Andy Murray: There’s A Lot More Pressure On Me Now
by Tom Gainey | June 28th, 2013, 5:53 pm

Andy Murray has been sharp in his first three matches, winning all nine sets en route to another visit to the second week at Wimbledon. But even with an Olympic gold and the US Open, Murray admits the pressure is high because his draw has been decimated with earlier exits by Rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

“I think there’s a lot more pressure on me now with them being out,” Murray said regarding all the upsets in his half. “I don’t read the papers and stuff. But there are papers in the locker room, so you see some of the headlines and stuff. It’s not that helpful.

“You need to be professional enough to not let that stuff bother you and just concentrate on each match. I think I did a good job of that today. I played well, my best match of the tournament so far.”

Today, following a comfortable win over 31-year-old Tommy Robredo, his 14th straight on grass, Murray gets two days off before a fourth round match Monday against either Viktor Troicki or Mikhail Youzhny.

“I’ll probably practice a bit longer tomorrow,” Murray said. “Normally on the days off you practice for maybe an hour. But I’ll practice, I would have thought, about an hour and a half tomorrow. Have a slightly tougher practice session. Then Sunday we’ll be back to the same sort of schedule.”

Murray has reached the finals of the last three Grand Slams he’s played.

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44 Comments for Andy Murray: There’s A Lot More Pressure On Me Now

Brando Says:

Forget the nonsense in the media Andy.

Take care of your 2nd serve, stay strong mentally and you’ll go very, very far in this tourny.

Good luck Muzza!

Steve 27 Says:

Come on Abdy, this is you year!
Btw, a great response from Nick Bollettieri to Martina Navratilova on whether gs in the men should be reduced to best of three sets.–youre-wrong-about-mens-tennis-8677554.html

the DA Says:

Yes, ignore the press BS and focus on each match. I was quite pleased with today’s performance. Very solid with controlled aggression and quite a bit of his BHDTL (a thing of beauty which I hope he uses even more as the tournament progresses). J.J. is looking formidable I have to say. Time to relax for tomorrow’s matches.

Brando Says:

@the DA: spot on re BH DTL! IMO it’s every bit as good if not better than Nole’s, but the difference is Andy tends to use his BH as the containing shot, whereas Nole doesn’t hesitate to to trigger a winner. Lethal shot by both: Muzza needs to use it more often!

Brando Says:

PS: too far ahead but: Jerzy lurking around kind of scares me regarding Muzza. In this form he’s every bit the trouble Fed or Rafa possibly posed in many peoples opinion to Muzza. What’s your thoughts regarding the giant? I’m kind of nervous with that possible matchup!

Danny Morris Says:

Jerzy or Gulbis can drive a stab into the heart of murray-nation. They have got the game that has made Murray pay for his dim-wit defensive game and rack up a 1-5 H2H in slam finals. [Has anyone had a poorer record in their 1st 6 slam finals?].

Steve 27 Says:

Has anyone had a poorer record in their 1st 6 slam finals

Tony Roche

Bada Bing Says:

JJ is looking very dangerous. It’ll be interesting to see how this guy matures.

Michael Says:

There has always been considerable pressure on Andy especially when it comes to Grand slams and more so at Wimbledon his home ground. I think this time around, there is even greater anticipation of a British victory. In the beginning it looked pretty grim for Andy considering that he had to beat either Rafa or Roger and Novak back-to-back. But now with the exit of Roger and Rafa, his side looks pretty comfortable. The silverlining for Andy is that he has already won a major and the monkey is off his back and so the pressure on him will be that much less. But in the final, if it is against Novak, I would say it would be 50:50.

TennisZod Says:

Hah! Andy already know he cant beat Nole in final so he have ready made excuse.

Danny Morris Says:

Cool. so there is someone who can relate to Murray’s Choking in Grandslams.

If andy loses in the final, will he be having the solo possession of the worst record in finals @ 1-6?


JJ is ominous, but it is the defensive players who have to fear him. Federer and Nole have historically handled power hitters much better than the 2 ball fetchers andy and claydal.

TennisZod Says:

Danny Morris, I glad you dont dislike Nole. Good to see less anti Nole and more anti claydal posts. You are a true tennis fan.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

TennisZod correct me if im wrong but didnt Murray beat Novak at the USO?seems some fans of their favorites suffer from short term memory loss.

