Grigor Dimitrov: I Want People To Stop Comparing Me To Roger Federer [Video]
by Tom Gainey | May 2nd, 2013, 2:00 pm

Rising star Grigor Dimitrov sat down with former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash for this CNN profile. During the feature, the 21-year-old Dimitrov reveals that his loves fast cars and fast food. And he’s ready to shed the comparisons to Roger Federer.

“You know all the comparisons, I think that I definitely want people to stop with that,” he said. “Of course we have some similarities here and there and I’m flattered to hear that. Actually I thought it was really cool at the beginning. But with time I’ve realized that I’m trying to build up my own style and when I’m court to do my own shots.”

Dimitrov, who turns 22 in two weeks, is currently ranked No. 29 in the ATP Rankings as he heads into the Madrid Masters next week. In his most recent event he nearly stunned Rafael Nadal in three sets at Monte Carlo.

“I felt quite good about myself and the way I was progressing and of course, these hours in the gym,” he told CNN. “They’re just a must. You just kind of do it and it doesn’t matter if it’s Sunday or Saturday, you’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do.

“I mean basically, you’ve got to make it.”

Also not in the video, Grigor said he learned the game and the one-hander from his father, Dimitar. And as a child all he wanted to do was to play tennis.

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6 Comments for Grigor Dimitrov: I Want People To Stop Comparing Me To Roger Federer [Video]

Ben Pronin Says:

He seems to have a great personality here. Could be a great addition to the top guys in the future. I’ll keep hoping.

Michael Says:

When you play like Roger, how can you stop people comparing you with him ? In terms of records, you are lying in the oblivion whereas in terms of play you resemble Roger. That flamboyance and elegance in shot making by Roger is impersonated by you and we are interested to even see you play considering that Roger today is restricting tennis tournaments. Dmitrov is truly an exciting prospect for future Tennis provided he shows big match temperament which as of now is lacking. I hope he improves as time wears off.

ckr Says:

No comparisions…You nailed Maria…Fed is pretty much done with Mirka….

Jack Lewis Says:

“is impersonated by you”
I doubt he is impersonating anyone when he plays tennis.

“how can you stop people comparing you with him ”
Well yes, people will do whatever they want, he doesn’t have to approve.

Sean Randall Says:

Simple Grigor, if you want people (like me) to stop comparing you to Fed, then stop copying him.

Stop wearing the same clothes, using the same racquet and copying his strokes to a T. You even hit shanks like Rog!

All you’re missing from the “Fed Starter Kit” is a headband.

M Says:

LOL. I respect Dimi’s talent, and I think he’s quite personable. However, I also think Sean has a point.

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