Djokovic Has Won 30 Straight Without Boris Becker, That’s Why I’m Picking Him To Win Miami
by Sean Randall | March 21st, 2014, 1:59 pm

I have nothing against Boris Becker. I respect his accomplishments, growing up I admired and loved watching his game (what kid didn’t imitate the Becker serve?), but I just don’t think his coaching relationship with Novak Djokovic is going to work out.

Presiding over Djokovic at two events this year, Novak lost to Stan Wawrinka in the Australia quarterfinals and then fell apart to the “Other Swiss” Roger Federer in the Dubai semifinals.

Once Vajda retook the reigns at Indian Wells, Djokovic put together enough good tennis to win his first title of the year.

So without Boris Novak won. With him he didn’t make the final of two events in which he was the defending champ.

And if you carry the numbers over from last year, Djokovic’s won 30 straight matches since the US Open final without Becker.

Was Boris even a factor or not I don’t know, but it’s hard to argue with success, isn’t it? And that 30-match win streak my friends is a trend I’ll ride until Boris comes back. Now with Boris out of the near term picture as he tends to two bad hips, I think Djokovic continues his surge.

The Miami courts are slow and there’s weather and humidity. Two things that should help Novak to a fourth victory in Miami. Sorry Boris.

As for the rest of the guys:

Roger Federer
We’ve talked a lot about Roger’s resurgence, but I think that eases a bit this week. Maybe because of the slower courts, Federer just hasn’t had his best results in Miami. In fact, Federer hasn’t made the finals since winning the title there in 2006! So if he does meet Djokovic in the SFs – which I think happens – I have to take the Serb in that one. Dubai/IW suited Federer, Miami suits Djokovic.

Rafael Nadal
While the Miami conditions might not help Federer, I think they benefit Rafa. Slow and heavy should equal success for the Spaniard who’ll have even more crowd support than he normally does. He also has great draw with no true “great danger”. Sure, Lleyton Hewitt and Dmitry Tursunov can be and probably will be tricky, but there’s no Djokovic, Murray, Federer etc, on his side. The question is, how will the back really be? Is it okay? Is it 100%? And if it is or has been, then why was he struggling so much at Indian Wells? If it’s no then why is his risking the clay season playing an event he skipped last year?

Andy Murray
Was this Ivan Lendl news hanging over Murray’s like a cloud at Indian Wells last week, eating away at his brain? Let’s hope so because the Scot looked horrible in the desert. Now that that’s behind him, maybe he’ll play freer, better and more focused. Or maybe he’ll sulk further. I don’t know. But what I do know is Miami is Murray’s second home and as a defending champion he’ll want to put on a good show. And I think he will but it won’t be enough to beat Djokovic in the quarterfinals.

David Ferrer
He’s a 2013 finalist and plays well in Miami, but coming off a leg injury makes me think twice here. He’s got a good draw and if he’s 100% healthy I think he could get out the Federer quarter, but he’s a risky pick right now.

Tomas Berdych/John Isner
One of these two will be in the semifinals I think. Both are playing well and Berdych has had success in Miami making the final in 2010. So I’ll take him to beat Isner in the 4th then the Wawrinka/Cilic winner in the quarters (I think Cilic) and potentially beat Nadal in the semis.

As for the rest, we heard a lot about the new guys coming through. But is Janowicz or Raonic going to beat Nadal? They could but… Dolgopolov was the hot guy last week, but I fear he’ll fizzle early, maybe to Tommy Haas. And of Grigor Dimitrov, he has a workable draw, I just don’t know who he’ll handle the heat and humidity.

Matches of course are already under way. Federer and Djokovic are scheduled later today.

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37 Comments for Djokovic Has Won 30 Straight Without Boris Becker, That’s Why I’m Picking Him To Win Miami

Daniel Says:

Good assessment.
I am interest to see the Nadal x Wawrinka quarter and I think this time they both get there. Miami should suit Wawrinka as well, let’s see, he still apart from Djoko, has the greater record this year.

TGIT Says:

Good call on Fed. If has not won since his “prime” I don’t see why it would happen this year. The plus is this is pure point pickup for Roger and if Ferrer fails than maybe can jump up one.

steve-o Says:

He hadn’t won IW since his prime in ’06 either, and he won it again in 2012–a six-year interlude! So I don’t see why he can’t win Miami if he’s playing well.

Translated Age Says:

Ho ho, already playing down you guy’s chances to win to take the pressure off.

Where does it say Miami is slow? You play on those courts?

Re all your questions about Nadal?

His loss at IW was a mental collapse, not physical, no? But Tennis-X already report this. Very short memory.

He needs match play. I think is obvious for sure, no?

Well, I just hope you not comparing IW to Miami. Don’t you? Or do you.

Miami is faster than IW. Nadal has never won there so not sure why you think is best conditions for him. Just making it sound harder for your guy I think, no? I think so, yes.

Salleh Ahmed Says:


nole has problems to serve out sets

two times against isner, one time against federer, now against chardy

skeezer Says:

Read. Learn. Study before you rant.

Sean Randall Says:

Translated Age, here’s what Roger Federer said yesterday about the court speed in Miami:

“Dubai historically always has been a quick place to play tennis at. And then now Indian Wells is the first one that’s more slower. Then here in Miami, this is going to be the slowest of the year so far. So it’s definitely going to be a little bit of an adjustment for me, as well.”

I think I’ll take Roger’s opinion of the court speed over yours, no?

Salleh Ahmed Says:

unconfirmed news that del potro will undergo surgery and will miss rest of the season (8-10 months)

Sean Randall Says:

Salleh, I can only hope that news is never confirmed!

Salleh Ahmed Says:

this is so sad, I like del potro so much.
but after the us open 2009 triumph he was never the same.
I am a Fed fan but del potros game is really fun to watch if on song

Brando Says:

Wow if true!

