Rewatch The 10th Game, 2nd Set Between Andy Murray And Roger Federer, One Of The Great Games Ever [Video]
by Tom Gainey | July 14th, 2015, 10:55 am

Wimbledon has released video of the full 15-minute, 20-point marathon 10th game of the second set from Friday’s Andy Murray – Roger Federer semifinals.

Murray won the game with some incredible tennis, but Federer took the match in straight sets.

“I was trying to fight as hard as I could,” Murray said. “I served pretty well under pressure in that game. But, yeah, like I said, it just kind of felt like every point was finishing with a winner. And, yeah, I don’t know how good it was to watch. I just know, like, that’s how it felt. I needed to play great stuff there to hang in that game. Obviously he had a bunch of set points there. I obviously saved those set points. Had a lot of game points myself. You know, the crowd were getting into it, as well. Yeah, starting to get pumped up there. A shame I couldn’t keep it up.”

Added Federer, “Love‑40, I said I’m going to run around and go for it. Then I thought I’m not sure if I should. I’m going to go for it. He caught me up the line with a serve. I knew that was maybe a mistake in hindsight. If Andy serves two big serves and he gets out of it, you’re like, Maybe I should have made him play and maybe feel the pressure more.

“But the game was unbelievable. I mean, he played some unbelievable shots, great retrieving. I had my chances. I actually didn’t get down on myself. It’s actually a perfect game, regardless if I win or I lose.

“The game itself, we had some unbelievable shots and it was great to be a part of it.”

Many call the game one of the single best games ever played!

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34 Comments for Rewatch The 10th Game, 2nd Set Between Andy Murray And Roger Federer, One Of The Great Games Ever [Video]

Margot Says:

Well, small comfort as it is, I’ll take it, that Andy played, and won,”one of the single best games ever played.” Come on Andy! You can do much better!

calmdownplease Says:



Giles Says:

@M. Yep he can win two. 😜

Margot Says:

Only two more slams? Come, come,he can do MUCH better than that…….He’s got 9 more chances till he hits the big 3 zero, after which?
You and your fancy emoticons you, can only manage this :)

montecarlo Says:

4th set 5th game is infinite times better than this one.

RZ Says:

Small comfort, but it was an amazing game and one of the highest level (from both players) straight set wins at a slam that I’ve seen.

Jock-KatH Says:

Andy v Roger: Andy states it was a shame he couldn’t keep up with Roger.

Roger v Nole: Roger claims that the crucial factor in his defeat to Nole was the rain interruption.

ABerg Says:

It can’t be the best game if Murray was not there.

chris ford1 Says:

Tennis-X needs a better stock Murray picture than one where Andy is stuck on the side of the frame and appears oblivious to an intense, hungry Djokovic looking over his shoulder.

Wog Boy Says:

“Roger v Nole: Roger claims that the crucial factor in his defeat to Nole was the rain interruption.”

Thanks Jock-KatH, I read about that comment after the match, I refrained from posting it, well there is always something when Nole beats him..that something is that No1e is simply better player than Roger when he beats him (rain or no rain, slapping FH or no slapping FH) same applies the other way around. Roger conveniently forgot that Nole already had a break before rain delay, not after.
Good on Andy for his statment.

Jock-KatH Says:

Yah – Always found Andy truthful to a fault!
Roger sometimes has tough time with reality…he wants another Wimb. before it is too late age-wise (bet many of us wish we had his problem).

Saw your pic. Wog Boy – Pretty nice – You got your selfie one way or another.

jane Says:

it’s funny about roger’s ability to overlook “reality”, if that’s what we want to call it. another way to think about it is that he’s an outright optimist, and arguably this has only helped him in his career. he has tremendous belief in himself. in sports, that can go a long way.

mind you, different things drive different people. i think rafa once said (or perhaps it was toni, i am not sure) that fear drives or motivates him. fear of failure or what, i am not certain.

novak seems to have a healthy dose of self-belief but has often shown doubts, too, that he has to get over to jump the next hurdle. in this way too, they are all different.

Jock-KatH Says:

Jane: Vive the difference!

I feel sorry for Nadal if it is fear that drives him. I’d like to think it is not what drove him earlier – but feel sorry for him now – seriously hope he gets back up there.

Fear of failure is understandable and affects all of us from the day we realize we may not achieve what we want to achieve because of “XYZ” – not surprising it extends to winning/losing re. top athletes.

It will be quite some time before Nole has to face what Federer faces (if ever) – if so, I expect him to face it with aplomb.

That said – not taking away from Fed.-he is still No. 2. but equally the gap between him and the No. 1 is inescapable.

From a personal and fan point-of-view, I hope Andy has a stunning next few months and closes in and overtakes Fed…if he can.

Okiegal Says:

Wog Boy where is your pic? I’m the National Enquirer and need to know!! Lol

Gypsy Gal Says:

Okie you need to go back to the Mens Final thread at 12.58pm July 12th,nice picture of Wogboy he looks like a nice friendly chap ;)….

Okiegal Says:

Thanks Gypsy Gal, I will! I missed it the first time. It would so nice if we could put faces on all of the monikers! I’m going to chase it down now!!

Okiegal Says:

@Wog Boy

Thanks to Gypsy Girl I tracked down your link! Great pic. I’ve been told everyone has a double, you look like a friend of mine. I kid you not! You two could be Twinkies. His name is Don and worked as a State Auditor….I couldn’t believe it!! If I should have a double, feel so sorry for them! Thanks for sharing! Okie

Wog Boy Says:


Pamela Says:

didn’t any of you also hear Roger say that Novak was the better player that day? they asked him if the rain delay had anything to do with the way he played. Roger did not bring it up. If you are going to quote him, you may as well quote the question as well. He clearly said that Novak was the better player that day. No need for drama about “roger said it was the rain, roger said it was……”.

