Defending Champ Djokovic With Federer, Nadal, Del Potro And Kyrgios In Same Indian Wells Quarter
by Staff | March 7th, 2017, 11:07 pm

The Indian Wells draw came out and it features one of the toughest quarter in recent memory.

But at the top, it’s Andy Murray as the top seed who has the luxury of an easy road to the semifinals, with only high seeds Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, David Goffin and Feliciano Lopez standing in his way. Murray, though, has only made the finals once in 11 tries at the event and just the semifinals three times. But with that draw, a fourth appearance is more than likely.

In the second quarter, Stan Wawrinka is the top man, however, he’ll face some stiff competition in former finalist John Isner along with Gael Monfils, Tomas Berdych and Dominic Thiem. Wawrinka could also meet Philipp Kohlschreiber in the third round.

A wide open third quarter is led by Kei Nishikori and Marin Cilic. Jack Sock and Grigor Dimitrov are in there plus Sam Querrey who just beat Rafael Nadal to win Acapulco. No player in that section has made the Indian Wells final or the semifinals.

In the final quarter is where the fireworks will be. Not only is 5-time champion Novak Djokovic in the section but also 4-time winner Roger Federer along with former champion Rafael Nadal and 2-time finalist Juan Martin del Potro. Plus, just for fun Nick Kyrgios and Alexander Zverev are also in the section.

Djokovic could have to face Edmund, Del Potro, Kyrgios and Federer to reach the semis. Nadal could have to face Garcia-Lopez, Verdasco, Federer and then Djokovic to reach the semis. Federer could have to face Sela, Johnson, Nadal and then Djokovic.

And poor Fernando Verdasco who might have to go through Nadal, Federer and then Djokovic just to make the semifinal!

Not playing include 2016 finalist Milos Raonic, Frenchmen Richard Gasquet and Gilles Simon, and David Ferrer.

The top half top seeds (Murray, Wawrinka, Tsonga) are scheduled to debut on Saturday while the bottom half with Djokovic, Nadal, Nishikori and Federer on Sunday.

Matches begin on Thursday with the top half.

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28 Comments for Defending Champ Djokovic With Federer, Nadal, Del Potro And Kyrgios In Same Indian Wells Quarter

Nits Says:

With such a draw all bets are off

Joshua Says:

If Djokovic can only get through Delpo, Nick, and Fed/Rafa into the semis, I would be his happiest fan

Van Persie Says:

Good luck, Nole! :)

skeezer Says:

If Fed can only get through the draw somehow……wait………he has 18……. nevermind.

AndyMira Says:

@Amit…Hey friend!The draw was out…have u done your bracket yet?Do it both,please!ATP and WTA…Is it going to be 1-0 or 1-1?Let’s the ‘fight’ begin!!Good luck to u buddy!!Wooohooo!!

Laura Says:

Is this a joke? For real? Novack, Roger, Rafa, Delpo, Kyrgios, and A.Zverev all in the same Quarter? That’s 45 GS titles in ONE quarter

Yet, we have Murray who after his USO loss to Nishikori has beat zero top 10 players to win 5 tournaments till WTF. And none in Dubai and is is in a weak ass quarter? Lol. The game is rigged.

Weak era. What a joke

Amit Says:

Hwy AndyMira, I was ranked 19 in Acapulco bracket buddy!! Higher than you!! And I expect it to be 2-0 over you soon,lolzz but gimme the link please!! Lol😂😂😂

Amit Says:

I was the very Amit you pointed out there!! Ya ranked 28,me 29,lol I won our 1st natch!! And I shall beat you here in this bracket too lolzzz😂😂😂

AndyMira Says:

@Amit…Hahahahaha!!…Yeah,yeah,yeah….Here’s the Bracket link buddy!…actually,i’ve already gave it to u yesterday on another thread but oh well..for your sake buddy!…

If u want to do a WTA,just click on WTA next to it okay?

Joshua Says:

Is there a bracket for Indian Wells?
If yes, pls send me its web link.

