Jerzy Janowicz: This Is What I Was Waiting For, This Is What I Was Dreaming About
by Tom Gainey | July 4th, 2013, 8:57 am

Jerzy Janowicz made history Wednesday at Wimbledon becoming the first Polish man to reach a Grand Slam semifinal after he beat his friend and countryman Lukasz Kubot 75, 64, 64.

For the emotional 22-year-old Janowicz it was a dream come true, but he tempers it saying his journey isn’t done yet.

“Right now I’m the most happy person in the world,” Janowicz said yesterday. “I made semifinal of Grand Slam, my best result ever.

“This is what I was waiting for,” he added. “This is what I was dreaming about. So as I can see, sometimes if you are dreaming about something really hard, it can actually happen. So I’m really happy I was able to reach that far in Wimbledon, but I hope deep down I will still get two more matches.”

Janowicz won the Paris Indoors last fall where he beat Andy Murray, and a year he had to qualify at Wimbledon. Twelve months later the 6-foot-8 beast is threat to win the title.

In the Friday semis, Janowicz meetings 2012 finalist and Olympic gold winner Murray.

“He’s great player,” Janowicz said of Murray. “What I have to say? He’s top player for many, many years. He won US Open last year, so not easy match. Definitely not easy match.

“I was able to win one match against him last year, so I hope I’m going to be able to do it one more time.”

Ranked the same as his age and possessing one of the biggest, fastest serves currently in tennis, Janowicz is on an upward trajectory that could take to the very top of the game. The rise up resumes tomorrow.

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8 Comments for Jerzy Janowicz: This Is What I Was Waiting For, This Is What I Was Dreaming About

Tennis Vagabond Says:

We’ve all been waiting in this great Youth Talent Drought for someone to plausibly follow the tennis-middle-aged Novak and Andy. Other than Del Potro, there is no one on the scene. Is this guy it?
All I’ve seen of him is an epic crybaby tantrum. I hope, if we will be seeing him much, that he has a better side!

I will leave it to grendel or any other to try to describe his game poetically and metaphorically for me, to better grasp what I have not yet witnessed.

andrea Says:

i don’t mind a bit of hot head-ed ness in a player. as long as its somewhat contained and not a furious diatribe against a helpless line person a la serena/andy roddick at the US Open.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

JJ is been interviewed by Sue Barker as i speak,he actually has a warm personality,hope he does not shatter the British hopes of a Wimbledon champion,i believe he is destined for big things.

grendel Says:

Wish I’d caught the interview with Barker. The thing is, Janowicz is very emotional and doesn’t hide it. Not everyone likes that. But I suspect it’s a crucial part of him as a player. All along, in my posts, I’ve been stressing what an intensely competitive player he is. So when he’s in trouble, he digs deep into this emotional reservoir. This is both engaging – and exciting. I expect as he gets more known he’ll start becoming a little more “correct”.

SG1 Says:

If Aggie had gotten through, the strawberries and cream on Wimbleon’s menu may have been changed to pierogies.

Well, if Jerzy pulls this thing off, he can still make the request during the trophy presentation.

Michael Says:

A guy like Janowicz has earned by appreciation for working all the way up from the bottom of the ladder. I read the news that he was not able to afford shoes for the US Open and had no money to purchase tickets to go to Australia for participating in the major held there. In a presumably rich man’s sport, to be in poverty is a sin. But Janowicz had the latent talent in him to come all the way up in such a sport despite his financial problems which speaks volumes about his indomitable will, perseverance, determination and positive mindset. It is relatively easy to have all the facilities at your disposal and come to the top, but it is obviously tough to do so when there is lack of infrastructure and money to support your endeavour. Janowicz is one of that kind who has cemented a place for himself at the top despite all the adverse circumtances that were ranged against him. He is now breathing easy after all the struggle in his life and it is nice to know that he is in the semi final. My sympathies are with this guy and if he manages to win Wimbledon which is still a long shot, I will be very happy for him.

Margot Says:

I’m sure he will, but not this time, please :)
He is only 22/3 and has loads of opportunities to come.
The future is starting to look most exciting with Tomic coming along nicely and some other youngsters.
Dunno what to make of Dimitrov any more.

Michael Says:


Deep down, I know that you want Andy to win this Wimbledon. It is an agonizing 77 year wait for Britain and they are yearning for Andy cornering the Glory come Sunday. I hope Andy makes you happy and your wait worthwhile & finishes the task the whole of Britain is earnestly hoping for.

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