Wog Boy Says:

^^ we did not make it up, he said it after the match, not during ceremony speech, two different speeches:)

madmax Says:

You do make things up wog boy, because you love it, you love to stir. Become a chef. It suits you. Not only that, you take things out of context and add your own twist, wanting to believe the worst. You spend too much time in the Australian sun these days.

Classy Roger, Federer, praising NOvak to the hilt, as always.

“In front of a packed Centre Court, Federer paid fulsome tribute to the winner, saying: ‘He’s played great the whole two weeks, plus the whole year, plus last year, plus the year before that, so he deserved it.’

And wog boy, I know Roger’s press conferences pretty well, and I always go to the source where i can find it, and hear it from Roger’s own mouth. And guess what? I found it, at no point did he say that, so why not eat your own words and listen to his for once:

What he did say was “the rain delay came at a bad time for me”.

Busted Wogboy. Again. Proving your hatred for the best player of our times.

A great pity for someone who follows Novak, can never be as gracious as him. You really don’t deserve any kudos as a poster.

madmax Says:

Pamela Says:
didn’t any of you also hear Roger say that Novak was the better player that day? they asked him if the rain delay had anything to do with the way he played. Roger did not bring it up. If you are going to quote him, you may as well quote the question as well. He clearly said that Novak was the better player that day. No need for drama about “roger said it was the rain, roger said it was……”.

July 16th, 2015 at 11:03 pm


Listen to the above link. It agrees with you. Don’t waste your time with wogboy. He is a hater.

We know that people like him watch federer and wish the worst, follows that awful journo chris chase and others who have nothing kind to say. He didn’t always used to be like this, but is really rolling in novak’s glory these days, except Novak IS worthy of all his glory because Novak treats others with respect.

madmax Says:

“I’m not going to accept losing and say it’s normal because I lost against the world No.1,” said Federer. “It’s not normal. I’ve beaten him. I’m one of the few guys that’s got a chance. I believed I was going to come through as the winner. I’m right there. My game is good.”

The sporting super-elite are not interested in coming second. What drives their necessarily lop-sided existence is a near-manic focus on victory. Nobody gets to be a legend by accident. It’s no use imagining that Roger Federer does not possess the same raging need to win on the basis that he looks nice and is a polite sort of chap.

Courtesy is one of Federer’s on-court signatures, so do him the courtesy of judging him by the standards you judge all others. If you must make allowances, then make allowance only for brilliance – his own, and his opponent’s. Make allowance for that mind-blowing second set. Make allowance for the fact that out of seven billion people on this planet, the only one nearer to touching perfection in the art of tennis was on the opposite side of the net.

What was it he said on court in those moments after defeat? Ah yes: “I am still very hungry and motivated and a match like this is very helpful.”

Taken from the wimbledon website.

Whatever he says or does is always going to be under scrutiny. After all, he is a legend. And people want to bring legends down. Only when they are gone from the game, will their presence be missed.

Then people like Wogboy, (someone here says he looks pretty nice?, who would want to show what they looked like, here, on TX, do a selfie, if they didn’t want some kind of acceptance from others?). It’s what is on the inside that counts.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Joch KatH I Dont know if you read his book,as that was what Rafa actually said in Rafa My Story,fear of failure fear of success,personally i dont feel all that sorry for him,hes had a good career with 14 GS,66 career titles in total so not too shabby,i hope im not talking in the past tense though,and he just carries on playing win or lose for the love of the game,hes facing adversity now which all players do eventually….

Wog Boy Says:


Get your facts right, I posted the link, entire article, for everyone to see, I did not take the things out of context. Pity Roger has such a brain washed fanatics, he deserves better.
It looks like you are spending to much time in English rain and fog so your vision is badly damaged. Come over here, enjoy the sun and the beaches, that is what you need, you might be able to widen your horizons:)

skeezer Says:

don’t see any controversy here, just continual throwing on the wall and see if it sticks stuff. Move on, Nole won, and he should have, he is the younger stronger player. Fed just wants another crack at em. he was just trying to look back at his chances, giving him hope for the next time. But good luck wuth that. He gave Nole all the praise one could give.

Wog Boy Says:

There is only one comment in the “skysports” link I gave and it appears that is from Roger fan, starts:

“steve says

Strange stuff this rain, insofar as it only affects one player out of two…Much as I like Roger Federer this kind of lame excuse is disrespectful to Novak Djokovic…”

You can read the rest yourself but this Roger fan is different from some on TX.

madmax Says:

Wog boy, you are weak.

Very weak. Do yourself a favour and LISTEN to what Roger says. Not going to repeat myself anymore to someone who has heat stroke.

madmax Says:

Yes skeezer, he did. Gave all the praise necessary.

Unfortunately, the uninformed want Roger to bend down on his knees and kiss Novak’s feet, it’s ridiculous, they even make something out of his walk down a corridor, when nothing to it. Probably wogboy reported it, got nothing better to do with his time except send that and selfies to people.

madmax Says:

Wogboy, READ the transcript; you have so taken things out of context.

Last thing I will say on the matter. (You will be pleased to hear). :)

Wog Boy Says:


For your information, it is winter time here, snow is falling down one hour from Sydney, no heat stroke, you mixed the hemispheres, that what happens when you live in fog all your life, come over here, we’ll send you to Queensland, it is always sunny over there.

Gypsy Gal Says:

I dont think anybody did make something out of a walk down a corridor,most were like meh whatever,why do we need a thread on the topic?….

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