Andy Roddick: It’s Funny The Most Prepared Players Don’t Keel Over In the Heat!
by Tom Gainey | January 16th, 2014, 5:16 pm

Speaking during a PowerShare Series conference call yesterday, former No. 1 Andy Roddick offered his thoughts on the hot topic of the week: the Australian Open heat. The outspoken Roddick who has had his share of battles under the hot Melbourne, says the heat is just part of the tournament, let’s not get too caught up in it.

“Part of me finds it entertaining that every time we go down to Australia we act surprised that it’s hot outside,” Roddick said.

“It’s funny, the guys who have the reputation for being prepared aren’t the guys keeling over. You’re never going to see Roger outwardly showing heat. You’re not going to see Rafa doing it. You’re not going to see Novak anymore; you’re not going to see him doing it.

“Frankly I hated it when they closed the roof. I felt like I was prepared. I felt like it was a different tennis tournament once they put it indoors. They do have a system in place where if they deem it’s too hot, and there’s a pretty distinct number system that they have used there in the past, and they do have the ability to call it.

“Do we need to make extreme things because guys are struggling in the heat? I don’t know. Personally I don’t think so. I think as athletes we push our bodies to do things that aren’t normal, and frankly that’s what we get paid for. I can’t feel it.

“Listen, when you play there, it’s brutal. It feels like you’re playing in a hairdryer, but that’s all part of it. Each Slam presents its own unique set of challenges and you kind of have to attack it accordingly.”

Roddick said training in Austin, TX and Florida helped him prepare for the conditions in Australia. And he scoffs at the idea of moving the tournament out of the city, to a more temperate climate.

“You’re not going to take the Slam out of Australia. It’s too good of a venue,” he said. “They have built indoor courts, and like I said, they do have a system in place that they have used before.

“I was reading something where the humidity levels weren’t as bad so they didn’t use it. There is thought put into it. It’s not like they’re just going rogue with throwing people out there. They’ve set the precedent for being smart about it, and they have done it in the past. I don’t think they should just close the roofs because people are writing about it.”

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36 Comments for Andy Roddick: It’s Funny The Most Prepared Players Don’t Keel Over In the Heat!

Ben Pronin Says:

Man I miss Roddick.

Joel Says:

Ditto. He never holds anything back.

the DA Says:

haha…the AO’s Dr Tim Wood (who is involved with determining the wet bulb temperature) is a trip. Here’s his latest quote:

“We evolved on the high plains of Africa chasing antelope for eight hours under these conditions”


roy Says:

“We evolved on the high plains of Africa chasing antelope for eight hours under these conditions”

Brainwashed by egalitarian nonsense.
The people who CREATED European civilisation and INVENTED tennis and still play it in the vast majority evolved to present status in EUROPE, you moron, a place where even 35 degree heat is very hard to come by.
And they didn’t chase animals to death, they were AMBUSH predators.

Bernie Rolls Says:

The best climate in Australia is here in Forster 3ookm north of Sydney.I live here now for 33 years and we have no extremes here……pleasant temp all year around.

Humble Rafa Says:

The Bald One won 25 grandslams in the presser. Only one on the tennis court.

His mouth is bigger than his racquet.

Okiegal Says:

Apparently, as per Andy Murray, this is the hottest it’s ever been on 100 yrs. A doctor in the organization said that the heat wouldn’t harm their health…..He must have gotten his medical license out of a gum ball machine. That’s crazy!! Well, a cool front is coming in so maybe it will bring them some relief.

It is true that it’s affecting some worse than others, the argument being they were better prepared for it. I don’t know the answer, but I think the organization should want to be safe rather than sorry, imho. Would it not be horrible if a player dropped dead of heat stroke??

Steve 27 Says:

Roddick, the worst number 1 of the Open Era as he proclaims.

skeezer Says:

Preach it AR!
Posters whine and complain about players in the heat and no nothing about it. They try to justify it with google links of this and that. Have you actually trained as an athlete for heat conditiions? Not. Yes, your body can adapt. Sure there is a limit to every type of weather element but some of these posts over cross threads are friggin hilarious with unduly knowledge.

