Maria Sharapova: Serena’s Coach Will Never Say Nice Words About Me, And You Know Why!
by Tom Gainey | July 10th, 2015, 8:44 am

Earlier in the week Serena Williams’s coach Patrick Mouratoglou stated in the press that he though Victoria Azarenka was a better player than Maria Sharapova.

“For me, Azarenka is much better than Sharapova,” Mouratoglou told the New York Times. “There‚Äôs no discussion. Sharapova is a great champion. She has great qualities. She fights incredibly and has tremendous mental strength. But at some stage, her level of play hits a ceiling.”

When asked about those words after her 17th straight loss to Serena, Sharapova was quick. “I don’t think you’re ever going to hear nice words from him about me. I don’t expect that and I’m sure you don’t either,” Sharapova said.

When asked why that would be the case, she said, “I’m sure you know. You don’t need to ask me that.”

Two years ago at Wimbledon Sharapova famously talked about Serena dating a married man. “Maybe she should talk about her relationship and her boyfriend that was married and is getting a divorce and has kids,” Sharapova said two years ago.

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10 Comments for Maria Sharapova: Serena’s Coach Will Never Say Nice Words About Me, And You Know Why!

Truthsquad Says:

Sharapova shouldn’t be so sensitive, I tend to agree with Serena’s coach and think he was actually praising her in a very accurate way. Her game is incredibly limited and she has hit a ceiling. She is also a terrific fighter, (except when she plays Serena), but Azarenka is a more complete player with a better game.

chris ford1 Says:

Patrick Mouratoglou’s description of Sharapova’s strengths and weaknesses has her dead to rights.

This guy is a good coach and a fine analyst of other players and their teams.

For the sake of harmony, hopefully he does not elaborate on how similar Sharapova and Venus are – their limitations are very much the same..Both play low IQ tennis. They are shrieking ball bashers who rely on power and intimidation. No real development of skill sets since the early 2000s. Just shriek louder and hit the ball harder when in trouble.
Why Serena is so good is she LISTENS to coaching and has developed continually as a player. Her serve has improved over the years, her tactics have improved, her toughness and mental strength and bumblebee nimbleness have improved.

And Patrick Mouratoglou is spot on about Vika Azarenka. A far better athlete than either 6 foot plus giantess (Maria and Venus). More complete a tennis player.
Vika has 3 issues. An unsettled life that costs her focus. Injuries. And her amazingly awful serve..
The Azarenka serve -now that the greatest mystery is over (when is Andy ever going to master clay?)- Vika’s serve is the biggest one in pro tennis.
Azarenka has speed, strength, excellent hand eye coordination, is almost 6 feet tall. And puts out a serve others dine on.

MMT Says:

I don’t think one can glean from their matchup against Serena which of the two is the better player. Azarenka defends better and hits well from defensive positions, but Sharapova’s skills are deeper in the area where she is superior to Azarenka. I doubt whether Azarenka will win 5 majors in her career, as Sharapova has, but she certainly has a bette record against Serena.

But is that the measure of who is a better player or who is a tougher match up for Serena? The two don’t necessarily have anything to do with each other.

Venus is better than both of them.

Jack Lewis Says:

Two timing coach has nothing better to do than talk smack about player that his protege has beaten tons of time in a row.
Class is overrated.. in the land of a-holes.

leo Says:

He may have a point, but so does she. Even when he ‘compliments’ here, it’s more a veiled dig.

I wonder why his comments get so much air time… do all other coaches just not talk?

Not a classy guy. Just a pompous prig.

leo Says:

I think he’s trying to stir the pot between Maria and Vika. Let’s see if the manipulation works…

shyam kumar Says:

I agree too…Victoria is far better than sharapova..

Wog Boy Says:

Well, I am not Sharapova fan but Sharapova has 5 GS and over 30 other titles to Azarenka’s 2GS and 17 title and it is only less than three years age difference so for me, overall, Sharapova is more successful (better) player, but gigolo Mouratoglou is throwing bone between two of them, I hope they are not going to fail for it.

Margot Says:

Agree with Wog Boy. Coach should keep his mouth shut.

Hippy Chick Says:

Hes right i think Vika does move better than Maria,has a more rounded game,and shes able to push Serena the way Maria cant,Serena looks worried when she faces Vika as she knows shes in for a battle,where as Marias game doesnt bother her as its very limited,having said that its Maria with more GS,a career GS,and way more titles,so i very much doubt she would care less….

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