Federer Denies Dimitrov In Basel; Serena Leads Semis At WTA Championships
by Staff | October 25th, 2013, 11:56 pm

In a long-awaited showdown between master and apprentice, Roger Federer took down Grigor Dimitrov 6-3, 7-6 in the quarterfinals today in Basel.

Federer flew out to a quick first set in under 40 minutes, twice breaking an overwhelmed Dimitrov. But the Bulgarian nosed out ahead in the second. Then with momentum on his side Dimitrov failed to serve it out, and Federer took the match in a tiebreak much to the delight of Swiss crowd.

“Tonight was one of those nights where I was able to win the right points, but it was bit of an up and down match from both sides,” Federer said after his first match against Dimitrov.

Federer, who appears to be days from officially securing a spot in London, moves on to play another youngster, 23-year-old Canadian Vasek Pospisil in the semis on Saturday.

In the other semi, top seed and 300-match winner Juan Martin Del Potro duel Edouard Roger-Vasselin.

“It’s a pleasure winning my 300th match on tour, doing it here in Basel, against Mathieu,” said Del Potro who is defending his 2012 Basel title this week. “I think I played really well. I don’t know if I deserved that, but it’s like a gift for all my efforts for many, many years of work. I am looking forward to [trying to] reach the final once again. I am trying to go far and repeat what I did last year.”

In Valencia, the semis pit David Ferrer against Nicolas Almagro and Dimitry Tursunov vs. Mikhail Youzhny.

The semifinals are set at the year-end WTA Championship in Istanbul. Emerging from the Red group are Serena Williams and Petra Kvitova. From the White it’s Li Na and Jelena Jankovic.

The semis tomorrow will feature Serena against Jankovic. Li Na will face Kvitova. Both Williams and Li na capped their perfect round robin runs this week. Three-time champ Serena is rolling having her last 13 matches at the event. Li Na knocked out a weary world No. 2 Victoria Azarenka 6-2, 6-1.

“I know this is not the best way to win the match,” Li said afterwards. “I saw her a little bit bothered with her back but she kept playing, so it was very tough for me mentally.

“If she were healthy she would have been a very tough opponent today. Unfortunately she wasn’t healthy. I have to enjoy this moment, but I hope the injury isn’t too bad and she can come back soon.”

Kvitova, who gained a semifinal berth beating fellow lefty Angelique Kerber today, is looking forward to face Li.

“She’s a good friend of mine,” said Kvitova who is 31-4 indoors since the start of 2011. “It’s always good to play against her and it’s always a tough match. We just played three sets in Beijing. But right now I’m just really happy about my win today – I really wanted to get to the semifinals this week. But of course it’s going to be tough tomorrow.”

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94 Comments for Federer Denies Dimitrov In Basel; Serena Leads Semis At WTA Championships

Michael Says:

If Roger can win Basel then his place is assured for the World Tour Finals. It is a good win against Dmitrov and it should definitely bring in some confidence in himself. It is all that he needs today, confidence and much more.

metan Says:

Do you mean without winning Basel Roger won’t be in WTF. It is so weird for me if he won’t be there. How about Paris??
I thought he is in now when Andy Murray is withdraw. How to get this WTF qualification or invitation??

Go Roger. Wish you best of luck for next match!

Matthew Says:

Hey Metan – what Michael means is that if Roger wins Basel, then it doesn’t matter what happens in Paris. Roger could lose first round or not even play – he’s still be in the WTF.

If Roger doesn’t win in Basel, it’s still mathematically possible for him to not make it to London, but in any case, it’s extremely unlikely. Roger’s going to be in London at the WTF, unless some very, very unlikely stuff happens next week.

Steve 27 Says:

This generations sucks big time

madmax Says:

Well done to Roger for reaching the SF. From what Brando said, there was some vintage Fed which is very pleasing.

Interesting take from Laver.


Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Didnt see the match unfortunatly,due to work commitments,but that was a great win against a talented up and coming player,as Brando said Roger rolled back the years with this performance,which must have been fabulous to see him playing that type of tennis again.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Hopefully we,ll get a Delpo/Federer final in Basel now.

Perfect fan Says:

Jus had a look at the paris bercy draw….gotta say it, I m still shaking….fed’s possible path to the finals is like “walk on fire” or rather “thru the hell’s mouth” :(

I wnt be surprised a bit if fed exits 1st round coz Youzhny is playing like a top 5 player currently….nex possibly Haas….thn delpo….novak….rafa…..WTF(literally)?? >:(

I vl be GOD DAMNED….!!

courbon Says:

@ Perfect Fan:
Definetely ‘Walk on fire@…Novaks draws is tough also-Isner, wawrinka, Delpo, Rafa?(Sorry but Delpo is in-form and Fed not so much, so I’ll be surprised if Federer beats Delpo ).Well, Rafa is in the final for sure-we will see other half.By the current form probably Novak or Delpo…but I think there will be upsets on the way (Isner-Novak? or like you said Youzny-Federer?)

courbon Says:

@ Perfect Fan: I’v just seen Basel results…Fed is in a trouble.Like I said yesterday,Vasek guy is getting better and better

tennisfansince76 Says:

Tight match. Too bad I don’t have tennis channel. I haven’t seen Vasek play yet. I have to say his last name sounds like a pimple cream.

courbon Says:

@tennisfansince76: Its funny name for sure.I’v seen him once play and he is very promising.But Fed will wrap it now.Boy had a chance at 3;1 but blow it.

Giles Says:

Streaky play from fed today but eventually gets the job done.

madmax Says:

Actually Giles it was NOT streaky play. You completely don’t give federer any credit at all. Always putting him down, you love it don’t you?

Brando, sorry you were not here to commentate; I was really lucky as I was able to get a whole live stream of the match. First set was good, second set was close, tie breaker, and I was pooing my pants a little, I have to say. That could have gone either way, but went to Popsis. Wow. I have never seen him play before, he reminds me of the UK footballer, Peter Crouch. Very thin and tall, almost ungainly when he plays, but a very strong hitter.

The third set well, god. Have bitten off all my nails (fingers and toes!), firstly could not believe that fed had it in him to break twice, but he did. However, the thing that got me most of all is I just feel that, and know that, he is not the same player. Firstly, he was sweating. (I never see Fed sweat), then I kick myself and say, ‘Hey! The guy is “allowed” to sweat” He has earnt it!, he played some absolutely magical shots and his back hand was right on form today. So I am very proud of my man for fighting hard and I forget that whenever I hear him say “C’MON!”, he is really fighting and really wanting this. He said it so many more times than I have heard him of late.

So congratulations to him.

Petchy and the sky team were reporting on the match, so it was good to hear what they were saying about Roger. They applauded him for his movement, so that was a tick in the box, said that his forehand let him down a few times, but that mostly, this was Roger Federer and he was used to being put in a corner, and used to fighting. Because of the terrible year he has had in comparison, we tend to dwell on this and not on the delight it is to watch him when he plays the way we know he can.

I thought the moments that Roger played best were when he took those chances which he rarely takes now, when he is more aggressive and rushes to the net. I can tell you there were some very fine shots from Roger tonight. Seriously, they were magical moments for me.

He fought all the way to the end, and this time it was his time to celebrate, but he had to work for it. Nothing is easy for Roger these days, but he for me, he will always be the greatest.

If only he could take these risks more, take those chances and be aggressive. He seems to lack the confidence in himself from the start of the match. I wonder why. He knows surely he cannot get into the long rallies with other players, he jut can’t do that any more.

Even a 3 setter now, I can see, takes it out of him. But when in a corner, when the chips are down, something happens to him. He really fights.

