Andy Murray: If I Had To Finish My Career Tomorrow, I’d Be Content Having Won The US Open
by Tom Gainey | July 3rd, 2013, 10:42 pm

Andy Murray is back in the pressure cooker that is the Wimbledon final weekend. After a heart stopping comeback today against Fernando Verdasco, Murray has returned to the Wimbledon semifinals for a fifth straight year.

With rivals Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer out watching at home on the sidelines, the expectations are heightened with first-time Grand Slam semifinalist Jerzy Janowicz in the next round.

Murray still feels the weight, but it’s no different, he says, than before even with the Olympic gold and the US Open in his pocket.

“I think it’s pretty much the same,” Murray said regarding the pressure. “Not a whole lot’s changed. I mean, for me, I mean, I know if I had to finish my tennis career tomorrow, I’d be content that I won the US Open. But, you know, I also wanted to try and win more. The fact I’m still playing, giving myself an opportunity to play in the latter stages of these events, I want to try to win them.

“The pressure’s still there. I put a lot of pressure on myself.”

Murray and the 22-year-old Janowicz have played twice before and each has a victory with Janowicz winning most recently last fall at the Paris Indoors.

“It will be a very tough match,” Murray said. “He has a big serve. He’s a big guy with a lot of power. He also has pretty good touch. He likes to hit dropshots. He doesn’t just whack every single shot as hard as he can. It will be a very tough match. He’s played extremely well here, I think. He had a tough match in the last round against Melzer, but apart from that he’s been pretty convincing. He’s a tough player.”

But Murray nearly was part of the wave of Wimbledon upsets as Verdasco was in control of the match today up two sets before Andy took it 46, 36, 61, 64, 75.

“It was a tough situation,” Murray said. “The second set was a bad set of tennis for me. I was 3‑1 up and then made some bad mistakes, poor choices on the court. Then I turned it round really well after that.”

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8 Comments for Andy Murray: If I Had To Finish My Career Tomorrow, I’d Be Content Having Won The US Open

Michael Says:

Well, I am happy my prediction has come true. I expected a cliff hanger and so it turned out to be where the match was won in the fifth set at 7-5. Andy was passive in the first and second sets and his double handed backhand was just not working. May be, he was consumed by the expectations of the British Press and fans and fell victim to the immense pressure that was exerted on him to win this tournament. On the other end, Verdasco who was so far exhibiting very good form in this tournament was also not playing his best and made far too many errors and double faults. Yet he won the first and second sets mainly due to that momentary brilliance that is always expected from a player like Verdasco and helped by Andy’s uncharacteristic errors from the back of the court. The match was just oscillating like an erratic pendulum and Andy who was so passive in the first two sets slowly regained his composure and played with a plan in the rest of the match. The key to the match in my opinion was the way Andy’s first serves clicked in key moments and that saved him this match. Verdasco had many break points even in the fourth set at 3-4, but it came a cropper. Once it went to the fifth set, it became clear that Andy would win this one considering Verdasco’s fraility despite his occasional brilliance. Strangely except for Rafa and Ferrer, many of the Spanish players are chokers. Full credit to Andy he did not lie down low despite the loss of two sets and kept fighting.

Michael Says:

I think Andy is intentionally setting the bar very low to take the pressure out of him. He knows that the whole of Britain have gone crazy and are yearning for him to be crowned as Champion this time around. It has been quite a long time since a British won this Championship and the Country look forward to Andy to fill that void. Even face masks of Andy has become a sensation and he has become some sort an idol. It is amidst such rising expectations, Andy has to fufil his destined role and that leads to added pressure on the court. This was visible even against Verdasco and somehow Andy scraped through with stroke of luck. He still has Janowicz and possibly Novak in the finals. Against Janowicz, it would once again be a marathon and Andy may need that element of luck to secure a win. Janowicz has nothing to lose and his fire power will surely trouble Andy and he is not somebody Verdasco who is going to gift away points with cheap shots. If Andy gets through this one too, it remains to be seen, how this fatigue factor will affect him in the finals against Novak ??

Colin Says:

One exhausted Brit posting on a newspaper site said “Part of me yearns for the days before Henman, when all we had was no-hopers, and we could just enjoy the tennis”. I know what he means!

By the way – some here complained about the post match interview with Andy by the unspeakable Gary Richardson. Well, looking at the various British message boards, it’s clear Mr Richardson is an object of universal contempt. It’s one of the few occasions when all the tennis fans agree on something. Will the BBC dump him? No chance.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Michael Novak will not necassarily have it easy against Delpo either,although the injury could unfortunatly come into question,as i just said to James on the other thread,Delpo won the match in straight sets,playing some of the best GC tennis i have ever seen from him,so in reality how bad could it be?

Michael Says:


Coming again to the form of Del Potro ? Well, I am not sure about it as he has not met good players in his half of draw. The only player worthy of attention in that section was Ferrer, but as we all know Grass is not his preferred surface. So, considering this, it is difficult to conclude that Del Potro is playing his best Tennis in this tournament. As regards his injury, the treatment and medication he receives on court and outlet of pain he conveys by expression suggests that everything is not well with him. So, with all these handicaps, it remains to be seen if he can make a match out of it. Ofcourse everything is possible if he plays his best Tennis. Let us see. Atleast the Semi final bout has become interesting due to him. If it is Ferrer, then it would have been another story altogether.

Danny Morris Says:

The difference between a champion – Novak and a chump – murray, are the two headlines for their interviews on tennis-x!

Murray might have just conceded the wimbledon to Nole. He could not have done it better if he stole the trophy and handed it to novak.

Only a miracle stands between novak and this trophy. If that miracle doesn’t happen, novak will sleep-walk through his matches.

I hope delpotro and janowicz are more positive and up-beat.

grendel Says:

A fine man, Murray. He needs to learn, however, that there are adjectives in the English language other than “tough”.

SG1 Says:


Don’t be too “tough” on Andy’s vocabulary. He sounds like a Rhodes Scholar compared to the hockey players we listen to.

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