Poll: Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal? Who’ll Win The Miami Final?
by Staff | April 1st, 2017, 11:25 am

For the third time this year and the 37th time overall, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will renew what it one of the great rivalries in tennis.

Nadal leads 23-13 however Federer has taken their last three meetings including the Australian Open final and just last month at Indian Wells.

The split their two prior Miami meetings in 2004, their first meeting, and in the 2005 final who by Federer who had to come from two sets down.

Nadal leads the ATP with 19 match wins on the season while Federer has won his last 10 matches, and enjoys a day off after back-to-back third set tiebreak wins.

Federer is also trying to win a third Miami title, first since 2006, while Nadal is eye a first Miami crown after four runner-up appearances.

So will Federer maintain his edge over Rafa or will the Spaniard stop the rot, beat Federer for the first time in over three years and win his first Miami title?

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25 Comments for Poll: Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal? Who’ll Win The Miami Final?

Daniel Says:

I will go with Federer.

He is battle tested. Nadal got in the end two walkovers.

Fed’s return are still there and Nadal doesn’t have the serve of Berdych or Kyrgios to save him like this e 2 used several times serving big under pressure.

Federer will be in almost all Nadal’s service games. And oddly, in this case Nadal hats overcome the mental demon of never winning Miami in 4 tries, no HC title as he knows he lost several HC finals he played and he will have to deal with an in form super hungry Federer who beta him last 3 times.

Federer wants this win badly he know he has momentum. Hope he can star well as he did against Berdych and Kyrgios, even if he not broke first 2 games. Against Nadal if he played that way he will go ahead.

This all assuming he recovers, doesn’t linger and can serve well. Last thing he needs is another grueling match. He needs to do it in 2. But the way he won last 2 third set breaks I wouldn’t be surprised with anything anymore.

madmax Says:


I am going to agree with you.

I can’t see Federer going into this match being anything other than Battle tested. Having said that, if Nadal wins, I won’t be surprised either.

I am just loving the resurgence of both players after so many times of being written off. It is a testament to not only their talent, but their endurance.

madmax Says:

I didn’t understand your last comment – 2 walkovers?

Giles Says:

Daniel talking sh!te as usual. TWO WALKOVERS!!! He must be watching a different tournament !

DC Says:

With two walkovers, Nadal will be very well rested compared to Fed. I believe Nadal can go the distance and will win this time.

Giles Says:

Can somebody please enlighten me as to the ” 2 walkovers”! Lol

Daniel Says:

Sock and Fognini in QF and semis inna Master is as close to a walkover as ot gets. Foggy being one of tbe biggest headcases in tennis. Those match weren’t hardly contested and Nadal wasn’t testes as Fed was. And both served poorly compared to berdy and Kyrgios. It is a metaphorycal wo

madmax Says:

Giles Says:
Can somebody please enlighten me as to the โ€ 2 walkoversโ€! Lol

April 1st, 2017 at 12:33 pm



Daniel, Rafa did not have two walkovers. He played full matches in Miami.

madmax Says:


Daniel was not talking Sh….I just missed the irony, because I was too busy reading your drivel.

Giles Says:

Daniel. Oh so if a player loses in 2 sets it’s considered s walkover? That’s what you’re trying to say. # so lame

Channel Says:

For some reason, I just believe Nadal will have this one in the bag….

Giles Says:

I didn’t know until today that fed was banned from a tournament ( don’t know the details) because of his bad temper.
Anyone have details?

skeezer Says:

Will go with Rafa cause of the walkovers.

Vidzy Says:

I guess some comments here like walkovers are becoz its a fools day…

Daniel Says:


Imaiking fun because FedEx mayde thus comment before the Sock and Fognini match saying Nadal would have two walkovers. And he was right. They were not worthy competition at this stage in a Masters such as Miami. Netiger rabking wise nor pedigree. The only thing go on was that Fognini bothered Nadal in a Nadal slump year. That was it.

Fed is the first top 10 he is plaing this tourney and had Kyrgios one he would play zero.

Be cool. This match is pretty open. I gove Fed a 55-60% chamce based on form, later results, and thir recent matches. But Nadal has the “rest” advantage, 2 confident wins and slow court on his favour. Let us enjoy it and hope they play 5-6 times more this season. 63 days and 3 matches is awesome already.

pitchaboy Says:

If Federer lands more than 60% of his first serves, Rafa is toast. Rafa’s “girly man” serves will be punished by the new and improved Fed. Rafa has to pray the old chap is tired from his last two matches and has a bad serving day.

lakie Says:

Daniel must be watching tennis in another universe.

Okiegal Says:

Roger better win this because if he doesn’t he has to face Mirka……..EEEEEK ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

The main event>>>>๐ŸŽพ๐ŸŽพ๐ŸŽพ ๐Ÿ‚ vs ๐Ÿ!!!!! Hope it’s a cracker!!

Congrats to both fan groups on another Fedal final!!!


DC Says:

After two vwalkovers, Nadal will be well rested and fully of energy.
Expect some good serving from Nada. If Fed isn’t playing his A game, he is toast.

lakie Says:


Leo Says:

Nadal will be well rested, while Roger is going to have the wear and tear of the two in a row 3rd set tiebreaker matches. Therefore I think Nadal wins.

Nits Says:

Nadal must win to have a confidence booster before clay season. Federer is already high after AO. So that these two keep on thegood work to keep up the rest of field waiting.

Sanquine Says:

This one is for Nadal,100%. I thought so the moment I’ve seen that all the heavy hitters were in Roger’s end of the draw.

Federer is dead tired. He was showing signs against Berdych already, and against Kyrgios I thought he’d keel over at one point. Let’s be honest, they both choked big time, and Federer won it on heart alone. Rafa’s favorite play will have great results today. Fed’s BH only worked in the first set vs Nick, after that he could no longer get into attacking position. With Nadal fresh as a daisy he will wear him down.

Further more, 2017 seems to be set on righting some wrongs.

Fed was the better player in AO2009, but suffered the most painful defeat of his career (worse than Wimbledon I’d say). This year he reversed it in ideal moviescript way.

Nadal was robbed in 2005 final vs Fed, third set tiebreak. Instead of wining 3:0, he crumbled and lost 3:2. This is his 5th Miami final and how fitting that the fate has contrived that Federer is there, dead tired, after obligingly eliminating some players Rafa probably couldn’t have beaten at current form. Especially no way for Rafa to beat Kyrgios.

Nadal will win. It is inevitable, this is just how life works sometime.

Giles Says:

Oki. 8.17 pm?????????

FedExpress Says:


well predicted, i hope you didnt bet your house

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