Federer, Sampras, Nadal, Agassi Team-Up in Hit For Haiti Exo
by Tom Gainey | February 18th, 2010, 1:31 pm

Here’s a better story than the Serena one I just posted. Listen to this news. Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi will compete in a doubles “Hit for Haiti” exhibition at the Indian Well Tennis Garden on Friday, March 12. ADHEREL

The teams? According to the Indian Wells website Federer will team with Sampras to play Nadal and Agassi. That’s 44 total Grand Slams on the same court! Outrageous!

Early thoughts are the Federer/Sampras team should dominate. They have the serve and volley skills and the power. Nadal/Agassi have the better return game but Roger and Pete should prevail!

The event organizers which include the Oracle CEO Larry Ellison are hoping to raise $1 million for those affected by the earthquake in Haiti last month.

The match will be televised LIVE at 10:30pm ET on the Tennis Channel and I’ll be watching. What an excellent idea. Can’t wait.

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106 Comments for Federer, Sampras, Nadal, Agassi Team-Up in Hit For Haiti Exo

Kimo Says:

I’m drooling already!!!!

Even though I’m an Agassi man, I think Roger and Pete are the heavy favorites. Agassi is a great volleyer, but I’m not sure he and Rafa will hold up in the serve department, and Rafa’s volleys are hardly exemplary.

Ben Pronin Says:

Agassi a great volleyer? Swing volley but not conventional volley.

Federer-Agassi vs Sampras-Nadal would be pretty interesting mix up, too. Fed-Nadal vs Sampras-Agassi?

Why don’t they just mix them up in every way?

Kimo Says:

Ben, Agassi’s volleys are pretty good, but because his were always compared to Pete’s, people tend to think he didn’t volley well. He couldn’t have won Wimbledon in ’92 if he wasn’t a good volleyer. Just because he was a baseliner doesn’t mean he can’t volley.

What you’re saying is a bit like saying “Fed’s not a great serve-volleyer”. Sure, he doesn’t S&V 100 percent of the time, but that doesn’t mean he can’t pull it off. In Wimbledon 2003 he S&V’ed around 80%.

Bryan Marshall Says:

They had the option of putting the same amount of Grand Slams on both sides of the net, but I guess it would have ended up lopsided in terms of age difference. That would be awesome seeing Roger and Rafa playing as a team in doubles.

tennisfan#1 Says:

This is a wonderful idea and I hope that people come streaming in to pay the bucks so the children from Haiti can start living their lives again. Also, this event would not be happening had it not been for Roger Federer stepping up in Australia and showing what a great profit it can bring. Cheers.

MMT Says:

Nadal’s a much better volleyer than Agassi ever was, and he is quite a good doubles player as well. However, the edge must certainly go to Sampras and Federer as not only are they better servers, better volleyers and better doubles players, they’re also better players period, with a combined pedigree that trumps any other two players in the history of the game.

Looking forward to it.

Von Says:

It will be a match of the healthy vs. the unhealthy. LOL. Both Agassi and Rafa have health issues, back and knees, while Pete and Federer are both healthy.

Kimo Says:

Rafa? Good Volleyer??

Look, he knows how to put a volley away when he comes in on his own terms, but he’s not good when someone draws him in. He doesn’t improvise well at net, but if he plans on coming in after a good forehand, chances are he’ll put the volley in.

madmax Says:

This is such a fantastic idea – I cannot wait to see it – you guys who live in the states! you are so lucky to be “nearby” – or nearer than me anyhow!

Really wish I lived in the states at this moment. The UK sucks with all this freezzzzinnggg weather and snow everywhere! Yes, it’s pretty, but enough already!

Will any of the tennis.x team be watching it live and give a ready made report? that would be awesome! Ben?

And Indian Wells, will be hot in March, is that right?

Mr T Says:

love it. although i agree that it woud have been a more interesting match with nadal/sampras v fed/aggasi.


Should be a fun match to watch, but I doubt Tennis Channel will cover it.

Indian Wells, CA is a desert-like environment, dry and hot, but not like the Australian Open hot. Should be 75-85F with bright sunshine during the day and a little cooler at night. It can be windy at times.

Kimmi Says:

I agree with Mr. T. nadal/Sampras v federer/agassi.

“It can be windy at times.” Yap, last year final was unplayable for Murray..it was very windy.

Rafael Mejia Says:

Incredible match!!!

Federer and Sampras will be win!!!

Ben Pronin Says:

Madmax, I’d love to cover IW, even just the exho, but I don’t have the time or money.

Kimo, I’m not judging Agassi’s volleys on his baseline game… that’s just nonsensical. I’ve seen Agassi volley plenty and he was never a particularly great volleyer. Overall, mediocre. Don’t forget he invented the swinging volley and it’s probably because while his groundies have always been top notch, his volleys are eh.

