Coach: After Painful US Open Loss, Serena Williams Might Not Play Again This Season
by Tom Gainey | September 30th, 2015, 9:59 am

In an interview with ESPNW, coach Patrick Mouratoglou revealed Serena Williams might not play against this season. Now 34, Serena is still scheduled to play in Beijing next week, but Mouratoglou doesn’t know where Serena’s motivation to compete is at after failing to complete the Calendar Slam at the US Open where she was stunned by Roberta Vinci in the semifinals.

“Because she lost match, she says to me her season is not good,” Mouratoglou said of Serena who had won four straight Grand Slam tournaments. “But I like that because it’s just about having high expectations and that’s what champions have and I think the same way.

“I don’t doubt she will have the motivation to win more Grand Slams and reach records,” he said. “I’m just thinking about the end of the season, and I don’t know how high the motivation is, and I don’t think she should go play competitions if her motivation is not high enough.”

Mouratoglou added that he takes some responsibility in Serena’s loss to Vinci. The Frenchman admitted he didn’t have Serena in the right frame of mind for what was at least on paper an easy match.

“I don’t think the strategy was wrong, but I think she was not in the right mindset that day for her tennis, which happens, but usually I find a way to make her be better on those days,” he said. “And on this day, I did not.”

Serena, who has already clinched the No. 1 ranking, is also scheduled for the WTA Championships in Singapore starting October 25. She won the title there last year.

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20 Comments for Coach: After Painful US Open Loss, Serena Williams Might Not Play Again This Season

Jeez Says:

Unable to complete GRAND SLAM


Losing to Vinci ….???

I guess BOTH !!!

jalep Says:

Shirley she’ll play Singapore. But, frankly, who knows?

Meanwhile, Venus is playing almost better than ever in Wuhan this week.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Jalep lol whos Shirley,im thinking of the film Airplane spoof disaster movie,where that man says surely you cant be serious,and Leslie Neilson says i am,and dont call me Shirley,or was that deliberate?made me laugh anyway….

jalep Says:

That’s exactly where I was going, Gypsy. hehe…happy you remembered those Leslie Neilson lines: Shirley and Frankly. Such an old joke.

Actually watching all this WTA recently, I’m thinking there are quite a few unmotivated top players. But it leaves openings for the fit ones like Garbine Muguruza who’s looking very fit.

There are the ones who aren’t in shape, like Vika; then the ones that are over-playing perhaps like Bencic and Aga.

Singapore might be interesting.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Jalep ha ha loved those films,make me laugh everytime i see them,although its not in that film i sometimes say oh for Petes sake,and people say whos Pete?….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Anyway Serena says her year wasnt great,just because she didnt complete the career GS,yet she still won 3 of the 4 GS this year,and actually still won 4 GS in a row,oh puulease stop your whining woman,and throwing your toys out of your pram and spitting your dummy out,any female player on tour would kill for your career….

jalep Says:

Who’s Pete? then you say, I don’t know Frankly…and on and on — think it helps to be in junior high school. :D

Thought you’d be hanging on the edge of your seat wondering if Kyrgios won his match today, Gypsy ;)
lol…ATP is underwhelming this week.

Gypsy Gal Says:

By contrast you didnt here Nole whining that he had only I MEAN ONLY won 3 GS this,i mean cheek of the bloody woman….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Jalep i havent had chance to watch any tennis so far this week,even though i have 3 days off work,i doubt i will as i have so much course work to catch up on,Kyrigios LOL yeah right ;)

jalep Says:

Yes. Feel the same, GG. How incredible a loss of perspective can be for people sometimes. Mind-warping level of lost grasp of reality.

jalep Says:

And talk about lack of perspective, this WTA event in Wuhan, China is practically on the level of an ATP masters 1000 as to points and money. But hardly covered. And the field here was quite good.
900 pt. Wuhan, and next week WTA 1000 points in Beijing.

Hopefully some of the tired and out of shape ones will turn up ready to compete by next Monday. Johanna Konta is one of the fittest right now. Ana Ivanovic looks fit but unfocused and easily frustrated the last 2 tournaments.

Good luck with your coursework, GG. I work the next 3 nights – so…sleeping in the day.