Some of his shot making again was sublime, Popsi was hitting a lot of the shots to Roger’s backhand, and mostly Roger was able to respond well. Petchy said that it was really difficult to achieve some of the shots which Roger did when he hit the return with “an open stance” as it was difficult to maintain the balance on court, but that Roger was able to do that.

I bet he was relieved though, to win. He worked hard tonight. Tomorrow is another day. Del po awaits.

I hope Roger sleeps well and is able to do the job in 2 straight sets tomorrow, but he has made a final and I am sure that will give him some confidence.

Giles Says:

Hey madmax calm down. From what I saw, IMO it was streaky play. Why didn’t he close it out in the second set? Maybe he wanted to play a third for some more practice!!!

Margot Says:

Just call him “Poppit” cos he is! :)

madmax Says:

Giles, are you missing rafa playing? Is it because you stalk him all the time and when he is not around right you get bored, right? I honestly dont understand why you would even be bothered about how federer is playing. You didn’t watch the match yet you say he was “streaky?”.

Why didn’t he close it out in the second you ask?

I have no idea Giles. May be you could answer for us? But I don’t see playing in a tie breaker as something which he should be ashamed of, nor that it could be described as “streaky”.

Return question? I guess you could ask the same question of rafa? Why did he lose the first three sets to steve darcis at Wimbledon? I mean, it’s a pathetic question to ask. The second set was a tiebreaker, can’t get closer than that. Clearly you don’t know anything about tie breakers.

What we tend to forget is the many records that Roger still builds up, despite his awful (by comparison), year.

Federer has now won 50 matches at the ATP World Tour 500 tournament in Basel. It is the fifth different tournament he’s won 50 or more matches:

Tournament Win-Loss Record
Australian Open 68-10
Wimbledon 67-8
US Open 67-9
Roland Garros 58-14
Swiss Indoors Basel 50-8

He is just brilliant.

madmax Says:

Oh Giles, I forgot to say, Rafa played two tiebreakers against Darcis at Wimbledon. Can you tell me why he couldn’t close it out?

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Congrats Roger and fans,its been a difficult year,and you,ve had to stomach alot of of negativity,that was a a great performance,im pulling for him in the final,as i think he needs it more than Delpo to build his confidence,hope its a great final anyway,off topic has anyone taken part in Kimberlys bracket challenge for Paris?

madmax Says:

alison, do you have the link for the paris bracket challenge? Kimberley has been quiet lately, so if you have it, wouldn’t mind having a few picks for fun. :) I had a problem last time trying to get on, may be this time I will be successful ?

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Madmax sorry no,i just went to msn homepage,and typed in atp world tour bracket challenge and took it from there,im sorry i havent a clue about how you put up links on a forum,i wouldnt know where to start.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

^Its straight forward when you know how i suppose,when its your 1st time,you fill out your password,name and other details,then a user name,then at the top click on my bracket,fill it out,then at the bottom theres a button that says save picks which you press,theres another button that says groups and if you press that you can scroll down to tennis x posters theres 22 of us i believe,click on that and there are all us contestants,keep trying im sure you,ll get there,it is dificult 1st time.^

Giles Says:

Madmax. I did watch the match actually. I still maintain streaky play from fed!!

Brando Says:

@Giles, Madmax:

Come on guys: let it slide and be friendly with one another.

I’m a fan of both of your viewpoints and admire your strong position, passion in most of your opinions, so a polite request:

More of what I like from you both (sincere, forthright opinions) and less of what doesn’t suite your better qualities (needless back and forth).


Brando Says:

@Madmax, Courbon:

Unfortunately I did not watch the match. I caught the Manchester United v Stoke City game, and then tuned into the El Clasico (Barca won- vamos!).

I did however catch the 2nd set tie break at half time in El Clasico and some thought:

– Re Vasek:

I liked his intensity Courbon in how he seemed to be positive at a important moment, wanting to win the big points. Good sign of mental composure.

Fed didn’t seem to as sharp as I saw last night, but TBH: he really did not make any big mistakes IMO.

