Djokovic Dominates Wawrinka, Still Unbeaten As A Dad; Federer v Murray Friday At The ATP Finals
by Sean Randall | November 12th, 2014, 11:59 pm

Fatherhood couldn’t be going any better right now for Novak Djokovic. Last month the World No. 1 and his wife, Jelena Ristic, welcomed baby boy Stefan to their family. And since, Djokovic has taken his game to another level. The Serb blanked the field in Paris without dropping a set and now somehow this week, he’s looked even more dominant if that’s possible.

Forty-eight hours after humiliating the US Open champion Marin Cilic, Djokovic ran his streak to seven since the new arrival by crushing Australian Open winner Stan Wawrinka 6-3, 6-0 in Group A action.

Wawrinka, who recall beat Novak in Australia, actually made a match of it early, leading by a break 2-0. But that was it as the 2-time defending champion reeled off 12 of the next 13 games.

“I definitely didn’t expect it, but hoped that I can play this way again and the match result can go this way for me,” said Djokovic who has won 29 straight indoor matches. “Obviously Stan wasn’t feeling his best today, made a lot of unforced errors and had a low percentage of first serves in. On my side, I just played very solid from all over the court. I think I covered the court very well, got a lot of balls back, mixed up the pace, got him off the comfort zone. That’s something that was part of my game plan.

“After I lost the first two games, obviously I didn’t start so great. I thought he played very well the first two games. But, again, I wasn’t frustrated. I kept my calm. After that, it was a really amazing performance.”

That’s right, in his first two matches Djokovic has all but destroyed two of the three Grand Slam winners this year. I wonder what Rafael Nadal and Uncle Toni think about that?

Djokovic is now Friday win over Tomas Berdych from sealing up the No. 1 ranking. Speaking of Berdych, he actually won a match, and did so in impressive fashion hammering newbie Cilic 6-3, 6-1.

With all the matches thus far sadly one-sided, all eight players are still in the hunt for the title. That changes tomorrow as two players will advance, two will be eliminated.

In the opener, Kei Nishikori takes on the struggling Milos Raonic. Kei’s won four of five vs the Canadian and expect a similar outcome in this their fifth meeting of 2014.

The main event features Roger Federer and Andy Murray. The two have split 22 previous meeting, though Federer has won the last two and has taken all three at the London ATP Finals (Murray beat him at the Shanghai Finals).

Murray’s been playing well this fall, and initially I thought Murray would get Roger here. But I’m now leaning Roger’s way instead. I just don’t like the way Murray’s been playing this week. Federer hasn’t been at his best, either, but he’s closer to form than Andy.

“It will be obviously a very difficult match< " Murray said. "But it will be an exciting match. Good one to be part of. Yeah, I hope I can play well. We've had some very good matches over the years. I hope on Thursday it will be the same. "There's a lot of positives for me going into that match. It's nice to go into Thursday still with an opportunity to go through. And, yeah, look forward to it." And since it's a round-robin, there are a few too many scenarios involved. Simply put, it will take a lot for Federer not to make the weekend (I think he'll have to lose badly and have Nishikori win in two). Although, at time of match, if Raonic wins a set off Kei then Federer's spot is secured. However, I don't think Roger would ease up knowing finishing second in the group would pit him against Djokovic on Saturday in the semis. With the way Novak's been rolling, best avoid the Serb as long as possible. Plus, No. 1 remains somewhat undecided. And if Nishikori wins the early match in straight sets, then Murray will have been eliminated and Federer need only to win a set to take the group. Tennis Channel has the Nishikori-Raonic and ESPN2 will have Federer-Murray. I hope. THURSDAY ATP FINALS SCHEDULE
DOUBLES B / 12:00 PM
SINGLES B / 02:00 PM

DOUBLES B / 06:00 PM
SINGLES B / 08:00 PM

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87 Comments for Djokovic Dominates Wawrinka, Still Unbeaten As A Dad; Federer v Murray Friday At The ATP Finals

skeezer Says:

“… I thought he played very well the first two games. But, again, I wasn’t frustrated. I kept my calm. After that, it was a really amazing performance.”
Yes it was.
Lol, according to “Humble Pies” only Fed talks like this. Time for Rafafanitics to take notice. It is not arrogance. It’s called calling like it is.
Vamos Nole!

