Watch Roger Federer Get Another Cow In Gstaad [Video]
by Tom Gainey | July 24th, 2013, 9:26 am

Roger Federer was presented with an usual welcome gift for returning to his home event in Gstaad this year. No not an iPad, not headphones, not a new phone and not even a bicycle. The Swiss legend got yet another cow! Ten years after being giving Juliet, Federer now has a playmate for her named Desiree.

The lucky cow was given to Federer during a special ceremony at the tournament Tuesday. But Why not a GOAT for the GOAT?

“She won’t be in my trophy room, that’s for sure,” said Federer. “But we’ll find a good solution, she needs a nice place and enough to eat.”

Federer, who is playing Gstaad for the first time since 2004, will face Daniel Brands in a rematch of their Hamburg meeting tomorrow.

Federer also announced yesterday that he will be playing Brisbane next January in his season opener.

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31 Comments for Watch Roger Federer Get Another Cow In Gstaad [Video]

TGIT Says:

He has started to color his hair. We’re all getting old.

RZ Says:

Here’s a compilation of funny Twitter reactions to Fed’s new cow.

This one is my favorite:
Lindsay Gibbs @linzsports
Stan has never been so happy to be in Rogers’s shadow. #nocowforyou

madmax Says:


You’re joking right? Don’t be so ridiculous. It looks as if he has either been for a swim,or got gel in his hair, or he is sweating. Not surprising, it being the summer.

At least he still has hair!

Having read about the fact that Roger left IMG, as did Rafa, and therefore the result of this is that he will miss playing in Qatar, which he has always played, along with Dubai, for the first time he will actually be on Australia soil prior to the Australian open, and though Dubai is not that far away, no travel time involved, jet lag, just move from Brisbane to Melbourne for the AO. A mere 1000 miles as opposed to almost 8000 from Dubai. Has got to help in terms of body acclimatisation?

Plus, will he gain points at the start of the 2014 season? Presumably, not having played in Brisbane before.

I am liking the way that Fed is re-organising his schedule in order to try and gain points and stay in the mix.

Whether or not he does win, it’s the fact that he is prepared to make the changes to his schedule that I am liking, despite repeated calls for his retirement!

ted echols Says:

greetings all you Rafans from tennis talk who have come over here.

Giles Says:

@RZ. I posted those links on Desiree on another thread earlier today for which I received abuse from @madmax. Am surprised he didn’t respond to you likewise!

TennisZod Says:

greetings all you Nole fans from tennis talk who have come over here.


Hawkeye Says:

^^^ Like who for example?

skeezer Says:

“Giles Says,

@RZ. I posted those links on Desiree on another thread earlier today for which I received abuse from @madmax. Am surprised he didn’t respond to you likewise!”

Oh you got responsed all right, hehe ;

“Bad Knee Rules Says:
I would rather have that civillized Swiss custom than this barbaric Spanish custom in the middle of Europe…

Its a real lull time in tennis when the blog is littered with non tennis items and one guy having a conversation with himself for personal bad comedic entertainment.

Giles Says:

Skeezer the geezer is stalking me AGAIN!
Skeezer the geezer has a new idol called “Desiree”. Don’t milk her too much!! Lol

TennisZod Says:

HE, there must be some Nole fans on tennistalk, no? Or did it have only Rafans? Then I’m not surprised they had to shut down the site.


Hawkeye Says:

Wow I guess there really has been very little tennis since Sept. 2011 then.


Giles Says:
skeezer the geezer. Just for you!

Bad Knee Rules Says:

Since there is not much talk about tennis (it is safe to come back for a sec) let us swich to football. For Liverpool fans, this is 95,000 thousand people on MCG two night ago singing YNWA, enjoy it. Melbournians proved again when it comes to sport they are twice as good as Sydneysiders. ManU played in Sydney last week and it was like in theatre compare to this:

Hi skeezer, I admire your patience and will to stick around!

Steve 27 Says:

Federer has two cows now.

madmax Says:

Giles Says:
@RZ. I posted those links on Desiree on another thread earlier today for which I received abuse from @madmax. Am surprised he didn’t respond to you likewise!

July 24th, 2013 at 3:56 pm

Seriously Giles, try not to be so childish! I love the fact that you take the time to send us fed fans pictures of cows and fed looking handsome and smiling. So please, keep them coming. It brings a smile to my face, it really does. I just find it interesting that you seem to be such a fed fan, when there is a tennis blog here on rafa, you hardly post there any more.

Guess you must love the fed more and more, and that Giles, I do like!

Everyone that mentioned here how many ‘monikers’ and ‘invaders’ seem to be here, it is because the trash tennis site, tennistalk has closed down! Apart from the writings of Ricky Dimon, (always worth a read, that’s for sure), the battles and crap talk from posters here who used to frequent that site, and then some, are now here to spoil the intelligent conversation.

Skeezer, I think it was you who mentioned there is a lot more trashtalk here than ever before. Now you know why. They can’t trash each other over there, see the names who have ‘popped up’ after a long time, you know who they are, I just hope that they will be moderated. Sean is pretty good at that, so hopefully they won’t get away with too much slaggin off – and am starting to love Giles more and more. Really am because he is such a fed fan!

Let’s hope that the intelligent tennis conversation returns once the hard court swing is in place, and the likes of Green, SG1, grendel (love grendel, really do), Dave, Michael and the long, intelligent post brigade stay here to provide us with the real analysis of tennis.

Ben and Sean, beware please that tennistalk has closed down, the site is there, but they have said ‘farewell’ – no moderation on that site at all. Please make sure that the invaders don’t invade the faithful over here.

madmax Says:

Some interesting news:

Heineken tennis Open tournament director Karl Budge is readying himself for another shot at convincing Roger Federer to head to Auckland.

The 17-time grand slam winner will start 2014 at the Brisbane International, leaving the door slightly open on an appearance at Stanley Street the following week.

Budge says they had discussions with the world number five’s agent Tony Godsick at Wimbledon and will do so again.

Budge says they’re hopeful of being in a position to announce some signings before the US Open.

Federer recently dropped to number five in the world, his lowest ranking in a decade after an early ousting at Wimbledon, where he was the defending champion.

ertorque Says:

Impossible to return well if at all with a single backhand balls that come off Brand’s racquet.

the DA Says:

This match is painful to watch. Brands is playing well, especially on BPs, but not THAT well. Maybe it is his back. In any case I’m willing to bet Roger ditches the new racquet before the HC swing.

pitchaboy Says:

GOAT playing like a goat.

TGIT Says:

Note to Fed you are playing on clay so please stop trying to play serve and volley.

green900 Says:

What the hell? I just turned onto ATP and saw that Federer lost first round in GSTAAD! What the hell is happening here?

TGIT Says:

Wow, the humiliation tour continues.

His technique is now closer to the Tracy Austin moonballs.

He is way late on his forehand side and has now power when he hits it.

jatin Says:

I think his back is bothering him way too much which is affecting his forehand

But he is not done yet

Giles Says:

New racquet bad decision or does fed still need time to adjust?

TGIT Says:

He is done.

Anyone on tour now thinks they have a chance against Fed. Even I think I have a chance against Fed.

It is not the racquet.

Poor footwork and timing are not from the racquet and Fed can no longer serve his way out of trouble.

Again, stop rushing the net on clay. Are you kidding me!!!

El Flaco Says:

TGIT Says:
It is not the racquet.
– – – – – – – – – –
You have no idea what you are talking about.

TGIT Says:

^you wish

Steve 27 Says:


The Great Davy Says:

It’s looks more like ham than cow. Definitely less ham than goat.

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