Federer Holds Off Combustible Kyrgios in Miami Open Semis, to Face Nadal
by Staff | March 31st, 2017, 10:39 pm

Nick Kyrios generally held it together until the end of the third set on Friday night against Roger Federer at the Miami Open, until yelling at spectators, a critical double fault in the third set break, then several racquet smashes on the court punctuated the meeting as the former No. 1 Swiss squeaked-out the win 7-6(9), 6-7(9), 7-6(5) in 3 hours, 11 minutes.
“It was close from the beginning,” Federer said on court after the semifinal. “He’s such a good player so it’s fun playing against him…I kept fighting and believing and said, ‘Stay aggressive.’ It could have gone either way, it was a nail-biter and fun to play this way.”

The two have now played six sets career against each other, all decided in tiebreaks. And it comes after Federer just won a final set breaker yesterday over Tomas Berdych.

While Federer began the match quickly, Kyrgios stumbled but saved break points in both his first two service games. Then came a break for the Australian and he had the lead with the set on his racquet at 5-4. But a double fault put the match back on even terms. And after a scintillating breaker, Federer saved two Kyrgios set points and finally won it on his third 11-9.

Other than Federer mustering a couple break chances on the Kyrios serve, the second set was a serving fest until the breaker. Fed pulled ahead 3-1, Kyrgios fought back. Then Fed held match points at 6-5 and 8-7 but couldn’t convert and Kyrgios cracked an ace for the 11-9 second set.

With tensions mounting in the third, the serving continued. Federer was still virtually unchallenged on his serve while Kyrgios did have a few deuce games, but never faced a break point. In the breaker, it was Kyrgios going up 3-1 and then had two serves with the match on his racquet at 5-4. And he wouldn’t win another point as Fed closed the last three points, including a Kyrgios double, to take it.

“I feel like my level of tennis has always been high, but mentally I’m competing for every point now. That’s making the difference,” said Kyrgios. “I showed a lot of fight. Obviously I’m an emotional guy. I had some ups and up and downs, a bit of a roller coaster, but ultimately I think I put in a good performance.

“I think I’ve made an effort to try and put in [the work] every day,” he added. “I’ve got a great team with me. Every day we’re on the practice court trying to have fun.”

Federer in the final will meet former No. 1 Rafael Nadal, who in the earlier semifinal navigated a tricky meeting against Italian Fabio Fognini 6-1, 7-5.

After getting pounded in the opening set, the Italian made a match of it in the second, saving crucial break points to ramp things up. But Nadal, who lost just nine points on serve, eventually broke through to take the match thanks to a Fognini double fault at 5-5. It was Rafa’s 8th win in 11 tries against Fognini.

“My serve worked well,” Nadal said. “I think I didn’t face a break point during the whole match, so that is something that I am very happy with. That gives you calm when you have opportunities on the return and you don’t convert.”

Nadal is 0-4 career in Miami Open finals after losing in 2005, 2008, 2011 and 2014. It’s the third hard court final he’s reached this year. It’s the most finals he’s reached at any event without winning.

“He should have Miami titles, it’s going to be super-special playing him in the final,” Federer said of Nadal.

Nadal leads the career head-to-head with Federer 23-13, but the Swiss has won the last three meetings.

“I feel like there is a mountain to climb in Rafa. He’s hasn’t won this event before. He’s definitely feeling fresher than I feel right now. But that’s not a problem. I’ll be ready on Sunday,” said Federer. “It’s definitely going to be very special playing Rafa here again. I’m thrilled for him that he came back as well as he did after the comeback and the struggles that he had last year. It feels like old times. We’re playing each other every week now. We can’t get enough of each other. Hopefully it’s not our last match.

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31 Comments for Federer Holds Off Combustible Kyrgios in Miami Open Semis, to Face Nadal

Aced out Says:

So we’ll have another Roger v/s Rafa. If Roger plays like this he should win. Kyrgios has really put himself together in the last 3 months. Roger met a quality opponent who did not go walkabouts at any point during the match. ….. This take on their mindsets would make an interesting read at this point http://www.138mph.com/decoding-the-big-three-murray-part-iii/

Nits Says:

After 12 years Fedal Miami final # serious longevity #

Armend Says:

You are very much right Nits.

Hope for another close three setter with Nadal winning, just to start the clay season on a positive note. And afterwards having Fed win Wimby once again.

madmax Says:


CRAP ALIVE! The shots were insane. Unbelievable match. The best of the tournament.

Federer is playing lights out and this match. I am still out of breath. Could not believe the quality. At the very end, the passion, the racquet smashing – but it just showed that Nic has the passion and it really could have gone either way.

Awesome match for Fed fans to watch.

Giles Says:

I heard that old mirka was whistling and booing last night. # disgraceful

Deidre Says:

Wonderful win for Roger. Can’t say I care for Nick and his antics but there are many who like his bratty behaviour. I’m sure he will grow up someday but right now the glory is all Roger’s . A win on Sunday would be epic.

Nits Says:

Nick had a chance to close it out but couldn’t. Got involved with the crowd then the double fault. That was the end of it.

J.S. Says:

KIMBERLY…..You going tomorrow??

I can’t believe another FEDAL final, so fun for fans!!!


skeezer Says:

Nick was out of position to hit that ball properly. It hit the line, and he desperately flailed at it. This wasn’t a fans fault. It was his fault, but felt the need to blame anybody else but himself. Look, fans know Nicks behavior, he should know he is going to get heckled as a result. Regardless, I saw more than once fans yelling during points(not cool). Whats coming next, a bull horn at the service toss?

