Murray Is The Master Of Miami, Outlasts Ferrer For Second Sony Crown
by Staff | March 31st, 2013, 7:50 pm

In one of the ugliest finals ever played in recent Masters Series memory, Andy Murray outlasted David Ferrer 2-6, 6-4, 7-6(1) to win a second Sony Open title Sunday afternoon in Miami. Murray won 2-hours, 45-minute error-fest in third set breaker that ended a match that had 95 combined errors and 15 breaks of serve, six alone in the final set.

“It’s taking a little while to sink in, because it’s tough to think really at the end of the match,” said Murray. “It was so tough physically and mentally that you were just trying to play each point. I wasn’t thinking too much only because I was so tired and [did] not [have] too many nerves at the end of the match, either.

“I think it was an exciting match. I don’t think either of us played our best tennis. There was a lot of breaks and ups and downs, [and] quite a lot of mistakes from both of us. But what I did do was fight hard, showed good mental strength to get through that match, because it easily could have slipped away from me.”

The 11:30am start seemed to initially throw off Murray who stunningly dropped the first five games of the match going down 5-0. The Scot finally broke through, then the two settled into a litany of breaks, errors and the occasional lengthy, grinding rally.

After six straight breaks of serve in the third the two finally settled down and the stakes increased. With Murray serving 5-6 Ferrer had his first and what would be his only matchpoint. Ferrer stopped the point to challenge if a Murray forehand had gone long giving him the title or if it had clipped the line as called. With the match in the balance the review confirmed the ball good.

As Ferrer received treatment for cramping, Murray, who questioned the Spaniard’s therapy, sailed away with the match easily taking the physically struggling Ferrer in the final breaker. That’s right, a physically struggling Ferrer!

“It was a very close match. I had my chance on the match point,” said Ferrer who’ll return to the No. 4 ranking tomorrow, ahead of Nadal. “The ball, it was really close. I saw it out… I [made] my decision in that moment. It’s a bad moment now. I don’t want to think anymore about that. I want to forget as [fast] as possible.”

Murray’s title – his first from being a matchpoint down – was his 9th at the Masters level and the 26th of his career, second since the US Open after Brisbane. The win also returns him to No. 2 in rankings just behind Novak Djokovic and ahead of both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

“For me, it doesn’t change a huge amount, but the fact that I’m moving up the rankings is a good sign,” Murray said. “I have been winning a lot of matches. My consistency has been better over the last few months. The rankings obviously reflect that. So I will try and keep working hard during the clay and hopefully, I can go higher.”

Ferrer, who had won the Paris Indoors in November for his maiden Masters win, was appearing in his first ATP final in America. With his his 31st birthday on Tuesday, a title would have been a great present.

“I know it was a very good chance for me to win Miami,” Ferrer said. “It’s very difficult to win. There will be another situation like today, but my life doesn’t change for one match. I need to work hard and to be focused for the next tournaments.”

Murray now leads Ferrer 7-5 in their series and 6-1 on hardcourts. But there is much respect between the two.

“You’re obviously extremely happy,” Murray said. “Both of us were really, really tired. He was obviously disappointed at the end, but from neither of us there wasn’t a huge contrast in how either of us were after the match, because we were both in the locker room afterwards. I wasn’t up celebrating with my team.

“We were just kind of sitting there, because, we’re just incredibly, incredibly tired after a match like that. That was how I reacted afterwards is just really, really tired, glad that you managed to come through it, and have some fun this evening.”

The clay season begins Monday in Casablanca and Houston.

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36 Comments for Murray Is The Master Of Miami, Outlasts Ferrer For Second Sony Crown

Humble Rafa Says:

Charles Jr, yet to be born child of Princess Skinny and Prince Baldy bounced in joy as Mr. Lady Forehand failed to choke this time, unnamed royal reporters observed.

RZ Says:

Congrats to Andy! Great win and a very deserving #2.

Anyone see the irony in how the last 3 men’s matches in Miami were lost?
– Haas came out of the zone and lost his focus, something that commonly happens to Gasquet.
– Gasquet got injured, something that happens to Haas all the time.
– Ferrer has match point but starts to cramp at the end of the match, something that NEVER happens to him.

Truthsquad Says:

Federer #3 and Nadal #5 tomorrow… Me no likey!!

