Roger Federer Opens Grass Season With Halle Win [Video]
by Tom Gainey | June 8th, 2010, 9:33 pm

Roger Federer began his 2010 grass season with a 6-4, 6-4 win today over Jarkko Nieminen at the Halle Gerry Weber Open.

Federer has won Halle 5 times and he’s now won 26 straight matches there. No wonder he’s signed a lifetime agreement to play in Halle.

“I am delighted,” Federer said. “It feels a bit like I am getting married. I wanted to plan more long-term. I want to build up friendships and I get on really well with Ralf and Gerhard Weber.”

Some video highlights are below. It’s strange seeing the green grass courts after two months of red clay and dust! Check out Jarkko’s effort at the 2:30 mark – two dives by the flying Finn!

The voice audio is in German.

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127 Comments for Roger Federer Opens Grass Season With Halle Win [Video]

Fot Says:

Great net play by Roger! Great highlights!

Kimmi Says:

yap, great net play indeed. great practice for the volleys in halle.

Kimo Says:

I love the atmosphere at Halle. And did you see how Jarkko was smiling after he lost? If you didn’t know the score you would definitely say he won. I never see such a reaction from a losing player against anyone but Roger. Shows you how much he is admired by his peers.

dc Says:

Roger has lost only 1 match on grass in the past 6 years..

dc Says:

or 7 …perhaps!!

guy Says:


if federer played queens, where the best players are, it might be a different stat. not that he couldn’t win still, but the standard is lower at halle.

SDriversInn Says:

Ah, the sweet green of grass.


if Federer had been playing Queens all these years, you might very well be saying “if Federer played Halle, where the best players are”…

TGiT Says:

They stay away because the know it is Roger’s tournament.

madmax Says:

guy, ever the optimist.

just enjoy the highlights guy, dont you think that roger’s play is delightful to watch?

kit Says:

it’s really a delight to watch roger plays. tennis always become beautiful with his movements and shotmaking.

Kimo Says:

This is why lawn tennis is my favorite to watch. To see Roger move and hit like that.

Roddick just won his match. He’s in good form too. I expect him to do well at Wimbledon.

King of the Court Says:

Wow! Roger’s volleying was good. In another time, he would have been a super volleyer like rafer, edberg, henman and sampras. In this power baseline era, his volleying is very inconsistent.

Federer on a tennis court = genius. You go champ.

jarkko’s dives were too much. against other players he might have won that point. well done jarkko.

All that color on a grass court seems weird!

King of the Court Says:

Guy :

That is a good joke. It is like saying Nadal won 5 barcelona titles because the other big players do not turn up there. Get a grip.

I am sure none of the players want to play in Halle because they have a better chance of winning queens than the grass tournament Roger is in.

You do not win 65 straight on grass avoiding competition.

nadline Says:

Kimo Says:

I love the atmosphere at Halle. And did you see how Jarkko was smiling after he lost? If you didn’t know the score you would definitely say he won. I never see such a reaction from a losing player against anyone but Roger. Shows you how much he is admired by his peers.

June 9th, 2010 at 12:10 am



King of the Court Says:


That is a fact. Roger has the admiration of his peers. 6times in a row, Stefan Edberg sportsmanship award. Even edberg won it only 5times in a row.

Purcell Says:

You’re out of line. Go back to Tennistrash. Rude person.

King of the Court Says:


Let him be here, atleast we can make him a human being. if he goes to trash, he will remain trash forever. no chance at redemption. That is, as Roger would say, a pity.

Thomas Says:

she is such a jerk on TT. she is ALWAYS trying to start federer and nadal slingfests.

nadline Says:

What does it say about a tennis player who is happy at being beaten………….not a lot!!!

It is a contest, the victory is hollow if it is handed out on a plate.

nadline Says:

Any sportsman worth his salt would not be happy at being beaten no matter who they are playing, even if it was their best friend,brother or Dad. Maybe that explains why some players have never got any where fast unlike the great Rafa who is playing to win and not to be popular.

It just proves that Roger has had it handed to him on a plate over the years until the likes of Nadal, Murray and Djokovic came on the scene.

You guys don’t like the truth even when it’s staring you in the face, Federer got where he is because of lack of competition, period. Being happy when you are beaten as a sportsman is laughable.

nadline Says:

Even Federer cries like a baby when he loses, but his fans expect everyone to be happy when he beats them………….words fail me.

aleish17 Says:

Congrats to Fed on the win!

Congrats to Rafa for his 1st win in grass after missing the grass tourneys last year. Vamos Rafa!

@Nadline: If you’re not happy with Fed’s win or anything to do with Fed, then please dont bother to “violently” react on posts regarding Fed. Whoever your fav is, I bet he wouldnt be happy with the way your acting right now.

As a Rafa fan, the last thing I need is a “rude” comment towards my fav. And same goes with Fed’s fans or any other player’s fans out there.

nadline Says:

What is the violent reaction, all I said was Arrrrgh, what’s violent about that. It the reaction of some posters that is violent.

aleish17 Says:

@nadline: It wouldn’t kill you to be nice, right? But if you cant possibly be nice to Fed fans, then please dont bother to give your snarky comments. It wouldn’t also kill you to be silent while Fed fans are celebrating Fed’s win in Halle.

I dont want people to think that every Fed-hater or anti-Fed out there are all Rafa fans.

dc Says:

Have you ever thought that If Nadal made a rule that only nice people could be his fans, he would have no fans!

its all abt da game Says:

what’s up with this nadal line??
she obviously said the aaargh to make people argue with her..
so she is an attention seeking specimen!!
and did she say great rafa??
means she is a fan of rafa??
surely, even rafa is gonna be ashamed of here if she can’t give respect to roger..
heck i’m ashamed she is a fellow rafa fan..
she is just like that mr. imperfect thing..
trashing rivals of their favs..

nadline Says:

What on earth have I said that warrants all this attack? Why are Fedfans so much on the defensive? When I said Arrghrrrh it was meant as a joke, in England it’s what people say on occasions like this which means Nice that Niemen felt so good about being beaten. There was nothing offensive about it at all, but I had to counter the claim that Jarko was happy to be beaten by Fed.