I agree about Nadal, though. He is very good at putting away volleys but not that great when he’s pulled in. HOWEVER, he is incredible at improvising. I think it’s because Federer rubbed off on him. Watch the Wimbledon or Australian Open final, there were plenty of points where both were at net and Nadal was the more creative one. Nadal isn’t as natural as Fed but he has definitely learned from the best.

Voicemale1 Says:

The thing about a setup like this is that it’s often a Hit & Giggle type of affair. However, these 4 guy’s competitive juices that fed all of their accomplishments has a tendency to win out, even in an exhibition. The first time one of them hits a shot that’s a “Real” shot, it’ll probably be Game On. Or I hope it will, since I bought a ticket for it. IW is an easy drive from my LA home.

And this Federer-as-great-volleyer is highly dubious. Federer bricks far more volleys than someone of his caliber should. He drops (collapses) his wrist quite a bit, and nets a lot of his volleys as a result.

And nobody S&V’s all the time anymore – at least no one at the top of the game does. It’s far too tough to be successful using S&V all the time. Sampras today wouldn’t have had near the success today that he had in his salad days of ’94-’98. The players today are much stronger, the racquets are much more aerodynamic, and the strings provide almost crazy angles, plus enormous power & spin from the back court. Volley’s are much tougher to control UNLESS YOU DO come in on your own terms. And you rarely get that. At least you do if your opponent is any good :)

Michael Says:

This will be one helluva of a match and I am eagerly awaiting it. But I would propose a change in the combination and could be paired just the opposite of what is being planned. I would put Federer and Agassi on the one side with Sampras and Nadal on the other. This is because such a pairing will make it more balanced. Federer and Sampras are the the best in serving department with Nadal and Agassi the best returners in the game.

Ben Pronin Says:

Nadal isn’t that good of a returner…

jane Says:

Ben: I believe Nadal’s numbers in the return stats from 2009 were the highest, with Murray, Djoko and Delpo right behind him.

Ben Pronin Says:

He’s just really good once the ball is in play, but he’s not like Agassi-level.

di-10S Says:

now there’s some peeps who should un-retire ;)

blah Says:

Yeah, I’d rather they pair fed-agassi and sampras nadal. And murray is the best returner in the game today. Nadal makes it so that it’s very hard to ace him and runs down balls after he gets it back, but that’s what happens after the return.

guy Says:

raise one million from the crowd? wow

or those four could just give up some of their pocket money if they were really serious about doing something, particularly federer, who likes to have his name attached to all the charity but never reaches into his own pocket, which is mighty deep.
put your money where your mouth is, basically.

Skorocel Says:

„Yap, last year final was unplayable for Murray..it was very windy.“

Yet it was somehow „playable“ for Nadal, Kimmi ;-)

Skorocel Says:

Voicemale1: „And this Federer-as-great-volleyer is highly dubious. Federer bricks far more volleys than someone of his caliber should. He drops (collapses) his wrist quite a bit, and nets a lot of his volleys as a result.“

Agree. If there was ever a weakness in Fed’s game, it would be his net game. But what’s strange about it is the fact that he can often hit very difficult volleys, yet miss a totally easy one…

Skorocel Says:

guy: Don’t you know that it is FEDERER AND ONLY FEDERER who’s giving all the money to those poor people in Haiti?! The other players don’t give a damn, but Federer DOES! After all, he was the one who called the AO tournament director to stage that Haiti charity match in Melbourne, wasn’t he? LOL :-) Be careful what you say here, guy! ;-) Something’s gonna hit you pretty soon…

madmax Says:

particularly federer, who likes to have his name attached to all the charity but never reaches into his own pocket, which is mighty deep.
put your money where your mouth is, basically.

February 19th, 2010 at 3:31 am

Guy, you’re joking right? Go look at RF.COM homepage and Fed’s resume, where his money goes – dont even think about saying he never reaches in his pocket. such a load of crock.

Personally? I think you just want to rile up the federer fans and shoot loose information that has no basis. Skorocel is right. If it wasnt for federer who arranged the hitforhaiti tournament, this probably wouldnt have given others’ ideas to do something on the back of it.

Federer does give a damn which is why he visited ethiopia and donated 1 million dollars a year to the school that HE set up with his mother. But wait. I am wasting my time on ill-doers like you.


that’s a shame about you not being able to cover this, it would be a hoot if someone in the team on tennis.x could. I really wish I could afford to come over and watch the match – am envious of those of you who live nearby!

margot Says:

Hey everyone: Wimbledon’s gonna have a walkway of fame, like Hollywood, to publicise the Olympics and promote town.
BTW most of the top players, yes even Andy Murray, are involved in “good works.” Not all seem to get the publicity that others get.