Thangs Says:

/*That’s right, in his first two matches Djokovic has all but destroyed two of the three Grand Slam winners this year. I wonder what Rafael Nadal and Uncle Toni think about that?*/

Why Nadal is pulled here? You think Nadal will be having fever watching these matches? It shows that there are still guys with stomach burns on Nadal’s slam win this year..

Wog Boy Says:

Daniel, if you are still around I think I found the answer on your question from the other thread about longest indoor streak:

“Djokovic’s indoor winning streak is the third-longest of all-time, according to the ATP. Here are the top five:
1. John McEnroe 59
2. Ivan Lendl 37
3. Novak Djokovic 29
4. Roger Federer 26
5. Boris Becker 19
Djokovic’s last indoor loss came against Sam Querrey at Bercy in 2012.”

Larry Yap Says:

Nadal is the only 2014 Grand Slam chinpion that is not here, hence his name was mentioned

Colin Says:

Am I the only one who is getting a little tired of this “Dad” thing?

When a professional sportswoman takes time out to start a family, it’s reasonable to take an interest in her return to competition, bearing in mind that she is young, fit and healthy, and that childbirth, though stressful, is not an illness but an event with which her body is naturally equipped to cope.

I am talking here, not about the tabloid press, which has always dealt in sentimentality and sensation, but about media – like this website – which are supposedly concerned with the sport itself. Of course fatherhood is hugely important to the player,just as somebody else might lose his form if he’d just gone through a painful divorce, but where will it end? Will the headlines speak of Nole’s first match since Stefan started school?

In short, can’t we stick to “Wow, what a shot” and leave “Aww. how cute” to the tabloid press?

Giles Says:

This WTF is getting better and better! NOT!

Giles Says:

Andy has to win tonight to qualify.
Come on Andy!

senorita Says:

First it was – Djokovic hasn’t lost since he got engaged, then he hasn’t lost since he got married, now he hasn’t lost since he became a father. Sadly, for him, the winning streak always comes to an end.

Giles Says:

^^^ Too true. Nothing lasts. There is a beginning and an end!


For every body not only for Nole, but for some people Nole,s winning streak is so painful. If it was about their man , no complains…

Daniel Says:

Thanks Wog Boy. Wow for McEnroe almost impossible to surpass, but he can sure surpass Lendl.

Things got more complicated for Murray now that Raonic is out because even if Nishikori loses to Ferrer Murray has to beat Federer. Because if Murray loses he will be tied with Kei with 1 victory and 2 loses but Nishikori enters due to direct confront. This means that for Murray to qualify he has to beat Fededer and hope for Kei to loses. If Kei wins he has to win and all 3 of them will tie and Number of sets won or games ration will define the group. Says:

What an amazing drubbing by Novak. For something that crazy to happen requires real teamwork: Stan playing at his absolute worst and Novak playing flawlessly.
Who played their part to the further extreme? I’ll go with Stan playing like puke.
Nevertheless, Novak looked amazing.
Has there been a really competitive match yet? Fed/Milos?

How unfortunate that the matches have turned out this way, but I still love this tourney and expect an amazing Fed/Murray match and highly competitive knock out rounds. Says:

One interesting thing I liked was the response to the humiliation. The other day, Stan humiliated Berdych, and he went off in near tears.
Yesterday Novak beat Stan far worse, I mean, Stan couldn’t buy two points in a row for a set and a half. Stan looked so humiliated on court, waiting for it to be over, but once it was, he was at the net smiling and laughing over it with Novak. I really liked that.

gannu Says:

federer in semis.. yippee I can see u play now

gannu Says:

by virtue of kei losing a set fed qualifies

Daniel Says:

If Kei wins in 3 Murray will have to win in two. Meaning if Kei is to win this match of Fed wins 1 set he eliminates Murray.