All Rafa’s fans are nice, we can take a joke.

nadline Says:

its all abt da game

You are no fan of Rafa’s, you are just trying to suck up to Fedfans, because I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

aleish17 Says:

@ dc: that is a big “NO WAY” from me. Not all Nadal fans are not nice. Not all Fed fans, are nice too.

its all abt da game Says:

nadal line..
can’t you see it??
you could have well avoided that comment..
but you would say it..
and then the fedfans here would start accusing nadal fans of being rude and all..
now, from what the people here say, you are someone from another site..
so, its no problem for you whatever the fedfans here say to rafans..
but i am present on tennisx only..
so i have to actually read all the trash they write while you are enjoy on the other site..
and frankly as a rafa fan i do not enjoy it..
no wonder why people like mr. imperfect trash rafa and rafa fans, because people like you come in and start fights..


aleish17 Says:

it’s all abt da game: Did you see Rafa’s match today in Queens? He won! 1st win since missing the grass tourneys last year. Hoping to see him in the final and claim the title.

its all abt da game Says:

yes, i did..
and he played quite well..
the most important thing is it did not look like he had not played a match on grass in 2 years..
maybe its because the opponent was weak, but somehow i got an impression that he played much better than he was expected to.
i feel if he plays like this, he can surely win queens and make a very deep run at wimbledon, maybe even win the thing..

aleish17 Says:

Didnt hear anything from Mr. Perfect though when Rafa won RG and reclaimed the No. 1 spot. If I remember it correctly, he said Sod’s game is tailor made to kick Nadal’s a**. lol It was Rafa who sent home the Swede.

nadline Says:

As someone else pointed out this is a FED site so no one is allowed an opinion.

Skeezerweezer Says:


Re: Mr. Perfect. Yeah he should have come out and ate his hat on that one :).

Congrats to your fav Aleish on claiming the #1 spot again. He is in form again, came through some major adversity, and clearly deserves it. :)

aleish17 Says:

And Rafa always manages to find improvements in his game and with his tennis. I hope he will at least get 2 slams this year after all he has gone through last year.

He moved quite well, his serve IMO has slightly improved and his tennis is getting better too. If he continues to improve, he will definitely win more slams on hardcourt.

Best of luck to our fav!
Vamos Rafa!

Skeezerweezer Says:


This is “Mars Attacks!” all over again.

“All Rafa’s fans are nice, we can take a joke.”

From Tennis X? Sure :). From TT? NO WAY.

Don’t come up here and start posting like your innocent. Your posts in the past are well known and what your intentions are. Now your attacking Rafa fans here? How can a “claimed” Rafa fan from TT do that?

Now you comin over to start a worthless attack on why Fed got his 16 GS titles? Arrrrrgggghh. Stupid stuff.

Go back to TT, and take “tennis bullies” with you. Not hatin, just sayin……..

And take Fed’s recent interview posted here with you. Maybe you’ll “feel” better about Fed….and how he feels about Rafa, and sportsmanship. BTW, didn’t I see Rafa crying at FO? Just goes to show you how emotional a GS title is, win or lose. Congratulations again to the true Rafa fans up here for great FO win!


aleish17 Says:

Thanks Skeeze!

Let’s just see what the rejuvinated and more improved Rafa can give us on the Grass and hard court. If he goes out to win Wimby / USO, kudos to him. If he doesn’t, kudos to him for trying.

margot Says:

Must say Rafa looked as if he’d been born to play grass. Scary!
Alas, Djko’s serve is still um.. pants.. and he looked uncomfortable on the green. Still he got through so there’s lots of time to improve.

mem Says:

naldine, i like your style! don’t be bullied by the likes of mr. know-it-all, has-all-the answers skeezer and his little blogging buddies. he whines from one season to the next about rafa nadal , and has the audacity to pretend he is so innocent when someone elses mentions roger’s name. he is a sly, sneaky, hypocrite. i read comments occasionally, and every single time i read, who is the first to make some underhanded remark about rafa, you guess right, none other than mr. empty wagon making a lot of noise skeezer. he is is the ring leader with his sly, subtle, derogatory comments about nadal. it is utterly sickening! i’m sure you are aware that people like skeezer blame nadal and his family for roger’s losses. in fact, i think they blame rafa for the economic crisis, social and political problems of the world. matter of fact, they probably blame nadal for all the other players losses too.

you have to understand that there are some fans who are having difficulty accepting that nadal is here to do a job and that is to win as much as possible, just like roger federer. you would have to be a sick individual to think that rafa nadal is going to work hard his entire life to stand across the net from roger and give away matches so that everyone will like him. players like neimemen want to be accepted by roger; they are helping roger fill his trophy case and become wealthy, while at the same time, many of them have families to feed and obligations to meet, but they would rather have roger pat them on the back, then beat him when they get the opportunity. their mindset is totally different from rafa nadal, and that’s why they will never, ever, vote for rafa for anything. rafa and his uncle are quite smart. they don’t care about popularity, they care about reaping benefits for all the years of work.

so, overlook these hypocrites on this blog, they have been in darkness so long, until they don’t want to see the light! there is nothing at all wrong with you sticking to your guns! they like to make a mountain out of a moldhill, and some of the nadal fans seem so afraid of fedfans until they say they are rafa fans, but they sound more like roger fans to me. i guess they are afraid to upset the fedfans. i’m sure you know that the majority of fedfans are so insecure about his greatness until you can’t write his name without being attacked. but, don’t give it a thought; consider the sources! stick to your opinions! the fedfans who are making the most noice are more bark than bite! they like to hear themselves talk or read their own comments; it make them feel important!

jatt Says:

“aleish17 Says:
Didnt hear anything from Mr. Perfect though when Rafa won RG and reclaimed the No. 1 spot. If I remember it correctly, he said Sod’s game is tailor made to kick Nadal’s a**. lol It was Rafa who sent home the Swede.”