Hope not for him and the game as he is a gem to watch but:

IF it means his health improves, he can heal this matter conclusively or atleast to an extent that let’s him get back to the court and experience some joy playing his game then I am fine with it.

I think Delpo has an issue that unfortunately will continue to haunt him throughout his career.

That’s really unfortunate and especially so for the most Stand up guy on tour.

However: the big man is a lion and he’ll accept it and deal with it.

Therefore it’s best to address this fully as opposed to playing poorly in a couple of events, being continously bothered by this and then eventually suffering some major damage.

Either way:

Best of luck Delpo, stay strong and do whatever is the best thing for you to do in order to overcome this plight!

He’s still young, has bags of talent and I am sure he’ll win another GS one day!

Vamos Delpo!

Bad Knee Rules Says:

What are the Official Court Pace Ratings for Masters?

Masters 1000 Tournaments
Tournament Surface Court Pace Rating

Indian Wells Plexipave IW Category 2: Medium – Slow

Miami Masters Laykold® Cushion Plus System MS Category 1: Slow

Monte Carlo Masters Clay Category 1: Slow

Madrid Master Clay Category 1: Slow

Rome Masters Clay Category 1: Slow

Rogers Cup Pro DecoTurf II Category 5: Fast

Cincinnati Pro DecoTurf II Category 5: Fast

Shanghai Masters DecoColor Category 4: Medium-fast

Paris Masters Gerflor Masters Category 4: Medium-fast

ATP World Tour Finals Greenset Grand Prix Cushion Category 3 – Medium

chico Says:

BKR, if you got those right, then thank you. Most insightful.

Bad Knee Rules Says:

@chico, here is the link, one year old but pretty accurate:

metan Says:

All Nole fans, please hurry to find the antidote. This time is Nole turn just by our dear Sean Randall 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

courbon Says:

@ metan: Hi!Firstly, thanks for congratulations other day when Novak won.Novak really needed that win-also his fans!
Regarding Sean,s jinx-I have a bad news for you.It’s only a myth.He get’s it right quite often.Sure, maybe Indian Wells was wrong prediction but he is quite good in predicting.So, your tease might not work! (-:

Jhon Says:

translated age is really funny. “where does it say miami is slow?”. lol he needs everything mailed to his inbox (maybe with an armani calander). How can you not know miami is slow? obviously he/she knows absolutely nothing about tennis period. Don’t take this person seriously as you’ll be wasting your time. translation ignorance is all you’ll get.

the DA Says:

Has anyone confirmed the Delpo news yet? From what I’ve seen on twitter I think it’s looking very likely, sadly :(

Okiegal Says:

Joker fans….will he dismiss BB or will BB do it himself??

Okiegal Says:

I am so sad for the gentle giant……he certainly has had his problems. I think he has just hit so extra hard his wrist problem is akin to what baseball pitchers used to get when there wasn’t a regulation on how often you could pitch….rag arm….is there such a thing as rag wrist??

Michael Says:

Well if the absence of Becker is a good augury for Novak and he carries forward such an sentiment and wins Miami then it would be curtains for poor Becker. It is ofcourse mere superstition, but yet Novak is human and he might buy the ridiculous. So Becker in his heart would be hoping that Novak doesn’t go ahead to win Miami to preserve his coaching status.

Steve 27 Says:

So, when Becker back in the clay season, according to your theory, he will not win any title.
Then, only Vajda can motivate the Serbian.

Sean Randall Says:

Steve 27, yup, that’s what the numbers suggest.

MMT Says:

That photo of Djokovic is like 10 years old!

Hippy Chic Says:

MMT hes not changed much though..

Okiegal Says:


He has changed very little…..He is a very handsome guy and has a real cute gal on his arm…….and is an amazing player to bit!!

Okiegal Says:

^^^^^^ to boot…..not bit…..these fingers here

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal true i have to say i liked more when he had a bit more weight on him,handsome but a bit too skinny now.

Hippy Chic Says:

Impressed with this guy Lajovic game,a very clean striker of the ball,outplaying Dolgo ATM,8 DFs in that 1st set from Alex ouch..

Okiegal Says:


I watch live stream on espn3.comtennis so hubby and I have to share computer……so I’m behind on the matches…..but I’ve got something up my sleeve to get him out of computer room now!! I do all my correspondence on TX on my Kindle, but can’t the live stream.

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal ive never done live streaming,but theres somthing called sport lemon i believe?

Okiegal Says:


I used to LS on sport lemon and also Live score hunter, but the stream would come and go. ESPN LS is the best. I will get to watch it on TV Wednesday……hope our guy will be playing….rain delay at the moment……grr

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal im watching a repeat of the Miami Masters final in 2005,Roger coming from two sets down to win in 5 sets,amazing classic match,and a shame there has to be a loser when you see a match of such quality,and to see how young they look,and also what they were wearing so funny ha ha.

Hippy Chic Says:

^Rafa was only 18 years old then,and ranked world number 31,at the time,Federer ranked number 1 even back then.^

Okiegal Says:


My facebook showed a match for the rain delay…..2000 Miami finals between Pete and Guga.
Pete served and volley about every time when serving. You talk about wasting a lot of time, they were not in an hurry to serve……but the points were short for the most part and very boring to boot!!LOL Like baseline much better, but that’s a personal opinion.

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal yeah exactly,still different horses for different courses,as they say.

nadalista Says:

So, lemme get this straight:

Boris Becker has emergency double hip replacement surgery last week, and is now fit enough to not only attend a long night Charity ball at Wimby, but stand on his 2 pins looking non the worse for wear??

He is fit enough to attend a charity ball, but is not fit enough to accompany Novak to Miami??

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