Nadal Denies Reports Of Not Playing IW/Miami; Marca Sticks With The Story
by Sean Randall | February 27th, 2013, 9:21 am

Continuing our daily saga of updating Rafa’s knee situation: Rafael Nadal and his camp came out yesterday and denied reports that he was not going to play the hardcourt events in Indian Wells and Miami (plus the NYC exo). Earlier Marca came out with the story that to save his knees Rafa would not return to hardcourts until the summer. After a win last night in Acapulco, Rafa responded.

“My intention is to go to Indian Wells,” Nadal told the AP. “This is the truth because I love this tournament and the priority is to play. But if I don’t feel comfortable playing and decide to wait to play on the hard courts, that’s how it will be and I’ll rest for the clay-court season (in Europe). But today I can’t answer.

“I said the truth. I don’t know if I’m going to go or not,” Nadal repeated. “It will depend on how I feel every day and every week.”

As for his knee, Nadal sounded optimistic, for now.

“Even when the knee is perfect I had some days better than others,” he said. “Right now I have had three days in which the knee has felt fine and that makes me happy, that we’re going in the right direction.”

And that makes me happy, too. Unfortunately, though, the story will continue since it’s clear Rafa isn’t committing to anything beyond Acapulco just yet, so be prepared for more rumors until his tournament is finished there.

And despite the denials, Marca hasn’t changed it’s tune one bit from what I can tell. The initial story that created this controversy is still up on their website with no update, so that means they are sticking with what they first said, and that is Rafa won’t be playing next month in the U.S.

I still think there is a slim chance he plays NYC and then IW, but Miami is looking very, very doubtful. Rafa could easily fly from Mexico to NYC, pick up his bag of cash for playing DelPo and then head to IW and train for a few days to get a better gauge of his knee, then decide.

Stay tuned of course! I’m sure there’ll be more to come. Although I’m starting to feel the onset of Rafa Knee Fatigue Syndrome (RKFS). Perhaps I (k)need to take it easy.

On the courts today, all three of the big names are in action. Nadal plays Alund in Acapulco (recall this Alund took Nadal to three in the Sao Paulo semis) while in Dubai Djokovic and Federer take on Spaniards.

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62 Comments for Nadal Denies Reports Of Not Playing IW/Miami; Marca Sticks With The Story

Skeezer Says:




Rafaeli and her friend nadalista needs to read this. They will feel bettter knowing now Rafa will or will not play maybe and maybe not.
Don’t read it? How can anyone avoid it? Ugh, wish fans could. But Rafa continues to want to talk about it. btw why to some always blame the media for Rafa’s statements? very interesting….maybe…just maybe Rafa is actually saying those things?

Rafa will have a stellar career after Tennis in the TV opera “One Life to Live”.

Giles Says:

This is a Rafa thread and surprise surprise who’s in first? None other than skeezer the whiner!!!
I am starting to think that maybe just maybe he is secretly a Rafa fan boy!!!

Humble Rafa Says:

I am playing IW because injury may heal enough to play, but then I may not.

I will play because i want to keep my committments. But if an injury arises, I will not play.

Hope that clearys it up.

rafaeli Says:

So because Marca hasn’t taken the story off their website it means it’s true. They put the story up without any basis in the first place, so why would they take it down just because Rafa says it’s not true?

As I said, no one needs to suffer from Rafa Knee Fatigue Syndrome, only those who choose to. No one forced Sean Randall to write about it. Surely, there are other subjects in tennis to cover.

When a player is recovering he can’t tell from day to day how he is going to feel. How many times has Monfils has not gone on and off after injury time out even Delpo too sometime to settle when he came back last year.

Giles Says:

skeezer also enjoys acronyms. Geez!! Here’s one for you to unravel :
Good luck with that!!

Humble Rafa Says:

Although I’m starting to feel the onset of Rafa Knee Fatigue Syndrome (RKFS)

You are not feeling the Arrotardnesss by constantly praising the Arrogant One. But discussing my genuine, and important injury issues is fatiguing you. Talk about being biased.

rafaeli Says:

I don’t read much about players I don’t like, I think some people should adopt the same principle.

John Says:

This is getting ridicules..

Everyone should just leave Nadal and his damn knees alone. If he doesn’t show up, a small article can be written. But this is getting out of hand.

There’s probably more stories written here about Nadals knees, and speculation as to if he will play or not, than the entire IW will get.

Not bad for someone who has hardly played this year. At this rate there will be a BetNadalKnees gambling site.