Kimmi Says:

madmax: “Skorocel is right. If it wasnt for federer who arranged the hitforhaiti tournament, this probably wouldnt have given others’ ideas to do something on the back of it.”

If I am not mistaken, I think Skorocel is being VERY Sarcastic!. lol

And Skorocel, I am not trying to give Murray excuses but its true he could not execute his game because of very windy conditions, Nadal on the other hand was not affected. The point I was making was “it was windy”.

Skorocel Says:

Nalbandian injured again :-(

jane Says:

Kimmi, I thought Murray did have trouble dealing with the wind, but he also let a floating piece of paper throw him right off his game in that match, going on and on about it, remember? I think his focus, as a result, went off.

BTW, did you notice that Roddick will be playing Querrey again, only this time in the quarters at Memphis? Should be an interesting match. I still think Roddick will prevail; he’ll have taken something away from last week’s scare. But will Sam have? Or was that just him being on a hot streak last week? I dunno.

Skorocel, what a shame that Nalby is re-injured (his leg I guess); I have my doubts we’ll ever see him at his best again.

contador Says:

off topic but relevant?

i see by way of live score that soda popped out to llordra.

oh, robin. but llordra can be tricky. anyone SEE the match?

madmax Says:

Margot, Hi. Are you enjoying the snow in the UK?

I know what you are saying about the following:

“BTW most of the top players, yes even Andy Murray, are involved in “good works.” Not all seem to get the publicity that others get”.

February 19th, 2010 at 5:04 am

and am not denying that at all – problem is, media have a large part to play in the publicising of these things, right? That cannot be blamed on Federer –

I know Rafa does a lot for Charity and I also read (2-3 days ago Margot,), that Andy Murray is “building” a new tennis court/ with attendant buildings in Scotland which I think is a great idea – part money put in by Judy.

I love it when we get to hear about the “human side” of our favourites players – It’s just brilliant.

I think it is because Federer (and rafa) are so high profile, that their names get mentioned, particularly federer – and why not? If it means that we, the fans, get to hear about what is going on, then WE as fans can also make a difference by donating – right?

It’s all good, so I dont know why people like Guy want to say things which are contradictory to the humanitarian side of Federer – and if SKorocel was being sarcastic, then why are people like this? that they want to knock others who want to do something positive with their earnings – I think it is lovely, particularly in the tough world that we live in – simple acts of kindness go a long way.

Margot, I dont know whether you listen to five live sports radio? An interview yesterday with Sir Nicholas Winterton – who is 71 years old, an Member of Parliament, soon to retire, and the comments he made on the “class system” of the UK -using the First Class/Second class/economy train fares as an example – this is what makes me sigh deeply, when he said that he couldnt live on a salary of £65,000 per year!

There will be a podcast on it somewhere – go listen – and he is a millionaire! So, when we are able to watch our favourite sport, with our favourites players – none of them need to donate any money – none of them – can easily live their luxurious lives and think nothing of anyone else but themselves.

When the players got together and agreed to do this kind of stuff, it deserves congratulations not condemnation from anyone. That’s where I am coming from.

Any spare tickets to Miami going for free guys? If there are, can you send two over to the UK, one for me and one for Margot to come over? would be sooooo cool!

Gerry Koppe Says:

Again – already with the attitude that Andre and Rafa have not got a chance to even score anything close to a win in the exhibition. You might be right – but I would only watch this because Andre is participating. It is all a win win situation as far as Andre is concerned and that is the only reason he would do it. Roger and Rafa too will be looking at it the same way but the other one – well does not take anything as just an exhibition and that is such a shame as he makes it so unenjoyable to even watch him play anything. It is afterall a tennis match that will bring hope to people that need hope and who better than Andre can do that as he certainly brings hope to the children in his school in Vegas. So in the end – Andre has won more than grand slams – he has won a battle for education.

margot Says:

madmax: hi! No, am not enjoying the snow! Enough already! Of course Rog and Raf get the most publicity, world wide they are the best known. I was just making the point that most of the other players get involved with charities. BTW Andy is part of some anti-malaria programme with Beckham, I suppose cos they now share the same PR guru.
Yes, did here about Nic W and “lower orders” quite an own goal for the tories. Am old Labour through and through.
You’ve got me thinking about Miami now…do you suppose it’s warm?….sigh….
Think Sar has tickets for Indian Wells, now that’s a must one of these days. BFN

Long Live The King Says:

“and if SKorocel was being sarcastic, then why are people like this? that they want to knock others who want to do something positive with their earnings ”

but, my dear maxi, don’t you know that, according to the fed-haters (read skorocel), rafa has 13-7 H2H against Federer, hence Federer should be never given credit for anything be it his 16 GS or any charity he does? :)

don’t you worry, most people over the world and majority of tennis fans get it when it comes to Roger and charity. You will always have a tiny disgruntled section to criticise everyone and everything. Do you know that there are people who hate and criticise even Mother Teresa, (the greatest person, in my book, in the field of social service) so Roger’s social work being made of fun, is understandable. Sad and pathetic, but understandable.