TennisZod Says:

Tennis x hippy chic, yes but only once. Maybe never again in his career because Nole so dominant. Murray lucky Nole dont play so good that final. Still 5 sets. If Nole play well he beat anyone. Nole beat Murray all the time to win AO.
Murray should be happy Nole allow him win one Slam. Maybe he tell his grand children he once beat the great Nole, the Serbanator, in one Slam final.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

TennisZod if N ovak doesnt win the title you will be left with egg on your face looking pretty silly,you are taking too much for granted,best to just wait and see,Novak has not dominated the mens tour this year anyway,hes been beaten by Haas,Berdych,Delpo,Dimitrov,Nadal hardly what one would call domination,and Murray has also looked very good in this tourney so far,whos to say he wont win it,nobody because nobody knows?

Steve 27 Says:

Andy on grass is better than Djokovic. You will see
djoko followers. Be careful with some czech!

the DA Says:

@Brando – Of course J.J. makes me a little nervous (but then who would’ve thought they shouldn’t be nervous about Darcis and Stakhovsky?) ;) Their last match was very close (Andy had a MP). However this is grass and he’s a way better returner than Almagro.

As for Gulbis, the last time they met here Andy won in straight sets and has a 5-0 H2H overall.

@tennis x hippy chic

Not just the USO but on this surface at the Olympics in straight sets. Memories are deliberately short.

I Love Tennis Says:

JJ is an exciting player, he will be a threat to anyone, really a very promising star.

Danny Morris Says:


Tenniszod = your good friend Brando. You need to get up to speed on this. He is just trying to take digs at Roger/Novak and his fans like your friend humble rafa and Roger Federer fan have been doing.

He/she posts as nadalista too. [confessed on another site]


Danny Morris Says:

Talking about short memories. Novak won a Wimbledon against a Claydal who was defending his title.

Murray lost or got his butt-whipped like he usually does in slam finals, in 2012 Wimbledon final. He has to pray delpotro or berdych take out novak, so he doesn’t choke in a slam final again.

Novak 6 slams, 90+weeks at no.1?

Any murray fans shameless enough to bring up corresponding numbers for lady forehand? I can help you if you guys have a short or no memory.

Ahsan Najeeb Says:

Its funny how all the Fed fans have now become Nole fans and Rafans rooting for Murray…. I believe all of this has a reason… Rafa is chasing down all the record set by Fed and Nole is the man who can stop him from doing that… Similarly Nole is chasing down Rafa records (GS tally to be more specific) and Murray is the man who can stop him in future… All fans have similar psychology I guess

the DA Says:

^ partially true. But in my experience Andy & Rafa/Nole fans have largely been supportive towards each other, especially when a fav goes out. However, the poster above you never supported Nole in the past but has suspiciously jumped on his bandwagon very recently. I suspect for the reasons you state.

TennisZod Says:

“Tenniszod = your good friend Brando.”

haha fail. Dont have nothing to do with fans of Spanish fisherman who play clay tennis.

Danny Morris, only thing I like your post is you support Nole because he so dominant. Fed is long gone, so welcome to new fan club. Smart move.

TennisZod Says:

Tennis x hippy chic, sorry but tell who no.1 in world? Nole. Who beat Nadal 7-0? Nole. Who win most slams since 2011? Nole. Even Roger choke against Nole (USO 2011) because Nole so intimidating. Sure if Nole dont win I have egg in my face but Rafa fans and Fed fans already have eggs in their face. 1st round, 2nd round lose in Slam! With my massive humility, I request enjoy Nole dominance. Tennis never same again with eating grass, eating clay (next year Nole win RG), tear shirts all new tennis culture.

Danny Morris Says:

“haha fail.”

I will speak your tongue.

Mad man not accept when another person call him mad man. Nole fans know who is the poster who hates novak most for whipping spanish fisherman 7 times in a row.

#8-4 since 2011.
#MayNeverGet No.1 BackAgainFromNovak!

Bye branzod, done with you. you are on ignore.

Danny Morris Says:

“However, the poster above you never supported Nole in the past but has suspiciously jumped on his bandwagon very recently. I suspect for the reasons you state.”

You can do better than that. Even by murray fan standards and considering your negative IQ. Not everyone jumps bandwagon like you do between rafa and murray.

Keep sucking upto claydal and his fans. Murray doesn’t even have the h2h stats claydal fans so foolishly hang onto.

Ben, Skeezer, Contador, Madmax, Long Live The King – many Federer fans like Novak. His game is centered around shot-making like Roger. His serve and volleys are weaker than Fed, but he makes up with return and defense and most importantly he doesn’t let big hitters boss him around by fetching the ball, 100ft behind the baseline like spanish fisherman and british choker. [ i think british choker is too redundant, considering they choke every 4 years in football and cricket world cup]

As I said, you should work with Ben and see if he can help you figure out with your amateur investigative work. I will not lie, if you identify my previous moniker (Yes, there is only one.)

now get cracking and show me you are smarter than murray.

the DA Says:

^ unlike you I don’t run away with my tail between my legs and sob for a few days when Andy loses. I man up and continue posting. And I certainly don’t come back lashing out at players who remain in the draws or their fans.