Vasek hit a fantastic cross court BH to bring up set point, and of course: he’s got a good serve.

– Madmax:

Thanks for the feedback. I think the result ultimately sums it all up for Fed:

Relative to recent tournys, he’s undoubtedly on a upward curve.

I’m pleased for him and glad that he’ll face Delpo tomorrow. Good luck to him.

-‘he reminds me of the UK footballer, Peter Crouch’:

LMAO- how true! Crouch actually peeved me off big time when he scored today. He turned the Theater of Dreams into the Theater of Nightmares!

Anyhow, catch up with you all tomorrow. Night.

Josh39485 Says:


I hate to admit it, but the man himself was quite streaky at the end of the second set, and looked tired/disinterested at the beginning of the third. It must have taken a big mental effort to break back and then serve out the match.
Nevertheless, he was great in for the first part f the match – all the way until 6-3, 5-3, 15-0.

hawkeye Says:

Fed was a little streaky but not as inconsistent as Popsicle.

Vashy only served 42% for the match and his serve is usually a strength. Too many nervy UEs from him but he’s still improving.

Loved his attitude on the court. Didn’t get too down on himself and was able to move onto the next point.

Tennis is two-thirds mental and one-third physical.

Doubt that Delpo will be as inconsistent. Delpo in three is the pick. (BTW I picked Fed for the win today.)

madmax Says:

Nope, sorry guys. In now way was Roger’s game “streaky”. He should be described as a fighter. He could have given up when the going got tough, but he held in on there. This is what popsi said:

“Roger is a champion and he came up with some really good shots when he needed them. That made the difference. He played great on the big points.”


You didnt answer my question:

“Oh Giles, I forgot to say, Rafa played two tiebreakers against Darcis at Wimbledon. Can you tell me why he couldn’t close it out?

October 26th, 2013 at 2:32 pm

Wondered if you are able to come up with some kind of excuse?

Brando! You are naughty! The kafuffles you have got yourself into after gettin some things off your chest, “going back and forth”, so whilst I appreciate the gentle nudge, I don’t need your advice :)

madmax Says:

Doesnt surprise me hawkeye you should say this.

hawkeye Says:

Would you prefer if I said Fed played great throughout and still barely managed to beat a guy outside the Top 30 who wasn’t at his best serving a poor 42% on first serve with too many unforced errors?

Anyway, good luck to your man tomorrow and chillax.

James Says:

So, baby Gasquet was no match for 32 years old Federer. He did put up a good fight though in 2nd set, didn’t he?

Gasquet aka former ‘baby Federer’ can be proud of the new “baby Federer”.

Gasquet in his baby Federer days:

I Love Tennis Says:

Just glad that Fed won, but really on the second set he looked bored and sometimes not interested at all to finish the match. From what i’ve seen it looks like he wanted to play an extra set for the crowd believing that he will get the win in the end, but Posposil played better and it became tight, and Fed needed to work really hard, and it paid off. Goodluck with Delpo, it will be a different battle.

Giles Says:

@ madmax. I didn’t answer your “question” because quite frankly it doesn’t deserve an answer. I will leave you to work that one out.
Vamos Rafa!

madmax Says:

Giles it is obviously because you can’t come up with an answer because there isn’t one. Seriously, when its all about fed i’ts “why didnt he close it out?”, when it’s all about rafa, it’s “it doesn’t deserve an answer”.

Pathetic analysis Giles.

madmax Says:

hawkeye Says:
Would you prefer if I said Fed played great throughout and still barely managed to beat a guy outside the Top 30 who wasn’t at his best serving a poor 42% on first serve with too many unforced errors?

No hawkeye, but may be give a little more credit to federer (whoops, that’s a no no then), because when you discuss his first serve percentage, you forget the less than 25% first serve of popsi and the fact that Federer toughed it out. I guess its the difference between concentrating on the negative and the positive.

You tend to do the former, I prefer the latter. That’s the difference.

Very proud of federer who came through on the big points when it mattered the most. That’s the difference.

