat4 Says:

About Tomic: he is still young. Come on.

alison Says:

Young Tomic can talk the talk but can he walk the walk,confidence is one thing cockiness is quite another,and thats the difference between the elite and the young pretenders,the greats of the game dont need to brag about how good they are as their records and results speak for themselves,Tomic should take note of this.

mat4 Says:


Of course, you are right. But can’t he be forgiven? He’s only 19. And he’s a spoiled kid.

Anyway, it will be a pleasure to watch him trying to “walk the walk”. And watch his press conference after the match…

alison Says:

Mat4 yeah your right perhaps i am been a bit hard on the guy,like you say hes only 20 years old so hes still much to learn,it was probably said more in jest rather than anything else,hes a cheeky chappy but also a bit cocky but harmless never the less.

alison Says:

^19 not 20 duh^.

Wog boy Says:


You are not harsh and he is 20 years old not 19.
I liked when Federer said last night about Tomic going first thing in the morning into players coffee shop and reading all the news (nice one) about himself. “I stoped doing that long time ago,” Federer said. Hats down to Federer, he knows when and what to say;)

mat4 Says:

WB: It will be a pleasure, for me, to read Tomic’s interview after the reality check.

Especially since I don’t see what his game plan against Federer could be. If he thinks Fed is going to let him play flat shots DTL, he’s dreaming awaken.

And Fed is not vulnerable to the slice. Quite the contrary.

mat4 Says:

Anyway, did you notice that Nole still doesn’t control well his FH? When he tries to accelerate, he often hit too long. But the power the new racquet gives him on this side seems amazing in those moments.

Wog boy Says:

Yes, and that was when you could see he was unhappy even with such a clean game and result, I think also that FH is with less clearance above the net and bit sharper but I am not sure, I have seen only Harrison match.

Kimberly Says:

I hope Federer teaches him a lesson!

Kimberly Says:

I mean seriously, because he beat Novak in an exho? I remember he ran his mouth before playing Rafa two years ago and it bugged me then.

Michael Says:

It is good to have a positive attitude but that should not turn into arrogance. He can talk-the-talk, but the point is can he walk-the-talk ? I do not know why Tomic says that it is the right time to play Roger ? May be he has the age on his mind or what ? But being a young brat I think he has arrogated himself somewhat in his exhuberant confidence. Well he has to give the Legend his due which he has not. He is not playing against an ordinary player, but a GOAT. That being said, he should learn to produce matured talk especially with the Media. As regards this match, I would say it would be 80:20 in favour of Roger.

Nina Says:

Thanks mat4, such a refreshing interview from Harrison, so realistic and humble yet confident, very different to Tomic here. I dont see him as promising maybe, he lacks weapons and he’s not that young anymore, needs to step it up quickly. Though its wrong to measure these guys up to the Tops who are a kind we wont see again too soon. The level of Nole, Roger and company is so high, off the limits for anyone else. I kind of pity these youngsters.

queen Says:

He is like a barking chiwawa. Cute but cannot harm the great dane lol

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