French Open Champion Rafael Nadal Arrives In Halle, Will Test The Knee On Grass [Video]
by Tom Gainey | June 10th, 2014, 8:51 am

After missing the 2013 Halle tournament, French Open champion Rafael Nadal doesn’t want to skip the tournament again. Just a day after his incredible win on Paris, Nadal landed yesterday in Halle where he’ll begin his grass season and hope his knee will hold up.

“I want to try to play well again in Wimbledon,” Nadal said Sunday. “I’m healthy. That’s the most important thing, I feel. I hope my knee will have the positive feeling on grass, because I feel my knee better than last year in the rest of the surfaces. Grass always was a little bit harder for me after the injury. I get injury here in 2012. I played 2012 Wimbledon with that injury. I never played a match after that Wimbledon.

“Last year I tried, but I was not enough ready to compete in Wimbledon. Let’s see how is my feelings there this year, but it’s very important tournament.”

The 28-year-old Spaniard was welcomed at Halle by tournament direct Ralf Weber with a bouquet of flowers at the GERRY WEBER Sportpark Hotel just before 7pm on Monday.

Nadal’s first match on the grass will be against wildcard Dustin Brown in the second round.

“You see him at tournaments but I never played him,” Brown said. “I guess everybody has seen him on TV. It’s going to be nice to play him. And I much prefer it to be on grass than on clay.

“The good thing is, I don’t feel any pressure and can just focus on playing my game.”

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16 Comments for French Open Champion Rafael Nadal Arrives In Halle, Will Test The Knee On Grass [Video]

Giles Says:

Vam9s Champ!
Practice well and stay healthy!

Okiegal Says:


Thanks for posting that link @10:10. I might would have missed that one. I think I saw the link on Nadal News site but didn’t take the time to read it. That was a great question and answer session. Enjoyed it very much. Thanks again!! Okie

Giles Says:

@Okiegal. You’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.

RZ Says:

Rafa vs. Dustin Brown sounds like a fun match!!!

Steve27 Says:

The Bull against Bob Marleys Son, aka “The Reggae Boy”, defineteky sound fun!

queen Says:

Loved the article Giles. Nadal is awesome:)

Ruby Says:

Another thanks for the article @Giles. One of my favorite Rafa interviews.

Steve27 Says:

I suposse many of the fans here knows spanish, or you are reading EL País in englsih?

Okiegal Says:

The link was in English.

Okiegal Says:

Another interview I like is the one conducted by Charlie Rose. It was awesome.

WTF Says:

Novak Djokovic was given the wrong trophy at the French Open

Hilarious reading here.

Michael Says:

It will be interesting to see how quickly Rafa makes the switch over from Clay to Grass. Last two years have been quite bumpy for Rafa and he has struggled on Grass courts which infact is a surprise considering that he has made five finals over there. His chronic back problem disturbs his rhythm at Grass courts where the ball doesn’t bounce high and just skids many a time putting enormous strain on his body. Halle would be the first test where Rafa hopefully would meet Roger in the finals if all goes according to plan and that would be an entertaining contest considering that the two are meeting on grass courts after 2008 – a wait of nearly six long years.

metan Says:

Great to see that he is practicing now. I assume this is just a baby step for Rafa before making a bang at Wimby. Let’s see how far he is in this journey.

martins take Says:

Rafa’s 9th French Open title is difficult to rap ones mind around. It’s complete, unequivocal domination. Astounding!

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