No. 1 Race: Here’s What Roger Federer Has To Do To Pass Novak Djokovic This Week In Paris
by Staff | October 27th, 2014, 11:00 am

Despite not having won a Slam, Roger Federer has a very real chance of finishing the season No. 1. In fact, Federer could be the top seed and the No. 1 ranked player at the London ATP Finals next month if he does well in Paris.

Specifically, Federer, who trails by 490 points, would pass Djokovic this week in Paris if the Swiss wins the title over a player not named Djokovic.

He can also pass Djokovic by reaching the final with the Serb losing before the quarterfinals.

So Federer has to make the Paris finals to pass Djokovic in Paris.

Djokovic will maintain his lead will enter London as the top seed and the No. 1 player by making the final or having Federer not make the finals.

Note that the ATP Finals points from 2013 drop off the rankings BEFORE the start of the tournament. By rule they drop off on the Monday after the last regular event on the ATP calendar, however on the ATP website they are scheduled to drop on November 10.

Projected Paris paths:
Djokovic: Kolhscreiber, Isner, Murray/Dimitrov (QF), Ferrer/Tsonga/Nishikori (SF), Federer (F)
Federer: Chardy, Fognini, Raonic (QF), Wawrinka/Berdych (SF), Djokovic (F)

Current Points:
Djokovic 9010
Federer 8520

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41 Comments for No. 1 Race: Here’s What Roger Federer Has To Do To Pass Novak Djokovic This Week In Paris

Steve 27 Says:

If Djokovic is focused enough, the swiss have no business as number 1
Adje Nole!

Giles Says:

Oh kaman, just get this horrid 2014 out of the way already!
I should add “horrid” for some, just to be clear.

Brando GOAT poster Says:

Everything has been mentioned except the bit about Federer dodging top players again. Just messing. Good luck to both. More so Novak. P

skeezer Says:

Anyone but Fed eh guys?

Brando GOAT poster Says:

Lol, well what else? Just messing: honestly I think Nole till date has been my MVP for 2014. I also do think his Paris draw is unfortunate luck for him. That said: Fed gave my performance of the year when I saw it after a while in the Shanghai match v Nole. He was crazy good and I have not seen a better performance this year. Not from Rafa and Novak was ace in Miami final but Rafa was not as good as Novak was in Shanghai. IF Fed can play like that in Paris and WTF and also beat Nole along the way to titles there: then I’ll be more than comfortable with him being number one since he’d play some kick ass, top dog Tennis. Not winning a Slam though- I don’t care what anyone says- is an obvious minus point though.

sienna Says:

of course we look for slamwins tot see who is boss.
but it is what it is. if Fed gets#1 he would have done so with a normal schedule and fully deserving #1.

Skeezer Says:

Voting is out for fan fav award by the ATP. Fed was nominated once again. If he wins it will be his 12th consecutive year as fan fav. Curious, didn’t see Rafa’s name nominated…maybe he is not as popular for some reason?

Oh…that conspiracy thingy…

nidsy Says:

I voted a week back and Rafa’s name was surely there !!

Giles Says:

Wotz this award called again? Ah, Joke Award! Lol

Polo Says:

LOL. Really too funny, Giles. I can’t believe that some people can be so gullible as to think that Federer and not Moet-Chandon was the one who made that tweet.

Brando GOAT Poster Says:




I am surprised Andy Murray did not even get a Comeback of the year nomination.

They must have decided pre his latest run but even then: top 10-16, QF x3 plus SF run at a slam after a while off tour is possibly worthy of a nomination no?

Hope Goffin wins out of the nominated contenders.

Skeezer Says:

Clever. But if you clicked the link you posted that goes to the ATP to vote you’ll see that Rafa was not nominated on that page.
Regardless, don’t think the pic was funny either. I intepretated as they were throwing Rafa a bone since he wasn’t listed as “nominated.”
Furthermore, am sure you wouldn’t be mocking this award if Rafa was continually winning it.

Humble Rafa Says:

I intepretated as they were throwing Rafa a bone since he wasn’t listed as “nominated.”

While I am about to have a surgery, little-minded people play these games. Why bring me into it?

Wog Boy Says:

I like what I see, Roger is overwhelming favorite here:) Says:

Murray will be dead man walking in Paris, should be a near walkover for Novak. No offence to Murray, but I think he’s going to be too exhausted after the efforts of the last few weeks.
That said, I can’t imagine Novak being anywhere near top form. Even if he’s been protected from his babe and getting his z’s in, there will have been so much emotion coursing through him, that alone will be mentally exhausting.

