Roger Federer Happy To See Rafael Nadal Back
by Tom Gainey | March 7th, 2013, 11:44 pm

The stars are all lined up for the BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells this week. For the first time since Wimbledon a tournament will feature the full Big Four – Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Andy Murray and the returning Rafael Nadal. The Spaniard who was off for seven months recovering from a knee injury makes his hardcourt debut Saturday. And Rafa’s rival and friend Federer is happy to have him back in the fold even if he might have to play him in the quarterfinals next Thursday night.

“I only just saw him yesterday after my practice. I was really excited to see him again,” said Federer today. “We hadn’t had much contact. I think he wanted to get away from it all, which I really understand. I was really happy to see him doing so well in Acapulco. It’s great to see him here playing on the hard courts. I’m hoping to catch up with him this week.”

Federer is a four-time champion at Indian Wells including a title last year that took him through Nadal. But the champ hasn’t won a title since August.

“I think I played really well in Australia,” Federer said. “Rotterdam, I was disappointed with. I felt I could have done better. I played so well the year before. I never really got going. Dubai was a bit unfortunate losing with three match points and having to explain the loss when you feel you should be preparing for the final. What happened, happened. I’m playing fine. Obviously I hoped to have won a tournament by now but I’m happy with my game.”

Federer opens his title defense on Saturday against Denis Istomin of Uzbekistan. The 31-year-old is playing in his 13th straight Indian Wells event and his 100th career Masters 1000 tournament.

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31 Comments for Roger Federer Happy To See Rafael Nadal Back

Nadalista Says:

Can’t wait for PseudoFed’s take on Rog and Rafa’s impromptu meeting at the practice courts!

skeezer Says:

Pity some get there kicks from the phony “wish they were the real thing”, maybe this guy (su su sudio)should team up with Humble Rafa and play with themselves, whilst we all watch and revel the real thing!

nadalista Says:

It’s called satire, @skeezer, something you can only “get” if you are blessed with a healthy sense of humour! Something the good Lord forgot to endow some people with…….

Alok Says:

whoa, “play with themselves”? LOL

Margot Says:

Lol that picture of Fed with a very grumpy face, next to the caption “Roger Federer is happy to see Rafael Nadal back” is almost worthy of PseudoFed himself.

nadalista Says:

^^^could have sworn that was a look of utter terror meself………..

gannu Says:

Eternal delusion…Feddy bear…You just shouldnt be happy with ur game…Its subpar and isntead of saying there are some issues and i am trying to improve he says he is happy with his game…The issue is that ur priroities have changed and hence a sense of complacency has set in..nothing wrong after having achieved but the problem is it can gt miserable if this delusion doesnt vanish!

Michael Says:

Has the draw been finalised ? Is Roger all set to meet Rafa in the quarters at Indian Wells ? What an helluva of a match that will be !! The ultimate joy in Tennis is watching Roger Vs Rafa in action. I hope it will be a good contest if both manages to reach that stage.

gannu Says:

yes michael…draw has been finalised… roger and rafa are scheduled to meet in the quarters

Humble Rafa Says:

Dear Arrogant One,

I am delighted to see you as well. Hope we can meet on court. Nothing brings your Humble’s morale than the build up before our matches, before the inevitable results. Miss those feelings.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Not sure if folks here have gone through this..

alison Says:

Nice words from Roger about Rafa pure class,hope they both get as far as the semis for a mouthwatering clash.

TennisAviator Says:

@Skeezer – Agreed. Losers who probably amount to very little.

@nadalista – picking on Federer is one thing. And that’s fine. But taking shots at family – calling Mirka Mirky or something – not so. Truly classless.

nadalista Says:

^^^^^what are you talking about? When have I ever made reference to Fed’s personal life or called his wife names?

Attributing statements to me without backing them up with links showing me saying them is desperate and delusional.

Leave me alone, weirdo………

nadalista Says:

……am now convinced Fed’s recent on-court calamities have made some of his fans lose their marbles!


Gordo Says:

@nadalista – i sure did a double take when I read that you were taking personal shots at Fed and his family? “When did he ever do that?” I thought. Fortunately there were not a lot of posts to scroll up through to realize someone was attributing crap to you that you didn’t author.

Alok Says:

Who is pseudoFed and on which blogsite is he blogging? anyone?

mat4 Says:


Just google PseudoFed, easy to find.

Think he writes also on tennisspace.

skeezer Says:

Nirmal Kumar

Amazing that they recognize Roger as one of the GREATEST athletes of all time, but not surprised. He is currently beating out the likes of Tiger Woods, Pele , etc. Notice when Rafanatics see the word GOAT they can’t digest it, so they just drink more Koolaid. But the World knows where Feds status is among the greats.



“Murray wouldn’t comment on what Federer said.

“Not relevant,” he said”.

You’re pure class. Keep digging, that story is old.


In nadalista’s defense, never saw her write that, but another Rafanatic did.

nadalista Says:

Thanks @Gordo and @Skeezer.

I take my Rafa fandom seriously, but not so much as to take potshots at any of his rivals’ personal lives. No interest in that sort of thing and for anyone to suggest that is way, way out of line.

Michael Says:

According to me, Roger is the greatest Athelete of all time not for his illustrious records, but for his endurance. Carl Lewis and Michael Phelps comes right next.

Michael Says:


The Greatest carnival in sport is a Roger Vs Nadal clash. I am waiting with bated breath to see that especially this one is coming after some time. The last one, where was it ? Was it at the same venue – Indian Wells ?

Michael Says:


Is it the Semis or the Quarters ? I think it is the quarters ?

Michael Says:

Well said Skeezer !!

There can be no dispute that Roger is the GOAT of Tennis. He has to be respected not only for his famed records, but the way he has maintained himself physically right through his career. You see every player right from Nadal to Andy are having physical issues but it is not so with Roger. He is special in that sense.

Alok Says:

@mat4, Thanks for the info. I’ll do so.

alison Says:

Michael sorry could be the QTRS.
With regard to the GOAT debate its been said that is Roger,and theres no two ways about it,ive said it everybodys said it,and anyone with a brain has said it,however i will say hes the GOAT of tennis only and not the GOAT of all sports as all sports are different,its apples and oranges,however if tennis is your favorite sport then its most likely you will say its Roger anyway,nothing to do with been a Rafa fan or anything like that,or disliking Roger,as anyone knows i dont,its just my opinion,GOAT of tennis yes,one of the GOATs of all sports yes,GOAT of GOATs no sorry.

Alok Says:

Steve Johnson and Paul Andujar are playing to a practically empty stadium of about not more than 50 people. some fans are still sitting in the nosebleed seats instead of moving down to front row.

Anyway, nice to see the Bryans’ 1st round match being televised for a change.

Vvx Says:

@Michael: You see every player right from Nadal to Andy are having physical issues but it is not so with Roger. He is special in that sense.

What sense? The Lance Armstrong sense? I think you should explain what you mean.

Michael Says:

Alison, According to me Roger is the GREATEST Athelete and I have my logic to back up that. You may think differently. You are entitled to that. Afterall, GOAT title is not earned, it is just conferred. That will depend on the perception.

Vvx, I have already answered that in one word. “Endurance”.

alison Says:

Michael actually i should have done two seperate posts,as only the 1st sentence was for you anyway,the rest was just my own personal opinion,but i still stand by what i have said hes the best ever tennis player,the others are the best in their own different fields of sports,ill leave it at that,its just my opinion.

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