Juan Martin Del Potro Beats Out Lionel Messi To Win Argentina’s Sportsman Of The Year Award [Video]

by Tom Gainey | December 11th, 2013, 5:31 pm

After one of his best seasons, Juan Martin del Potro was named Clarin’s Sportsman of the Year in Argentina.

Del Potro, who finished No. 5 in the final ATP Rankings with four titles and semifinals at Wimbledon, beat out such stars as football legend Lionel Messi. He also won the award in 2009 when he captured the US Open.

Via google translation, del Potro said, “This is a reward for the effort. It was a great year, much better than expected. I was there, fighting in the first place. The main thing is to feel again very close to the top of the world. I’m already looking at next season,” he said”It’s very difficult to get close to the top. Djokovic, Nadal and Murray are fine, but I have faith.”

Here’s del Potro receiving the award Monday night in Buenos Aires.

Messi may have been injured, but he still has rare power. Just watch him reduce this fan to instant tears!

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18 Comments for Juan Martin Del Potro Beats Out Lionel Messi To Win Argentina’s Sportsman Of The Year Award [Video]

Humble Rafa Says:

Tall Elf is a Humble Man, just like your Humbly Humble. He should win this award every year.

skeezer Says:

Congrats Delpo!
Too bad the attention getter blog idiot posted first to mock your well deserving award.
Now worries, it just shows the posters true qualities, which are……….
Good luck this year gentle giant!

Okiegal Says:

Good for you, Jaun Martin Del Porto!! Very deserving of this award……great athlete. Love to watch this guy play. The year he won the USO…..amazing tennis!! That is one of my favorite US Opens! He beat the best that year!! Congrats!!

Giles Says:

^^^Just means you’re too darn slow!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Yeah congrats to Delpo one of the nicest guys on tour,beating Messi who IMO is probably the worlds best ever footballer to top Argentian spotsman is a fantastic achievement.

Queen Says:


Perfect fan Says:

Wow! I m so happy for this man. A grt player….and a evn greater human being.

Delpo n monfils r two players whom I rly hope to achieve grt success in future….winnimg slams I mean. I knw its too tough for monfils esp., but monfilz will go dwn as the best entertainer evr and one of the best crowd-loved guys. Love dat guy.

Congrats JMDP n fans worldwide for the feat….and hope to see some epic battles in 2014….do tk gud care of ur body as u r very injury-prone. :)

roy Says:

i don’t understand… what’s this got to do with federer? 5 of last 7 headlines included federer. remember this is a federer site first and foremost.

i’ll help you out.

”Del Potro Wins Sportsman Of The Year Award … Cites Federer’s Hawkeye Tantrum During 2009 US Open Final As Inspiration”

skeezer Says:

“i don’t understand… what’s this got to do with federer? 5 of last 7 headlines included federer. remember this is a federer site first and foremost”
Thats a laugher! Where you been?

Anna Says:

This is great for Juan Martin, but Messi has been out with injury for most of the year.

hawkeye Says:

Just nice to see tennis having a higher profile w.r.t. other professional sports.

Last year, it was Novak who received Serbia’s highest state award!

Rafa being named Spain’s Greatest Sportsman in History a few weeks ago with so many achievements including this year’s miraculous comeback after seven months away with no professional competition. Herculean!!!

Muzza, the first Brit to win Wimby in a million years and winning Sportsman of the Year in Britain…

and now Delpo.

These four guys have raised the game to its highest level in Sports History!!!

Vamos Kings of Tennis!!!

Humble Rafa Says:

Apparently, the Arrogant One and God himself are starting a sports representation agency. Tall Elf signed up.

Elf, why?

skeezer Says:

Read a book. Maybe you’ll learn something.

Margot Says:

Unless you have suddenly turned into Jamie…SPOTY award is not till Sunday.

Margot Says:

My bad, I see Andy just got SJA award.
SPOTY next!

the DA Says:

Goodness. I just checked several threads here and come to the following conclusions:

1) everyone needs a chill out pill.

2) the tennis season can’t return quickly enough.

In the meantime this old ATP/WTA video will (hopefully) get everyone to remember the the spirit of the season:


Warning: it may cause viewers to LOL. So if you’re the “bah humbug” kind – don’t watch.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Thanks for the link The DA it was very funny,and your right its supposed to be the season of goodwill,and its time people lightened up a bit,after all its only a game after all :))..

Rogerisclass Says:

HR is the Arrogant and haughtiest usual.

Roger has won these prizes also his worst year.

Sportsmanship Award (voted by ATP players)

Roger Federer: Fellow players voted the Swiss as the winner of the Edberg Sportsmanship Award for the ninth time and third year in a row. He also won the award six straight years from 2004-09. Juan Martin del Potro, David Ferrer and Rafael Nadal were also nominated in this category.

Humanitarian of the Year (awarded by ATP)

Roger Federer: The 32 year old becomes just the third person to be named the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian of the Year for a second time, joining Andre Agassi and Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi.

ATPWorldTour.com Fans’ Favourite (Singles) (voted by fans)

Roger Federer: The Swiss has been voted ATPWorldTour.com Fans’ Favourite for a record 11th straight year.

Oh, Nadal did not win a sportsmanship prize, although nominated. Why? LOL

Incidentally Roger had won the sportsman prize of Switzerland last year also. Switzerland’s Sportsman Of The Year Award, 5 tims.

Although there is probably no Roger’s award, of course this year

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