Colin Says:

Agreed, TennisVagabond but, fandom being what it is, those who didn’t like the loser would say his smiling acceptance merely showed his lack of commitment The genuine reason in Stan’s case is maturity, reached during all those years of being second fiddle to Roger.

elina Says:

What do Rafa and Toni think?

Nole playing amazing in the fall and WTF is nothing new so they probably think the same.

Indoors best of three is Nole (or Fed) season. Always has been for quite some time now. They really are almost untouchable!

RZ Says:

@TV and Colin – I’ll add that Berdych has always seemed to have a chip on his shoulder when it comes to his place in the tennis standings. I remember him bristling when one journalist asked him a question that compared him to Rosol (something about Czech players doing well at the slams against higher rated players). He didn’t take well to be compared to a much lower ranked guy. As for Stan, he always seemed to not have an issue with his place in the tennis scheme of things. He just wanted to “fail better.”

Giles Says:

Why are people concerned with what Rafa and Toni think eh? Last time I checked Rafa withdrew from this shambles of a tourney WTF is the right acronym for this bore fest!

contador Says:

@ Daniel

What does “Direct Contfront” mean?

Daniel Says:

HxH. noshikori beata Murray so if both ties with 2-1 and 4-3 sets won loss Neishikori is in as the first criteria is HxH or direct confront. If Murray bets Fed in 2 he an Fed are tied with 2-1 4-2, Kei 2-1 4-3, kei is out and Murray qualifiea first because in direct confront with Fed he won.

Assuming Kei win in 3 as it is the case right now (him leading 3-0 third set). Murray has to win in two to qualify otherwise he is out. Says:

Sounds like Rock, Paper, Scissors if Murray wins.
Fed beats Kei, who beats Murray, who beats Fed.

elina Says:

Only in WTF can Andy beat Roger and get eliminated in the process by winning his last match.

WTF??? Aptly named indeed.

Moot point as Roger should win in straight sets!

Steve 27 Says:

This is yellow press is this Mr. Randall.
Low class, as it has always been.

Ahsan Najeeb Says:

@ Daniel. I dont think it works that way. H2h will only count if there is a two way tie. In case of threeway tie, it will come down to number of sets won and loss (as you mentioned). And if there is still a tie, no of games won n loss will decide who goes through. That is why they also show number of games won / loss whenever they show the group positions.

NK Says:

I personally love the WTF format. Even with a win in the RR stage you could lose. You could beat one player in the RR stage and lose to the same player in the knockout stage (it happened to Federer vs Nalbandian). There are no guarantees, and every player you face is one of the top eight.

Frankly, I think this format is much more challenging, especially with only the top players in the mix. I think it is perfect as the final tournament of the year.

Daniel Says:

Jesus it looks loke another6-1 set. All matches had at least one 6-1 or 6-0 set.

Fed 5-0 Kei already celebrating. I think Murray wasn’t expeing Fed to be this steday.

Now he needs a game to maybe get into the match in second set and avoid a bagel. He needs some first serves in urgently.

Bob Lewis Says:

Annnnn-daaaaayyyy, are you hungry? Does he prefer bagels or breadsticks??

Bob Lewis Says:

Is Murray injured? What’s going on ??

brando GOAT poster Says:

Someone call the cops since I see a crime being committed in the o2 arena! Fed: love this mean play! Midas: 😭

DC Says:

Fed has now bageled all 3 of the big 4. What an achievement!!
Nadal ( wtf 11, hamburg 07, wimby 06), Nole Cincinati 2012, Muaary wtf 2014

DC Says:

interestingly, Fed has bageled Nadal on all surfaces..clay, grass and hard.

Giles Says:

DC. Yes very interesting indeed. NOT!!

Bob Lewis Says:

This is embarrassing. Has to get on the scoreboard, at least. Come on, jeez. In front of the home fans!

brando GOAT poster Says:

Lol typo! Midas was meant to be muzza but I think the tears said it all really,he’s truly getting whupped here, a shellacking to end- no matter what- a underwhelming for a player of his talent. Particularly against the par elite: I don’t mind the losses- all of them cop one from the others- but the manner in which he’s now losing is worrisome. It’s almost like he’s Berdych like fodder for them, a gimme: rafa at FO, Fed today and Nole all year! This whupping is disheartening for him to go into pre season With.

sienna Says:

murray is being slamdunked.
what a terrible asthouning punishment.