Giles, Nadal played two tie breakers, why didn’t he close it out and why did he lose the third set to Darcis?

Giles Says:

@madmax. I thought this thread is about Fed and Basel. Why oh why are you involving Rafa?
You seem to be a rather delirious Fedfan. I hope, if only for the sake of your sanity, fed wins today.
Vamos Rafa!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Streaky or not streaky that is the question? TBH does it really matter? Roger won the match playing brilliant tennis anyway,it was a great match,congrats and best of luck to him for the final.

madmax Says:

Giles, yes, a Federer thread, so why you mentioning rafa?

Oh, still can’t answer the question. Clearly not someone up for an honest discussion because you cannot answer it. Don’t give what you can’t take.

madmax Says:

Vamos Federer! not Vamos Rafa! Stick to the Rafa threads Giles.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

^Shouldnt it be,Allez Roger,and Vamos Rafa,sorry just wondering^.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Madmax any luck with the bracket challenge?

courbon Says:

@ Giles: There is a website called ‘Vamos.com’.
Over there you can write million times Vamos in any language you want ( as long as it spelled “Vamos” ).Very interesting and with like minded people also. I have a felling there are all Nadal fans, but I’m not sure. You should check it-it’s right up your street!

Giles Says:

@Courbon. I don’t need any advice from you. FYI I don’t do website hopping, I will leave that to you as you seem to be well informed. Me, am quite happy posting on Tennis X.
@Madmax. I am not keen on discussing Rafa with a Fedfan for obvious reasons, so goodbye!

Giles Says:


Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Courbon hi big Rafa fan here as you know,but not a sight i would care to join particularly,sure it would be fluffy Rafa love all day long,but surely theres only so much nicey/nicey talk a person can stomach,and variety as they say is the spice of life,personally i like a site where theres a diverse group of fans of all players,theres many Roger/Rafa/Nole/Andy fans here,but its also great when fans of other plaers join in the conversation,it would be lovely to see more fans of other players posting like Emily(Delpo fan,and good luck to your man in the final),and Volley(Tsonga fan,a very talented player),i would be interested to see some Berdych fans posting,but maybe because the guy gets such alot of stick that they dont dare?which would be a shame,as fans of all players should be welcomed.

Giles Says:

^^^ Maybe, just maybe, fans of the players you mention are not as passionate about their fave’s as some of us are on this site!

courbon Says:

Whoouh, Giles…It was a light hearted joking.But,there is one thing that I’m curious:
When you have a intimate moments with your partner it must be funny you shouting all the time ‘Vamos’! It must be exhausting for your neighbours to listen all night…

Ah! I got it! To be passionate fan , you have to write the same words over and over!I got it.So I should write ‘Ajde’ at least 5 times a day and would be the best Novaks fan! Thanks Giles, you just opened my eyes!
I also noticed that does not mater if the tread is not about Novak.Like you, you can write on any tread-it all counts.You can probably write even on a blogs about cooking-it all counts!
That’s it-I’ll be the most passionate fan in the world!I will go to BBC blogs, ESPN,CNN any other I can think off and write ‘Ajde’ at least 5 times a day…
Thanks, Giles.

courbon Says:

@ Hippy Chic:
You are right. Its nice when is mixed.When is too much of one group it gets fanatical and boring for all others.I noticed it goes in intervals-and usually ( as Brando says often ) when one favourite wins, there is always, for a month or so, more of those supporters on the blog.
By the way, Liverpool is getting hot this season!What a win yesterday…

Hawkeye Says:

I was referring to Pospisil’s poor serving, not TMF (who served quite well).

