Quick Poll: Roger Federer Or Rafael Nadal, Who Wins Tonight At Indian Wells?
by Staff | March 14th, 2013, 9:15 am

The greatest rivalry in men’s tennis resumes this evening at Indian Wells. For the 29th time Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal meet on a tennis court at 7pm local time in the desert. Nadal leads his Swiss rival 18-10 in their head-to-head and 5-2 on outdoor hardcourts, losing their most recent meeting a year ago in this very tournament.

Because of a knee, Nadal has played just two matches on hardcourts in the last year. Federer, though, has been beset by a back ailment. With both stars limping into this showdown, their first ever in a quarterfinal, who’s got the advantage? Who’ll win?

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33 Comments for Quick Poll: Roger Federer Or Rafael Nadal, Who Wins Tonight At Indian Wells?

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Fed. He looked poor yesterday, but he’ll be fired up for this and have the confidence of winning here last time.
I think Rafa’s movement has looked incredible in his comeback, so his number one weapon is in place. But it doesn’t take much deviation from 100% form to lose against either of these players, and I can’t imagine Rafa is at 100% on serve, return, net play…

Look forward to it!

SSS Says:

A lot depends on Federer’s back in this match. If his movement remains hampered as in the Wawrinka match, then it is difficult to imagine him come out on top in this match.

skeezer Says:

Sorry Fedfans, don’t see a Fed win here. Fed looked not right the last 2 matches, despite saying his back was no big deal. No excuses, it just is what it is. Rafa has been playing better and better on those wobbly knees. Watching these 2 over the years you can kinda tell nowadays coming into a match who has the upper hand. Last year Fed was playing outstanding tennis and was physically ready for Rafa. Not today….Rafa in straights…..

madmax Says:

Ah Skeezer, you never know. Remember, we have no more expectations from Federer as fans. Just pleased that he is playing and want him to win. He has as much chance as Rafa. But we can’t make excuses for the guy. He ‘should’ win. But h2h wise, I think rafa is ahead by one and I also think he has the confidence from the gulbis match, but you just never know.

If they both have ‘injuries’ going in, then it’s equal, I’ll say. (may be you are trying to ‘unjinx’ Sean? But we know what Sean is like now.

Michael Says:

I have voted for Roger as my heart says so. However, my mind says it would be Rafa. I cannot see how Roger can win this one with the physical issues that he is having at the moment. His game is also not looking great and Rafa as we all know loves the slow hard courts.

Fleischer Says:

I absolutely hate this behaviour of making excuses much before the match and predicting your opponents win.
Both the sides are guilty of doing this now.

I can understand this from the sissy fedt@rds point of view. Federer and his fans are absolutely scared of seeing the spaninsh bull on the court. But I dont know why rafa fans are also doing the same.

I agree rafa is not yet 100% and this is just his 3rd HC match in a year. But a half fit rafa is good enough to beat Federer. He has proved that time and again during the last 9 years that Federer is his favorite punching bag.

I was not so confident about rafa beating gulbis. I am sure this rafa cannot beat nole, berdych, tsonga, etc on a HC. But the rafa fans’ claim that rafa is the underdog against federer is just plain stupid and silly. Rafa’s B game would be enough to beat Federer’s A+ game (ex. FO 2011 final).

A humble request for both the fans:
Man up and support your favorite….stop making excuses. The better player will win tomorrow.

Sirius Says:


will u be able to show up if ur man loses tomorrow?

Sirius Says:

“Rafa’s B game would be enough to beat Federer’s A+ game”


rafa must’ve played his-

C-/D-/E- game at madrid 09, WTF 07

M/N/O game at IW12


X/Y/Z game in[ (WTF 11 (6-3, 6-0), Hamburg 07 (can’t remember the full score but the 3rd set was a bagel!) ]

Alex Says:

Pls Fleisher will run like the p?”{ssy he is..

Sissy Nadla fan. Talk your mouth off but when Nadals losing you hide in your little chicken box.

This Rafa can beat Nole?

Priceless! hahah.

What strain of dope you been putting in your pipe?

Might be causing psychosis, I would get that checked.

Watch your tounge in public. Calling people Sissy might get you your skull caved in. Cheerio!

Fleischer Says:

Alex/Skeezer/Andrew tennis,

“This Rafa can beat Nole?

Priceless! hahah.”

Go back and read my post at 11.51 am.