According to this article the event will be televised on Tennis Channel live at 7pm on March 12th.


Kimo Says:

Ben Said:

“He’s just really good once the ball is in play, but he’s not like Agassi-level.”

TOTALLY AGREE. It was Agassi who revolutionized the return of surve and turned it into a weapon. I’m not old enough to have watched tennis in the 70s, but I read that Conners was the first guy who utilized the return. Perhaps he did, but his top years were when rackets were made out of wood and serves were a lot slower. It was Agassi who had to contend with some of the greatest servers of all time: Sampras, Ivanesevic, Rafter, et al. Back in the nineties, it was Andre and only Andre who can hit a ball on that rise almost as soon as it bounced, and even though nowadays plenty of players can do it, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone hit the ball as a early or as cleanly as Andre.

But Rafa is definitely right up there with players who can hit most serves back into play, but he rarely hits return winners.

madmax Says:


‘You’ve got me thinking about Miami now…do you suppose it’s warm?….sigh….
Think Sar has tickets for Indian Wells, now that’s a must one of these days. BFN

February 19th, 2010 at 10:55 am


I asked this same question and I think someone said it was warm, with a dry heat but windy some! So, well, wouldn’t it be lovely.

I am going to use my womanly wiles now and ask Ben Pronin if he can get me two tickets for Miami, FREE OF CHARGE BEN!

(could you Ben? out of the kindness of your heart, have you got some connections? and then perhaps I could take my camcorder/camera and film the event and that would then be a good swap for the tickets – do you think it’s worth a try Margot?????

c’mon Ben!!!!!

madmax Says:

Long Live, your post above

“February 19th, 2010 at 10:59 am”.

I realise I live in a fluffy little bubble and everything is all nice and lovely – BUT then people come along every now and again with a pin and prick the bubble – so it bursts – I still like to believe in the goodness of people though -don’t you?

contador Says:

miami ? i’ve been there several times, not in march tho. it is hot, verrry humid and can be windy but not so much more than indian wells. indian wells is basically in the area of ( i think) palm springs and have been there more, not for tennis, for work stuff. it’s dry , dry heat and verrry windy , well, each time i was there.

let’s all go! to miami, that is. even though i function best in a parka and ski goggles, lol

jane Says:

madmax says “I also read (2-3 days ago Margot,), that Andy Murray is “building” a new tennis court/ with attendant buildings in Scotland which I think is a great idea – part money put in by Judy.”

I read this too. It’s great that players like Murray and Djoko are looking to GROW tennis in their respective homelands – how awesome! Not only have they got younger players interested in the sport due to their successes, but both of these players are now looking for ways to give access to the sport in their countries, through training facilities and/or tournaments. Very Cool way to give back but also to invest in the sport and it’s continued growth.

Ben Pronin Says:

No connections, no tickets, nothing. If I had tickets to tournaments, I’d be posting up pictures with me and players and whatnot.

madmax Says:

Oh Ben! You were about to be “my hero!” really am sooooo disappointed Ben – I thought you made it to the big time!!!!

Jane, I’m glad you read that article too, and it is GREAT news that all players are doing something to put back into the great sport of tennis – it is so wonderful.

contador! Yes! let’s go to Miami!

I think, a great 4 some – the girls together – Margot, Jane, Maxi and Contador –

I’m gonna work on Ben a little more – where there is a will, there is a way!

C’mon Margot! WE want YOU to come – I already know Jane will, she can sit next to me on the plane and teach me Chaucer! (am still to be convinced Jane!), xx

contador Says:

i knew it. i knew i’d have work interfering with mind-melding, willing gulbis to win!

he’s holding his own against berdie. well, sort of.

sounds great, madmax.

later. some fun matches going on. nobody’s watching. i had some streaming from marseille earlier. rufin v zverev.

go gulbis!

jane Says:

LOL, would love to go to Miami with the girls, but I think I’ll still be teaching : (

I am seriously thinking about the LA tournament, though, as Delpo, Roddick, Djoko will all be there, and it’s not too far, and I’ll be off for the summer…woot!

madmax Says:


what are your “term times” in the USA – are they similar/same/different to UK?

Do you think we could take “sickies” and nobody would EVER know, save us on tennis.x (never done that before by the way), but for this exho, I think I might sell my soul!!!

contador Says:

omg! i have a stream on the berdie v gulbis match! and my guy looks to be wiped out but hanging in. the bird is cool, totally.

but it’s deuce in the decider! gooo gulbis!

what a great match! gulbis really playing with his talents….maybe needs a bit more fitness.

could not break the bird.