Aside: It’s ironic that the one complaining about Rafa being discussed on a Fed article is the one who first mentions him on this thread. Says a lot. Hilarious!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Courbon LMAO,just to let you know i dont spend all of my intimate moments with Mr TXHC shouting VAMOS,VAMOS,VAMOS,simply for the sake of my neighbour,anyway as you say i think blogging goes in fits and starts depending on how well ones favorite is doing,as for LVC YEAH what a win i would love to see them win the Premier League if only to P*SS OFF my other half,who happens to be an Everton supporter grrr,the are actually 3rd on my list of fav football teams after YCFC and CCFC,2 of them are doing well and the others doing crap,still 2 outa 3 aint bad i suppose.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

^BTW not a Chelsea supporter,but im loving seeing Jose back at the bridge,luurve Jose,touch of arogance,with a touch of humour,very sexy.
Also miss the days of Bruce Grobolar goalkeeping at LVC,although i am going back a bit now admitidly.^

Giles Says:

@courbon. You are very welcome.I was pleased to assist you in opening your eyes! Now you know!
I have good neighbours. They join in in Vamosing Rafa!
Vamos Rafa!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Giles maybe so,but maybe they are a bit fed up,that theres not more fans of other players.

courbon Says:

@ Hippy Chic: A, you are silent type then?
Just joking, don’t answer that! Somebody will think we are to perverts that blog on the wrong site.
Home rivaly? They are good Everton, aren’t they?
I’m just taking a light piss taking with Giles.Once, he did not post for 4-5 days and I actually missed his Vamos! Giles Vamos, Harry’s mathematical explanations, Michaels clever analythics-its all part of tennis-x world.

courbon Says:

@ Giles: Good too hear that. On actual topic of tennis-you must be pleased with Rafas draw at Bercy?

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

I would love to see some Berdych fans posting on this forum,just to see how they would feel about him as a player,and all the negativity he has to stomach,knowing how he feels about Berdych,i would be interested in Skeezers reaction too he he?

Giles Says:

@Courbon. Ahh, you mean you missed me when I didn’t post for 4-5 days? Good to know. :-)

Hawkeye Says:

What negativity does Berdy have to stomach?

Giles Says:

@courbon. Rafa’s draw is not bad on paper but they still have to play the matches. Hope he wins all of them!

Brando Says:

Liverpool doing well is just plain wrong. Arsenal doing better is even way worse.

When Man United hired Gollum to be the manager sadly such awful things are allowed to help.

Fergie: Get a pack of airwaves and come back. We need you, otherwise it’s Championship football for us next year with Gollum in charge!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Courbon lol nothing we have said so far has been put in moderation as yet,but just in case your probably right best not to answer that one,anyway Rafas draw on paper you would think straight forward,hooowwever been as though he typically does crap at this time of year anyway and the draw having JJ,Tsonga etc,so who knows,BTW Everton are a good side but will always be inferior to their Merseyside neighbours ha ha.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Brando they won yesterday,they cant do anymore than that,Davids only been in charge a few months,so give him a chance,and anyway its not how you start its how you finish,see where they are in the league next May which is what counts the most :))..

Giles Says:

Am I the only positive Rafan here?

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

I miss the pound for pounders(Nole fans)Jane,Wogboy,Mat4,Bada Bing and Harry,miss Grendels funny and wise posts,and a heads up to Swiss Maestro and Ajet who seem long gone which is a shame,dont miss the bullying that went on around Wimbledon time,one poster making Margots life a misery.

Brando Says:


You are not.

You are the most unapologetic Rafa fan on here which is something I respect greatly.

You have your views, riddled with passion, and do not seek to toe the popularity line:

I like that.

Fed has fans like those and so does Novak.

Fans who root fervently for their fav and above all else:

Have something to say.

What I dislike greatly is the butt kissing, apologetic fans who have nothing any real worth to say or add but just toe the line the pointless guff.

It’s yawn worthy.

You and others on all end of the fan spectrum stick to rooting for your fav, backing them despite their situation with eternal hope and optimism is just great to see.

Stay as you are Chief and do not change for nobody!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Courbon meant to ask,are you doing the bracket challenge?

Hawkeye Says:

Ditto what Brando says.

Vamos Giles!!!!