Sorry i did not get it..Who is Mr perfect here ?

Skeezerweezer Says:


Keep lyin dude…blaming Rafa losses on family? Nice try….. Have fun talkin to yourself, and nadline. I am sure she told you to come over from TT and spew more stuff. Out

mem Says:

skeezer, you need to take a break from this blog and so something else; personally, i think you are having a nervous breakdown!

aleish17 Says:


Precisely jatt! I never heard of him since Rafa won RG. But to enlighten you, he was a Rafa-hater who’d like to give “very rude” comments about Rafa. I dont know what Rafa did to him that made him the person he is. BTW, he talked about Rafa’s a** always. lol

jatt Says:


I think i did not ask my question clearly..”who” are referring to ? I mean when you say “never heard of him” you are referring to who ?

Did not mean to confuse you

Huh Says:

Mem needs to stay in the mental hospital for more time as he/she still hasn’t recovered from Nadalomania and fancies kissing Rafa’s @$$ even now and talks about it going from site to site since long.

mem Says:

Huh, save your phony words for your blogging buddies! i know how fake you are! one minute you’re a fedfan, then when nadal wins you are nadal fan, then when djokovic wins, you are djokovic fan. spare me the crap!

Huh Says:

Hi dear aleish!

It’s so unfortunate that the Nadalmaniac mem is again back and would go on repeating his usual hysterical stuff about Nadal and would bring embarassment to you and all other nice Nadal fans. Mem’d again blame the whole world for kissing Fed’s @$$ and would force all to give it back to him/her for her mental welfare. I know that might get ugly, but that’s the usual occurence here whenever mem escapes his/her mental ward.

aleish17 Says:

mem says: “some of the nadal fans seem so afraid of fedfans until they say they are rafa fans, but they sound more like roger fans to me. i guess they are afraid to upset the fedfans”

I am one crystal clear Rafa fan! Says who? Says me. And who’s afraid??? Just in case you don’t know, there are people who would prefer a healthy, friendly, non-fighting mode of conversation. Just because people dont give snarky comments towards Fed, you can automatically call them they’re afraid of the Fedfans. It is called “RESPECT”, R-E-S-P-E-C-T. You can say whatever you want to say without being disrespectful. No one is afraid of anyone.

Huh Says:

God, mem’s already having a nervous breakdown! Posting here with my name in his post is the sign. Let mem’s phone ring now, trin trin!

aleish17 Says:

@ jatt

Im refering to Mr. Perfect. It meant I never heard from Mr. Perfect again when Rafa won RG.
Before RG, he posted a lot of negative comments about Rafa and how Rafa would be beaten. And I repeat, he (Mr. Perfect) talks a lot about Rafa’s famous a**. lol

mem Says:

aleish17, it seems strange, i didn’t notice you talking so loud, over these past 11 or 12 months when nadal was strugging and constantly being insulted, but, if the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t worry about wearing it! you don’t have prove anything to me!

Huh Says:

And I became a Nadal fan in mem’s world, lol!

nadline Says:

mem, you’ve got it in one. Fedfans feel very insecure about his greatness that’s why they jump at anything that doesn’t remotely look like praying at his altar.

When I said arrrgh or whatever, it wasn’t meant as a jibe against Roger, it was saying how odd that Jarko was pleased about losing, but all Fedfans came down on me like a ton of bricks, including some so-called Rafans.

Huh Says:


Don’t worry about Mr.Perfect, he may return with his name changed to something else(like Mr.Wannabe Perfect or something like that, as Mindy said once), this site is all fun coz of people like Mr.Perfect, of course you know, in which sense! :/

jatt Says:

thanks aleish..

that clears..
sorry i did not get it earlier as i am still very new to this forum and it will take some time getting to know the members who participate here..

aleish17 Says:

@ jatt

Mr. Perfect is/was a poster here jatt. But I never heard a word from him when Rafa won RG.

@ Huh

I guess it does get ugly when people like Mem comes here and start bashing Fed or any player. It’s just sad that he/she consider himself/herself a Nadal fan. I bet Nadal wouldn’t be pleased at all knowing he have a lot of fans who goes after Fed, when he (Nadal) himself, have nothing but respect for Fed.

mem Says:

naldine, you are spot on! it makes me wonder why a player(roger) said to be so “great” cause his fans to be so insecure and so fearful of rafa nadal. why? i guess one of the main reason why a lot of rafafans don’t come here anymore is because it is a waste of time with this childish, petty, ongoing war over the same old garbage, and none of it determines nadal or federer’s future; i guess some fedfans think it does!

Huh Says:


You’re just a real sweety. :P

aleish17 Says:

@ mem:

How would it be possible that you would hear anything from me the last 11/12 months when I am just new here in this tennis site. I never ever posted anything before. I just happened to arrived at this site when I was searching for any site about tennis.

No matter how many times I would say the word “RESPECT” to you, maybe you wouldn’t understand at all, maybe even if I spell it or give the definition, you wouldn’t understand coz you have NON, ZERO!!!

aleish17 Says:

@ jatt

Much welcome jatt. Me too, Im just new here but Im learning. So who are you rooting for in Wimby?

aleish17 Says:

Thanks Huh!

@mem: And why would I care proving anything to you? I dont have to prove anything to anyone, especially YOU!!!

