Poll: Roger Federer Or Novak Djokovic, Who’ll Win The Indian Wells Sunday Final?
by Staff | March 15th, 2014, 7:23 pm

Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic continue their rivalry tomorrow in the Indian Wells final. The two former champions will play for a 33rd time with Federer leading 17-15 winning most recently in Dubai a few weeks ago.

The two have split eight prior meetings in tournament finals.

Federer advanced to his fifth Indian Wells final earlier today defeating Alexandr Dolgopolov 6-3, 6-1. The Swiss, a four-time champion at the event, hasn’t lost a set thus far and overall has won his last 11 matches.

“It feels good winning again here so many matches,” said Federer. “I think it’s nice winning anyway (smiling). It just solves a lot of problems and makes you feel better, happier.”

Djokovic scored his third 3-set win of the event beating John Isner 7-6, 6-7, 6-1. The Serb, who lost to Isner in the semifinals in 2012, twice failed to serve out the match in the second but as Isner’s knee got progressively worse Djokovic ran away with the third.

So tomorrow, Federer seeks his second title of the year while for Djokovic his first and his first under Boris Becker. Who will win?

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47 Comments for Poll: Roger Federer Or Novak Djokovic, Who’ll Win The Indian Wells Sunday Final?

Bad Knee Rules Says:

It’s good to see Roger and Novak in the final, it should be a good match. Roger’s confidence is sky high – Novak’s, not so much. Hoping for a great match as those two never disappoint.

Eric W. Says:

Based on current form, Federer has to be the favourite, although Nole’s win today was a confidence builder — something he dearly needs to break out of his malaise. Thus I pick the Serb in three, 7-5, 3-6, 6-4. Bouncing back from the disappointing second set will surely bolster his self belief on Sunday. Either way, Djokovic and Federer will give Nadal plenty to worry about in 2014 at the semi-final level and above. I don’t see anyone dominating this year like Nadal did in 2013.

mikael Says:

Ugh…Hate it when Djokovic or Nadal play like shit the entire week but come through to the final against Federer, when they are favorites.

Safe bet is Djokovic in 3 I guess, but it’s a very close call. Federer has had a great week already, and this would be another huge win if he is to pull this off.

Good luck Fed

kjb Says:

It would be a huge win for either guy. My heart wants Fed to come through but my head says Djoker might pull this off. If Fed serves well and Djokovic plays like he did most of the week I will say Fed in straights. But I think Nole really wants this one. If its windy out there tommorrow it may effect the outcome as well.

Come on Fed! Lets do this shiz!

amadeus Says:

the highest level of rivalry

Skeezer Says:

Good luck Fed and Nole!

Humble Rafa Says:

“I think it’s nice winning anyway (smiling). It just solves a lot of problems and makes you feel better, happier.”

Time to continue our “rivalry”.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

I picked Roger in Dubai, but this one looks like will go Novak’s way, but feels like this one is too close to call. Novak is peaking at the right time. Roger has plenty of match in his body and it feels like he has peaked. So it could be a average serving day for Roger in the finals, which Novak can take advantage of.

Good part for Roger is the match takes place in the heat, where the ball flies more. This can help him to a certain extent if he has a good serving day like he had in Semis.

Typically top players have at least one bad match in a tournament. My concern is Roger so far did not have any yet, but Novak seems to have gone thru the phase in the tournament.

At this stage of their career, if both play close to their best, I would go with Novak. Let’s see.

metan Says:

ALLES versus ADJE.

Bring the game, my the best man win!. ♥♡♥

Perfect fan Says:

Very strong performances by both fed and nole, though nole looks a touch slow….perhaps he doesn’t need that level yet and will ambush fed playing his best tennis in the finals….but fed needs to serve outta his mind and return well to have any chances.

Nole and rafa normally play their best when facing fed, and fed has to look out for that.

Nole will try to engage fed in more n more rallies and fed will try to make it short. My pick is nole in 3 gripping sets.

Dc Says:

Fed in 3 sets. If not 3,then in 2 sets.

http://tiahpost.com/blog/ Says:

These two know each other’s game very well and I don’t think Fed has that much problem winning against Joker. They are pretty much even – almost. In fact, like was said in another comment thread, Fed would rather have Joker in the same draw (rather than having some other people). It just depends on what happens on the day.


Michael Says:

A fitting finale !! This one is too tough to predict. Going by the present form, I would give Roger a slight edge, but Novak is no pushover and it should be an engrossing match. All said and done, it would be 50:50 and although my heart says it would be Roger, my head says it would be Novak in three tough sets.

salleh ahmed Says:

Wtf is that everyone expresses “my heart says federer but head nole”

Hippy Chic Says:

Tiahpost.com i was the one who said Roger matches up better with Nole than against Rafa,obviously im not saying that he cant beat Roger,but then again as you say,anything can happen on the day,try to open your mind for a second and see that not everything every Rafa fan says is a slant on your favorite,just sometimes merely an observation.