Michael Says:

At the outset, congrats to Andy and his legion of fans for this splendid win at Miami. Andy used the best opportunity that was available to his advantage. The only glitch in his victory was that he didn’t meet any special players on the way to finals and it was rosy path all the way. Even Berdych a trouble maker for Andy got strapped due to shoulder injury. But Andy played what was offered to him and he emerged triumphant. All the best to him. Ferrer was unlucky as always. He gave his heart out and I thought this Miami win would have propelled his confidence to sky high. But he must take away the positives from the tournament and contended with his ascendance from No.5 to No.4. The question is for how long ?

alison Says:

Michael on this occasion the special players were not special enough,congrats to Andy who im delighted won and gained the no2 ranking into the bargain,but i felt for Daveed who was a little unfortunate,that challenge on MP when he had a play on the ball will come back to haunt him,and the look on his face and the tears in his eyes were heartbreaking,showed how much it meant to him as this was a big chance to beat one of the big 4 in a final(so sad),but congrats to him for reclaiming the no4 ranking from Rafa,on another note i have to say the talking point and the star of this particular tourney was the wonderfull 34 year old Tommy Haas,rolling back the years and playing some superb tennis,and giving those young guns something to think about,before it came to an end against the spanish terrier(another player whos still playing terific tennis in his 30s),what a fantastic week for him well done Tommy.

javier Says:

The match was great, but Ferrer missed to understand what would work for him. He never broke patterns of play, he never slowed the game down and worse he failed to undertand that if you give balls to Andy to return w/o thinking mechanically, he will and is great at it. If you return balls that make him have choices he will always miss. In the end Ferrer wanted to stick to his plan, but his plan was not aggressive enough. There was a moment that the game was to be decided mentally, Ferrer lost his chance, then the game was to be decided physically and the stronger player prevailed

Tennis Vagabond Says:

A huge tournament for Murray, and a huge step with the move to #2.

Unfortunately, I think the move to #2 was already obsolete. Rafa’s comeback really overshadows everything right now, and its still an open question whether Murray, or Federer, will play much of a role in the coming Rava Vs Novak War of 2013.
I hope they do: 3 or 4 competitors is so interesting (and yes, I was perfectly happy with Fed’s dominance, but that’s how it is being a fan).

Margot Says:

No 2 in year end
No 2 in world raking
Feels seismic for Andy. Only time will tell.

racquet Says:


Our joy might be short lived. Andy needs to reach at least the QFs at Monte Carlo to hang on to No.2. He’s defending 180 pts and his 90 pts from Barcelona will drop off as he’s not playing there this year.

jane Says:

Andy doesn’t have much to defend on clay though, racquet, so if he loses #2 he’s likely to get it right back again methinks. I can’t remember how deep he went at Roma, but I think Fed lost in the semis or quarters, and Fed won Madrid, where Andy didn’t even play, so Andy can gain at those events and potentially widen the gap.

Colin Says:

@ Tennis Vagabond

You are forgetting another war – a civil war – the one between Rafa and his own body.

rogerafa Says:

The ferocity of that war is hugely exaggerated. Rafa has some issues and he manages those issues well. Rafa likely takes strategic breaks for R&R and comes back strong. That is very good thinking and it will prolong his career. He can not play non-stop with his immensely physical playing style. He has to pick and choose. He mostly plays wherever and whenever he thinks he is likely to do well. The risk of physical and mental burnout is REAL with the long and grueling season.

rogerafa Says:

@ Tennis Vegabond

I think, at this particular moment, Rafa seems to have a better shot at overtaking Novak than Andy does. I thought Novak’s top rank was virtually secure this year but Rafa is showing good form. Novak’s lackluster show in the last two tournaments has kind of opened the door somewhat for Rafa and Andy. Andy has to do much better in the clay season to stand any chance. Rafa can gain lots of points after RG. I would like Andy to get the top rank but Rafa appears a safer bet right now. Of course, for any of this to happen, Novak probably has to under perform at many more tournaments. He is unlikely to have a prolonged slump in form but stranger events have occurred in the past.

Tennis-Lover Says:

Looks like Rafa pulled out of Monte Carlo Masters citing Knee Injury.

rogerafa Says:

@ Tennis-Lover

Why do I get this feeling that you are making us April fools? I am sure Rafa and his knees are doing fine.

green900 Says:

It is not april’s fool. He is right.

NADAL HAS PULLED OUT OF MONTE CARLO. Cannot imagine the tournament without him

Wog boy Says:

If read it until end you will find out it is Aprilfools joke. His knees are just fine.

Wog boy Says:

^if you read the news until end was meant to say.

Ben Pronin Says:

So far that’s the only site that is reporting this news. I checked his FB, I didn’t see any announcements. Sounds like April Fool’s to me.

Ben Pronin Says:

I considered reading the end of the article, but I felt I had skimmed enough. Shame on me :)

Humble Rafa Says:

If read it until end you will find out it is Aprilfools joke. His knees are just fine.

Only an Arrotard would fall for that joke. You know the real tennis season is coming up. So, it’s all good. When the cow grazing season begins, my body begins to go downhill.

Humble Rafa Says:

I am sure Rafa and his knees are doing fine.

