Bernard Tomic, Nick Kyrgios In Feud Over “Fake Injury”
by Staff | March 6th, 2016, 11:07 am

If there was any kind of friendship between tennis bad boys Bernard Tomic and Nick Kyrgios, that’s over. After Kyrgios missed Australia’s Davis Cup tie this weekend due to a mysterious virus, Tomic questioned his countryman’s ailment.

Tomic lost to John Isner Sunday to give the USA a 3-1 win in Melbourne. Tomic, who was playing with an injured wrist, then took out his frustrations on Kyrgios who had played so well in March winning in Marseille and reaching the semifinals in Dubai.

“I’m leaning towards just waiting to see whether he’s going to be playing in Indian Wells, that’s gonna tell me a lot,” Tomic said. “I’ve spoken to him already. If he plays Indian Wells, then he’s definitely lost a little bit of my respect.”

During the Isner match, Tomic was overheard by an on-court microphone lashing out at Kyrgios.

“Two times. Two times he’s faked it. Two times Nick has faked it. Twice. While I’m here, Nick’s sitting down in Canberra. Bullshit he’s sick.”

Kyrgios is not one to back down from a fight, so he took to twitter.

And Kyrgios ripped Tomic with this tweet which he has since deleted: “Let’s not forget who holds the quickest loss on the ATP tour lol #how many minutes again. #howmanyminutesagain” referring to Tomic’s record loss in Miami a few years ago.

Acting as a voice of reason, Thansi Kokkinakias tried to calm things down asking Kyrgios to find peace.

Tomic said he has spoken to Kyrgios and cleared the air, calling it a “heat of the moment” thing, but with the combustible Kyrgios and Tomic figuring to part of the Australian Davis Cup for years to come, captain Lleyton Hewitt has himself quite a ride ahead. Of course Hewitt was no stranger to such behaviour in his playing days, so for him this may be par for the course.

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16 Comments for Bernard Tomic, Nick Kyrgios In Feud Over “Fake Injury”

AndyMira Says:

Aussie kids were at it again!LOL..

Van Persie Says:

Lol. I love those guys

AndyMira Says:

Hey VP,i know you do..

Van Persie Says:

they remind me on the old good days in highschool :)

Van Persie Says:

Hi AM, hope you are well…I go now offline…I have spent to much time with watching DC today. Need to relax my eyes :)

AndyMira Says:

hey VP..i’m fine,thank you..i know..wish you a very nice weekend and relax away..

Emily Says:

I’m team Bernie here, put in a great effort against the US and Nick has shown he doesn’t care that much about Davis Cup.

Really pathetic to put up a post about a past match of Tomic’s. That’s someone I’d really want on my team…or not. At least they have Thanasi, I guess

Wog Boy Says:

Tomic the Tank Engine is the last person to criticize anybody, besides, one week extra time is exactly what somebody with a virus needs to get over it and not too play two five setter matches on the stinking hot and humid weather in Melbourne and Tomic should keep his moth shut. Nick was examined by the medical team in Melbourne and they adviced him and Hewitt that virus infection earned in Dubai was nasty and that Nick should not play, but rest. Who is Tomic to challenge their opinion, just because he couldn’t take losing against Isner like a man. Just go and drive your Ferrari instead Bernie.

Wog Boy Says:

“last person to have right to criticize..”

“mouth” not “moth”

Dave Says:

I can’t agree with Tomic being any better. I watched him in Acapulco and he was mocking dogopolov during the match. Mocking the way he hit his forehands. He got coaching like I have never seen before with nothing done about it. On top of all that I have never seen someone so talented put little to no effort for lots of his matches and still make the finals. I was shocked he was a top 20 player and didn’t even need to put in the effort to get there. I thought Simon hit the ball with no pace until I saw Tomic live. That guy for half of his matches unless he has no choice and is playing Thiem, barely hits the ball back and waits for an error all match. It was not fun tennis to watch. He got in the heads of a few of his opponents with his antics much like Kyrgios did with Klizan recently. Kyrgios and Tomic are both at the same level in my opinion and neither has freedom of speech on this subject until they back it up on a regular basis with their actions.

Wog Boy Says:

Staff you are wrong with this:

“This tie took a shocking turn on Saturday when Kazakhs Andrey Golubev and Aleksandr Nedovyesov upset world No. 1 Novak Djokovic and former doubles No. 1 Nenad Zimonjic 6-3, 7-6(3), 7-5, putting Kazakhstan up 2-1.”

It would be shocking if Nole (lousy doubles player) and Ziki (well past his prime) have beaten Golubev/Nedovyesov who have beaten Federer/Wawrinka last year, wasn’t that shoking?;)

Green Lady Says:

6 Of one and half a dozen of the other IMO.

Pauly Says:

Very funny
Tomic was just letting off steam
No love lost there
Hewitt is the only true warrior when representing his country
Tomic is Croatian
Kygrios Greek
Hewitt is Aussie

MMT Says:

Although I still think he has the best hands in tennis, I feel Tomic is an obscene waste of talent. The lack of concentration he displayed in that match, blathering on about someone that wasn’t even there, is an affront to his inclusion in the Australian Davis Cup team. I had the feeling Hewitt just wanted to slap him (a la Cher in “Moonstruck”) and say, “Snap out of it!” I think it’s pretty clear he did not want to be there.

Of all the things I can’t stand about on-court coaching, there is nothing worse than a player complaining about unrelated things during a tennis match. This reminds me of Sloane Stephens complaining to her coach about Serena shouting “Come on!” in Brisbane a couple of years ago, but at least it was something going on in her match!

Get it together!

I witnessed his shenanigans first hand in DC last year – and it irritated me to no end.

Ulysses Says:

Thankfully, we’ll have Alex Zverev to counter the anathema of the young aussies. Honestly, neither of those two like tennis, according to them, so why do they have tennis fans?

Van Persie Says:

“so why do they have tennis fans?”

There was a guy in the greek mythology. He was punished by some god to wander and to get in a lot of troubles, until he got home…

Sooo… Almost everybody makes mystakes or sais stupid things

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