Novak Djokovic: I Have Plenty Of Motivation To Win Wimbledon
by Tom Gainey | July 3rd, 2013, 10:55 pm

Novak Djokovic sounds like a man ready to win a second Wimbledon. The 2011 champion is now just six sets away from a second after getting past Tomas Berdych 76, 64, 63 today in the Wimbledon quarterfinals.

The Serb who came into the tournament having just one title since Dubai hasn’t lost a set during his path to the Friday semifinals where he’ll meet Juan Martin Del Potro.

“I’m ready,” he said. “Plenty of motivation to win every match that I play on here.”

Djokovic also leads Del Potro 8-3, though the Argentine beat Novak at Indian Wells in March and in the Olympic bronze match last year on the same courts of Wimbledon.

“DelPo is a great player,” he said. “I have a great respect for him. He’s a Grand Slam winner. He struggled with injuries in last few years, but every time he comes back he comes back very strong because he just has this talent, you know, and qualities as a player. He’s very tall, so he uses that serve as a powerful weapon. And of course forehand, that is his signature shot. You know, it’s semifinals, so everything is open, on the table, and we both want to win.”

By winning Wednesday, Djokovic has now reached the semifinals at 13 consecutive Grand Slam tournaments, a mark that he jokes is still far short of Roger Federer’s 36.

“It’s a huge achievement for me,” he added. “I’m very proud of my success on Grand Slams because that’s exactly where I want to do my best and where I want to play my top tennis and reach the latter stages of the event because these are the most important, most valuable tennis tournaments in the world.”

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10 Comments for Novak Djokovic: I Have Plenty Of Motivation To Win Wimbledon

Bada Bing Says:

Today he played with such depth and insane flexibility. Sounds good to me, Novak.

Michael Says:

Novak is yet to lose a set this tournament and it speaks volumes about the manner in which he has dominated his competitors so far. Berdych had just no answer to Novak’s bludgeoning ground strokes hit with precision and incredible return of serve. It is not that he did’nt have chances. He had them in the first set as well as in the second set when he was two breaks up. But, Novak being a tenacious figher as he is, you can count him to keep fighting even when he is three breaks down in a set. He just fought on and from thereon there was no let down once he evened the set. There are some commentators who see the reminscence of his 2011 form in this tournament and Novak himself expressing that he is playing better than he did in 2011. Well, I am not sure about that. 2011 was a momentous and incredible year for Novak which might well not repeat itself. It just happens once in a player’s career where he touches and everything turns to Gold. All said and done, Novak is in fine fettle and showing very good form so far. It would be difficult to stop him in my opinion. He might well go on to win the Championship.

Brando Says:

Eh? And here I was thinking he’s not motivated to win Wimby. This really is some declaration by Novak!

Danny Morris Says:

As a fan of Wimbledon/grass-courts, I love it that novak has been able to translate his genius to the greatest tournament in our sport. He deserves all the accolades and really, to me – he has answered the last question in his GOAT screening test, well he still has to complete this formality, but I am fairly confident of a Novak win. Never been such an inevitability at wimbledon since the reign of Federer/Sampras.

Should Novak complete this formality over the next few days, the bigger question is can he keep pushing himself higher and higher even after he starts soaring above the field. Federer/Sampras did that and Novak will give us the answer at US open, where he has the chance to become only the 2nd player in the open era to win 3 GS in a year more than once.

I am thinking he will and he seems to be doing the right talk and when it comes to champions, when they talk, they more often than not do the walk.

Come on nole, finish up the formalities and should you meet lady forehand, do not show him any mercy because the whole of Britain will be imploring you to donate the title, like they did at the USopen 2012.

Giles Says:


Wog boy Says:


While you are around just to answer your question from the other thread, if jane is a “genuine” Nole fan. I missed yours and jane’s conversation since I went to bed, but since I was mentioned it is only fair from me to say my opinion.

jane is more than a genuine Nole fan. I have not seen any Nole fan in the last three years (since I joined TX) more passionately, more consistently, you name it, supporting Nole.
Most importantly she never crossed the line defending Nole when the others made digs on him. She has done it with grace, knowledge and facts – real facts. Considering that we all know that most of the Nole fans on this forum are either Serbs or people with Serbian background, and jane has no connection with that part of the world whatsoever, makes me respect her even more. I am proud as a Nole fan to have jane with us.

I noticed there is bad blood here from before I joined TX, I noticed that you people keep chasing each other from one forum to another and that is probably the way things are done in this era of internet and professional bloggers, but I am not one of them, TX and official Serbian TV are the only forums I am posting on. I stopped posting on the second one since whenever I say something they shut me up with “it is easy for you to give us advice from the west where you live, come to Serbia and try to live here and then talk.” I didn’t have answer for that one so I stopped posting.
To cut a long story short, jane is more than a genuine Nole fan, and I’m happy to have her with us.

Idemo Nole, dooobar ;)

HomeSchoolDadOf9 Says:

13 straight semifinals is a stat that puts Novak among the all-time greats. Only three players have ever done it more than 6 times, with Roger doing a record 23 straight, not 36. (Lendl had a streak of 10 straight.) I would think another Wimbledon title would move Novak ahead of players like McEnroe, Edberg, Wilander, and Becker on the all-time list, and on par with Lendl, Connors and Agassi. Andy Murray and del Potro stand in the way. His road has been very tough. He will have to earn it.

Margot Says:

@ Wog Boy
AND bringing up stuff from years and years ago about Jane. It’s called “trolling” I believe.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Danny Morris/Wogboy we have two female posters who are very passionate Federer fans called Kimmi and Dari,and Murray is their second favorite and Delpo is their third favorite,to quote Dari at last years olympics i couldnt be happier my three favorite players all winning an olympic medal,from what i can gather both dont mind Rafa or Novak personally,but they just dont care for them as players.

Wog boy Says:

hippy chic,

Kimmi and dari are great posters, I wish they post more often but I don’t know what they have to do with my post which was answer to Danny on his question from the other thread about jane. I feel sorry for dari because she is in London right now and bought the tickets for QF/SF to watch Federer:( Sorry dari, but you can watch Nole, we Nole fans don’t mind;)

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