C’mon ernie….HOLD SERVE! tho he has his left knee all taped and is now limping….literally

but cracks the 20th ace. and the 21st ace c’mon! WOW!! gulbis hits a 3rd ace to hold….130 mph 2nd serve…..gutsy gulbis!

huge tie break now. breathing hard!

the match has been far from a dud! says the match comenters!

3 match points for Ernie woooot!

ERNESTS GULBIS! you were all class today! i love you!!

not only 23 aces but heart and soul into that win. take a bow, dude!!

Sean Randall Says:

This event will probably draw more interest than the rest of the tournament. Kudos to the Tennis Channel for televising. I’ll be watching!

Duro Says:

contador, glad for you… Do you happen to be from Latvia, perhaps? I am probably among few people here who visited Riga once. Gulbis is a typical representative of his people. Omega 3 all over… Unbelievable beautiful women they have.

Kimmi Says:

Contador..I saw the results and followed some of the live score. Third set he was 1-4 down, I thought thats it for Gulbis but then few minutes later I checked again..miracle, the score says 5-5, WOOOT! had to go away again but this time with some little hope..then I checked the final score just few minutes ago..he did it, he actually won.

Don’t know what exactly happened in this match but the main thing is he won..yeeepeee! that is for you contador..Congrats to you and Gulbis. 3 wins in a row, can’t believe but maybe he is coming to terms with his talent..great win.

margot Says:

madamax: regarding what you suggest, I have a cautionary tale….a colleague at work decided to throw a “sicky” in order to go to the Ascot Races. Unfortunately for him, while there, he was spotted on camera…..

madmax Says:

margot, I could NEVER take a sickie, would always be found out – that’s my luck! Am just trying to think of ways that WE, could have a girlie weekend – that would be fun, a laugh, and to go to Miami, sounds sooooooo cool, but I listen to what you said –

Trust me, it would be ME who was caught on camera, you, Jane and Contador, would all be safe, but the camera would zoom into me and my boss at work would see it!, so yeah. I hear what you say!!

Contador, congratulations on Gulbis – perhaps he has changed for better? turned a corner? (reminds me of a poem – ) – Jane, you know the poem “kid” by Simon Armitage? (about Batman and Robin?).

Big shot. Turned a corner, scoffed the off the shoulder number, (something along those lines?), could relate to Gulbis turning a corner?

I cant get the live stream here for some reason, will try later –

contador Says:

the win ernie pulled off simply was a like nothing ever before!!! LOL! ;-))

came form behind in the decider. when i came home and flipped on the laptop he was down 5-2, kimmi. i thought , nah, it’s over but i quickly got a stream from memphis. another miracle, that. and i looked at poor disheveled gulbis. he appeared to me to have had a hard night out partying and who knows what else. his hair was fluffed big and sweaty, like the muzza’s used to be, he had bags under his eyes and so on, and tomas was fresh, barely a drop of perspiration dripping from his cap, Gulbis had taping on a knee and was limping around, (at certain moments -when he lost a pont) hehehhee

i settled in to the inveitable, watching gulbis lose.

but the bird began regularly cursing himself, something in his language and ernests seemed to understand. he knew he’d injured the czech’s nerves. still, the tiebreaker was close for a moment, but ernie was stubborn and would REFUSED to lose that match!!

no duro , i am not latvian. but i do have a frind in arizona, very smart guy, who grew up in near Riga on the Baltic. and I do not know what you exactly mean by “omega-3”, except here, if one takes omega-3, it means they are taking a fish oil capsules for their health, you know. but i will trust your report on the beauties. love to visit the baltic countries and see more of europe someday.

thanks Kimmi and Madmax. it’ll be a knee-knocker with querry. and i hope the strapping on gulbis’ knee is a ploy and not for real!!

goooo gulbis!

Duro Says:

Well, contador, as you said, they are Baltic people, lots of fish in their menu… Some say that their beauty, constitution and health comes from the amount of omega-3 they’re taking in. That’s what I meant. You could see it everywhere. Nordic type of people, tall, blond, beautiful and healthy. I never saw as beautiful women in one place like in Riga. Knock out beautiful, I mean…

madmax Says:

duro! you are back! your visits here and not often enough? And what has happened to our dear “huh”?

CALL OUT FOR HUH! Where are you!!!!!

Duro, are you happy with draw for novak? seems to be an “easier” draw for him – i havent read much about novak recently, so i suppose he is in serbia with his girlfriend, taking a break?

all the best duro,

Go federer!
Adja novak!

Duro Says:

Maxi, I’m back again. Only Sar agreed to meet anyone available in IW, I think after our agreement. Not an option for me, unfortunately. Only Europe tournaments, if lucky. Rome, Paris, or Monte Carlo. I don’t know where huh is. He is all over when present, but when missing, not a trail from him.

