Roger Federer Talks Daddy Duties And Doping In Dubai [Video]
by Tom Gainey | March 2nd, 2013, 9:50 am

Roger Federer sat down for an exlusive interview with CNN this week while at the Dubai Duty Free Open.

Federer talked about the continued strength of his 30+ generation and he touched on some of the issues with doping in tennis.

“Naivety says that tennis is clean, the way it’s been all the way through,” Federer told CNN.

“It’s pretty good, of course every sport always has some cases. But I think our sport needs to do the upmost to try to make sure the integrity stays and that the fans don’t tune into different sports just because they don’t trust the players anymore.

“I’ve always been fighting to make sure we have enough testing.”

The 31-year-old also revealed that his twin 3-year-old girls now know that daddy sometimes wins and sometimes loses.

“They actually now know winning and losing a little bit,” said Federer. “They also understand the practice and the matches now.

“I’m happy I’ve been able to stay successful ever since I’ve had the kids, because a lot of the press felt that things weren’t going to happen for me after that.”

Roger also said the girls are not playing tennis. Not yet anyway.

Federer lost yesterday in three sets to Tomas Berdych in the semifinals at Dubai where he was seeking a sixth title. He’ll have a week of rest before coming to the U.S. to defend his Indian Wells title starting next weekend.

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15 Comments for Roger Federer Talks Daddy Duties And Doping In Dubai [Video]

jeff Says:

Looks like Federer suspects Djokovic, Murray, & Nadal for doping …he was quiet about this issue when he was beating these guys, but now that these guys look fitter, are stronger, & most important of all are beating him consistently, Federer is now talking stricter & most robust doping controls …hmmmm. Looks like he knows a lot about doping lol

Sirius Says:

^looks like someone’s just a fed hater lol

skeezer Says:

The reason Fed is talking about doping now is not because of he invented the recent talk, the Lance Armstrong news did. It’s talked about in every global sport now as it should!!

Btw, what tennis player gets an exclusive interview with CNN?
The Fedster!

Giles Says:
skeezer. Rafa interview with CNN Part 1 in 2009. Would u like me to post Part 2???

Giles Says:

Part 2 CNN interview with Rafa.
Btw this was televised!!

skeezer Says:

^giles pull your panties back up I never said Rafa didn’t have an interview with CNN. BTW CNN “Talk Asia?” Whats that?

But we all know who has gotten the most attention and admiration by the media the last 10 years……

Giles Says:

^^^ “Btw what tennis player gets an exclusive interview with CNN”. Rafa Nadal does.
Interview was conducted in Shanghai.
My knickers are in place, how about yours? #Joker

nadalista Says:

@skeezer, are you the same poster, @skeezerweezer, who made the following comment, in the x-blog article on a Rafa-CNN interview linked below?

skeezerweezer Says:


Agreed. Just saw the piece myself. He has matured ( a little, ha ) in his language skills, and it’s nice to hear him speak from his own words, not someone else’s. That said, his comments were impressive, classy, and honest. Wish the best for him!

May 19th, 2010 at 7:16 pm

Seems to me Rafa’s CNN interviews have been highlighted on this site!

Giles Says:

nadalista. Well done, digging that out of the archives. Some people conveniently have short memories! Lol

Anna Says:

Jeff – how on earth do you arrive at your sarcastic remark that – I quote – mmm Roger knows a lot about doping????? just exactly what are you implying??!!

jane Says:

Nole’s done some CNN interviews as well; I think they interview the tip-top guys in tennis once and a while. Someone over at CNN is a tennis fan, hurrah! ;)

sean Says:

You guys can argue and insult each other all you want but it does not change one fact. Roger is the only one in the top few that is clean. If they tested Dojokovic, Nadal, Murray and Berdych… those guys would never win a match against him. I know so and so do other people who are intelligent and have played the sport at a high level. It’s easy to see the physical changes in those players and in their ability to play the power game for 7 straight matches in Grand slams.

Purcell Says:

Re doping: Federer is merely reiterating what he’s said in interviews before the Armstrong debacle and before he was, quote Jeff, ‘consistently beaten.’ In other words, he’s always been critical. It’s interesting that recently, the other three have stopped whining about inconvenience and done an about turn although to be fair, Djokovich has been bolder in his support for a longer period.

Alok Says:

I had a falling out with a buddy of mine about this doping stuff. I don’t speak my views on the matter on blogs, but I am a recreational type player, and all I can say is that there’s more than meets the eye where some players are concerned, both women and men.

courbon Says:

@Sean-Because you are Rogers secret lover and thats how you know for sure?Only his wife, coach and maybe lover would know for sure…You and other ‘intelligent’ people know how, that others are doping?Give me a proof, please.Unless you know personally top ten players, then your friends that played on a high level (what ranks they are in ATP board?Ah, they not even ranked?I get it know…) would not know damn squid.Even BIG 4 are different level from other top ten…

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