Markus Says:

When a fan yells during a point, it’s not really cool, but does only one player hear it?

rognadfan Says:

Oh yeah, I see nick tossing the ball to serve in that GIF. Great irrefutable evidence that Giles is as ignorant if not more than the guy who went to a shooting rampage in Virginia after hearing a news that hillary clinton was running a brothel there. #shutthefup.

Fans yelling in a close ball is not new, it happens in almost every high-profile match. It happened distracted roger too once during the match.
But you Giles probably read a reliable news that federer has his paid army in the stands just to distract Nick.

Daniel Says:

Forget they will play for a 29th Masters for Nadal and 26th for Federer. Both will close the gap on Djoko regardless and if Fed wins it will be 30-28-26 for th bIg three. Season promisses

J.S. Says:

Either way they are #4 and #5 depending on who wins, right? I am so proud of these 2, glad they didn’t go away like everyone thought! Enjoying 2017 tennis – who would’ve guessed we would be honored with this marvelous treat once again?

Daniel Says:

Yes J.S.

Who ever wins will be #4 and the other #5

skeezer Says:

As a Fed fan, the expectations remain low but the results have been exemplary.
AO was a mind blower, still can’t get over that nearly impossible run there. Then on to IW, his form held on the slower surface and produced another one for the ages title against Rafael Nadal

But when he got to Miami, I thought he would pack it in early. Older now, he needs considerable recovery time, and the even slower still conditions of Miami I thought would stop his run. But………here is still here. Another tough draw, having to go through Delpo and Bird……and now in the finals after a huge battle with the young gun who in 2017 has 2 wins over the former #1 in the world this year.

I am still picking Rafa on this one, hope Kimberly will be there, she deserves to see him win. Rafa has been looking strong again and Fed, as great as he looked, as had the errors creep up. I think for the most part his body is weary, and helpfully he chills after this for a remaining healthy and strong run in the last half of 2017!

skeezer Says:

^Of course I hope he proves me wrong……….once again! :)

Giles Says:

Stop trying to jinx Rafa skeezer, cos that’s what you like to do! Pffffft

madmax Says:

Giles Says:
I heard that old mirka was whistling and booing last night. # disgraceful

April 1st, 2017 at 6:02 am

Giles, I have been waiting for you to come on and pick a negative – so you know what – we see right through you. And for goodness sake, remember Giles, Kim Sears and the ‘F**k at Berdych whilst playing Andy? Yeah, disgraceful, right? You support Murray, correct? But, as tennis fans, we appreciate that no one is responsible for their partners passion – they kind of get carried away. And let’s face it, Fed has had his fair share of noise and wind from Novak’s family – in the crowd, remember, back in the day? Wogboy will attest to this, the T -shirts of Novak’s face and the disgraceful chanting in the crowd. You are ight Giles.

The problem is, it applies to ALL players and ALL PLAYERS are, for the most part, mature enough to deal with it.

Grow up Giles. You child.

For your entertainment –

Kim Sears swearing caught on camera at Berdych Australian Open


madmax Says:

The thing is Giles, YOU are the biggest closet Fed fan we have on this site. You just don’t know it yet. Keep up the entertainment value Giles.

You really are priceless.

madmax Says:

Giles, a wonderful article from the Guardian, for you.

It might help you to improve your understanding of the game.


Giles Says:

madmax. You really are losing the plot. Where did you hear that I support Andy ? I do sometimes but he’s not a fave of mine. BTW I did not approve of her swearing during Berdych’s match.

FedExpress Says:

So home now. had only 1 hour sleep. had to leave early. but that match gave me new life and energy.

So congratz madmax, skeezer, daniel and jatin.

jatin, i think we both feel the tension way too much sometimes.

madmax Says:

FedExpress, and you know,

It all happens again tomorrow – it is an insane time for Federer right now, yes? Together with his fans.

I am exhausted!

madmax Says:

I’m not losing any plot Giles, you just said it yourself:

Giles Says:
madmax. You really are losing the plot. Where did you hear that I support Andy ? I do sometimes but he’s not a fave of mine. BTW I did not approve of her swearing during Berdych’s match.

April 1st, 2017 at 11:31 am

” Where did you hear that I support Andy ? I do sometimes…”


So you know what, if you are trying to be fair here, then let’s be fair. Andy has no control over what Kim says/does, neither does Federer. Neither does Novak. No one does. It is completely understandable, but at the same time, not something that should be encouraged.


Giles Says:

How ooooold are you madmax?

Giles Says:

madmax. Let’s be honest mirka is murky. Do you remember her calling Stan a ” cry baby”? She is like one of the ” boys” out there with her whistling and booing , wouldn’t you say?

skeezer Says:

Your whining at minuscule stuff. All you do is spew awful stuff towards any not Rafa. Be happy he is in another final and he has a slow court to work with. Start cheering your fav and stop whining.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

WOW. That was some match. Kyrgios is the real deal – but so is Fed. That was back to Indian Wells form. If he plays like that tomorrow, he’ll win.

Would write more but have an injured wing, and typing w one hand is too slow!

Miles Says:

Giles – what are your thoughts (such as they are!) on Uncle Toni’s persistent illegal coaching over the years? Or are you blind to that, as you are about Nadal’s persistent breaking of the time violation rule?

And why on earth are people assuming it was a Federer fan who shouted ‘out’? Surely, that would be a Kyrgios fan, wanting Federer’s shot to be long?

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