Huh Says:


Kudos BTW to your Rafa for always being respectful to my Fed. Fed also values/understands/knows Rafa a lot, he was after all the only guy who said Rafa’s best is yet to come. And boy, was he correct! This year indeed is Rafa’s best ever clay season and every stupid/intelligent guy/gal out here also knows that Rafa has a realistic chance of sweeping the remaining slams this year, imagine how amazing it will be for Nadal fans if that happens! May be you must promise to treat me to some virtual desserts and chocolates, haha. ;)

nadline Says:

I like the way that Fedfans even try to decide who Rafa would like as his fans, and that he would reject anyone who does not pray to Roger……..he himself doesn’t, if he did he wouldn’t be No1 today with a 14.7 h2h against Roger, he’d be a serial loser to Roger with a smile, and a ‘Thank you your highness Roger, for beating me, I’m so grateful.’

Huh Says:

nadline is upset about the players liking Fed, so lolz at her! ;)

mem Says:

aleisha17, if i were a betting person, i would bet that nadal would much rather a fan who is doesn’t back down or a fan who sticks to his/her convictions, sought of like what he does on court, as opposed to a fan who spends time trying to appease everyone. if you call that bashing fed, then i guess you’re just brainwashed!

Oui Says:

Fed’s gonna be unbeatable on grass. Here’s hoping that Roddick ends up in Roger’s half. He needs to take out the pigeon one. more. time.

Huh Says:

Now that Rick is gone, nadline is providing the comic relief here. Lolz at nadline, keep it up!

Purcell Says:

Have returned to site after busy afternoon only to find Nadline still here. Wouldn’t they have you back on TT?
Actually Nadline, your spelling of ‘aaaaaaaaaaagggggggg” is incorrect.
In England we spell the cooing sound reserved for nice moments “aaaaaaaaahhhhhh”.
The dialectical twang of the West Country and Gloucestershire (but obviously not Highgrove) results in “ooooharrrrrrrrh.”
“Arrrrrrrgggggg” is reserved for people with a plethora of infected tattoos and piercings.
Anyway, getting back to the tennis, but not Roger, who, way back in the mists of time, was the subject of the article, did Cilic get through? I like the guy.

Huh Says:

@its all abt da game:

You are just spot on in your 12.44 pm post, which means more and more lulz at Nadline!
Take it easy fellas, let the comic relief continue from nadline. ;)

mem Says:

aleisha17, calm down sweetie! we all have our opinions. you are free to have your say too! quite frankly, i’m use to words like your; they don’t bother me in the least. i have long understood how it works; anytime a rafafan doesn’t say what fedfans want to hear, he/she is ripped apart, and sometimes by other rafafans too! it’s not big deal, it’s the norm nowadays!

Mindy Says:

What I want to know is why all the hate for tt? I don’t understand this sudden obsessive focus on another tennis site? I never used to read this kind of incessasnt trashing of tt until just recently.

I think it’s beyond hypocritical for anyone here to attack someone who posts on tt and then decides to come here to express their thoughts. The same thing happens on tt! So who is kidding who here? I have seen maxi go on tt and call out Rafa fans in the most unseemly manner. Her purpose seems to be to inflame and incite.

I come here and see Fed fans accusing some tt posters of coming here and doing the same thing. Guess who started it? Guess who made it her business to “out” people on tt by announcing their screen names when they post on this site? Guess who tries to get in good with the few Rafa fans who will even respond to her on tt?

I know some fans here who come to tt to post under a different screen name. However, I would never dream of confronting them with this information, as though they were committing some kind of conspiracy. What screen names people use is nobody’s business! It’s a sick game that is being played over and over again.

Unless this site specifically bans anyone other than Fed fans from posting, then they are entitled to come here. A few people here are assuming the role of unofficial moderator in deciding who deserves to be here.

I can’t control what other Rafa fans do or say. I can only speak for myself. I don’t come here to attack Fed, however, it is unpleasant to have to read comments by the likes of Mr. Perfect or lion or some of the other haters. Hatespeak from anyone should not be tolerated.


When did you start having this intense dislike of tt and the people who post there? This seems to be something new from you. I don’t get it. How does another tennis site threaten you in any way? There are people there who post on this site and they don’t happen to be Rafa fans. Your buddy maxi can’t stay away from tt, yet she comes right back here and trashes it all the time.

Why don’t you ask her why she is so dedicated to coming to a site that she supposedly despises?

aleish17 Says:

@ Mem

On court, I agree that Nadal would never back down. He would never give up coz he have the heart of a champion. And that’s why I admire him. But after each game, have you ever heard Nadal talking like the way you do? You can bet all you want, but you won’t win because Nadal is not like that. He have so much respect for Federer and to other player/people. Players can become competitive without being disrespectful, same goes with fans like us.

Huh Says:

The vulture Oui is again sniffing at Roddick, hope he once more kicks the volture with his racquet and shgut him/her up for some more time and let him/her gather some more cpourage to again attack Roddick, though it’d only be another miserable failure of Oui-the human vulture.

aleish17 Says:

mem, calm down sweetie! Yes, we all have our own opinions. It is just sad for me as a RAFAEL NADAL FAN, that whenever people like you come here and start giving your OPINIONS, people end up fighting. And guess who’s being bashed? It’s always Nadal and Federer. And I have to endure an excruciating pain whenever I read a lot of Nadal bashing. And I know too, that Fedfans feel the same way when Nadal fans say anything bad about Roger and his fans. So, I end up reading all the stuff and feeling sorry for myself because as much as a Rafa fan in me, I get affected by what other people say about Rafa.

We can exercise our freedom of speech and the right to express our own opinion without sounding disrespectful. That is Rafael Nadal! And that is what we, Rafa fans should emulate.

Huh Says:


I agree with you that TT is suddenly getting some more-than-deserved attention at Tennis-X, which is unfortunate. I know there’s some site called TT from the conversation of some posters over here, but never been there. I agree this TT rant must stop.

