Garbine Muguruza: If You Are Going To Win A Grand Slam, You Want To Beat The Best
by Tom Gainey | July 10th, 2015, 9:18 am

Garbine Muguruza isn’t shying away from her challenge tomorrow of having to stop Serena Williams’s run to history in the Wimbledon final. In fact, it’s the match she wanted in her first Grand Slam final. And she already has a win over Serena in a Grand Slam.

“I think is the best final you can play,” Muguruza said about having to play Serena.

“If you want to win a Grand Slam, when you dream, you say, ‘I want Serena in the final’. She’s like one of the best players in all these years. So it’s obviously I think the best challenge to have.

With her surprising run at Wimbledon, Muguruza is now unsure of having her parents and family flying in for the final. She doesn’t want to change what clearly has been working.

“They asked me two days ago, We want to come,” she said of her parents who are in Barcelona. “I said, No. Don’t change anything. I brush my teeth at the same time. I wake up with the same leg. I’m not going to change anything.

“I’m going to talk to them now, to see if they’re going to come or not.”

Muguruza, who beat Agnieszka Radwanska 62, 36, 63 in the semifinals, has one career title to her name. Serena Williams has 20 Grand Slam crowns and she’s won 27 consecutive matches at this level.

“She has like so many good things,” Muguruza said of Serena. “She’s stronger, good mentality, good shots, power, confident. You know, a lot of things that make her a great player.”

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8 Comments for Garbine Muguruza: If You Are Going To Win A Grand Slam, You Want To Beat The Best

PJ Says:

Whether it’s false bravado or the truth, I think Garbine is presenting a great attitude going into the final. Obviously, even with her past win, she’ll be a huge underdog. I think it would be great to see a total shocker in terms of a win, but I’m at least hoping for a competitive match. I think beating Serena in a grand slam once before should at least help with those nerves.

MMT Says:

Serena will win by two breaks in each set. Muguruza is Serena light – every single one of her shots are worse and she has almost no shots in her arsenal to disrupt Serena with any consistency or without taking on huge risk of her own. Radwanska would have at least presented some opportunities for Serena to fall on her sword, but I see almost nothing in Muguruza’s game that could challenge tomorrow…to say nothing of the fact that this is her first final, and will be very difficult for her to concentrate.

MIa0007 Says:

All the scientific facts suggest that Garbine should come out the winner. She has all the ingredients of a champion, and about 12 years of youth over her opponent. If she doesn’t win, then scientific facts are all wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, we should all believe in miracles.

PJ Says:

I think how Serena plays will play a big part too. She’s going for the Serena Slam and working towards the Grand Slam. I thought Safarova was gonna get blown away in the French Open final. She was, and then her game picked up while Serena’s fell apart. I certainly think Serena is the obvious favorite, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it was a blowout, but I’m hoping it’s more competitive than last year’s final. I can see it being a blowout first set and tight second, or even a Radwanska/Safarova like match, where Garbine sneaks out the second set, only to get blown away in the third.

Cena Says:

I think she could pose some competition to Serena, especially if Serena #2 or #3 shows up, although I don’t think that will happen. She has all of the weapons needed to become a great player, so I expect big things from her. At this stage, it appears that Serena is totally “dialed in” and not about to let these precious opportunities slip by.

Gee Says:

This girl will be too nervous. She hit hard but not with net play and wide margin. She is not up to halep level quickness. Serena, sadly, will get through comfortably. Azarenka and a couple other players almost got the serve to handle serena but they were not improving.

RZ Says:

I like her attitude. I hope she will come out and give it her best in the final. I always hate to see players overcome by nerves in their first big final.

Hippy Chick Says:

I hope Garbine wins as i would love to see another player getting into the winners circle,regardless of whether Serena wins i still believe personally its only a matter of time before she surpasses Graf anyway,and i hope she does as it adds another talking point,exactly the same when people were talking about Roger surpassing Pete,if Rafa wins another GS he also surpasses Pete,and then the conversation turns to whether or not he can surpass Roger,if Roger wins tomorrow theres no chance of Rafa winning another 5,all pure conjecture at this time but plausible i would say….

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