RZ Says:

@GG and Jalep – I think circumstances of how both Serena and Novak lost their only GS matches this year plays a big part in their perspectives. Novak lost to a recent GS champion who played lights out in that match. And while Novak was the favorite to win that match, it wasn’t by a huge margin. Serena lost to a player she should have easily beaten and was a huge favorite coming in. Also, once Novak lost at the French, he was done being on “Calendar Grand Slam” watch, but the entire post-Wimbledon swing through the US Open semis was about Serena going for the Grand Slam. She was under way more pressure than any other player out there. I don’t think any of us could understand that level of disappointment.

You are right that winning 3 GS is incredible, but I can see why it would take a while for the disappointment to wear off.

Having said that, I bet she will play Singapore.

SG1 Says:

Interesting comments from Mourataglou. He’s trying to deflect some of the blame away from Serena which is an admirable thing to do even if it’s not believable.

Serena choked. Plain and simple. Serena needs to take a page from Phil Mickelson. His evaluation of his 2005 US Open debacle was honest and refreshing. It would be nice to see Serena be this forthright and transparent. She was clearly feeling the Calendar Slam pressure even if she won’t admit it. Saying a 3 slam season is bad (…don’t tell this to Novak or Roger) clearly indicates that she was putting pressure on herself to win the USO. Getting Vinci in the semi-final on a hard court should have been nothing less than a turkey shoot for her.

But, if you’re a glass half full kind of person and you wanted to pump up Serena and get her going again you could tell her that she won 5 rounds at the US Open (almost 6) without her serve and much of the rest of her game for that matter. Imagine how good she could be if she’s hitting on all cylinders as she was for much of last year. Margarert Court’s number is well within reach if she can play to her potential.

RZ Says:

Something else to consider is whether Mourataglou has a hidden agenda for making these comments publicly. Maybe he’s trying to motivate Serena to play by publicly saying that she won’t play.

chris ford1 Says:

To me, a Grand Slam is the same degree of difficulty if it starts in Australia, or Wimbledon…

Only the anal retentive fans and writers seem to think only 4 within a year really matters, and 4 in a row between years is a minor thing.

Williams had her 2nd Grand Slam (non calendar) when she won Wimbledon. Steffi and Martina also had non-calendar year Grand Slams.

No man has won 4 Slams in a row since Laver almost 50 years ago. Calendar or non-calendar. Fed, Djoker, and Rafa all came close to non-Calendar year Slams. 3 in a row, losing the 4th.

Djokovic is presently 2 Slams down, 2 to go.

So the “Queen” is devastated she didn’t win 5 in a row? Oh, poor her. It was good for women’s tennis she lost to a 350-1 underdog Vinci and then Flavia, “another unlikely champ like Bartoli”, won.

I mean, Serena Williams is super great and mighty, and has all sorts of AMAZING RECORDS!! – and has most fans giving her GOAThood – but she and her Sista have been the focus of the WTA for 20 years.

When the two leave, 2 decades of same old, same old Sistas ends and a new era starts. One probably more competitive and entertaining for fans

Wog Boy Says:

“It was good for women’s tennis she lost to a 350-1 underdog Vinci and then Flavia, “another unlikely champ like Bartoli”

If I only had guts to put $1000 on Vinci…that would have solved my problems:(

Wog Boy Says:

BTW, I agree with you CF1, four in a row is four in a raw, and it doesn’t matter in which order is won, same as record number of points that one player managed to collect, whether it is Oct-Sep or Jan-Dec, record is a record.

Wog Boy Says:

While we are at it, when was the last time when difference between #1 and #2 player was 6.725 points, that is huge!

chris ford1 Says:

I believe Federer had the most adjusted points (with respect to present ATP point system) at the end of the year, 2006.
Djokovic has the “most points” record of any ATP player on a rolling 365, when he won the USO. Since last year’s USO, Djokovic has made the Finals of every event he entered save Shanghai (a semi there, what a disgrace!) and the Doha warmup for the AO, taken out early by Dr Ivo.
Right now, besides 3 Slams, the Barclay Championships, he holds 5 of the 9 Masters titles. Should he win Shanghai, that goes to holding 6 of 9 Masters at a time.

His consistency is remarkable. Even before 2011 and version 2.0, he was always in the mix.

And he seems hyped for Asia and beyond. In 2011, he famously hit the wall after the USO, exhausted. This time, he said, he feels great and keep his great run going.
Janko Tipsarevic said recently. “I know him. He enjoys being #1 a great deal. He wants to keep his #1 ranking a long, long time.”

FedExpress Says:

serenas season is done and dusted. couldnt cope with the loss vs vinci. what a competitor

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