An Earthquake Hit Indian Wells This Morning, Here’s How It Looked On The Tennis Channel (With Player Reaction) [Video]
by Tom Gainey | March 11th, 2013, 4:23 pm

The tennis world was rocked when a 5.1 magnitude earthquake hit the Indian Wells region this morning. The epicenter located 12 miles from the tournament, the shook the grounds and rattled some nerves. Fortunately there were no major reports of damage or injuries and play began as scheduled at the BNP Paribas Open an hour later.

The quake hit just before 10am local time and the moment was caught on tape by the Tennis Channel which was filming an interview segment with journalists Neil Harman and Doug Robson. Tennis Channel host (far left) Brett Haber, who grew up on the east coast, can be seen looking around in confusion and perhaps fear, wondering what is going on while the others carried on without hardly noticing.

Several of the top players also reacted on social media to the quake:

Roger Federer – Monday, March 11 (Facebook)
Just felt earthquake in Indian Wells….I hope everyone is OK!

Kei Nishikori : WOW! Small earthquake in Indian Wells just now….
— March 11, 1:30 pm ET

Matt Ebden : Nothing like an #earthquake in the morning? Hmmm 5.2. whole room shaking around…. really does show you how small you are on this earth
— March 11, 1:25 pm ET

Colin Fleming : Just experienced my first earthquake here in Indian Wells! 5.1 on the Richter scale apparently.
— March 11, 1:25 pm ET

Caseydellacqua : Wowzers totally just felt the earth shake right under my feet 😳😳 #earthquake #IndianWells
— March 11, 1:16 pm ET

DUŠAN VEMIĆ : Earthquake Nice #wakeupcall
— March 11, 1:15 pm ET

Feliciano Lopez : Did anybody feel the earthquake at Indian Wells???😳
— March 11, 1:05 pm ET

Elena Vesnina : Earthquake,just now😳Scary… #IndianWells
— March 11, 1:02 pm ET

Caroline Wozniacki : It was a 5.1….
— March 11, 1:02 pm ET

Caroline Wozniacki : Just experienced a pretty big earthquake right now… Wow… #nervous
— March 11, 1:01 pm ET

Alina Jidkova : A little earthquake this morning.
— March 11, 12:59 pm ET

Milos Raonic : Earthquake!!!! I was in the bathroom. The rest of the team was a bit freaked
— March 11, 12:58 pm ET

Mardy Fish : Earthquake!
— March 11, 12:57 pm ET

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6 Comments for An Earthquake Hit Indian Wells This Morning, Here’s How It Looked On The Tennis Channel (With Player Reaction) [Video]

Giles Says:

Rafa was on the massage table!

jane Says:

I’ve been in a 5.7 earthquake before – definitely noticeable! Hope no one was hurt.

RZ Says:

I’ve experiences lots of quakes. Anything above a 4.0 is definitely noticeable, and anything about a 5 is quite strong. Glad it happened in the morning before play started, and also on a Monday so that the grounds were less crowded. I can’t imagine being around that many panicked people during the weekend when it’s so packed there.

Humble Rafa Says:

Rafa was on the massage table!

The lady that massages me wants to talk to you.

nadalista Says:

@Giles, this is what Rafa said about his earthquake experience:

“I was very scared,” Nadal said. “I finish the earthquake, and I was my legs were like this,” trembling his legs.

You just can’t help but ask yourself: how does he come up with this Spanglish! He is funny without realizing it. He is a born jokestar.

What he meant of course by “finishing the earthquake” is, “once the tremors finished, my legs were like jelly”.

Rafa-speak! Pure joy.

MMT Says:

What’s fascinating about this clip is that Harmon was so enamored with what he was saying that he didn’t even notice they had a very noticeable earthquake. Haber said he had to interrupt him, but he didn’t – he actually waited until Harmon stopped talking before informing him that he talked through an earthquake.

And the other guy, probably desperate to speak his piece just ignored the earthquake and launched into his own analysis, taking time to agree with Harmon’s analysis, but ignoring the earthquake.


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