Disclaimer: nothing intended against anyone though in my post.

Dan Martin Says:

Roger played well enough from the highlights. I think his Indian Wells-Miami-Rome-Estoril stretch is behind him, but it is not at all clear how much he can raise his game and benefit from a surface change because his Madrid and Paris results were not bad, but just not where he’d want them to be. After that stretch I mentioned above he has won 9 of 11 matches (Madrid, Paris and Halle). Most players would be thrilled at that level of winning, but it is a steep decline from the 12-0 Roger posted at Madrid and Paris last year. Halle, Queens and Wimbledon are going to be crucial to how this season plays out. Rafa won easily in his first grass match.

Huh Says:

“Oui Says:
Fed’s gonna be unbeatable on grass.”

Is this guy for real? Talking like an astrologer though.

aleish17 Says:

@ Huh!

Lol to the “virtual desserts and chocolates”.
But I hope Rafa does get another slam this year.
Vamos Rafa! Go for the win in Wimby and USO!!!

Huh Says:


And I promise you virtual kisses if Rod wins the WIM, he’s my 2nd fave after Roger. :)

mem Says:

aleisha, how about, you mine your business and i’ll do likewise. if you call what i say, disrespectful, then i suggest you not read it! is that better?

Dan Martin Says:

Guy, I agree Queens has been “the” tune up for Wimbledon and continues to be. Still, Halle has had some nice players and match ups over the years. Federer-Safin in the 2005 final was big. Novak was runner-up at Halle last year. Hewitt is playing the event this year. It is not near parity in terms of the depth of the draw, but Roger has used his 5 titles there to spring board to 4 Wimbledon titles and 1 Wimbledon runner-up finish. His 2007 and 2010 Wimbledon titles came after no tune up event on grass.

Huh Says:

Take care Aleish, am gonna sleep, it’s late night. Bye. :P

dc Says:

@ Huh Says:

“Oui Says:
Fed’s gonna be unbeatable on grass.”

Is this guy for real? Talking like an astrologer though.

well Huh – considering that Fed has lost only once on grass in the past 7 years, it wouldn’t take one to be an astrologer to say what Oui said.

aleish17 Says:

sleep well Huh!

Dan Martin Says:

I think Kohlschieber could beat Fed in Halle if they tangle. 2 out of 3 sets sure he could lose to a good player in Halle. It will take a great effort to knock him out at Wimbledon, but it can be done.

Huh Says:


I’d not call him an astrologer if he said that Fed can be unbeatable on grass. There’s a difference between saying Fed’s gonna be and Fed can be. However, I wanna make it quite clear to you that I’d not have responded to him if he didn’t call Roddick a pigeon, it’s so insulting to Roddick! What bad has Roddick done to him for him to resort to such venom towards Roddick. BTW, Roddick is my 2nd fave and I’d defend him against abuse whenever needed/possible on my part, sorry if you don’t like it, I simply can’t help it. Roddick deserves much more respect than is given to him.

Huh Says:

My last post to you Dear Aleish:

Yeah, I’m, gonna sleep, so see u tomoro. Take care sweet friend. :P

aleish17 Says:

@ meme:

Yes, it’s disrespectful! You are being disrespectful. And if you want to be that way, then fine I couldn’t care any less. I will leave you with your own business and I will mind mine.

Cheers for Rafa!

Von Says:

King of the court and Mindy, I gave shout out to you on another thread, but now with so many posts, since I posted can’t remember which thread. Anyway, here’s my post:

jatt Says:


My heart is with Roger and i want him to win but logically thinking its going to be rafa since he is now in tremendous from and the way he is improving day by day..

skeezerweezer Says:


As you say,

I don’t speak for anyone but myself, so please don’t try to drag other posters into your post @ me.

TT? Have you ever seen “Skeezerweezer” post at TT? Have you ever seen me go over to your site and trash Rafa? Praise Fed? Never posted there. I have never used another poster name, never will, and am proud of it, for good or for bad.
You folks stream over here, hurl insults ( I can’t say all from TT are bad, cause some I know and some I don’t) on this site out of the blue. Aliesh is right, it’s disrespectful. I least I don’t go over to the beloved holy ground site of TT and post trash to you guys. I can only speak for myself. It’s your stomping ground. I respect that. Don’t go there. Don’t want too. It’s all good.

I was one of the first posters to offer a sincere congratulations Rafa and his fans here, and his #1 ranking. Not a thank you from any of you TT’ers. Thanks yous from Rafa fans here though……

Look, everyone is welcome here, I don’t know it all and I don’t moderate this forum. I personally don’t mind you folks coming here, the more the merrier, and rave about your fav…but if you do, show some respect, tease out of fun, not hate, then it is all good. Just leave “tennis bullies” behind.

Thank you,


Oui Says:

DC you are correct. I hope it’s Roger and I hope he takes out the Pidge once and for all.

Huh, better to be a vulture than a pigeon. Have a wonderful day.

J Says:


Just curious, why exactly should you be thanked for congratulating Rafa? Also there’s a lot of ‘us’ here at Xblog versus ‘you folk’ over there at TT in your posts. Not very welcoming or aimed at intergration in my opinion.

anna lidman Says:

Yea federer

aleish17 Says:

@ jatt:

I respect that you’re a Fedfan. Well I on the other hand, is rooting for Rafa and will always be rooting for Rafa. Let’s just wait and see who goes out there in the grass field with the strength, stamina, good tennis and strong determination to win in Wimby.

But for now, we must all enjoy the warm up (Queens)for Wimby.

Vamos Rafael Nadal!

Skeezerweezer Says:


New poster? Just curious….

Maybe you should be asking them, not me.

My posts stands, don’t misinterpret it. Or interpret it anyway you want……really don’t care already…..:)

I said what I said am movin on to more important conversations, that don’t have the word “aaaaarrrrrrfffff” in it.