Giles Says:

In the meantime the Arrogant One is still wearing his pink ballet shoes adorned with pink shoe laces! Where are the fashion police? #Girlie

juljo724 Says:

john, I agree with you. This site is a fed site and there are many that love to trash anything Rafa says. They claim to hate the “daily saga” but yet they report on it constantly, post about it even on non-Rafa threads, and don’t care if it is a true story or not. Granted, there are quite a few very nice, intelligent and smart fedfan posters and reading their posts are quite interesting.

Rafa quote from AP article Sean highlighted here, but forgot to include:
“Asked about rumors he would not play, he replied: “The media can’t know more than I do.”

skeezer Says:

“Rafa quote from AP article Sean highlighted here, but forgot to include:
“Asked about rumors he would not play, he replied: “The media can’t know more than I do.””

This is the true, no?

rafaeli Says:

It could be that the organizers don’t want Rafa to go public yet about not playing because they know he is box office along with Federer. I feel that Rafa will withdraw the day before the draw.

It’s not Rafa’s fault that he sells tickets. He has single handedly put the SA clay court tournaments on the map. Those tournaments made more money this year than they have ever made because of one man – Rafael Nadal.

John Says:

Whats the difference between that and manipulating the market?

Its down right fraudulent that’s what. And I don’t believe it. If this was true about any Tennis player, my Fav or not, I would instantly dislike them.

If your a Nadal fan and your ok(as a fan) with the statement you just made, I feel for you. Talk about a blind following.

juljo724 Says:

skeezer, yes it is true and along with the media, you can include his fans (you included), who sometimes think they know how people think or what they should do even thought they have never been a professional athlete in their life.

The Great Davy Says:

Yesterday I make joke about playing like 300 year old. With Nadal no joke, after hard court master he will really be 300 year olds!

Giles Says:

There is no conspiracy theory here as some of you like to think. Just wait until after Acapulco and all will be revealed. Hasn’t Rafa already said this?
@skeezer. Still jumping up and down?? Careful you might rupture something!

alison Says:

Have to agree with John,3 different threads that all amount to the same topic Rafas knees,be nice to talk about something else on the tennis x forum for a change.

margarita collier Says:

FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!! Why ndon’t you all just ENJOY having Rafa back and playiNG!!!!???? Stop bitching; I thought The News of The World was not in print anymore……..

courbon. Says:

@Alison-You are right!Lets talk about Novaks knees!
What you think about Novaks knees?I’m very curious to know…

skeezer Says:


Speak for yourself.

juljo724 Says:

skeezer, when have I claimed to know what fed or Rafa was thinking? I have given an opinion on stuff but not to the point that I claim to know why or how rafa or fed or any pro athlete feels (like rafa being afraid of fed and that’s why he isn’t playing…just one of yours)

skeezer Says:


re -read your 1:24pm post. The “… even thought they have never been a professional athlete in their life.”
Speak for yourself.


Notice: The Rafa Nuclear Defense System is in effect. Please be advised.



Novaks knees. Now those are some sexy knees…..for a guy.

Womenfly Says:

Actually, it makes perfect sense for Rafa and his camp to make a decision later. Recovery from any injury is a day by day process. If the hard courts bother his knee, he’d be smart to skip it and rehab some more, but he won’t know that until he practices on the surface and sees how it feels. No brainer really! It does seem to be the press that keeps pushing this issue. Just have to wait and see.

judith eliasberg Says:

Would you play on a hard court if your knee wasn’t right? Why should he damage himself further and shorten his caraeer even more> He’s given all he has for years and that’s probably why he’s injured. And what a gfreat ride it has s been for tennis fans Give the guy a break

alison Says:

Courbon ok forgetting about the spaniard for a minute,from a female point of view,Nole as Skeezer says has sexy knees,legs,eyes,butt,lovely body,although i think he should put on some weight,as he seems to be getting too thin IMO,Jelenas a very lucky girl,even if Nole is 20 years younger than i am,i could happily turn into a tennis groupie lol.