Giles Says:

And this is the story of the old man’s career. Just too lucky!!!

Bob Lewis Says:

Maybe Fed will show some mercy, make it not so bad? 6-3? Nope.

All that hard work and it culminates into this? Ouch.

Bob Lewis Says:

This tournament has been a disaster. Spectators not getting their money’s worth.

sienna Says:

so what is murrays gameratio after this match?

brando GOAT poster Says:

56 minutes: 6-0,6-1, 11-0 in a row till the end: that’s just ridiculous. This event has yet to give true contest of a match. Fed? Pure awesomeness. Andy? Good luck in 2015, if you keep that 2nd serve you likely will need it! Fed and Nishikori through, congrats to them!

Giles Says:

I said a few days ago that this WTF will go down in history as the worst ever!!!

sienna Says:

bob lewis
they are seeing aan build up to aan final like never before.

blow for blow.


they are impressive and try to show their best impressive games.

that alone makes for legendary tennis.

DC Says:

Giles Says:
And this is the story of the old man’s career. Just too lucky!!!

November 13th, 2014 at 4:05 pm
biologically older..physically NOT!! ( working knees, not stem injected controversially treated body)

Bob Lewis Says:

Djok-Fed final deserves to be over five sets. That would be epic. It’s too bad finals are only three sets nowadays.

Hippy Chick Says:

Bob Lewis yeah i agree,even if the rest of tournament isnt best of five,at least make the final best of five….

sienna Says:

yes back in the even masters were 5setters.

dont think Nadal or djokovic would have won so many masters.
of course it is hard to follow a new tournee after a 5 set final.
so that is big reason master title can never be used in determining greatness amonglegends.

Wtf can because it is not followed by a bigone. Except for Federer with DC.

Wog Boy Says:

Was Andy really so bad?

Hippy Chick Says:

I hope Stan regroups,and he beats Cilic to go second in the group,i wonder how Roger and Stan will fare against each other,im hoping we finally get a couple of interesting matches in the semis,and a good final,after what till now has been a dissapointing tournament till now,maybe the best has been saved till last?….

skeezer Says:

From BBC Sport:

Jeremy Bates, former British number one
“Everyone who watches a lot of matches knows that is as close to perfection as you can possibly get. Everyone is in shock at that scoreline.”

Humble Rafa Says:

Do you miss me yet?

andrea Says:

wow! can hardly wait to watch that match on replay, only for the sheer awesome display of roger.

too bad about raonic withdrawing but maybe he didn’t want another defeat on his hands…..

congrats to kei as well for winning.

andy…well, he played great tennis at the end to qualify for WTF but maybe that’s all he had in the bag.

contador Says:

Completely missed the first set and first couple games of the second set of murray – federer match. If Bates is right, that is a devastating loss for murray, then.

Thinking of tomorrow, i was just looking at the h2h of djokovic-berdych. It is dismal for Tomas as it is, but the only 2 wins he has over Novak are on clay and grass. No wins on hc of any kind. But maybe Tomas can make it competitive?

Also wondering if Cilic might pull out of the tournament due to his shoulder. And if so, do they bring Ferrer back? At least Ferrer was healthy and played well.

El_Flaco Says:

Federer served poorly.

skeezer Says:

“Do you miss me yet?”
Yes, it would have been nice to see you get another Bagel by Fed here. Too bad, you missed out…..Lucky you, no?

Humble Rafa Says:

Yes, it would have been nice to see you get another Bagel by Fed here.

I would still own him for life. It’s too late. Your cats are calling. Says:

Actually, Fed was spanking Andy’s first serve almost as bad as his second.
I didn’t think a top pro could lose worse than Stan did yesterday but that was incredible, and again, a team effort. Both of them did their part for that incredible result.

