Watch Rafael Nadal Hit Novak Djokovic In The Face Tonight [Video]
by Tom Gainey | August 10th, 2013, 11:21 pm

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic continued their rival with yet another epic, but it wasn’t without some extra spice. Midway through a tight third set at 2-2, 30-30 with Nadal serving, the Spaniard tagged Djokovic in the face with a response off a drop shot.

Nadal tried to apologize but Djokovic was having none of it.

Djokovic’s father, Srdjan, remarked two weeks ago that his son and Nadal are no longer friends. This incident won’t help matters. Uncle Toni, who did not make the trip to Canada, must have applauded the effort from his newphew.

Wimbledon champion Andy Murray, who’ll play in the doubles final Sunday, also liked the shot.

Nadal went on to win the match in a third set tiebreaker 64, 36, 76 to advance to the Rogers Cup Montreal final tomorrow against Milos Raonic.

Here’s the video:

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19 Comments for Watch Rafael Nadal Hit Novak Djokovic In The Face Tonight [Video]

Anna Says:

Rafa was looking at the ball when he hit it, not Nole. It happens. This is tennis after all.

Steve 27 Says:

this reminded another classic shots of Lendl against Vitas and Mc Enroe:
Oh, tell me about tension!

James Says:

lol Andy Murray, you devil.

metan Says:

Andy starts to stir the pot, after all those praising from papa Djokovic. Saaaaaddddd .

Sean Randall Says:

Didn’t Novak’s father say Murray was still a friend of Novak’s (unlike Federer/Rafa)? That tweet could change things!

metan Says:

Sean, that’s exactly shows how misinformed papa Djokovic is.

Fedster Says:

Murray is deliberately doing this to mock at senior jerkovic.

Steve 27 Says:

This is definitely the hot shot of the day!

Me Says:

Poor defense from Novak. He knew his drop was poor. Be ready for anything that is thrown at you.

Nadal apologizes but Novak ignored it. That is in my opinion very unsportsmanlike.

Humble Rafa Says:

You have to remember that I hit him on the face with my backhand. If this had happened on the forehand, we will be talking about 2 “separate” things – the head and its owner.

Margot Says:

Lol Sean, Andy is a huge boxing fan and loves a good scrap.
Can’t stand boxing myself, but hey, nobody’s perfect…;)

Giles Says:

I posted this on another thread but think it belongs here.
Tweet from Pseudofed :
A little disappointed at the handshake and chat at the net, was hoping for the fisty fights. #Rocky

nadalista Says:

Don’t understand the hullabaloo over this tbh.

During the South American swing, Rafa played Almagro and Almagro drilled him with a ball and poor Almagro was mortified and apologised profusely but Rafa was furious. Being Rafa of course he did not vent his fury at Almagro, he vented it on the ball. I promise you Rafa’s level rose after that incident.

So, I was not surprised to see Novak was not amused when it happened to him, who would be, catching one in the gob like that? But these guys are professionals. By the time the match ended, Rafa and Nico and forgotten about the incident, and I am sure the same with Rafa and Novak yesterday.

Cena Says:

what’s the big deal??? it’s tennis…it happens. ’nuff said!!!

max Says:

I picture this: Rafa “I am sorry Novak” – Nole “No you are not”…and watching Nadal walking back to the baseline and smiling confirms that – he was not sorry.

queen Says:

he was not sorry??? No he was like “don’t want my aplogy…fine whatever…

suzette Says:

Someone is always wanting to stir the pot. Novak said that the shot in the face was a moot point because he and Rafa had already put it behind them. As for Andy’s comment, it is his sense of humour much like when being questioned about forgetting to acknowledge his mum after his Wimbledon win. He replied ” Oh yeah,I heard her sqwaking in the background”. If you want to find fault, you can find criticism in antthing if you put your mind to it hard enough.

WTF Says:

I don’t think that was intentional. Or rather personal. Just like a body serve. If you can’t block/return it, it’s your own fault. It’s legal and a legitimate tactic to serve into the body.

Whether Nadal intended to hit Nole in the face or not is irrelevant. Nole’s job is to deflect it and he couldn’t do it.

But I don’t think he meant it.. it was a desperate attempt to retrieve the ball for him. If he had plenty of time to line up the shot and decide which way to go, that might be different. Even then, it’s a valid tactic to hit directly to your opponent if he’s expecting you to hit to either side of him.

Nole is crying over spilt milk IMO. It did not look like it would have hurt him, it was not struck hard.

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