Uh Oh: Rafael Nadal’s Left Knee Is Flaring Up Again, He Hopes It’s Nothing Serious
by Tom Gainey | October 5th, 2013, 4:38 pm

After his 3-set quarterfinal win Friday over Fabio Fognini, Rafael Nadal admitted that during the first point of the match he experienced some discomfort in his chronically injured left knee.

“When something happens in a place that is sensitive for me, you get scared, first thing,” said Nadal. “Second thing, I felt pain at the beginning. I don’t feel comfortable with my movements for all the match, but it’s true that I improved during the match. So that’s important.

Nadal pressed on and came back on Fognini despite being down 62, 41.

“I finished the match with a little bit more confidence on my movements than what I had during the first set and‑‑ almost two sets. But I really hope that it’s only a bad movement. Just hopefully it’s not nothing serious and I will be 100% ready for tomorrow.

“But, you know, when something happened like this in the first point in the match, your knee, you know, the memory stays there and is very difficult to be 100% focused on the match because you are thinking about if I really did a bad movement or not.

“I don’t felt power on the knee when I was running to the balls for long time in the match, but what’s very positive is I really was feeling better and better during the match. So if something very bad happening, going to be the opposite.”

Nadal only needed his knee for six games today against Tomas Berdych who retired down 42 in the first set with a back injury. But tomorrow the knee will get a big workout against Novak Djokovic in the final.

As part of a busy finish to the year, following Tokyo Rafa is scheduled to play in Shanghai next week.

Nadal has won his last 30 matches on hardcourts. He’s 26-0 on the surface since returning to the sport in February after missing seven months due to the same left knee.

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25 Comments for Uh Oh: Rafael Nadal’s Left Knee Is Flaring Up Again, He Hopes It’s Nothing Serious

Niamh Says:

lol this guy is so full of it. if he’d lost to fognini, he’d have an excuse all ready with that MTO and now he can use it with if he loses to djokovic. i don’t understand how anyone can be a fan of a player who uses tactics like this.

Giles Says:

No drama, Rafa fell and scraped his left knee on the concrete.
He is absolutely fine. So no need for Uh Oh’s.
Vamos Champ!
Stay Healthy!

Giles Says:

“lol this guy is so full of it …..”. Er, “this guy” happens to be the new World Number One. Show some respect and learn some manners! Thank you!

Miki Says:

Giles, altough I have huge respect towards Nadal, you have to be blind not to see what he is doing. It basically turns out that he only loses when something is bothering him, especially his famous knees. And he gets away it it, so I am not even calling him guilty, back in the day he probably did it to avoid criticism, and once he noticed people are falling for it, he continued doing the same thing over and over again. I don’t blame him, mind games are a powerful tool in every sport, especially tennis. But I blame the tennis world for believing everything he says.

Kathy Says:

The writer of this piece starts by saying, “Rafael Nadal admitted that during the first point of the match he experienced some discomfort in his chronically injured left knee.” As though he was saying it was a flare up of his previous injury. No mention of a fact that was plain for all to see. he bent his knee and banged it on the concrete court in the first point of the match. If I had an injury to the knee that had previously cost me seven months off the circuit I would be concerned about any possible damage caused. It was a legitimate concern,but some people are so quick to criticize.

holdserve Says:

Ha ha the haters are drowning in their own bile! What a bitter experience!!!
Whether Rafa wins today or not, he is World # 1 and easily the best player of the year with 2 GS and 5 Masters!!!
Rafa doesn’t need excuses!
Stay healthy Champ in 2014 and beyond and win many more grand slams!!!!!
Vamos Rafa!!!!!
Let’s hope Muzz returns healthy in 2014. Another great and humble player.
Vamos Muzz!!!!!

skeezer Says:

Of course his knee is nothing serious

……………unless he loses…….

holdserve Says:

Who said Rafa’s knee is not serious? It is only haters who insist it is not.
Rafa has chronic knee problems resulting from his congenital foot problem.
To add to his woes, last year he tore his patellar tendon and was out for 7 months.
Isn’t that serious? Did anyone other than haters say it was nothing? Haters have come up with the most fantastic theories to explain why Rafa stayed away for 7 months. These theories are so fanciful, one can euphemistically describe them as extreme disconnects from reality.

So skeezer what on earth are you talking about?
Earth calling planet skeezer? Are you in another Universe?

holdserve Says:

For Rafa, healthy means his knees allow him to be competitive. His knees will never be 100% healed.
He never makes his knees the excuse for his losses. He lost at Wimbly and USO 2011 , he lost at AO 2012 where his knee probably already had the tear.