Maxi, it goes: Ajde Novak! Pendant for “vamos” in Spanish, and “c’mon” in English.

I’m very content with the draw in Dubai. Only Tsonga, but not this time. He will fall, if he manages to play Novak in a first place. My pick is: Novak against Čilić in the finals. Sorry, Maxi, but that’s my pick. Nole is in Dubai now, no information where he was last couple of days. Do you happen to know who is Fed’s opponent in the quarters? I mean, is Čilić suppose to play Andy or Fed in the quarters?

jane Says:

Duro, I believe Fed could meet Cilic in the quarters, but I am not sure. I am going by what I read in Sean Randall’s post.

Hope you’re right about your prediction: Novak could really stand to defend a title, right here, right now.

madmax Says:

Duro, that’s fine. i wish novak well. He is number 2 now, so will want to hold on to that, am sure.

It will be great to watch Federer playing, but I will have to record it on Monday as back at work, been lovely watching the WTA tennis in dubai this week, and I cannot believe at 29, how brilliant Venus williams is playing! She played Victoria Azarenka today (20 years old), and venus was just legendary!

She looks amazing and is such a special player – I really like her and her game. The final was pretty spectacular today – so a real treat.

Duro, thank you, I got the letters mixed up eh? Ajda nole!
C’mon Federer!

one more day to go! Whoop!!!!

Duro Says:

Maxi, D for you again in Serbian language! It goes: Ajde! Not adja, ajda ha ha ha! Lovely Maxi, the Federerist!

Duro Says:

Jane, Novak could definitely stand to do so! It’s about time that he defends his title for once. If he fails, Belgrade is his best chance which he’ll get in his life, but I don’t count that one at all. He better show us some real stuff! Number 2 must be justified! Ajde Nole, ole ole ole!

contador Says:

adje, adje, adje , nolee or phonetically, nol-A, long ‘A’ as in ‘ate’ is how we in english say the name , renee, am i right , Duro?

that is how i cheer for novak djokovic, anyway. and i would love him to start playing like we know he can. When his confidence is up and his serve and all his talents are clicking with his brain, he can beat anyone, as we know. on any surface too, even grass.

we also know he is especially good at winning on tour. he has improved his game, his fitness, patience, maturity. and he can win another GS, any one of them.

trouble is: will he do it?

problem is: i cheer for federer even when i think i should cheer for someone else. i am programmed for fed, after all these years loving his tennis. i should be sick of him winning, right?

i usually root for nolee and soda pop to beat people like delpo, muzza, nadal, tsonga, monfils. but, older ones, like davy, haas, gonzo, and dare i say it, especially roddick, i really pull for them over the younger players cuz the clock it ticking on them.

cilic, and gulbis? they are my new faves. now, just cuz my guy gulbis played gutsy amazing tennis is not any reason i think he’ll play like that today. maybe he wanted to kick butt on the czech’s: steps and birdy. who knows.

speaking of ernests gulbis, he is now 30 minutes away from playing samurai sam in the memphis semi-final. yikes!!

when it comes to getting excited about and supporting tennis players, Duro, i am perhaps flawed; not at all patriotic. i don’t like isner’s tennis nor am i a querry fan.

ernie beat querry last time they played but they’ve only met once. i did not see the match.

i imagine it will be an isner/querry final tomorrow in memphis.

monaco will win buenos aires. and i dunno, seems benny is on a roll in marseille.

so, Mr. Duro, if you are still around, please tell me, do you know the proper lativian cheer?

otherwise. GO GULBIS!!
madmax, i can feel it coming, the morphing into federist for doha. but i never expect him to win anymore. i’m satisfied and happy he is still playing! it’s ALL good. right.

madmax Says:

contador! replied to your email!

Yes! It’s all good!

And I will be checking out ernie (for ya!) –


hahahahah! what am I like! Ajde! nole!


Kimmi Says:

Contador: you are watching sam v gulbis? I am, they are a little late to go on court. I say go gulbis but sam did well with roddick yesterday, he will be dangerous.

Isner already thru. He is doing very well so far. A win in Auckland, rd16 with Murray in AO and now a final..looks to be a real deal.

here we go, I have them on my stream now. Gulbis knows how to crack that ball..both sides..wow!

contador Says:

i’ll be checking email after match, madmax. it’s alll good.

hey,Kimmi, yep i have sort of a stream, it’s a bad signal.

but, gulbis is looking very , um, well, i did not see yesterday’s match until the 3rd set. and gulbis pulled off the impossible.

the announcers are really redundant, irritating me. probably cuz gulbis is shakey. if gulbis starts winning i won’t care hjow many times they talk about whether sam’s hat is on or off…sheeesh


contador Says:

i’m guessing gulbis is bored. he just wanted the czech blood.

