Maria Sharapova Flew Coach Class Leaving Wuhan?
by Tom Gainey | September 25th, 2014, 10:10 am

After a tough loss Wednesday to Timea Bacsinszky, tennis superstar Maria Sharapova was in better spirits today. On a flight out of Wuhan (to Beijing?), Sharapova took this photo of someone in a row ahead of her reading about the 5-time Grand Slam champion.

Did she really take the picture? Did her “buddy” ever turn around and notice the woman on his newspaper was sitting right behind him? And would a global icon Sharapova really fly coach class, middle seat in a crowded plane?

UPDATE: On Tuesday in Beijing, Sharapova talked about the photo, saying she never spoke to the guy.

“I thought it was quite a funny moment because it’s happened before to me where I’ve been on the plane and someone has been reading an article in the sports section,” Sharapova said. “You see a picture of yourself. Sometimes you just kind of want to like hide because you don’t know if they are aware you’re right next to them or behind them. Yeah, just kind of put my phone up and took a picture. Actually turned out you could see me in the paper and the person reading it. I thought it was quite funny, but I didn’t know it would become so popular.”

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9 Comments for Maria Sharapova Flew Coach Class Leaving Wuhan?

Hippy Chick Says:

IMO Highly doubtful,shes a billionaire whom most likely has her own private way of travelling,unlikely she would travell with such mere mortals….

Brando 2.0 Says:

LMAO- good pick by Shazza.

Jack Lewis Says:

You’d be surprised how some rich people are extremely stingy.
They get more free clothes, free food then anyone else.

RZ Says:

Probably she wanted to leave Wuhan sooner than later and there was no room in first class, so she flew coach. It happens to most celebs on the move at one time or another.

jane Says:

personally i doubt she’d “fake” a tweet. :)

Brando Says:

@Jack Lewis: True in cases but some of these rich individuals are self made, from a previously poor background. Changing a habit of living of a lifetime it’s not quite easy for some. Sure your social status may change for some but individually you yourself and your habit can remain the same.

Hippy Chick Says:

If i won the lottery tomorrow it wouldnt change me,as i would still look for a bargain and shop at Tescos for my food shopping,and the markets for my clothes etc etc….

Humble Rafa Says:

Humble flies cattle class all the time. I check in Uncle Toni. He is a nuisance on long planes.

MissyTennis Says:

I think it is a fake. Because the frequent flier miles alone would get her in first class. And look at the passengers….they didn’t notice a 6’3″ blonde behind them?

So much of Sharapova’s image is manufactured. I think this is too.

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