My knees appreciate the mention. We (the knees) had a fine Easter, and are looking forward to the dirt.

dari Says:

Jane- YES! on that gif
And sorry to be completely non_tennis, but Wog Boy or any others who are familiar with Croatia, can you tell me a beach or two I must go to in Croatia? Will be in Italy this summer, think I should hop over. Thanks!

jane Says:

jamie posted the gif dari, but it is really good! :)

Wog boy Says:


Most beautiful part of Adriatic coast is in Croatia and partly in Montenegro. Every part is nice and all depends where in Italy you will be and how you are going to get in Croatia or even Montenegro and how many days you are going to stay. If you are coming from the north than Istra and Pula and Opatija are must to see and you will find nice beaches, if you are going south then Dubrovnik is must and beautiful Boka bay (google for the pictures) with city of Kotor in Montenegro, which is 45 min driving from Dubrovnik and they have day tours from Dubrovnik to Montenegro if you don’t want to stay O/N. There is also quite a few islands in Croatia you can visit. Where ever you go you will love it, nature is beautiful, food, wine and hospitaly are great.
I don’t know which part of Italy you will be visiting, I have seen North and South and loved south, Amalfi coast, Positano and eye opener was visit to Pompeii and when I saw how people lived 2000 years ago in the perfectly preserved city. I was blown away realizing how high quality life they had, they didn’t miss much.
High season is July/August and the roads in Croatia can get little be busy. Northern Europens are coming south on holiday.
Your best bet will be to check on internet Adriatic coast and see yourself what you would like to see before you get there.
Hava a good time, don’t forget this, food and wine are great:)

dari Says:

Jane- woops, misread
Wog Boy- thanks for the suggestions. Will copy paste this so I have notes when planning more soon. Have heard so much about the food and wine, can’t wait!

Michael Says:


Agreed. Novak, Del Potro and Berdych were not good enough to reach the finals. But still what cannot be hidden is that Andy had it quite easy all the way to the finals. Tellingly, he was also not playing his best Tennis. But still he managed to win thanks to a weak opposition. Even in the finals, both Andy and Ferrer played well below par and they were making errors freely which we normally see at the club level Tennis. So, he was extremely lucky. Ofcourse that doesn’t take away the sweetness of his victory, but it does make it a little sour. As regards Ferrer, I share your sentiments about him and I feel a bit pained that his perseverance and hard work are not producing the desired results. This was probably his best chance of accumulating his second Master’s tour event and unfortunately that one shot of Murray at match point undid his dreams. That is Tennis. The silver lining for him is that he is now ranked No.4 and this is no mean achievement considering the prestigious line up. I think Rafa will not be able to gain points during the Clay season and this would help Ferrer retain his No.4 ranking for some time atleast till Wimbledon because last year he played mediocre Tennis during the clay court season which should help him this time to boost his points.

Princess Tennis Says:

Well done Andy. Forward you move and backwards you must resist. Great respect for other players is what keeps you cute. Great sportsmanship keeps you focused.

Margot Says:

Andy beat: Tomic, Dimitrov, Seppi,Cilic, Gasquet and Ferrer.
A nice haul of up and comers, old hands and potential hot potatoes, I’d say.

alison Says:

Margot exactly,although i could be second guessing here,but im just wondering if Michael meant the top 4 ie Novak,Roger,Rafa,Delpo,anyway Novak and Delpo were beaten early,and Roger and Rafa didnt play this tourney,and Andy beat some great players old and new,so nothing can be taken away from his victory,you can only try to beat whos stood at the other side of the net,end of story.

Ben Pronin Says:

Murray winning with a relatively easy Masters event isn’t sour at all.
1) If Djokovic had one, it’d be a continuation of his dominance.
2) Murray’s draw was ok. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t a mine field. It was just a normal draw. He still had to beat everyone put in front of him.
3) Murray played awful in Indian Wells, and that awful form carried over to Miami. In IW, he lost to a scorching Del Potro. In Miami, Murray didn’t fall to Gasquet, and Haas was on the other side. He navigated through and won playing some abysmal tennis. This is the opposite of a sour win. This is what champions do. They win when they’re supposed to lose. This is a quality that is still lacking in Murray, so this win is a step in the right direction. After Djokovic lost, I’m glad Murray stepped up. He was the second favorite at the event, so it was pretty much is duty to collect the title. He did it when everyone expected him to do it. That’s also something he’s had trouble with in the past. Another step in the right direction.

RZ Says:

Re: Rafa taking over the top spot: It would have to come after the clay court season. Rafa is defending a lot of points between now and the French Open, and the only place he can gain is at Madrid. It won’t be enough. Now after the French Open, all he can do is gain points so it could happen, just not till the late summer.

alison Says:

^He would look hot if he had a tan,he has a nice body,quite beefy^.

Michael Says:


“you can only try to beat whos stood at the other side of the net,end of story”

Well, obviously that is the case. You can never dispute that. It is a harsh fact. I am never denying Murray credit for what he has done. All that I am saying is that he was a bit lucky in the sense that Novak got beaten early and he also didn’t have to face the players who were hot at the moment namely Potro, Berdych etc. Moreover, Rafa and Roger didn’t participate and that is an added bonus for any player competing although you can argue that they are not as imposing as they used to be in their prime. Honestly speaking, Murray didn’t play his best Tennis here and still if he went on to win and that speaks about the competition that was before him. So, what all I would say finally is that Murray deserves the trophy, but he had loads of luck accompanying his victory.

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