And whats the rebuttal?
“Roddick, the worst number 1 of the Open Era as he proclaims.”
A vamoshead classic.

Eric Says:

Did Roddick actually say that anywhere? Certainly he’s in the bottom half of those who’ve been no. 1, but he’s better than Kuerten, say.

Ben Pronin Says:

Roddick, a former pro who’s played, done quite well, at the Australian Open for over a decade, voices his opinion on the matter. Of course the internet trolls respond by attacking his accomplishments. Worst number 1 is better than never being number 1.

Peter Says:

Roddick was and is a sarcastic SOB, but he retired too early. In an era where players can be competitive up until 34, retiring at 30 was a waste of his talent. I don’t think he was getting slower because he was getting older, I think he was getting slower because he wasn’t eating the right things and doing enough cardio. Going bald can be psychologically damaging as well.

volley Says:

“Preach it AR!”

lol. if roger had criticised the heat policy so would you. you always toe the fed line.

“Have you actually trained as an athlete for heat conditiions?”

have you? it’s irrelevant. many of the links contained criticism from athletes who DO train to play in the heat.

skeezer Says:

^yes, I have. And training in it helps dramaticly. You? So your disregarding the links and comments from athletes who says it DOES help to train in heat?

hawkeye Says:

Arod was an overrated bully abusing officials because he know they had no power and just had to take it with a smile.

Good riddance.

Giles Says:


skeezer Says:

^and your not Rafael Nadal.

Giles Says:

Australian Open :
“Looking at live stats more people watching #Nadal than #Federer”
Why am I not surprised!!

Giles Says:

There is only one Rafael Nadal.
Jan 17th 10 37 am

Polo Says:

Did somebody already say that Roddick is the worst number one?

SG1 Says:

Marcelo Rios was the worst No.1 of the open era, at least in my opinion.

SG1 Says:

Andy, like Lleyton, are victims of their era.

SG1 Says:

…is a victim of his era. sorry for the bad English.

Ben Pronin Says:

Giles, how do you know skeeze isn’t an athlete?

Daniel Says:

Damm Eric, I used to like you and your post now after this Guga comment not:-(
Guga had a lot of charisma and did wonders for tennis in Brazil. 3 RG titles and got the love of the French crown, something Nadal which is the greatest player who ever played on their dirt with his 8 titles will never have;-)
French loved him, almost everybody loved him. The guy can hurt a fly with his big smile in his face.

Rios, Rafter, Ferrero were all less expressive numbers 1 then him.

Giles Says:

Ben. I have X-Ray eyes. Lol

skeezer Says:

^yeah…right. That answers all your posts.

SG1 Says:

Roddick isn’t anywhere the best No.1 player of all time but he was still No.1. In terms of intellect though, I think Andy Roddick ranks right up there as former No.1’s go.

I get his point. Each slam has its perils. At the AO it’s the heat, in Paris there’s the terre battu, the grass at Wimbledon, the night matches and windy conditions at the USO.

Where I think Andy gets it wrong is that this isn’t just about the players. It’s about the safety of the ball kids, the officials and the fans. The other slams generally don’t have weather conditions that put the tournament support staff at risk.

Giles Says:

I miss Andy. Was never one to mince his words. always said it like it is.

Okiegal Says:

I remember clearly when Andy ridiculed Novak for retiring from matches because of various reasons at the USO one year. Novak made the major mistake ny bring it up in a on court interview. The NY crowd came down on him in a hurry. I think they’re fine with him now. I liked Andy, but did think he was out of line. One player doesn’t know what another one might be going through……rude statements regarding a person’s health is uncalled for.

The heat issue comes into play for the workers of the event and not just the players. Apparently, the heat wave was the highest it had been in 100 yrs.
It’s cooled off now, so maybe things will get back to normal.