Giles Says:

Rafa fans. There seems to be just one (I think) alien on this thread at the moment who adopts the very elaborate (??) moniker, skeezer. Just ignore him, he is only a fed fan. Not worth bothering about!!

courbon Says:

@Alison:I wrote something before but it still waits for moderation…

alison Says:

Courbon yeah damn the moderation lol.

skeezer Says:

One of Noles greatest assets is his flexibility. He has taken this attribute to new heights on the Tour. Don’t know if adding any more muscle or weight would jeopardize it, but i would guess so. The classic tennis build has always been pretty skinny and flexible.

courbon Says:

@Alison:I just wrote that my g-a-y friends like him also (lets see if computer-moderator will react on this word

courbon Says:

@alison-Ah, I’m so clever…

courbon Says:

@Skeezer:You love provoking Nadals fans, don’t you?
Because last 79 treads been about knees, lets continue-I never paid attention to Federers knees.Are they also sexy?

alison Says:

Courbon that one got through anyway,i also have G-A-Y friends,who arent particulaly interested in tennis but have commented when i have been watching it,that Rafa,Novak,Roger are all hot to name but a few,but have to say Nole having that bubbly SOH is very appealing for me in a man,but to be honest theres so many good looking players too many to say,you spot a new one everyday when watching this sport,have to say Berdych is gorgeous but the guy is a total jerk,you must have your favorites too when it comes to the women?

alison Says:

Courbon Rogers best feature for me would be his hair,he has lovely hair.

alison Says:

Have to say Andy Murray has lovely legs and knees IMO.

courbon Says:

@Alison:Well,something like this:
Ana Ivanivic, Sabin Lisicki, Flavia penetta, Gisela Dulko (sometimes ) and Maria Kirilenko.I think Serena can be quite sexy as well-for most people no (her wight I guess )-but I don’t mind.I always liked bit ‘Rubenesce’ type…
Yes, Roger has nice hair,’ because he is worth it…’

alison Says:

Courbon nice list,interesting that you havent got most mens favorite in Sharapova on there,i agree about Serena too all womanly curves,instead of looking like a stick insect,lol Roger because hes worth it,most definetly.

mat4 Says:


I think that being light reduces the possibility of injuries. He also had to work, relearn his movements on the court with Gebhard Phil-Gritsch, to lessen the stress on his legs and to be more fluid.

So, when I read all those stories about Rafa, I can’t understand why he didn’t lose a few pounds (just like Murray, he is to heavy for a tennis player, especially since it is not their natural, inborn built — they were both much slimmer a few years ago), didn’t work on his movement to reduce the stress on the knees and the hips.

You could see time and time again that the difference in weight is almost crucial in the fifth set. When you compare racers on 100m, 400m, 800/1500m and 5000m, you can notice that the longer the distance, the skinnier and smaller the runners. Tennis requires strength and speed, but also resilience.

mat4 Says:


Courbon can’t put Sharapova on his list… She is already on mine..

Joking of course.

BTW, did you watch Rafa lately? What has change in his game? I had just a few glimpses from Vina del Mar.

skeezer Says:


Totally agree on the weight issue related to tennis. Not a sport for heavier dudes with muscles. Hit with a weight lifter once…it was hilarious, but a good guy nonetheless.

Interesting….in observing Rafa the last few years I thought he had gotten skinny and looked less bulky….but what do I know….I’ve been to busy reading about his knees ;)

mat4 Says:

I had he same impression after his first injury in 2009. He had ten pounds less. I still have the highlights of his match against Novak in Paris 2009, and it was quite obvious. He also lacked his usual explosiveness on the court, and his defense was not so effective.

Then, a few months later, he was the old Rafa again.

Don’t forget that his has changed his clothes, and his old apparel made him look bulkier.

skeezer Says:

^ you would think he would do more lighter weights, more reps in the weight room, whilst losing weight through nutrition to lessen the stress on the knees. More stamina and flexibility exercises…also …oh a must……..go Vegan and drink more Alcohol. Thats the ticket.

mat4 Says:

One would also think that, knowing the previous problems and injuries he had, Rafa would try to avoid injuries, go to the doctors BEFORE AN INJURY HAPPENS.

I find it strange that he mentions time and time again that he still has pain in his knee(s), while he hadn’t utter a single word about it prior his loss to L. Rosol in Wimbledon. I admit it makes sense: he didn’t want to reveal he had problems to his opponents. But, when did it start? If it was in Paris, he could have skipped Halle, where he played three matches, and just play an exho, like Djokovic, and rest his knees a bit.

One could expect that he consulted a doctor when the pain started (it is a kind of inflammation, if I understood well), and changed his scheduled.

So, what do those inconsistencies hide? Is it just a kind of mental warfare? Or, as it seems obvious to me, Rafa, just like at the AO 2011, can’t tell which knee pains him, and if it is the knee at all?

