Viktor Troicki: “I’ve Been Treated Like A Criminal” [Video]
by Staff | November 7th, 2013, 10:44 am

Viktor Troicki had his 18-month doping ban reduced to 12 months earlier this week. But the Troicki remains defiant in the face of events in Monte Carlo that led to his suspension.

In April at the tournament, Troicki was selected for doping but on account of feeling unwell, the Serb asked if he could submit the urine sample but take the blood test the following day. According to Troicki, the agent agreed. According to the agent, she made no such offer.

The end game was Troicki, who never tested positive, got suspended over the summer.

With the ITF now reducing the suspension citing a “misunderstanding” between Troicki and the agent, Troicki, with the support of his countryman Novak Djokovic, has continued his appeal in public going on CNN to discuss the case.

“Honestly, I was pretty shocked when I heard the decision,” Troicki told CNN World Sport. “It’s definitely the worst time for me. A lot of errors have been done and the court agrees on those errors. But 12 months is the smallest time I could get by the rules.

“I have been punished,” Troicki added. “It’s going to be a very tough moment for me. We have a Davis Cup final coming here in Belgrade. Last time I was here for the semifinals, when Serbia was playing against Canada in Belgrade, and I wasn’t even allowed in the arena. They said it was not possible for me to attend, to be a spectator who bought a ticket and attended the match. I have been treated like a criminal.

On Monday, Djokovic blasted the handling of the case and the doping program.

“First of all, he’s not positive on any banned substance,” said Djokovic. “I’m not saying that it’s completely not his fault.

“She (the Doping Control Officer) did not clearly present him with all the severe consequences that he will have if he avoids that. She told him that he needs to write a report and that he will be just fine.
“And because of her negligence and because of her unprofessionalism, he is now off the tour for one year. And now it makes me nervous as a player to do any kind of test.”

Rafael Nadal also weighed in yesterday. “I am very sorry for Viktor because I believe 100% on him,” Nadal said. “Probably the doctor, you know, make the mistake. But he knows that he has to pass the doping. I think the thing that makes sure that the doctor was wrong is Viktor make the control the next day. So that proves that the doctor give him the possibility to make it the other day. That’s the negative point about that. But at the end he knows that he has to do the control when, you know, the authorities required. So was a big mistake.”

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7 Comments for Viktor Troicki: “I’ve Been Treated Like A Criminal” [Video]

Giles Says:

Why is that Mr Troucki? Is it perhaps because you refused a blood test? Don’t give us all that claptrap that you are nervous of needles. How old are you again??

qwerty Says:

you criticize the person which surname you can’t even spell correctly. and if you red the whole case, you would change your mind.

Giles Says:

^^^ That was a typo.
Anyway, whatever. He did get his ban reduced so that is a good thing for him. Hope he’s learnt his lesson for the future.

Bad Knee Rules Says:

Serena Williams reportedly locked herself in a panic room last week after she thought a drug tester who appeared at her house early in the morning was a burglar.

Was she charged for refusing drug test?

Leo Says:


No evidence there that Serena refused the drug test. I am sure there is a way out of that panic room.

Giles Says:

These drug testers really have to stop harassing the players with their untimely crack of dawn visits. Not fair!

Margot Says:

Or b4 OBE ceremonies! Perhaps they thought Andy would need drugs to get through a meeting with royalty……

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