“I am sure this rafa cannot beat nole, berdych, tsonga, etc on a HC.”

Now go back and read your post again….LOL
“What strain of dope you been putting in your pipe?

Might be causing psychosis, I would get that checked.”

Yes….you have to get that checked.

Funny sissy fedt@rds !!!!!

Giles Says:

Alex. If your last comment was addressed to Fleisher he said : “I am sure this Rafa cannot beat Nole ….”. Can’t you read?

Fleischer Says:

Rafa is the better player and clear favorite to beat Federer tonight.

Obviously rankings don’t tell the truth at the moment.

Alex Says:

Tennis X is infected by this rotting flesich.

Go jump into bed with your sissy lover Giles.

Maybe you can exchange pics of Rafa..

Immature dumb kids with a twigs.

I suppose when Nadal loses you and Giles can resume your consoling relationship. Don’t forget to keep it safe! Then again your both infections. what do you do with infections? Cut them out!

Ill donate the meat cleaver! What else would you use to chop up some fleisch? Just hoping there’s a good butcher around.

Alex Says:

Im sick of these headcases like Giles and Fleisher always insulting Fed and spamming this blog like a bunch of love sick teens.

Consider this an all out WAR!

Every time you insult Fed.. I will retaliate.

Its about time somebody did, damn scumbags are chasing away decent Tennis fans with your constant flow of sht.

Fleischer Says:

ROTFL…give me more.

Giles Says:

Another classy fed fan on this forum by the name of Alex.
Poor fed, what has he done to deserve fans like Andrew Tennis and Alex to name just two at the moment. Come forth and multiply fed fans. The more you speak the more you reveal your calibre, which is zilch!!! Lol

Alex Says:

I would start shopping for a chastity belt about…. now!

No telling what Giles will do to you once Rafa loses. Gotta protect your Fleisch loch, right?

Otherwise there will be nothing left for your hero!

Alex Says:

You asked for it.

Your constant digs at Federer and others doesn’t go unnoticed.

Sirius Says:

I can see super intelligent FLEISCHER evaded a certain post of mine at 12:12pm

Alex Says:

You think you two perkshire pigs can go around calling Federer a sissy and people are gonna stand for that?

Yeah right!

You revealed your caliber ages ago. I’m just balancing the books.

Giles Says:

Fed is a cry baby. # Fact#AO2009

Alex Says:

No need for a chastity belt.

Judging by Giles last comment hes underage!

Fleischer Says:

Yes I am good at evading junk stuff.

andrea Says:

based on how both are playing right now, its a toss up. fed has his mental issues with rafa so hopefully those don’t flare up.

haven’t watched the gulbis/nadal match but sounds like a nail biter.

Fleischer Says:


Please continue yelling at everyone just like your idol while losing….ROTFL

RZ Says:

Mentioning “excuses” such as Federer’s tweaked back provides context for one’s picks and is absolutely valid to take into account when making a match prediction.

queen Says:

Here we go again…lol
Yesterday Fed funs praised Nadal for his game today he is playing Fed and they are ready to attack…shut up people, enjoy the game…who knows maybe it is the last one between The Two

nadalista Says:


Fedfans, did Fed really say what is reported in the following quote from the article?:

“Federer was the reigning Wimbledon and Australian Open champion, and he later admitted that he was happy not to have a real rival when he first became No. 1, which enabled him to win event after event. Before meeting Nadal, Federer had won 28 of 29 matches since November 2003. “

Giles Says:

A volunteer at the NYC Exo who wishes to remain nameless writes :
“First time working with Rafa – has to be the nicest elite athlete in the world”

skeezer Says:


I don’t know who you’re addressing but it ain’t me. If you can’t tell my posts from others it may be time to look in the mirror. Maybe its all about ….YOU. I told you earlier I don’t use multiple monikers, so unless you come up with email from the administrator of this site showing otherwise, STFU about it. If your getting attacked by other posters, deal with it. It is the only thing you seem interested doing here anyways, no?

Oh, and one last thing, I’m the one who says winning a any ATP Title is more important than getting to a Slam final on your resume, remember? Stick with that, you seem to like it.


queen Says:

The winner of tonight’s Fedal will not survive Berdych in the semis.

Giles Says:

This is the rivalry the tennis world will always respect and enjoy. Players will come and go but when these two greats play they will always take centre stage irrespective of their rankings! #Fedal

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