Okiegal Says:

They’re saying their heart is wanting Fed to win but their mind is telling them Novak will.

Okiegal Says:

We all know that Roger prefers Novak over Rafa for sure and we know that Rafa wanted Fed in his draw rather than Nole, both of these “rathers” for obvious reasons, right Chic?? Especially for Rafa….the year he was losing to Nole so much.

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal yes maam,although Rafa has solved the Nole puzzle,and has beaten him a few times since all those defeats in 2011,and they are also now more evenly matched,not saying Rafa will win everytime,but he beat Novak 3 times last year,twice on the HCs too,which was sweeter than doing it on clay,especially one been the USO.

http://tiahpost.com/blog/ Says:

@Hippy Chic,

Anybody who watches tennis knows that Federer matches better with Joker and everybody has pretty much said so. I am not blind either.

The comment I was referring to was the one that specifically said ‘Federer would rather have Joker in his draw’. You could have made that comment and I am sure other people have made it too, but I did not read that from you. You seem to think that I am following you around. No, not at all. This site is about tennis, not about individuals and this place is not an audition for anything. If you want to put those words in your mouth, that’s fine. You want to put a patent on them, copyright them or anything else, feel free. Good night.

Mr. Larvey Says:

What an interesting tournament. Lot’s of surprisese but in the end we have Fed and Djoker in the final, which ain’t a surprise.

In my opinion, there is no clear favourite for the final. Fed’s been playing great almost all season and he also took Nole out two weeks ago in Dubai. However, Nole has clearly been playing better and better. Maybe it’s Vaida in the croud, maybe it’s something else, but especially too last sets against Cilic were great and yesterday Nole played very well – except the ending of the second set.

My prediction is that the final will be a three setter. I think that fairly slow HC slightly favours Nole but in the end Fed will prevail. Fed’s been playing very solid especially when it has mattered the most.

Anyway, the level of play should be phenomenal! Let’s hope that the weather won’t be too windy.

Margot Says:

Ah, so the “old order” has been restored…;)
Hoping for a corker!

http://tiahpost.com/blog/ Says:

Well, unfortunately, the ‘new’ faces stopped short of making the ultimate impact. I guess we will have to wait a little while longer for the ‘old order’ to be dismantled. Looks like won’t be easy.

tweener Says:

Common fed! go for it, maestro.

Lift the trophy,
make me happy..
coz, you are the man,
let me open a beer can ;))

the DA Says:

@Margot – Yep. Despite all the pronouncements of the end of an era, here are two of big 4 (yet again) laying claim to a Masters title.

James Says:

I would be nice to see Roger lift another Master 1000, but I think Novak beats him for the title. Federer’s record on slow hard courts against ND has never been that impressive even in his prime. But like someone said, the day match will help his kick serve which might just help him overcome Novak.

My pick would be ND in 3.

Giles Says:

Josh Meiseles
For the first time since Hamburg ’06 (Robredo d. Stepanek) M1000 finalists will square off without having faced a Top 10 seed along the way.

skeezer Says:

Old order restored?
Only in the final. But there were plenty of signs of the new order. Dolgo, Isner, Roanic and Gulbis going deep. And 2 of the top 4 went out fairly early. Tsonga & Birdsh!t went out early also. If this tourney is any example (not sayin it is)of future tournies, they is a change a comin’.

Hippy Chic Says:

TiahPost.Com all right,no harm or foul.

Hippy Chic Says:

IW has seen quite a few of the younglings making a breakthrough,if this had been a GS best of 3,then many of the top 10 players wouldve been out of the tournament,the thing is will they be able to back this up week in week out,the way that the top players are able to?next week in Miami will see a good indication of where they are all at,also when it comes to a GS the top players are mentally much tougher over best of 5 sets,and are able to have more time to find their way through when not playing their best,more often than not.

Margot Says:

Of those you mention the only one I’d call “new order” is Raonic. Dolgo and Gulbis have been around for years and Isner is 29 next month!

skeezer Says:

Add Stan to that list. I guess thats my point, why are they beeaking through now? An anomaly?

James Says:

What new order? Dimitrov got out early, Janowicz lost in Rd2. Only Raonic got to QF. In the final, it’s 2 of the big 4 again.

Come Miami, it’s gonna be one of the big 4 or big 3 winning the title again.