We may not get a decent match until the finals the way things are going.

OK, so its been a bust of a tournament, but that happens, I still love the WTF.

Quite incredible how, since the French, the season has been completely the Novak and Roger show- except the USO finals!

Bravo, Maestro! Take a bow.

Well, its a shame for Andy, he played such a great fall season, and now this is how he goes into the holiday.
At least he’s got some things to work on. Says:

Wheres calmdownplease to explain to us numbskulls again how RIDICULOUS it is to imagine a 33 year old man beating a star like Murray in his prime?

Strange, I remember those lectures so clearly, CDP, can you do one again, for nostalgia?

Wog Boy Says:

TV, I haven’t seen the match but when one put only 45% of first serve in it shouldn’t be big deal to “spank” those first serves, no? Obviously no confidence when serving and fox like Roger can smell, from miles away, player with no confidence and then he plays with him like a killer whale with a seal. Says:

Federer had a lower first serve percentage, actually. But won 100% of them.

I’ve never seen Federer attack a second serve like that before. I mean, he’s not known for attacking serves like Novak, but I’ve never even seen Novak attack a second serve like that. Fed was just ripping them back.

steve-o Says:

@Wog boy: Federer had a 38% first-serve percentage to Murray’s 45%. Judging by those numbers, it’s Murray who should have had “no big deal” to “`spank'” those first serves.

Bad luck for him, but I’m sure he’ll come back very strong for next year. Says:

What’s so crazy about this tournament is that it seemed after years of Big Three+One that the rest of the field had shrunk the gap.

This is like a Bizarro version of the rest of the year: Federer and Djokovic and the 6 Dwarves. Says:

I hope that Andy can regroup for next year, but if he doesn’t a) get back to an aggressive mind-set and b) fix his second serve, he won’t compete for Slams.

He can do both these things, he’s done them before. I don’t know what he can do to get Lendl back, but he’d better figure it out.

Wog Boy Says:

@steve-o, you are right and that tells me that Murray was/is extremly low on confidence, if anything he is one of the best returnes and very agressive too, particulary on oponent second serve, and yet Federer won 64% of his second serve. That is not old Andy, something is just not right with his mind/game. Says:

After seeing some highlights, the degree of Federer’s great performance comes down a bit in my eyes.

Andy was really teeing balls up for him, I don’t think there was a high degree of difficulty in his highlight shots. He played great, his baseline and net games were just impeccable, but to a large extent Murray played Washington Generals to his Harlem Globetrotters: he played almost as if he’d been hired to make Fed look good for a commercial.

Not to say he could have played better, just that its hard to tell what it actually means for his level of play. With that first serve % he will lose to Novak, that’s for sure.

elina Says:

Roger will beat Novak at WTFs should they meet this year. Novak barely won last year before Roger switched racquets and recovered his health and form.

skeezer Says:

“I would still own him for life”
Not here. Your fishies are calling.

Polo Says:

This Humble Rafa thing is getting old and tiring. It’s Faux Rafa and it may be time to see a psychiatrist before it gets too late and becomes Schizo Rafa.

Humble Rafa Says:

Not here. Your fishies are calling.

Get over it. I own him.

RZ Says:

Absolutely crazy. I didn’t see the match (which in theory should have helped Murray!) but I’d have thought that Murray would have been too good even on a bad day to barely win a game against Fed.

skeezer Says:

“Get over it. I own him.”
How can you own anybody when you can’t win against qualifiers and wildcards? Lol! oh thats right, you think tennis is boxing rules. Would someone please email HR a Tennis rule book?
Get over it. Watch the repeat of the Fed/Murray match and remember what it felt like to get Bageled here. Its on now. Rinse, repeat. It may help encourage your recovery process from the lowly results you have here every year. Enjoy your new stem cell therapy.

skeezer Says:

Don’t think Murray fans should panic after today. It was just one of those Fed in the zone days. When Fed @33 wins a 33 shot rally early on you know he is gonna be playing well.
He got on a roll early and then stepped on the gas. Murray imo is back in fine form and should produce a good 2015.
Its a shame Lendl left, Murray was improving in all areas when they were together.
Murray cannot produce the Rafa like spin to Feds BH, and Fed handles it for the most part with ease.
Murray has to have better service games, that is the bottom line.

