Poll: Who’ll Finish 2014 No. 1, Novak Djokovic Or Roger Federer
by Staff | October 27th, 2014, 10:33 am

With just a few more weeks left in the 2014 season, the No. 1 ranking is still undecided between fathers Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer.

Djokovic, who just welcomed the arrival of his first child last week, returns this week in Paris hoping to add to his 490 point lead at No. 1.

Federer, who has won his last 12 matches since the US Open, could hold the lead in the No. 1 race entering London if he makes the Paris finals and Djokovic loses early.

Regardless of outcome this week, Federer will still have a chance to pass the Serb at the 1,500 point ATP London finals and if needed he’ll also have another opportunity to pick up an additional 225 points at the Davis Cup final.

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Poll: Who’ll Win The Wimbledon Final, Novak Djokovic Or Roger Federer?
Poll: Who’ll Win The 2014 Wimbledon Final, Roger Federer Or Novak Djokovic?

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30 Comments for Poll: Who’ll Finish 2014 No. 1, Novak Djokovic Or Roger Federer

batlord Says:

Is it possible for Roger to take year-end #1 but Novak will still be #1 in the overall rankings?

Giles Says:

The smart money will be on joker.

Okiegal Says:

The year end winner gets down to sets and not matches…..am I reading that right? I think it’s weird the way that’s decided…..if I’m getting it straight….men’s same as the women I suppose??

I feel really strong about Fed winning this year end spot. I believe he’s got in tune with the new racquet…..and won’t Joker be a little rusty?? My take on it, not that anyone cares what a gal from Ok thinks…..whose never even picked up a racquet in her life……but my 2 centavos (IHOR) worth!

django Says:

I think your right and fed will take it-novak has a draw from hell and a new baby just one week old. Its up to fed whether he wins it.

Okiegal Says:

@Django……I don’t mean to sell Novak short or anything, but he has had a lot going on in his life. Fed has matches under his belt going into Paris and Novak is lacking in that department. I also think Novak will have a little extra added pressure, being #1 and all…..should be interesting, looking forward to it!! Enjoyed hearing from you, btw.

RZ Says:

Can I weigh in on this after this week? LOL

Michael Says:

Novak has many points to defend and so I am inclined to put my money on Roger for becoming No.1.

thea_huat ong Says:

Greetings Everybody :),
What a finish to 2014!
batlord, the possibility is there.
To Fed’s credit and contribution, would like to state that I took up the game at the age of 55 in 2011 after stopping badminton (played for > 40 years).

thean_huat ong Says:

Greetings again Everybody :),
Corrected 2 errors.

thean_huat ong Says:

Greetings again Everybody :),
Corrected a third error?

Margot Says:

What does Jamie say?
Only kidding, folks ;)

Gordon Says:

batlord –

at the end of the year they are one and the same. The Race to London ends this Sunday with the top 8 guys (top 1-9 less the injured Rafa) getting into the year end tournament.
The points from last year’s London year end finals are then subtracted and the 8 guys will each play 3 round robin matches with 200 points going to the winner of each match. Then 4 move on with the semi final winners getting an additional 400 points. Thus Fed and Djokovic could each have 1000 points and the final would see 500 more awarded to the winner.

Once the year end tournament is over Federer and Wawrinka can each collect 75 points for each if their 2 singles matches at the Davis Cup Final in Lille. If Switzerland wins the Davis Cup an additional 75 points gets added to each player.

That will be it for points for the year and the overall #1 will be determined.

Unless Federer is behind Djokovic by less than 225 points the DC Final will not affect the #1/#2 rankings.

batlord Says:

Thank you, Gordon. That was a very good explanation of a complicated points system!

James Says:

My money’s on Roger. Novak has looked inconsitent since Wimbledon. He’s been too distracted to focus fully on tennis.

Hippy Chick Says:

For me Rogers been the most consistent player for much of the year,but IMO Nole been in two GS and winning one means he deserves it more, for that reason only ever so slightly,as the GS are the most important tournies of the year to win,my two cents….

SG1 Says:

Because Roger’s been in a slam final this year and has won his share over the years, this is one instance where I’m Ok with him being No.1. Even if he hasn’t won a major this season. It’s one of these peculiar statisitical things. Besides, Roger’s been decent (or much better than decent) at most of this year’s slams.