Humble Rafa Says:

You know it’s a slow tennis week when this blog turns into a porno site. Seriously.

courbon Says:

@Humble Rafa;Porn site?Nah, just two exchanges…
This blog turned in to OSTEOPATHY blog weeks ago.I rather discuss womens curves then Rafas knees, but then-it’s just me…

skeezer Says:


Discussing womens curves….I’m all in on that! ;). Now that is a waaaaayyyyy better discussion. Artistic and Beauty at its best.


@Mat 4

Your post, insightful and so spot on!! But….beware!

You’ll also notice that no Rafanatic fan has addressed your rationale. When the Rafa Koolaid is there steady diet, posts like your 8:14 will be met with great either great disdain, or deflected into the “Fed effect”, or ignored.

Be forewarned, as it may lead into the “Nole” 7 time effect, which may cause further damage to the Tour and the pure Tennis fan.

Be careful about chiming in with the “Knee Injury Topic….By Rafa…known Author” as the “Rafa Fanatic Nuclear Defense System” is in effect, and you may be insulted soon there after, as personal attacks against posters from them are not uncommon.

nadalista Says:

No, @skeezer, you’ve been busy reading AND TALKING about Rafa’s knees.

nadalista Says:

… keeping with your being a fully paid up member of the Rafa Nadal Hate Club.

skeezer Says:

^ and……

there ya go!

courbon Says:

Nadal just won match.First set bagel.He is getting better

nadalista Says:

@courbon, I watched the match, he looked much improved indeed. Movement is still way off though. He needs match-play, pity the next significant tournaments are on hard courts, that will derail his progress.

alison Says:

Mat4 unfortunatly i havent actually seen Rafa play since his return,either work or sleep have got in the way,or those paricular tourneys were not televised where i am,only seen highlights so far,so i cant really get any indication of where hes at,hes been out for 7 months,and has won one title,and been in another final,so hes gradually playing himself into form,even though the field in those tournies was not that great,anyway Ferrer and Almagro should give him a better test,which is what he needs to get back to his best level,this is assuming he gets that far,all a question mark ATM.

Michael Says:

This means there is every chance that he will play these tournaments and that is a good piece of news for all the Tennis lovers.

alison Says:

Mat4 Rafa seems to have lost alot of weight in the 7 months since he last played,im just wondering if that was actually a deliberate thing when it comes to the knee issue? hmmmm.

Margot Says:

@ alison 5.52 27/02
Andy has beautiful green eyes, but I could never like a sportsman just because of the way he looked.
For sheer male gorgeousness check out Gregory Fitoussi, surely the most beautiful man in the whole wide world, or France anyway…?
All u French folk on here, am really enjoying Series 4 of “Engrenages” or “Spiral” English translation. The best thing on TV at the mo., even if the voluptuous, red-headed temptress has got her evil finger nails in the lovely Pierre/Gregory….;)

alison Says:

Margot TBH ive never heard of him,but i just had a look,and have to say WOW WOW and WOW again,that is one very good looking man,i always thought Hugh Jackman was the best looking man on planet earth,but i think now i may have changed my mind lol,Andy has indeed grown better looking as hes gotten older,and i love a man with nice eyes,Lorraine Kelly likened our Andy to a younger looking Charlton Heston hmm,i must say i like that comparison.

Nadalista Says:

@alison, I do not see any difference personally. I will concede however if I see confirmation of this weight loss……before and after kgs?

alison Says:

^Just to add i agree,i would never be that shallow as to only be interested in a sportsman for their looks,and i have to ask is it just me,but i have never seen what all the fuss is about with David Beckham,who is totally overated looks wise IMO^.

alison Says:

Nadalista it might be just me then?

Daniel Says:

Well, if the journalist that wrote this story is feeling tired of talking about Rafa’s knee he shouldn’t be writing about it and use his time better.

I am pretty sure Rafa is not asking him to do so. He is going through his recovery and was very clear that it will take time and that he doesnt know yet about any schedule. He is going week after week.

The journalist doesn’t know a bit about how recovering from an injury works. It doesn’t go in a straight line. Your body goes up and down, but the important part is which direction your going on average. Maybe if the journalist would make some research then he would understand and would stop writing nonsense.

jane Says:

Fair post, Daniel. I do often think reporters have a lot to do with it, asking the same sorts of questions over and over, plus I like the way you put this: “recovering from an injury … doesn’t go in a straight line. Your body goes up and down”. Makes sense.

Hoping for a Fed/Nole final?

Daniel Says:

Just for the record, this is not me, the old Daniel who stop by once and a while, it’s another Daniel:)

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