Hawkeye Says:

That said. Fed playing brilliantly saving two break points.

Indoor season is here.

courbon Says:

@ Hippy Chic: I gave up on those bracket challenges! To complicated for my simple mind…
You are positive person but I have to side with Brando about Moyes.For me, he is not right manager for MU.
@ Brando and Giles: You guys are president and vice president of RUF ( aka Rafa United Front ).
Hawkeye can be a general secretary.
@ Giles: I think he is guaranted final. I hope he meets Novak there and we have another combat of the Titans!
@ Brando: Leave Arsenal alone!Ok, Wenger is past his date but still good side.What is wrong is them signin Ozil and not MU! Also, as much as I like my fellow Serb Vidic and fellow Londoner Rio, they are getting old and they need fresh blood to start replacing them ASAP.Also midfield needs new guy.Front line is good-Hernandez, Rooney, Persie…

courbon Says:

@ Hawkeye: I like both guys so I’m happy however wins.Probably, Fed needs this much more so I’m kind of supporting Fed…

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Courbon thats a shame,as you won the USO bracket challenge,the masters brackets are much easier,more user friendly.

Giles Says:

@brando. Thank you for your kind words. I didn’t think I deserved that much praise, but I will accept it with good grace. Thank you.
@Hawkeye. Thank you very much.
Vamos Rafa!

Brando Says:


No worries! :-)

courbon Says:

@ Hippy Chic: Last try.What is the website?

Brando Says:


There is a Treasury position open in the RUF- care to join? :-)

Re Manu:

Yep you are right.

King Vida and Rio need replacing. And we urgently need a new midfield. None of them are good enough.

Only Rooney and RVP are awesome in our front 6 right now, the rest are shocking to be honest.

I am jealous of Arsenal’s midfield though: an embarrassment of riches.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Courbon i always go to msn homepage,and type in atp world tour bracket challenge,your details,password etc,and username,at the top it says my bracket,so press that a bracket comes up and you make your picks,after making your picks at the bottom you press save picks,so remember to press save picks,then it comes up ok,it says groups at the top press that and scroll down,you will find tennis x website press that and you will find us pickers,everytime theres a new 1000 masters you shouldnt have to log in as your dtails should come up automatically,its always tricky 1st time,good luck.

courbon Says:

@ Brando: Spot on regarding MU situation.Arsenal always had great midfield but not trophy…so, MU still superior club in last 10 years.
Thanks for kind offer but I’m kind off trying to make my own party. Something like a Novaks Action Group ( aka NAG ).Its just hard to find members at the moment…
and Delpo wins! Good thing regarding Roger is that this is probably the best he played this year.

courbon Says:

@ Hippy Chic: Thanx-I’ll give a try.

Brando Says:



Yep: this was EASILY Fed’s performance all year from what I have seen.

In ONLY game did he play poorly, beyond that his level was very high IMO.

He lost to arguably the most inform player right now in Del Potro, so all things considered: he has to be very happy with how he played.

I know I would be considering where his level was prior to this match and tourny.

courbon Says:

I have to say, Serena is just unbelievable….

courbon Says:

@ Brando:Yep, he should be happy.
I was talking about VaSek other day, that he maybe a future but I thought he was like 19,20.I was wrong-he is 23 so that does not look promising for future Grand Slam contender.If by the age 21 they don’t show some serious results , it’s very hard they will do some damage in ATP tour.
Now, there might be a exception but looking at the past, almost never was.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Courbon any luck with the bracket challenge?

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

^Serena is unbelievable hmm,she doesnt really have much competition,whats the best type of competition you can have?answer no competition,the WTA is is crap IMO,the womens tour is missing the likes of Clijsters and Henin IMO.

