Bolt Beats Federer for Lareus Award; Serena, Clijsters Also Win
by Sean Randall | March 10th, 2010, 1:42 pm

Roger Federer was defeated by the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, for the Lareus Sportsman of the Year award. ADHEREL

Federer’s two Grand Slams and year-end No. 1 finish were apparently not enough to topple Bolt who also won the award for 2008 when the Jamaican burst into stardom during the Beijing Olympics.

Serena Williams took home the women’s honor (her second) while Kim Clijsters was named World Comeback of the Year.

Juan Martin Del Potro was also nominated for breakthrough player but did not win.

I am a big fan of Bolt’s and when he’s on American television (almost never) I will do my best to try and watch. The guy is incredibly compelling and great to watch. But honestly I can’t even recall him racing last year, although I’m told he took the award thanks to three gold medals he won at the World Championships (maybe I did see a race last summer?). I guess that trumps a few Slam titles these days.

Then again who am I to judge. I’m American and outside of the tennis players and Bolt, the rest of the award winners (and many of the nominees) are totally unrecognizable to me.

Congrats to all the winners!

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20 Comments for Bolt Beats Federer for Lareus Award; Serena, Clijsters Also Win

tennisfan#1 Says:

Roger Federer has a record 4 consecutive awards, and they probably figure someone else winning is more fair than letting one man take it every year. Bolt definitely deserves the award as did Roger, but one man has 4, and the other man has 1 so it is only right to give it to Bolt. Congratulations Usian.


chloe Says:

Thank Goodness for that! At last a sensible outcome.

tennisfan, why don’t you Fedfans apply that rationality to the ATP Sportsman of The Year, that Federer has ‘won’ 6 times in a row, despite showing such bad sportsmanship last year.

Clay Says:

Nice to see Bolt win but Federer was just as deserving.

madmax Says:

chloe, you sound like someone to me.

one incident of bad sportsmanship does not mean that he should not have been voted in – if you remember – he was voted by his peers – and as they spend enough time with him on tour, in the changing rooms, pre and post events, they should know roger better than fans who have probably never met him, or will meet him live.

Federer deserved the award because he has been such a fantastic sports role model for so many years – and his peers agreed. so dont worry about it.

skeezerweezer Says:

Damn! And I thought Fed ran faster than him! Geeezz, WTF?

Skorocel Says:

“But honestly I can’t even recall him racing last year, although I’m told he took the award thanks to three gold medals he won at the World Championships (maybe I did see a race last summer?).”

And thanks to 2 world records which he set in 2 of these races (100 m and 200 m) ;-) Anyhow, not that any of these awards really matter – last but not least because there are literally dozens of athletes who could deserve such “honor” as much as Bolt does…

dexter lewis Says:

Bolt only ran the championships, of course winning 3 gold medals..but apart from that, he hardly competed in the entire season. Federer completed a gruelling tennis calendar year, playing in many tournaments and reaching SF or better in the majority..furthermore, he won 2 grand slams and finished year end number 1. For me, Federer was more deserving..but I can understand why they wouldn’t give it to Federer..he’s won it enough times, and its probably nice to see someone else win for a change.

I think politics has a part to play also. Federer didn’t turn up to the awards show, whereas Bolt did.

Bjorn Borg Says:

Only the years 2005-2008 count because those were the years Federer won Laureus WSA. Who gives damn to 2000-2004 and 2009? And other categories, other sports, other players don’t exist as long as Federer is around, do they?

Davidabheeru Says:

Bolt may not have competed much, but those records he set were out of this world. 10.58 for the 100 and 19.19 for the 200 are insane times. Unlike tennis, there is no cumulative points system for track athletes, so for them peaking at the main event of the year is really what it’s all about. If Roger had also won the Australian and/or the US, it might have been a different story. He had a great year, but I think they got this one right.

Fot Says:

It was an honor to be nominated. I was happy when Roger won it 4 years in a row. So everything that happens now (as in his tennis life) is just ‘gravey’ for me! I’m not upset that he didn’t win. I think it could have gone either way.

When you look at what Serena did to win it as the Female version – Roger did just as well as Serena last year, but I think it was a ‘down’ time for women’s sports last year (other than Serena). Not taking anything away from Serena because she is my favorite…but she won 2 slams – same as Roger, but I think Roger was up against more competition.

Anyway – Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!

NVS Says:

Running is not even a game, lets talk about awards in that category later.

Whats there in running from end to another end and claim it as a sport.

It should be called “time pass event” than sports.

Roger is the King of Athlets. And not awarding him lessened the glow of the award. who lost, the award, not Roger.

NVS Says:

Sport should have the qualificaiton of Mind and Body coordination.

In running, I do not think there is need of any mind. A mad dog behind is enough to inspire.

On big stages within just 3-4 days noble brains have discovered that Avatar is not the best of the year and Roger Federer is not the best of the year. Wow, human understanding is growing with bullet speed or with Bolt speed.

Save Planet.


kryvan Says:

If What Bolt achieved was so mundane or easy, why is it that no one else in the world can duplicate it?

madmax Says:

Mar 9, 2010 from Time Out Dubai:
Boris Becker on Roger Federer: ‘He’s the ultimate tennis professional in my eyes. You know, his wife had twins last August; it didn’t matter to him. He played and he went on to play the final at the US Open, where I’m sure his mind was on his family, not on the tennis. For him to keep coming back each year, again winning the Australian Open, it’s just something that has never happened before. He defines what you’re supposed to do as a good athlete, because he breaks every record. He has won the first grand slam and he has not many records still open. He’s never going to admit it, but I’m sure he’s thinking about the grand slam right now. Is it achievable? For Roger it is. A lot depends on the French Open.’

NVS Says:

I think Bolt is a very good professional athlete. In fact, he should regarded very high in sports terms. At the same time, complexity of the sport should be taken into consideration when assessing regarding awards.

Bolt deserves what he got today thats for sure. Fed also deserves when you take what complexity there in tennis – playing all through the year almost, running, hitting, angles, media pressure, hype, and a lot.

Anyway, Heart Congrats to Bolt, you did man again.


tom Says:

Mind has a lot to do with running. In marathon, if your mind is weak, you won’t finish. In the 100 meter, if you lose focus just a bit, that could mean 1/2 second lost and the difference between gold and nothing.

skeezerweezer Says:


Thanks for sharing that quote from BB :)

Mr T Says:

I think what bolt has done for athletics is superb and he is a remarkable athlete. However it simply doesn’t stack up to what Federer has been able to do and continues to do week in, week out in one of the most competitive sports out there. 4 majors finals, 2 wins, return to world no 1 would have surely been an award had it been someone other than federer. It seems to be a bit like the oscars in that it’s not about the greatest achievement but who is due an award. When federer eventually retires, only then will people reflect upon hoow truly great an athlete he was. hands down fed should have won LSA which doesn’t mean Bolt isn’t great. it just means his acheivement were not as great as fed.

faryal Says:

guys i thought fed wud tak it n he sort of deserved it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,its not bolt z not gud but federer z the best

allison Says:

I can’t believe that S.Williams was given an award after her outragious behavior at the US Open!!!

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