Kimmi Says:

haha Gulbis is doing a good job of beating himself right now..all those breakpoints chances he gave Sam (8 chances)were errors and Sam did not hesitate to take one after..er..another error from Gulbis. How can one watch this guy..hope he wakes up, he is done it before…c’mon wake up!

contador Says:

Kimmi, the only way to watch gulbis is with zero expectations….like right, my heart rate is 200, must admit.

but the good news is this may be over quick.

but, GO GULBIS!!! c’mon …don’t quit now! fight, fight, fight to stay awake, at least, puhleeese?

jane Says:

I am sensing an all-American final unless Gulbis can dig in and find his desire to take this from Sam. Sorry contador.

But if it is Querrey versus Isner in the final, that could be VERY interesting for a number of reasons:
(1) both are young Americans wanting to prove themselves,
(2) both are big servers
(3) they have never played before at tour level!
(4) they are very closely ranked: Querrey at #31 and Isner at #25
(5) they are close in age (22 & 24) and height (6’6″ and 6’9″)

Let’s see if Ernests can spoil the party: he is 1-0 H2H versus both Querrey and Isner, so he has the goods. But does he have the heart???

Kimmi Says:

well, well..another 2 errors from Gulbis and he gives the break to Sam..again! Sam made the fist pump here..yeah Sam ..good for you!

Good thing for Sam he is saving a lot of energy in this match, he just have to return the ball to gulbis side of the net and see him self distruct.

contador Says:

nope, ernie is done. ready to get on his jet to…doha? relax a little, um…keep thinking tennis and winning?

jane, i would love to see ernie fight back like he did yesterday but, not a chance. do you have a stream?

i think he’s broke 2 racquets already, on in safin fashion.

the brooding gulbis. he is not responding to my will for him, lol…

Kimmi Says:

“(3) they have never played before at tour level!”

jane: really, I did not know that..interesting indeed.

Kimmi Says:

maybe his coach should tell him “when things don’t go well, stop wacking that ball too hard..it is risky business”..phew! he hold after saving another BP.

contador Says:

broken 2 racquets, one in safin fashion, i meant.

at least the ‘querrey hat” is not a topic

jane, i think a querry and isner match will be boring. they are like, too close, not enough tension.

please, tell me why i might watch? :-))

the finals i find more interesting is in marseille and buenos aires- i like benny and monaco

contador Says:

i have lost ability to write a sentence. sorry.


“….’are’ in marseille and buenos aires-”

and yet, c’mon ernie, c’mon. duro, a proper latvian cheer? are u watching? probably sleeping by now.

contador Says:

this match is over.

okay jane, maybe reason #3 is a good one.

i pick querry, then

this semi is over.

Kimmi Says:

Isner 24, a little late bloomer.

Well still some life here..only one break. Go gulbis..give us a third set. Sam is serving very well!

contador Says:

not a prayer of a chance , kimmi booooohooooo!!

Kimmi Says:

I am impressed with Sam maturity. He is calm and competing well. He will definely rise up higher and higher in the ranking.

contador Says:

sam is another giant who can be fast/ moves well. not like cilic or delpo but pretty decent. yes and he has a very cool attitude.

gulbis determined to LOSE in a respectable manner, at least.

Kimmi Says:

choking time

Kimmi Says:

ha ha drama drama…

Kimmi Says:

Sam Querrey is in the final..Yap!!

contador Says:

it’s like watching the slow tortuous death. ughh

well, good for sam.

get on your jet ernie. don’t ever give up! you are too good and your tennis fans LOVE your game, the one against steps and berdie!


contador Says:

thanks for watching w/ me….kimmi, jane, tennis people!

madmax and Mr. Duro, must be lights out.

jane Says:

As I said earlier, sorry contador. I’ve learned my lesson and never get my hopes too far up for Gulbis anymore. To me, he is not like Safin as a player, though he may equal him in racquet breaking abilities. : ) LOL. I know he has tons and tons of talent and is great to watch when it’s clicking, but he is sorely inconsistent. At least Safin WON some events, ; ) including a couple of slams against the two most record-achieving players: Sampras and Fed. Until I see Gulbis fight to win a few titles, I will just watch and wait- no expectations.

Kimmi Says:

See you contador, plenty of tennis next week. Dare I say Go Federer! er ..and Murray!

contador Says:

thanks again Kimmi and Jane. yep, DOhahahaa next week!

you are so right, Jane and yet, for moi, giving up, “quitting” ernie is one those easier-said -than-done.

go ernests gulbis! or allez, and c’mon.

jane, he had a finger blister and an injured knee, lol….he’ll be good to go next week. he doesn’t have to like qualify, does he?

no wonder he lost *giggling* :-)

Kimmi Says:

jane: I agree wih you wholeheartdly about Gulbis. He is very hard to watch and today was another very good example. But on a positive note, he manage to string 3 straight wins together, which is good..maybe, just maybe this week will give him a little confidence in the coming tournaments.