Wanna talk tennis?

Kimo Says:

WOW. Didn’t think my post would spark so much controversy!!!

Dan Martin Says:

I think the Wimbledon champion will come from one of these 7 players: Rafa, Roger, Roddick, Murray, Soderling, Nole, and Berdych. Until we see grass court form and the draw, I am not going to say much more than that. I also think Isner could do his best unbreakable impersonation and be a major pain. Dr. Ivo, Hewitt, FLo, and a few others could also be interesting to watch.

Kimo Says:

Dan, you think Novak can win it? Seriously?! After all the disappointments he’s suffered over the years? He hasn’t made a slam final in over two years and grass is his weakest surface. He’s not going to win at SW19.

And as for Berdych, I don’t think he moves his large frame very well on grass, but with his power he can definitely make the quarters. But to actually win the whole thing?! That’s a huge leap of faith taken on someone who is not known for his mental fortitude or his stamina.

skeezerweezer Says:


Don’t forget the youngin with the big gun Isner. His serve should serve him well on the greenery. He was getting deeper into the singles draw than I expected until he burned out on the dirt….Don’t expect him to win the title though but can cause some upsets like Dr. Ivo :)

Kimo Says:

skeeze, a good server can definitely cause some upsets, but I find it hard to belive that anyone over 6’4″ can move well enough on grass to actually win Wimbledon.

SG Says:

I’d like to think with his flat shots and when he’s healthy, DelPo, even at 6′-4″ or more could do some serious damage at Wimbledon. His game is massive. Big serve, big returns (underrated but important at Wimbledon) and high powered groundies. His movement might be suspect but if he gets hot he may be the type of guy that can be tall and win. I guess we’ll have to wait until at least next year to find this out.

Dan Martin Says:

Kimo, Of the 7 Berdych and Nole seem to be far from the finish line, but I figure anyone who reaches the quarters could have a shot at victory and each could get to the final 8. Novak won his first slam in Jan 08 and it is now June 2010. Samras won his first slam in Sept. 90 and won his second in July 93 so all is not lost for Novak just yet. In fact as poorly as he has played in one sense, he is still close. He reached the quarters or further at each of the past 4 slams while not playing his best ball. If he puts it together he can win the event. I think 3 men made the final 8 at both the 2010 Australian and French Opens – Roger, Rafa and Nole. He can play his way into form. Odds are against it based on the bitter loss in Paris, but I think he is still a guy who can win this Wimbledon.

skeezerweezer Says:


Richard Krajicek, who won in 1996, is 6ft 5in; Goran Ivanisevic, who won in 2001, 6ft 4in.

But the SLOWER Grass of today, you’re probably right.

Kimo Says:

Dan Martin Said:

“Novak won his first slam in Jan 08 and it is now June 2010. Samras won his first slam in Sept. 90 and won his second in July 93 so all is not lost for Novak just yet.”

I’m not saying all is lost for Novak, and I know the Sampras narrative, but saying that after two years of no slam finals that Novak is a contender at Wimbledon is like saying Sampras is a contender at Roland Garros after two years of his first slam victory.

@skeeze, both are S&V’ers. You don’t have to run from side to side when you are at net, you just take one big step right or left. With the power baseline game coming to grass, you still have to know how to run from side to side without slipping, which is very tricky for most clay courters (before Rafa fans get riled up: Rafa can move on grass), especially in the first few days where the grass is still new.

Dan Martin Says:

I figure Novak made the Wimbledon semis in 07 the quarters in 09 and was runner-up at Queens in 08. He may not be the level of contender that Rafa or Roger is, but I would put him ahead of most of the other players in the draw in terms of his chances.

Dan Martin Says:

Runner-up at Halle in 09 too.

Kimo Says:

Dan, semis are quarters are about as good as novak gets thses days. Add to that the fact that he’s never won a title on grass.

Kimo Says:

I meant semis and quarters.

stu Says:

For that matter, why is Muzza considered a legitimate contender? Sure he won Queens last year but the draw was (comparatively) prett-ty favorable. I think Nole and Murray are pretty evenly matched results-wise…(altho I tend to think Murray is a better grass court player as well)

From 07-09 Queens/ Halle
Nole: R3, F (SO close!), F
Murray: -, QF, W

From 05-09 Wimbledon
Nole: R3, R4, SF, R2, QF
Murray: R3, R4, -, QF, SF

stu Says:

But THIS year is a completely different story. If Nole has a favorable draw, he might make the quarters. Otherwise he will get an extra week to train for the HC season.

JimboJones Says:

Seems like Kimo and Dan are talking across purposes. I think both would agree Novak D. is not likely to win Wimbledon, but Dan seems to be saying if you can reach the quarters you have a shot and Kimo seems to be saying quarters is as well as Novak D. will do. Sounds like they both see him doing about the same damage, but one sees final 8 close enough to the trophy to say he has a shot and the other says final 8 is not close enough to have a shot.

Kimo Says:

Jimbo, sounds about right. I don’t think a final 8 finish says anything at all, especially not when someone seems to be stuggling to get past that stage.

I mean if a final 8 showing means a player can win the whole thing, someone should tell Schvedova from Kazakhstan that she had a shot at Roland Garros this year, or told Almagro he was oh so close to lifting the trophy.

To be considered a true contender, you have to make it to the semis at least, and reach at least a final for every 2 semis you play.