The Dimitrov-Raonic, Janowicz, Nishikori generation are just not that good.

James Says:

Stan won AO, great for him. He will need to perform consistently to stay in top 5. Despite winning a grand slam title, I don’t know if Stan will win 3-4 more titles this year. At his best he can beat anyone. But there’s quite a few players who can beat him as well.

skeezer Says:

“Dimitrov-Raonic, Janowicz, Nishikori generation are just not that good.”

Hippy Chic Says:

James agree about Stan hes a great player,but its still early days,and we need to see if he can back this up,especially given that Andy wasnt at his best at the AO,niether was Rafa,and Nole missed on MP down by a whisker,eating Nole and possibly Rafa too is a tough thing to do over and over again,i dont know if he will get that lucky where both Nole and Rafa will both be having off days repeatedly in the tournies ahead,time will tell,my two cents.

A Tango Lad Says:

Did everyone miss Djokovic failing to serve for the second set?


He has been mentally checked out since the start of the year. Still moments of brilliance but nowhere near the consistency needed to beat Roger right now.

Dubai all over again. Roger will routine him in two. 4 and 3.

Hopp Roger!

Hippy Chic Says:

ATL And Izzy chocked away all those set points in the 1st set.

A Tango Lad Says:

Yes exactly HC.

It just shows how good Djokovic is that he can win against good players when he is not at his best.

He won’t get away with it against Roger however.

He looks very stressed on court this year and doesn’t seem to be getting any enjoyment.

He seems more relieved than happy. I believe he is putting too much pressure on himself again. Same for Nadal possibly.

This has never really been a problem for Roger fortunately.

http://tiahpost.com/blog/ Says:

Great job, Joker. Was not able to watch the match but caught the part of the trophy presentation where the runner up – Federer – was announced and boy, for the first time during this tourney, I thought he looked tired walking up there for the trophy or whatever. It must have been a touch match!! Papa Fed, get some more energy. I don’t know if you should be playing doubles as well. Anyway, only you know why.

http://tiahpost.com/blog/ Says:

Sorry, I meant it must have been a ‘tough’ (not a ‘touch’) match.

Hippy Chic Says:

Tiahpost.com it was a great match from a neutral point of view,its a shame you missed it,maybe it will be repeated at some point?

Rafa better tha Roger Says:

Boy, at least 400 are feeling stupid now headed by the prediction of roger in 3.

Oh, well Roger lost.

What excuse do you think he will come up with.

I am sure his fans will conjure up something.

Congrats, Nole

http://tiahpost.com/blog/ Says:

@Hippy Chic,

Yeah, I had guests who wanted to watch something else. It will be repeated tonight (I think). Will record and hopefully there were some great rallies. I tend to want to go back to old recordings and watch some great rallies/points. If match was boring, I just let go.

Okiegal Says:


“Why are they breaking through now”?? That’s a no brainer……injuries. Look at your top ten……you take out the injured which is JMDP, Ferrer not at IW, Andy not able to go all in yet, an iffy Rafa, something not right against Step, serving 8 doubles, Rogers back all last year caused him to fall in rankings….noted back better after rehabbing it. Tsonga has body issues now and then.Berdy is hit and miss at times. Somebody has to pick up the slack and its
Gulbis, Dog, Grigor,Isner but they can’t get it done when it comes down to it. It goes to the fittest of the big four…..Novak and and a healthy Roger. Imo
Do you sort of see what I mean? That’s my take on it. I did hate to bring up injuries but that’s a big factor in the big picture. Maybe I’m wrong….but font think so. Skeezer…..sorry for Feds loss today….I know you were disappointed. Okie

Skeezer Says:

Roger better than Rafa,
Re;post @8:10.
400? Prey tell where did you get that fact? I don’t think you can validate it. Maybe ask Slice Tennis or Giles.

Skeezer Says:

Actually quite happy with Feds year so far. Way better than last year, no? And @32? It’s all gravy drom here on out, he has made his all time unbeatable mark.
As far as the new guys, you are partially right. But with Stan breaking through in a Slam, imo it gives belief to the younger players (and others)that someone other than the top 4 can breakthrough and win big titles. Hoping its a game changer. Think it would be great for the game imo, we’ll see.

Okiegal Says:


Yes, I know you are. It’s good to see Fed moving back up in the ranks. I knew something had to be wrong….not just 32. Cahill said he visited with Roger and stated that he should not have kept playing with the back pain…..He made it worse. He got a lot of match match play in IW….that should tell the tale with how his back will hold up. Looking forward to Miami.

Oh, I forgot to mention Stan, he wasn’t in top form either.
Enjoy tennis this week! Nice chat! Okie

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