Kimmi Says:

“yep, DOhahahaa next week!” lol contador. too many tournaments I know but it is “Dubai” :)

contador Says:

nah, gulbis won’t have to qualify, answering my own query or querrey. he made into the semi …that has to move him UP the ranks, yes?

being pulled away form tennis….bye

Duro Says:

contador, you were so excited, I could almost feel it in the air across the ocean that separates us… I am sorry for you and your omega-3 guy. Such a talent… There will be plenty of time. Be patient. I wasn’t sleeping. I was watching “Meet Jo Black”, for the third time. Couldn’t resist it. See you, contador. Being a fan definitely means to feel the bitter taste of a loss from time to time. If it’s not bitter, no “fandom” around.

Duro Says:

Contador, about pronounce of Nole, you were pretty much right, but there’s a slight difference. Your “A” consists of two vowels, “e+i” or “e+y”, I don’t know how to spell it, but Nole has only your first vowel from “A”. Now you get it? It would sound closest to Noleh I think, pronounced literally. But if you want to hear it with no mistake, there’s a vid in a Youtube, last year Rome finals, where speaker lady asks Novak to imitate Nadal, and he refuses etc. etc. and she says: “Nole, ti prego” in Italian. It’s exactly like the original pronunciation in Serbian.

jane Says:

“But on a positive note, he manage to string 3 straight wins together, which is good” That’s true Kimmi, a small move in the right direction.

Duro Says:

Hi, Jane.

jane Says:

Hi Duro : ) How are things in Nole-land? I hope he’s in Dubai and practicing. He’s got something to prove.

Duro Says:

Raining, Jane, all the time. I’m sick of it! Well, he’s apparently prepared to officially live there, so he better be practicing and making up a plan to defend his new home! Nole srole (running Nole). Running like in AO.

jane Says:

Duro, the weather on this globe is crazy: rain in Serbia, snow in Britain & Texas, and sunshine for the winter Olympics in Vancouver. Who knows what to expect these days? Well, hang in there. The sun is up there behind the rain and clouds.

Duro Says:

Yes, Jane, but there’s a catch here. I’m not from Serbia. I’m from Noleland. His original land from which every Djokovic on earth originated. Montenegro. I was waiting you to ask me that.

jane Says:

Ah Duro, I had assumed Serbia, but Montenegro sounds great. I guess I should never assume, right?

Duro Says:

No, Jane. Just keep improving! I was deliberately saying all the time that I’m from Noleland, and not from Montenegro, waiting for someone to ask me where that Noleland was. It wasn’t about me, really, but about Novak and the fact that he’s originating from Montenegro, like every other Djokovic person, which few people happen to know about. If you’re a fan, you are supposed to know as much as possible about your fav, right? I’ll help you with all “domestic” stuff about Nole. Feel free to ask, any time you want. Have a good night, Jane. I’m off to bed. It’s very late and rainy in the Noleland. I’m eager to see some bright sun light from Dubai, to cheer me up. In Novak we trust!

contador Says:

Duro, thanks. my omega-3-ernie is what he is, a great natural talent and very easy on the eyes, even when his tennis is at its worst and he appears to have barely survived an all-nighter at a disco bar, lol…

your, “In Novak we trust!” always makes me smile, too. i (usually) admire a true fan’s singular devotion to their favorite, like madmax the “federist.” teeheee

so, kimmi. i was literally pulled by my parka sleeve, forced to shut off the laptop, and escorted out my door to a movie, i had NO real interest in seeing.

and that is my excuse for confusing DOhahahahaaa with Dubai. i prefer to know these things, like where one place is realtive to another. but i was dizzy, Kimmi, just off the gulbis rollercoaster ride. and as Jane gently advises: give up, contador.

okay, but it will be only a short time-out, until the dubai draw comes out. OOooo, maybe it’s already out.

also, since i do consider myself a ‘noleh’ fan, i better google a map of montenegro aka noleland and serbia before Duro wakes up.

olympic news….yay! bad, bad bode miller medalled in super G, as did lindsay vonn. wow, feeling genuinely patriotic about the US olympic ski and boarding results. oh and oh-yes! apollo ohno! he is amazing.

and, love that simon ammon, the imperial swiss ski jumping near equivalent of roger federer!

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There is no doubt that Federer and Sampras team will prevail.They have better serve and volley skills than Nadal and Agassi.Nadal and agassi lack in their serve and volley.Although Agassi can do something with serve and volley but can,t say about Rafa.He has the advantage of just returns.

Akshay Singh Says:

TEAM FESA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justin Says:

I don’t know why people say Nadal’s serve is “lacking”. He’s one of the best in placing a serve in the right spot, and so is Agassi, and that’s all that matters in doubles (placement)

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