But did he say it was because of his knees? No.

When his knees no longer allow him to be competitive, he takes a break to heal them to the extent that he feels they would not impede free movement.
He always plays in great pain.But he plays as long as he feels his competitiveness is not compromized.

Humble Rafa Says:

Of course his knee is nothing serious

……………unless he loses…….

That’s right. Healthy Humble never loses.

Okiegal Says:

Rafa never brings up the knee in his interviews……he doesn’t have to….the reporter does. So how can he not talk about?? I think the reporters bring it up so all of the non-Rafa fans can get on sites like this one and rant about that same old theory……if he wins no injury and in case he loses he will have an excuse. This subject is so redundant. He did scrape the knee…why can’t we just leave it at that.

@Skeezer You seem to know so much about tennis….except that it is not possible for Rafa to have knee problems. I have never played tennis a day in my life but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Rafa’s style of play is hazardous to one’s health. I don’t understand how you can make a statement like that.

Michael Says:

Rafa and his team must be very careful and ensure that he is not over exposed. Today’s Nadal’s biggest problem is not the competition but his own body. It is his body which is his worthy competitor. I hope Rafa learning from his previous experience just concentrate on scheduling his tournaments in the most judicious way so as not to over tax his body. He has already paid a very heavy price for his laxity on this score in 2009 as well as 2012. I hope history is not repeated once again and Nadal stays fit. Let us hope for the best for the sake of Rafa and his admirers.

metan Says:

Thanks Michael awesome post as usual. Actually Rafa played this week little bit below par. I just afraid he was exhausted and he can’t make it well in WTF. The rest of titles after USO I care less.I hope he stays healthy and is not over playing matches.

metan Says:

Hi Courbon- Thanks.
I guess your man wins. RAFA looks like very tired. If he raises his game he will have a chance to beat Nole otherwise it is impossible. So let’s see the game.

Hamza Says:

Rafa’s knee , like Achilles heel , is a phrase that shall be used to describe somebody’s mortal weakness.

Usage examples:

1) Federer’s backhand is his Rafa’s knee against Rafa.
2) Rafa’s knees have been his Rafa’s knee throughout his career.
3) A GOAT debate with too many Rafa fans is skeezer’s Rafa’s knee.

Michael Says:


Thanks !! Even if Rafa is to skip tournaments during the rest of the year, his No.1 ranking is not likely to be threatened. It is Novak who will be on the job of defending his points having won WTF last year as well as the China Open. So, Rafa may stay cool on that score. Regarding this match today, it is difficult to predict the winner, but in my opinion Rafa has the edge considering that he is the player with momentum and Novak is playing catch up. However, since it is best of three sets, it may go either way with just a few points making the difference between victory and defeat. More than Rafa, the pressure is on Novak to win this one and this might be an impediment in his pursuit of victory. He needs this very badly and how that will shape his game can only be a guess ?

metan Says:

Hamza at 1.17am Cool Post. YOU SAID ALL.
We need more Rafa fans like you. Hehehe.!

skeezer Says:

“He never makes his knees the excuse for his losses.”

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Earth to holdserve.

skeezer Says:

You got it right there! ;)

holdserve Says:

True metan. Rafa looks very tired. I thought that the moment I saw his first pictures from Beijing.
But you can never write off Rafa.
Anyway, I just don’t want Rafa to run himself into the ground. Hope he manages his knees properly.
His goal is year end # 1 and that is what is important. I don’t care if he loses China Open. But it would be nice if he won. I can never have enough of seeing Rafa biting his trophies!!!!!
Vamos Champ! I am waiting for that moment when you are once again crowned the year end #1!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Great post from Kathy @ 7.43pm October 5th,im not making excuses for Rafa,but a little perpective sometimes wouldnt go amiss,rather than people jumping to conclussions all the time.

didi Says:

Nadal how many WTF trophies- ZERO!!!!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Didi eeerr whats that got to do with Rafas knees?

tenis mad Says:

rafa just say his knee whenever he lose

hawkeye Says:

Ajde Nole, congrats to Beijing champ once more! Nole should do well in Shanghai with little to bother him before the finals.

Vamos Rafa the GOAT back to where he belongs at No. 1.

So many past and present TENNIS Greats can’t be wrong, no?

Look forward to another chapter in tennis’ best rivalry in the finals next week!

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