Old Man is the fave, but of course, the tour is more than the Big Four now…

Wog Boy Says:

I watched Thiem last nightagainst Dolgopolov, Dolgopolow wasn’t at his best but Thiem is really playing well, his spin iis great, BHTTL, BH slice, FH with a lot of spin and big margin over the net and boy, he can paint the lines and retrieve. He developing in right direction for sure. Is he in Rogers’s half;)

dari Says:

So who gets the year end no. 1 trophy at the wtf’s?
The person who is number one at the start of the wtf or they will hold it off until the tournament, Davis cup, the year are over?
In other words, if the year end no. 1 is not mathematically decided by the wtf’s what do they do?

dari Says:

I will consider it a special achievement if Rog does this without a slam, actually haha

dari Says:

Also the only reason why this is even possible is that no one had a two slam year. We are not used to that lately

jane Says:

true wog boy – 71% of 407 votes pick fed to end #1.

agree with tennis vagabond that nole might not be focused and that andy might be tired, but that’s skipping ahead. also andy could/ might be more in the groove. first, though, nole has khols right out of the gates, not easy after a layoff, and then isner or la monf. dimitrov, etc. the draw is full of potential spoilers.

based on the draw and momentum i’d probably pick fed too. but i didn’t. ;) if nole is focused and playing well he’s got a good shot, as well, so, although i’m in the minority, fingers & toes are crossed and i will be avoiding black cats entirely.

steve-o Says:

dari: there was no two-slam winner in 2012, either. But Djokovic was by far the most consistent and he also did very well during the indoor season that year, so ended the year #1.

Dc Says:

Humble Rafa Says:
I intepretated as they were throwing Rafa a bone since he wasn’t listed as “nominated.”

While I am about to have a surgery, little-minded people play these games. Why bring me into it?

October 27th, 2014 at 6:52 pm

This is not a game by little minded people. Human beings do all they do in life for one objective – to be liked.
Since nadal hasn’t been successful at it, you may consider it a game of little minded people.- it’s understandable.

Michael Says:

If Roger manages to become No.1 at 33, then the much flaunted weak era theory will crumble like a pack of cards.

Frankie Says:

This is very exciting for tennis as we watch to see what unfolds. Good luck to both Novak and Roger!

Whoever wins it , deserves it!

Gordon Says:

Dari – they only award the ATP Year End number 1 if it is out of reach and the number 1 guy can’t be caught. More often than not it can be awarded at this tournament.

However, if Djokovic ends the London tournament less than 225 points ahead of Federer then Federer’s performance at the Davis Cup in Lille will determine who goes down as #1.

Margot Says:

If they were nominating now, Andy would surely be in contention for “Comeback Kid.” :) Qrts x 4, btw
Agreeing with …;) Will be most surprised if Andy even gets to meet Nole. Says:

If Andy makes it to the Novak match, the two of them may wind up napping on court.

I would like to see Kei or another non-BF challenge here. Of course, I don’t want that at Fed’s expense.

Hippy Chick Says:

Agree with TV and Margot,although i would love Andy in this form taking on Novak, after that marathon match with Robredo,i have a feeling all this tennis might be catching up with him, after been so hell bent on qualifying for the WTFs how much of a factor he will be here in Paris,or when the WTFs actually arrive remains to be seen….

jane Says:

gordon, i read somewhere that dc points won’t count for this year, so then i think the year end number 1 will be decided at paris/london, but i am not sure if that’s correct.

jane Says:

^ oops put my reply on the wrong thread: should be here.

“gordon please ignore my above post. you were right re: the dc points as possible clincher. just double checked. Says:

I am really surprised Robredo and Goffin just keep winning considering how much tennis they’ve each played. What a year Robredo has had, starting with that win over Fed at LAST year’s USO, he’s playing the best tennis of his life and pushing the elite players more than he ever has.

Stefani Says:

What about Davis Cup? Won’t Roger potentially get points there too in addition to the race in Paris?

Hippy Chick Says:

Stefani read Gordons post @3.39am he explains it there….

Stefani Says:

Thanks! Yes, I missed the 3:39am post :-)

Hippy Chick Says:

^Your welcome Stefani :-))….

dari Says:

Thanks Gordon for the detail! Just what I wanted to know!
And steve-o I did overlook 2012! But when was the last time before that?! Like 2003 maybe?

elina Says:

Michael Says:
If Roger manages to become No.1 at 33, then the much flaunted weak era theory will crumble like a pack of cards.


It just means a temporary return with Nadal’s back/wrist/appendix/SARS, Delpo’s wrist and Andy’s back.

Look, you guys if Woz, I mean Roger lol finishes No. 1 at 33, it is fully deserved. He got the most points.

But most of the top competition have been far from their best this year.

Speaks to Roger’s longevity, consistency and ability to capitalize on every opportunity.

But it does little to shoot down the theory of a weak era (even though I personally don’t subscribe to it).

skeezer Says:

“then the much flaunted weak era theory will crumble like a pack of cards.Fed regained #1 in 2012 also….”

Fed debunked the made up fake weak era theory. He regained #1 in 2012, the so called made up fake “strong era”.

Ben Pronin Says:

Anderson was up 3-1 in the third set over Berdych. Lost 5 of the next 6 games. Nuts.

elina Says:

Sometimes it’s all about the slams and yet other times it’s not.

It gets so confusing.

Most likely moot point now that Raonic beat Roger today.

I guess the theory lives on after all now.

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