I said all that to say this…….sometimes Andy needs to keep his thoughts to himself.

Bad Knee Rules Says:

Let us see what Novak thinks, and don’t tell he is sucking up to Roddick and Federer.

Here is part off Novak’s presser after round 2:

Q. What about the conditions? Glad to get these matches out of the way as quickly as possible given the heat?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Yes. I thought yesterday, even though I haven’t played a match, I practiced, was warmer than today.

But still the conditions were not easy for both my opponent and myself. You know, I started the match really, really good. I was set and a break up only after, you know, 40, 45 minutes.

As you said, you don’t want to spend too much time in the heat. You want to try to win as quick as possible. You know, he started to play better as the match progressed, in the second part, especially in the third set. But, you know, I felt like I was serving well and I was in the control. When I needed to use my opportunities when they were presented, I did so.

It was a better performance than the first round.

Q. How does your body cope with the heat personally?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Everything is fine. I’m physically fit. I’ve been, you know, practicing, preparing for Australian summer that we all know it can be difficult at times with the conditions.

You know, as I said, we all were aware of the weather that is going to, how the weather is going to look like these couple days. We knew that when we saw forecast couple of days ago, everybody was talking about 40 degrees and plus. Knowing that I played a day match today, I prepared myself mentally for that. It’s not just physically. Mentally you need to be tough enough to not give up and not think about what conditions can do to you.

It’s not the first time I face myself with this particular weather. Obviously experience helps.

Q. Can you describe at all the difference in feeling between how you were five years ago against Roddick and how you are now, what the difference is?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: There are plenty of differences. Obviously as the years go by, I’m more matured as a player, as a person. I learned new things in life. I develop myself. I physically get stronger mentally also. All of this plays, of course, an important role when you are playing on such conditions.

It’s not easy. Maybe it looks, but I do go through tough times after long rallies, as everybody, trying to get some air obviously. Generally it’s much more efficient for me nowadays to recover and to get ready for next point than it used to be 2009 when I retired my match against Roddick, yeah.

I like tennis bullies Says:

Andy ‘the man’ Roddick keeping it real and saying it like it is, as always. Tennis fans misses him badly!

Steve27 Says:

Is understandable that fed fans love Roddick so much: 21 3 is priceless, after all.
The american was the Tanner of the 70s or the Ivanisevic of the 90s.
He must have earned at least at Wimbledon 2009, but could not be.
It was definitely the best player of the worst generation of the tennis of the United States, one that after Sampras and Agassi showed all its shortcomings and limitations.
Sock, Harrison and company are direct descendants of A-Rod′s game, but they lack the determination and will power of Andy. This is why he lasted so long in the top 10.

A Tango Lad Says:

Ah yes I’m afraid Roddick (or anyone prior to a certain Spaniard) was no real match for Roger compared to today’s elite. Although he did tag Roger pretty good in their last meeting, that’s for sure!

However, I was never a fan of Roddick’s on court antics. He was quite unnecessarily rude towards officials in a boorish fashion which is a shame really. His mouth probably cost him the match against an inspired Djokovic who took him to the tool shed at the US Open.

madmax Says:

hawkeye Says:
Arod was an overrated bully abusing officials because he know they had no power and just had to take it with a smile.

Good riddance.

January 17th, 2014 at 10:08 am

So you took a leaf out of his book then Hawkeye?

Purcell Says:

It’s a pity……..
1. ……Roddick’s ‘determination and will power’ were often overshadowed by his bad manners towards umpires and ball kids.
2. …….’Determination and will power’ are only acknowledged and recognised if accompanied by the superficial addition of grunting, scowling, a wet t-shirt competition and a hundred metre dash.
3…….There are not more interviewees who are as incisive, witty and intelligent as Roddick was.
4………Roddick bashing is regularly and disrespectfully used to downplay Federer’s achievements.

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