Dan Martin Says:

Kimo, I think in the Roger Rafa era or Rafa Roger era what you have laid down as the means for finding contenders might be worthy. To need a GS final every other major does seem extreme though. Rafa went rd of 16, did not play, semifinal, quarterfinal in the 4 slams prior to winning his 5th French. The consistency these two have put up seems unlike anything tennis has seen in a long time. Nole has been the 3rd most consistent player in the world from 2007-2010. He has plenty of quarter and semi finishes to go with his Aussie title and U.S. Open runner-up finishes. He is one of 3 men to reach the quarters or better at the first two slams of 2010. He is playing like crap, his confidence seems shot, and his strategy and tactics seem messed up – yet he is still making the final 8. If he does that and finds some measure of form, I think it is possible he wins Wimbledon. It may not be likely, but it is more likely than 122 of the 128 players in the draws scenarios for victory. To me that makes him a contender, but I see your point about him needing to take things further and gut out some big wins.

Ben Pronin Says:

It’s not like Djokovic can’t play on grass. His 07 run at Wimbledon saw him topple Baghdatis and Hewitt (a former champ) in epic tussles. He even managed a set off Nadal before succumbing to crappy fitness.

And then there’s that epic match he played against Nadal in Queens before succumbing to Nadal and crappy mental toughness.

He can play on the surface. But, like Dan says, he would need to put it together to win the whole thing. As cool as it would be to see him win a second slam at Wimbledon, of all places, I do see it as incredibly unlikely. Quarterfinal finishes with crappy play is a testament to Djokovic’s talent, but the finishes are a testament to his crap.

Kimo Says:

Djokovic can play on grass, but there are others who are better than him, and I’m not talking about Roger and Rafa. I’m talking about “Insert big-hitter’s name here”.

“Rafa went rd of 16, did not play, semifinal, quarterfinal in the 4 slams prior to winning his 5th French.”

Right, but this is Rafa winning on his court. His fifth RG was more a home-coming than a breakthrough. Djoko winning Wimbledon? BREAKTHROUGH.

Kimo Says:

Ben Pronin said:

“Quarterfinal finishes with crappy play is a testament to Djokovic’s talent, but the finishes are a testament to his crap.”



Jessie Dart Says:

Everyone who says Federer won 16 slams due to lack of competition is not athletic. You people are most likely over weight couch potatoes who think watching a sport gives you the same knowledge of the sport as someone who plays. You guys say Federer wins due to no competition yet Nadal has to play so hard to win he blows his knees out? The argument of no competition does not make sense because Nadal has to play so hard to keep up with the level of tennis out there!! If there was no competition Nadal would not have to pound the court and work so hard at every point like he does. Federer has put out a level that transformed the game and look at what it does to Nadal. Torn abs, blown out knee’s at the age of 24. To beat Federer or to try and challenge his records or to even hold his jock, you must destroy your body, that is the level Federer plays at, and he is 29 now and still is making the kids out there work their butts off. Couch potatoes come correct and shut your face! P.S to Nadal fans, I played tennis and know Nadals knees will end his career, I had the same problem. And you guys will forever say IF Nadals knees were healthy he would have had more slams than Federer, I hope you guys live happily ever after in the world of IF…..suckers!

Huh Says:

“Ben Pronin said:

“Quarterfinal finishes with crappy play is a testament to Djokovic’s talent, but the finishes are a testament to his crap.””


nadline Says:

They are both accomplished players but whilst Rafa is extremely dominant on clay, we can’t say that Federer is extremely dominant on hard despite winning a lot of GS titles on it, because he doesn’t do so well in 1000s, 500s and 250s. On grass there are no Masters, so we don’t know how he would fare in anything other than GS.

Rafa has proved himself in Masters on h/c and by reaching three Wim finals, he has also proved himself on grass, though not to the same extent that Roger has.

By winning GS on h/c, grass, and clay and the olympic gold, all in the same year, no one can belittle Rafa’s achievements.

madmax Says:

Purcell Says:
Have returned to site after busy afternoon only to find Nadline still here. Wouldn’t they have you back on TT?
Actually Nadline, your spelling of ‘aaaaaaaaaaagggggggg” is incorrect.
In England we spell the cooing sound reserved for nice moments “aaaaaaaaahhhhhh”.
The dialectical twang of the West Country and Gloucestershire (but obviously not Highgrove) results in “ooooharrrrrrrrh.”
“Arrrrrrrgggggg” is reserved for people with a plethora of infected tattoos and piercings.

Anyway, getting back to the tennis, but not Roger, who, way back in the mists of time, was the subject of the article, did Cilic get through? I like the guy.

June 9th, 2010 at 3:22 pm

Make no mistake purcell, the best piece of advice you gave to nadline was to wait in a coffee queue at Ikea – you sussed her out in a second. you are also very funny and make my day sometimes with your comments – She told me a while ago to go “back to tennis.x” and stop talking about how wonderful people were on tennis.x, and now she is bored and hypocritical and has to come over here with her acerbic comments about federer – only because there aren’t many federer fans over there right now, all probably waiting for Wimbledon. So she is just bored and wants to start a fight with any federer fan. She always talks about roger’s crying, his h2h with rafa but really that is the limit of her tennis knowledge. give her a wide berth.

The only poster over there who has really got the measure of nadline/carrie/chloe is a guy called SenorPlaid, who may very well post here too, he called her a phoney and he is right.

A busy afternoon for me to yesterday purcell, and cant believe some of the comments here –

And Mindy, I would very much appreciate it please that you dont drag me into every conversation – I do NOT bash rafa and I NEVER have. In fact, I’m going to call your bluff.

You find me ONE post that I have ever said that has EVER been disrespectful of Rafa and I’ll tell you what, you won’t find ONE. That is NOT and NEVER has been my style.

You make a lot of stuff up about me that is based on a response to those people that attack constantly federer over at TT. I haven’t posted there for a while, I read some of the posts and think to myself you are like children. It’s kindergarten stuff at TT primarily because people such as nadline constantly (and I mean, constantly) make remarks about Roger Federer and show zero respect for the greatest player ever to grace the tennis world. I dont agree with you Mindy. I find the fact that you write super long posts a yawn, as you know. But I am asking you to stop these ridiculous lies about me, you have plenty of people over there who enter into discussions with you, but for some reason, you like to twist the truth. Mindy, we diagree with each other a lot of the time, this is life.