Josh39485 Says:

The WTA honestly isn’t that bad. There is quite a lot of competition (for places 2-8 anyway), it’s just that Serena is far too good for anyone. She can carry on playing until she’s 40 and continue racking up win after win.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Josh well exactly,you just get the feeling that everyone else is battling to be 2nd best,like i say Henin and Clijsters are missed in the womens game,she is hell bent on surpassing Steffi,i wouldnt bet against her winning all 4 GS next year if she puts her mind to it,and she actually considers this year dissapointing,due to the fact that she didnt win either the AO or Wimbledon geez.

courbon Says:

@ hippy Chic: Done it. Last time I picked Nadal to win it, this time I picked Novak. We will see.
I go to cook fish byriani tonight-first time so I better start.Speak to you later

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Courbon great not heard any mention of it this time,there might only be you and i doing it,i picked Delpo/Rafa final,with Delpo winning the title,just going by the form hes in,fish biriyani sounds lovely Indian food is delicious and my personal favorite,we are having chicken curry for tea tonight,enjoy speak soon.

Brando Says:


Re future generation:

I have a theory on that.

I think most serial GS winners or indeed GS slam winner shall now start to do so at a later age. This is due to the present physicality of the game.

The game continues to change, be demanding, and what cut it 5 years ago no longer is good enough since the evolution of the game means that the bar for success has been raised.

Just think about it:

Most of these players turn from boys into men in front of our very eyes on tour. Now most of them will not hit a physical maturity until age 22 plus -by that I mean having a lean, strong body that is able to compete for several weeks on tour at a high level without breaking down.

You need the physical element now: just look at Novak pre 2011 and post 2011. Yes: his game has improved especially on the FH side but the very basis of it remains the same. He was top 3 player, GS winner pre 2011 but then improved more so.


Because he sorted out the physical and mental element of his game.

Most of the new guys- Dimitrov, Janowicz, Raonic, Vasek, Tomic etc etc all have some great talent but they either lack physically or mentally.

You just CANNOT succeed without being strong on both those fronts. They are so crucial to being a top player.

Especially now that in this day and age all the top players seem to:

1. Be excellent on defense

2. Be great returners

3. Be baseline grinders

4. And be able to go from defense to offense at the right time

IF you are not physically solid and mentally stable then you have NO CHANCE of being able to most of the above well enough to win a slam or a master series title.

Most of the top 10-15 have a good serve, FH/ BH, slice etc but what separates the best from the rest is:

1. Maybe 5 to maximum 10% more talent

2. Vastly superior physical and mental game

So if the likes of Grigor, Jerzy etc want to be the top guys this is what they have to improve on.

And’s hard to do so: especially on the physical front at a young age. Barring Rafa and Borg, most of the great slam winners seem to reach that maturity on both fronts age 22 plus.

courbon Says:

@ Brando: Great analysis! I was thinking along those lines couple of times but dismissed my thoughts. But now, you putted so clearly I think you are right.Also , current generation of Nadal, Novak, Andy and Delpo being so strong, these guys may need another two years to become real contenders.There is not much room for erroe with these guys around ( New Big 4+5th Beatle aka Roger )

Grigor is mine favourite but I have a doubts about one hand backhanded for the future fights, Then Jerzy looks more powerful.And maybe Vasek?

We will see.It maybe somebody completely out of picture that gets in to Slam winner-I don’t follow enough young guys on the tour to now that.

Rafa is exception, that’s right.Tony pushed him from early age and that make him what he is today.Tony gets more criticsm then respect sometimes, which is absurd for me…
Nice talking to you, I go to watch some ‘Homeland’ now, speak to you during Bercy this week.Good night

courbon Says:

@ Hippy Chic: I thought to pick up Delpo but he played awful lot this month so I think he maybe tired by now.That was my logic.Nadal and Novak had a two week rest, Delpo one.
Good night

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Courbon i didnt see your name under the tennis x pickers on the bracket challenge.

courbon Says:

@ Hippy Chic: A…maybe because I forgot to put myself in tennis x group?It must be that, because I’v done 100%.I told you I was thick…

courbon Says:

@ Hippy Chic: I corrected.You can see me now

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