Is Juan Martin Del Potro’s 2014 Season Over? It Appears So
by Tom Gainey | March 22nd, 2014, 10:03 am

Unfortunate news out of Argentina this morning is Juan Martin del Potro’s 2014 season might be over. The former US Open champion has been struggling with a painful left wrist injury all year, and now that wrist might need season-ending surgery.

Del Potro is said to be still in Miami but will fly to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., where Dr. Richard Berger will evaluate the South American tennis star on Monday.

Del Potro’s press officer has confirmed that much.

However rampant speculation is he will actually the fly there undergo an operation on his left wrist by the same Dr. Berger who performed del Potro’s right wrist surgery in May of 2010.

Del Potro first began experiencing issues in the left wrist back in the summer of 2012 and those continued into this year when the pain grew too much forcing him to withdraw from Dubai, Indian Wells and now Miami.

Most recently via Facebook, del Potro had this to say after announcing he would not play Miami, “I still feel pain in my left wrist and I don’t feel competitive to go on court. It’s a pity because this is a special tournament for me since there are many Latin fans and Argentines in particular. In the next few days I will visit my doctor again to determine the following steps”.

The 25-year-old del Potro was finally making strides last year after returning from right wrist surgery. But with the recent setback, one that could force him off the tour until well into 2015, and history of injuries one has to wonder about his future.

Del Potro’s rivals added thoughts on their friend.

“He’s a very tall, tall guy, and for him playing many tournaments in a high level week in and week out is very difficult,” Djokovic said on Thursday. “His body is suffering, and it’s unfortunate that somebody of his quality is not performing here. Also Indian Wells. Tennis definitely misses him. He’s always one of the contenders to win big titles. He’s very entertaining to watch. He’s a nice guy. I wish him all the best and quick recovery.”

Said Federer on Thursday, “I’m sure he has to rethink where he goes from here now, because that’s not something you want to keep on doing. You’d rather rest or play in pain, or if it’s too painful just have no choice. So I wish him a speedy recovery. I wish the best for him. I mean, in a crazy world, the good thing is he has already gone through injury before. He knows, you know, what it’s about in a way. It’s just about staying mentally strong now and doing rehab and staying in shape at the same time. I wish him the best, and I hope to see him on tour soon.”

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19 Comments for Is Juan Martin Del Potro’s 2014 Season Over? It Appears So

Karthick Says:

Sean, Now you have to agree that you have jinxed his 2014 season.. :P

Brando Says:

Major loss but I only want the big man back once he’s 100%. He’s Lionhearted and I’m certain he’ll come back from this stronger than before. Always wishing you the best Delpo as you are in a class of your own at your best!

Alexandra Says:

Really sad for him. The good thing is, he has been in this situation before, so he should be able to handle it mentally. The bad thing is, another surgery means many more months out, during what should be his prime years.

Hippy Chic Says:

Delpo has to be the unluckiest player on tour,1st one wrist then the other,hes an amazing player with so much potential thats never been realized,just when you think hes getting back to his best,he suffers with another injury,it will soon be 5 years since he won the USO and he hasnt managed a GS final since,i wish him all the best,but i fear hes unlikely to have a long career in the game,as he seems so plagued by injuries.

lylenubbins Says:

Wow, my heart goes out to him. Such a class act. Hope to see him back soon.

Switching topics radically, he looks a lot like Greg Brady. Discuss. . .

Hippy Chic Says:

^Delpo-Greg Brady.
Nole-De Niro.(Novaks mum has been messing around with De Niro).
Rafa-Josh Hartnett.
Andy-Charlton Heston(Judys been messing around with Charton Heston).^

Okiegal Says:


There are times on court Julien Benneteau reminds me of Kevin Costner, and of course Tsonga>Ali. One guy on The Bachelor named Ben Flavick ( misspelled) was a dead ringer for Rafa. Lot of stuff on the internet about it.

Ready to see if Rafa is gonna play like I know he can!

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal well ive never heard of the guy,but i just googled pictures,and your quite right,the Tsonga-Ali one is uncanny,Julian-Costner i dont see that one though,anyway i hope Rafa starts to live up to his ranking,and shows them whos the number 1 player.

Okiegal Says:


1hr 1/2 for me. Hope he plays like we know he can……I don’t want to have to get out the crying towel!! Lol Teasing, I have never cried over a loss.

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal yeah cannot wait,ive cried a few times over tennis matches,mostly the ones with Murray though when he won the USO,tears of sadness when he lost at Wimbledon in 2012,and tears of joy when he won it last year,Rafa when he won the FO in 2010 as we never knew whether he would come back and be the same player ever again.

Hippy Chic Says:

When Rafa wins HC titles and GS,they always give me more pleasure as a fan,as he gets way more credit for those,he doesnt really get any credit for his CC titles anymore.

Emily Says:

This news means that tennis will be missing a meaningful presence all year. As a Delpo fan, I immediately check his draw and schedule of play at a tournament. My passion for tennis remains unchanged but everything will feel a little bit empty for the rest of the year (maybe Rafa fans can relate). I wish him all the best, but I believe that he can come back with his chronic injury rehabbed so he can play with the best again.

Brando Says:


Keep your head up.

As a Rafa fan I know how tough it is to see your fav out for such a long time and that too with a serious injury.

It’s very tough: but what makes it easier to handle is that you know he’s out for the right reason: to rehabilitate a very serious, bothersome issue to him.

You have to accept your fav as he is: in Delpo’s case, one ridden with a dangerous wrist issue.

The big man will take time out to address it, deal with the issue, heal it and return once fully fit:

that is a positive in a unfortunate circumstance.

Delpo will be back.

He’s young, monstrously talented, got the mental strength and love for the battle that few can rival and above all else: he knows he has the talent to fire himself back to the top and knows what it takes to win the big ones.

He’s a warrior and I am certain he’ll return with a bang!

Time passes quickly in this age, be patient and you’ll soon see Delpo back with his best still ahead of him!

Okiegal Says:

Think how long it’s been since his US open win. When I watched him play those matches I thought wow he hits so hard…..don’t think his wrist has been the same since. They say it’s the other one now. He did look really good when he beat Rafa at one of the year end tournaments. I thought he was back for good …..but not to be. Sorry for him and his fans. I wish him a speedy recovery.

Michael Says:

It is really sad to see Del Potro never really recover from that wrist injury which has almost downed the curtains for him in 2014. He is such a fine player and yet plagued with injuries right through his career which has placed major road blocks to his high ambitions. I am not sure how he is going to take this going forward ? Will he take this up as a challenge and convert them to opportunities remains to be seen. Nevertheless, it is a great loss for competition in Tennis

madmax Says:

You just have to feel for delpo. Any official word yet? There are plenty of sports docs out there who can help, I am sure. He is such a great person, humble and popular.

Everyone loves Delpo. I get the impression that it isn’t certain exactly what is wrong?

andrea Says:

bummer. when delpo is on fire, he can contend with anyone. he is always a serious upset threat.

the DA Says:

Delpo just confirmed on his FB page that he’s scheduled for surgery tomorrow. Poor guy.

steve-o Says:

Sad to hear, he’s a great player. Seems his game puts too much stress on his body.

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