The rest of your post is the usual word vomit. Maybe if you dig through it you’ll find an IQ.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Personally speaking Murray has always been my second favorite player after Rafa,im a Brit and hes a Brit,and im also half Scottish,i also think hes an exciting player to watch with alot of variety,well IMO anyway,nothing to do with having an ulterior motive or anything,as some fans enjoy supporting more than one player,come to think of it i actually enjoy watching many players,Janes favorite is Nole but her other favorite is Andy Murray.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Theres actually two female posters,who have not posted for a while,called Kimmi and Dari who are big Federer fans,but Murray is their second favorite,just saying.

metan Says:

Tennis x hippy chic.

Thanks for your well thoughts of Kei Nishikori. Unfortunately he lost today. But I am glad that he could go this far.

I love JJ too. He is so tall . Imo with his size, he could manage to cover entire court.

Thanks also @ grendel. Great info about Kei. I took notice.

Bada Bing Says:

Tennis hippy chick@12.12
Janes second fave is Andy

I thought she was a diehard Novak fan like me. Looks like I am all alone in that regard here.

courbon Says:

@Bada Bing: You are not-there is myself and Wog Boy.We din’t have second favorites.But don’t be too harsh on jane-she is always fighting for Novaks corner more then any of us!

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

I dont give Chardy much of a chance against Nole,3 straight sets,cannot even see Chardy taking a set,just hope he can at least keep the match relativly close would be my only hope.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Yipee great win there for Laura Robson,into the second week.

James Says:

Kei Nishikori will perform better in the hardcourts season. I looked through his h2h and he is 1-1 against Djokovic (gave him a bagel too), 1-1 vs Federer, 2-0 vs Tsonga, 3-1 vs Berdych, 2-3 vs Ferrer. Probably has the best h2h against top 10 players among under 25 players.

jane Says:

Thanks courbon. Yes, I’ve been rallying behind him since 2007-8 here, fighting even with the writers, lol. I like lots of players because I like tennis the sport so much.

But Nole has my heart. <3 ;)

BadaBing, you're not alone. Keep posting!! :)

jane Says:

Tennis-x hippy chic, you may very well be right. But Chardy’s ranking is presently the highest it’s ever been at #25 in the world.

James Says:

Last time they met (Wimbledon 2011) Nole beat Chardy pretty easy in straight sets. Doubt Chardy will give much Nole any trouble.

TennisZod Says:

@Danny Morris, ok bye troll! Stop pretend you a Nole fan then talk how Federer so great. Federer choke against Nole. Remember what Nole mother say, “The king is dead” Federer is finished. Better worship Nole now or you have egg in your face every Slam.

Ahsan Najeeb Says:

Very impressive stats so far from Nole…. NO unforced error after 2 and a half sets.. Don’t think I have ever seen that

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Danny Morris @8.21am im not really sure why your getting at me?i was merely pointing out that Andy has beaten Novak in a GS,so i believe its possible that he can do it again,i didnt see anything wrong in that,i wasnt taking a dig at Novak or Roger as i like and respect them as players,but if other posters are then thats nothing to do with me,and id rather not get dragged into that,im hear to talk tennis not to get involved in personal squabbles,and im also well aware that Rafa lost to Novak at wimbledon in 2011,as i dont have a short memory,and i dont really take much notice of Humble Rafa or Roger Federer Fan,as both just seem to be provactors who add nought to any disscusion,and only post sporadically anyway.

Okiegal Says:

Nole’s Mom said everyone used to say Roger Roger, Rafa Rafa and now everyone says Nole, Nole, Nole. But that ain’t so. From what I can tell……tennis conversations still revolve around Rafa and Roger, the 2 greatest players ever. Novak is very good but he still has a long way to go to come up to par with R and R’s achievements……IMHO.

Michael Says:

It is Novak Vs Andy final as is being anticipated, then it would be difficult to pick a winner. If it is hard court or Clay, we can automatically give the edge to Novak. But this is Grass Court and Andy is a different animal here. This is the court he likes and is obsessed with. That being said, while Novak has already won once beating Rafa, Andy is yet to win this tournament despite having a consistent record here. Last year, he was unlucky to have run into a red hot Roger who displayed his genius Tennis to outwit him. This year, things may be different. But in the end, it all boils down to the form of the player on that particular day. The better player would win.

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