TennisVagabond.com Says:

The numbers don’t lie, Fed has obviously had the most consistent success.

However, the players are chasing Slams. Although #1 is a hugely important accomplishment, and far more meaningful than winning a single Slam, it is still the Slams where the top players bring their best. So to gain #1 WITHOUT a Slam win means you failed against the best players at the biggest events. So that’s a bummer. It’s still better than a kick in the pants.

jane Says:

True SG-1 but only Nole and Andy have made QFs or better at the slams.

Fed went semis, R16, finals, semis
Nole went quarters, finals, win, semis

In terms of Masters, Nole is ahead of Roger in titles: he has 3 masters (IW, Miami and Rome) and Roger has 2 (Cincy and Shanghai). That’s why Paris now becomes so important.

The difference, points-wise, is probably down to these two things:

1. Roger has won and played more smaller events: Brisbane (finals), Dubai (won), Halle (won), Basel (won). Nole played only Dubai (semis) and Bejing (won).

2. Roger made up a lot of distance at the two summer hardcourt masters by going finals and win compared to Nole’s 2 R16 events.

jane Says:

^ sorry R16 results (not events).

Hippy Chick Says:

Jane and for all those reasons,that you stated,hes the player whom IMO deserves to end the year ,as the number 1 ranked player….

jane Says:

although, in the end, it just comes down to points accumulated, hippy. i am thrilled nole won all those titles and if he loses #1 that’s okay: he still added a slam and 3 masters titles to his legacy. and maybe it’ll inspire him for next year if he doesn’t hold on to it. it’d be great if he could of course, but i have no idea what to expect of his form at this point.

Hippy Chick Says:

Jane yep,tennis is going through a transition period,and although the elite are still there,there is new players which are now also begining to make some noise,it will be interesting to see what happens when Delpo returns to the tour,and a pre surgery Rafa?….

Hippy Chick Says:

I dont really see why each fan group shouldnt be happy,with their favorites success at one time or another,Michael reckons its been a dissapointing year for Novak,Rafa and Andy hmm,personally aside from the injuries i was delighted with Rafa winning a 9th FO,and a GS for the 10th straight year,and Novak won Wimbledon for the second time,Rogers had a great year,and is fighting for the number 1 ranking,and Andy has had a resurgence of late,so my glass would be half full,rather than been half empty,but i guess some people dont see things that way….

sienna Says:

delpo comming back. we know how long he takes to become match fit. too long.
their is one guy who really proofed he could be the next guy to lead the way.

Marin Cilic performance in the 2nd week of UW OPEN was by far the best tennis had offered since fed-Nadal-djok raising the bar.
Cilic had aan different level not yet matched by any other player.

Question for 2015 is can he again perform ar that level at aan slam or the other major in tennis WTF?

Hippy Chick Says:

For me the best tennis in a GS was Stan at the AO,by beating Nole,Rafa two multiple GS winners, and also ,Berdych whom had also been a GS finalist,and even though Nishikori didnt win the USO he beat Novak and Stan on the way to the final,where as Cilic although he beat Roger which was still fantastic dont get me wrong,i still believe Stans win at the AO,and Nishikoris run to the final at the USO were more impressive,still this is JMO.
About Delpo i wouldnt expect instant success,but he has the game to trouble the elite players,he proved that by beating Nadal and Federer back to back at the USO in 2009,how he will fair on his return to cometitive action,only time will tell?….

Hippy Chick Says:

^Sorry competitive action^….

Polo Says:

Monaco, Melzer, – , Ferrero, Cilic, Nadal, Federer: players del Potro beat in succession to win the US Open in 2009. How many collective majors are held by those guys?

Hippy Chick Says:

Polo yeah true,completely forgot JCF was also a GS champion….

Hippy Chick Says:

Maybe we should ask Sean and staff to open up a thread on the most impressive 1st time GS champion….

sienna Says:

it is not just who aan slam winner played. you can only beat who is in front of you.
neither nadal nor djokovic would have taken a set of cilic.
His win was with faultless play, attacking and defense were just incredible. he raised in a single tournement the level of mens tennis.
if hè can touch that level more times then not and remains injury free. he will become the next big thing in tennis.
cilic performance at US OPEN is the arrived future wel have waited for.

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