It has been so nice to share ideas with intelligent people on this forum, and then you come on and support the biggest fed hater from TT, saying you dont know why TT gets such bad press. IT’S A RAFA FAN GIRL site and you know it! Be that as it may, it doesnt mean that you have to continue with lies about me. So I am asking you to stop.

Skeezer, you are a good poster here. I dont know about your posting pre-2008, but it is all irrelevant to me. You aren’t disrespectful at all. Try not to get drawn into what nadline says, she is very much full of her own hatred and self-importance when it comes to federer. I am lost for words but there is no hope for this woman. It is best to ignore what she has to say.

Sar, it’s been a while since I saw a post from you, but the one that I did, I just wanted to say thanks and sorry for the delay. If you see/hear from Duro, will you tell him that I did twitter him on Bleacher – like he asked me to – and I’ll check later for a reply.

Continue with all the great posts here tennis fans, the few exceptions that are here are irrelevant. You know it, I know it.

Good luck to Roger for today in Halle – it’s a bummer that it isn’t on sky!

madmax Says:

Very pleased that Roger did well today – didn’t see the match, but apparently he “crushed” falla. Did anyone see the match?

Mindy Says:


At least now you are on the right site, because here you have your clique to back you up. I don’t have to prove anything to you, nor do I have to defend myself to you.

To read your latest bit of propaganda just makes me shake my head in wonder. This, from the very person who said that I was prejudiced and biased on tt. Yes, the site that you despise and think is so inferior, yet you cannot stay away. The only problem is that everyone there is pretty much fed up with your obsessive attempts to character assassinate and degrade and provoke and generally disrupt that site. You are persona non grata there, and it is well deserved.

Do you perhaps remember that blog on tt about Fed and the sportsmanship award? That blog generated over 500 posts. One enterprising member of the site decided to figure out how many posts per person. Guess what? You were the winner of the prize for most posts on that particular blog! You can pretend to be someone other than who you are on here, but you have been exposed on tt. Or are you going to dispute that fact?

Now you have dragged skeezer into this and I have to read his posts trashing tt, a site that he has admitted he never even visited. Pray tell then, how does skeezer know so much about what goes on there? If he has never been there and we know you go there all the time to insult people, then I wonder who is feeding him all this garbage about that site? He even said that Tennis Bullies should go back to tt and there isn’t anyone with that screen name on tt. So where does he get this?

You go back and forth between tennis-x and tt, instigating and upsetting people with your wretched attacks. You are like a bouncing rubber ball, one minute on tt and the next on tennis-x, stirring the pot. Why don’t you leave tt alone if you can’t stand it? It’s not like anyone is forcing you to go there.

I wish people could just decide to think for themselves. The anti-Fed people who come here to gratuitously insult him, do NOT come from tt! They are NOT Rafa fans! Any time some lunatic comes here to attack Fed, many of you assume that this is someone sent to this site on a conspiracy to assault your sensibilities! Maxi says they are from tt and everyone here believes her! No ability to question or think independently! People on tt have no hidden agenda to come here and annoy anyone. They are very happy on tt, having interesting, informative and lively discussions about tennis. They don’t spend every waking hour thinking about tennis-x.

You are now so infamous on tt, that anytime someone posts some bizarre ravings, the members think it’s you under a different screen name. How appropriate! They say what goes around, comes around. Now the people on tt are outing you as one who uses different screen names, as you did when you came to tt to tell everyone that I used “Mindy” on tennis-x, while I am Nativenewyorker” on tt. How does it feel to have people accusing you of doing exactly that which you have accused others of doing?

Stop trying to run this site and tt and tell everyone what to think and who to like or dislike. Why don’t you just be quiet and let others make up their own minds? No, you immediately target anyone who is from tt and might think that they have a right to come here and discuss all things tennis with the members on this forum. Anyone who happens to post on tt and comes here, risks being targeted by you.

Please find something more productive and worthwhile to do with your time. The worst part of this is that you have caused hurt and anguish to people who have done you no harm, who haven’t bothered you, who just want to enjoy being on tt and engaging in friendly, spirited discussions. You don’t even have a clue as the the damage you have done and that is truly sad.

skeezerweezer Says:


Don’t pull me in posting to another poster.

“Now you have dragged skeezer into this and I have to read his posts trashing tt, a site that he has admitted he never even visited.”

Where did I say this? I said “I never POSTED there.” I have visited it once, sometime ago and looked around….never signed in and never posted. That is why “I don’t go there”. Ever. Period. Re-read the my post above. End of story. If you can point me to your site and show me where I posted, post the link.

My post stands. Denied.

So done with this already. How about this Mindy , NNY, or whoever you are, for your edification? I won’t mention TT again? K? No more.

I am on so many other topics of tennis right now I don’t want to waste anymore typing with this jabberwocky stuff. I am done going back and fourth. You are not getting any more posts back at you anymore from me. I got better stuff to read. Done.

dc Says:

Lets not compare Rafa with Fed yet. Rafa has a lot to achieve yet.

What Rafa has done at FO (Win 5 times), roger has done at Wimby, US and almost at AO.

what Rafa has done as being the top player for 1 year, Fed has done it six times more

Let’s Rafa repeat what he has achieved, a few more times ,before we can compare him with Pete, Borg, Fed etc.

He is a wonderful player and I’m sure he will achieve a lot more in the coming years and will be there on top with the all time greats, but he still has a lot left to achieve as of now.

skeezerweezer Says:


You need to put you post on the latest topic blog :)

Top story: Barty Ups Red Clay Streak To 15 After Kvitova Win At Madrid Masters; Thurs. SFs