AndyMira Says:

Hey Joshua…As u can see up there,there’s a Bracket link for ATP…And if u want to join a group…there’s a variety of group in there including Roger,Nole,Rafa and Andy fans group ..and as for my group…it’s jalep-wildguess…You’re very welcome to join us Joshua!It’s up to u!..Here’s the link,okay?

Joshua Says:

Thanks @AndyMira

I ve asked before realising there is a link for it already.

I am a Novak’s fan, so it’s obvious which group I join

AndyMira Says:

@Joshua…You’re welcome!… jalep wildguess there’s a variety of fans too..there’s Roger,Novak,Andy and me,rafa fan..that’s alright,just browse in the group list and join any group u wish for okay?Good luck Joshua!

DC Says:

With his new found confidence and lesson learnt in Dubai to not take matches lightly, Fed has the edge over everyone else.

Fed also know that he needs to win this in order to get into the top 8 for future tournaments

Come on Fed. Show us for the umpteenth time why you are the goat.

Colin Says:

@Laura, you sre saying, as far as I can make out, that “they” have rigged the draw to help Andy win the tournament.

Would you please explain why they would do that?

vami Says:

The draw is rigged but not to help Andy. It’s about money. Not all tournaments are rigged or the same tournaments every year but this one is for sure. The results from Acapulco obviously influenced the machine (that was for Novak, two possible highly watchable rematches in the early rounds). As far Roger and Rafael go, any tournament would love to have that match. They would rather have it in the 2nd round to make it happen for sure (the two of them were “drawn” in the same quarters before) but there’s a good chance it’s going to happen this year considering the good form of both of them. Andy is just an innocent observer in the whole charade, he doesn’t care.

Markus Says:

Any tournament where the match-ups do not suit my taste is rigged.

RZ Says:

Seems like there is a new unwritten law in tennis: If Djokovic and Del Potro enter the same tournament, they must be in the same quarter of the draw.

SG1 Says:

Thinking Federer will play a good tournament here after the bomb out in Dubai. I’ll pick him.

madmax Says:

skeezer Says:
If Fed can only get through the draw somehow……wait………he has 18……. nevermind.

March 8th, 2017 at 2:33 am



You got it!

Chrisford1 Says:

As in female dog, moderators..

Margot Says:

As in male chicken, moderators.

Colin Says:

Laura, you seem to be saying that “they” have rigged the draw in order to help Murray.
Would you please explain why they would do this?

Amit Says:

Hey AndyMira and Jalep: I pick Federer vs Murray with Murray winning IW in bracket challenge!!! 😛😛😛 and thank you for the warm welcome both, as well as hello to all jalepians!! 🙋🙋🙋

Czarlazar Says:

Nadal or Fed, or even Zverev junior can beat Murray here, so the rigged draw need not guarantee a Murray title. Though it’d be shocking if the boring Scot didn’t make the final. Thank God for Fed and Nadal’s resurgence to save us from a dull reign at the top by Mr. Lady Forehand!

Wog Boy Says:

I am really worried now for Nole if he really means what he said about where is he atm and about his weight during practice in IW:

“Ne stajem na vagu toliko često. Moja kilaža konstantno varira, verovatno da sada imam manje nego prošle godine. Ali to ništa ne znači, napravio sam odličnu ravnotežu dinamike, brzine i snage. Osećam se dovoljno snažno. Mnogo je važno da ste spremni u svim fizičkim elementima”, rekao je Novak.”

You have to use google translate, but if he really means it then he is in complete and absolute denial. Is he aware of his results since FO2016, I don’t think so?!
Nole, Nole, what have you done to yourself?!

Czarlazar Says:

WB, you are absolutely right but as with all cult victims, Nole cannot see the reality of what the Pepe/Jelena vegan diet has done to his physical strength and accompanying lack of capabilities on the tennis court. It’s obvious he’s not as strong now and his serve and groundstrokes lack the same zip as when he was winning. The last service game against Kyrgios exposed that plainly — he seemed sapped of strength and resigned to accepting the loss of his serve as a result. A hero to millions is slowly starving himself and preventing any chance of returning to the top. Which could be corrected quickly if his cult masters, ie, Pepe and Jelena would allow it. So sad!

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