Andy Murray Admits He Had Fun Beating Gael Monfils Today At The French Open
by Staff | June 4th, 2014, 6:45 pm

In the last match of a crazy Wednesday at the French Open, Andy Murray prevailed in a nick of time over Gael Monfils 6-4, 6-1, 4-6, 1-6, 6-0 in a match that finished on the very edge of suspension (and disbelief).

After a late start due to rain which pushed the women’s quarters back almost three hours, Murray jumped on Monfils racing ahead by two sets. The Frenchman appeared weary and listless, but mid-way through the third his energy returned and suddenly he began to force the issue.

Monfils fended off Murray’s attempt to close it out by taking third and rolling in the fourth. At the time there was about 20 minutes of light left, but the referee clarified to and agreeing Murray that play would continue for another 20 minutes despite the high probability these two backboards wouldn’t finish. But somehow they did!

With Monfils seemingly in control and the Chatrier crowd fully behind him, a funny thing happened. He lost control. Inexplicably Monfils couldn’t muster any opposition to the Scot dropping the final set meekly in only 24 minutes just as the sun was setting and the six game limit had been reached.

“It was a hard match,” said Murray. “Conditions changed quite a lot during it. It was extremely windy in the beginning, and then it was pretty calm at the end and very slow. It was obviously very cold at the end of the match.

“He really raised his game in the third set. I thought I played a pretty good third set. Fourth set wasn’t my best, but it was a fun match.”

Monfils won just 7 points in the final set, only 4 of which came on his serve. And he admitted that he wanted to finish the match as well because he felt Murray wasn’t as fit as he was. But he rushed it in the end and that cost him.

“I think I played a good first game,” Monfils said. “Then everything happened very fast. I missed a few shots, and I don’t know. I don’t really know what happened. It was very fast. You know, very fast. I start to miss a lot of balls. I felt not bad, so it was a very strange feeling. Very strange.”

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8 Comments for Andy Murray Admits He Had Fun Beating Gael Monfils Today At The French Open

RZ Says:

Any match won by 6-0 in the last set is fun for the winner. :-)

Colin Says:

We Brits suffered endless frustration over the years when we couldn’t develop really first rate male tennis players. Then came Tim Henman, a fine player who could produce world class shots and rallies, but could not do so consistently.

We suffered along with Tim, but I should think French fans have suffered equally during the careers of Tsonga and Monfils.

As for Andy, even if he loses to Rafa on Friday – which must be the likely outcome – by reaching the semis he has exceeded expectations, considering his recent strivings for consistency. If the weather settles down a bit, and he stays fit, Andy just might surprise us all. I look forward to watching him try. I must be a masochist.

Bad Knee Rules Says:

I don’t really know what happened. It was very fast. You know, very fast. I start to miss a lot of balls. I felt not bad, so it was a very strange feeling. Very strange.”

What happened? That’s the difference between a great player and what would have been a great player – mentally a midget who got sh!t scared on the occasion. I can only imagine Nadal toying with him in SF. Thank God he didn’t win, at least Murray has a shot and won’t go down without a fight; if he goes down at all.

Goatexpert Says:

I hope its a normal clear day on friday for the two semis, and quality of play determines the result, not the weather. Would be nice to see a 5-setter between Murray and Nadal – they are both fit, both of similar age, both with amazing retrieval abilities – I just hope Murray doesn’t do another “Ferrer” and goes walkabout.

Michael Says:

Monfils would have run out of gas. He lacks stamina to maintain his tempo in five set matches. Nevertheless, all credit to him that he made the match interesting with his engineered come back. But, Andy was upto it and knew that the opponent would burn himself out anytime and was waiting for the moment which happened in the fifth set and he just crushed him. By virtue of this victory, Andy makes another semi final at Rolland Garros after 2011 and that is good news. But the bad news is that he is up against Rafa, the indefatigable supremeo who rules Rolland Garros like an Emperor. It would really be a tall order for Andy to defeat Rafa in a clay court. Upsets happen, but it is difficult to imagine that Rafa would lose at Rolland Garros as his only loss came against Soderling in 2009. But I hope Andy does not give up without a fight and takes Rafa head on making it an engrossing battle to watch. I am hoping for the best.

Margot Says:

More than justified his seeding
Playing pain free
Fighting spirit
Enjoying being on a tennis court again
This time last year didn’t even make the playing fields
Win! Win! Win!

RZ Says:

I agree with all of the above sentiments!

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