jane Says:

elina, “Novak barely won last year”

nole almost beat fed in straight sets last year. he won the first set 6-4, but then played a poor tiebreaker which forced a 3rd set. nole won the third 6-2.

i’m not saying that he will win if they meet this year, because i agree with you that fed’s obviously in great form, but you never know. nole’s not doing to badly either. just read today that he has the 3rd longest winning streak on indoor courts :)

“Here are the top five:
1. John McEnroe 59
2. Ivan Lendl 37
3. Novak Djokovic 29
4. Roger Federer 26
5. Boris Becker 19”

jane Says:

*too not to – oops.

skeezer Says:

Interesting stat. Nole is not a bad indoors player, no?
Great Champions play well in all surfaces, all conditions.

Okiegal Says:

Novak’s still a long way from breaking Mac’s record…now that’s a stat!!

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Jane, just curious..what is this longest streak about. Recenty he lost to Roger in shanghai i believe. Is this after the loss, he has consecutive matches won?

Giles Says:

skeezer. You have no idea what humour is all about do you? HR provides what I and many others consider a jovial reprieve from the verbal bashing some posters deem fit and necessary to dish out here. He doesn’t mean any harm. his posts are not vicious, he just posts some light hearted humorous stuff which you have to turn into a means to attack Rafa, yes the real Rafa. Your post November 13th 10.24 pm demonstrates what a mean spirited low life you really are.

Michael Says:

The line up in all probability must be “Roger Vs Wawarinka and Novak Vs Nishikori”.

I tip a Roger Vs Novak final and if that clash materializes then it is going to be dog’s fight out there with both Roger and Novak playing well and discovering their form. May be, we can give a slight edge to Novak and that is it. A very slender edge which may not be much and it is in every way a very open match.

Hippy Chick Says:

Michael hi,yeah its looking like a Roger/Novak final,like both but not a fan of either,i just hope to see some cracking competitive matches,dont get me wrong Roger and Novak have played cracking tennis,and its looking like those two will make the final,but the tournaments been dissapointing for me from a neutral perspective sorry….

elina Says:

jane, fair enough you are right.

Novak is playing incredibly also and perhaps I should simply say that I give Fed the edge as he is in his element in the O2 arena and I’ve never seen him lose there when he’s at his best like he is now.

If Novak does manage to bring his absolute best against Roger’s best, I’ll give the edge to Nole.

However, I think along with the crowd support and under the conditions and what’s at stake, Roger will handle the situation better which is why I think he will win (should they meet).

Ben Pronin Says:

24-10? 3 touchdowns and a field goal vs 1 touchdown and a field goal? Sounds about right, actually.

Reaching McEnroe’s record looks impossible since there are like 3 indoor events all year compared to like 20 back when he played.

NK, Shanghai is actually outdoors.

madmax Says:

Giles Says:
skeezer. You have no idea what humour is all about do you? HR provides what I and many others consider a jovial reprieve from the verbal bashing some posters deem fit and necessary to dish out here. He doesn’t mean any harm. his posts are not vicious, he just posts some light hearted humorous stuff which you have to turn into a means to attack Rafa, yes the real Rafa. Your post November 13th 10.24 pm demonstrates what a mean spirited low life you really are.

November 14th, 2014 at 4:37 am


*clearing throat*.

Seriously, the meanest person here on this thread, whenever there is anything to say about Federer is you. You act like a child sometimes.

Okiegal Says:

There are lots of ADULTS on this site who act child like at times…….have done it myself, I’m ashamed to say!! A lot of it is lighthearted humor but some of it is down right mean! This includes both fan bases. We need to act our ages and not our IQs!!

jane Says:

nirmal kumar, it’s a consecutive winning streak on indoor courts. you can read more on it here if you’d like.

Top story: Nadal Survives Shapovalov Epic At Rome Masters; Djokovic Rolls, Thiem Upset