Novak Djokovic, Stan Wawrinka On Brink Of Qualifying For The ATP Semifinals
by Staff | November 11th, 2014, 10:20 pm

The Novak Djokovic-Stan Wawrinka winner on Wednesday in London will have a chance of qualifying for the weekend semifinals depending on the outcome of the earlier match.

If Djokovic wins and Cilic gets a set, then the Serb clinches a semifinal berth. If Wawrinka wins and Berdych gets a set, then the Swiss earns a spot.

Djokovic qualifies on Wednesday if:
* Djokovic defeats Wawrinka and Cilic defeats Berdych
* Djokovic defeats Wawrinka in 2 sets and Berdych defeats Cilic in 3 sets

Wawrinka qualifies on Wednesday if:
* Wawrinka defeats Djokovic and Berdych defeats Cilic
* Wawrinka defeats Djokovic in 2 sets and Cilic defeats Berdych in 3 sets

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18 Comments for Novak Djokovic, Stan Wawrinka On Brink Of Qualifying For The ATP Semifinals

sienna Says:

so not 1 player has qualified for semi.
its all open! this is exciting stuff.

#1 is sealed and almost delivered. Lucky that big bird needs a win….. Dreams may continue but first to get advantage in h2h Murray. all to play for.

RZ Says:

Interesting how both yesterday and today there were players who had a shot at clinching a spot in the semis, and 2 of them won their matches in straight sets for 2-0 records but did not qualify based on what happened in the other matches. At least the last round robin matches will have some some stakes attached.

calmdownplease Says:

`Dreams may continue but first to get advantage in h2h Murray. all to play for…`

Have you not heard of google translate?
You type English like an African prostitute working the dark streets of Amsterdam (posting in between clients, of course).
Oh and the H2H does matter after all?
Anyway the Idea that Federer is not going to be a Lamb to the slaughter against Djokovic on this slow court is wishful thinking verging on delusional!
But, do dream on :)

jane Says:

happy for nole; truly didn’t expect such a lopsided match – neither time but especially after stan routed cilic.

calmdownplease Says:

If Fed or Murray don’t find some kind of sweet inspiration, Novak is winning this without dropping a set.
It should have been faster also.
I don’t even understand why they slowed the court down so much.

RZ Says:

@Jane – I’ve been impressed with how well Djokovic has played this year. I would have thought getting married and having a son would have been distractions (at least for a while) but they seem to be motivating factors.

jane Says:

rz, i know, he’s done well – plus he started the year with a new coach in becker. of course post-wedding, in canada, cincy and at the us open, he wasn’t his best and said he had a difficult time focussing, or being motivated.

cdp, andy said it was “quick and lively” so go figure! :)

calmdownplease Says:

Yeah, I remember that,
So what do you think?
For verily I think muzz had a few too many before taking to the court…
No one thinks its fast (bar him on the first day).
There’s been hardly any winners at all.

Daniel Says:


Very bad taste on your 5:45 hs post 4th sentence. I think you could do a better metaphore without using some pejorative sexiest and racist words. Disgusted!

Daniel Says:

Actually if Fed indeed beat Murray (and since he got advantage in Nishikori HxH as well) only Nadal would have a postive HxH agaisnt him and no other ties as it is the case with Murray now and was with Kei.

Daniel Says:

I see that Djoko is on a 29 match winning streak indoors. Anyone knows indoor records?!

calmdownplease Says:

I see the bad spellers are sticking together.

And yes I could do better!

I could be even more sexist, racist, disgusting and `ist` overall.


Daniel Says:

Really need to ofend people to feel better. Too apprehensive for tomorrow’s match?!

By the way the type you write is also annoying to me, full of spreaded sentences as if you can’t run a full paragraph without pressing the enter button. It’s not a poem you know!

calmdownplease Says:

Jesus Dude, you’re on very shaky ground when you criticize anyone’s writing.
And I’m not just saying that for effect!
No apprehension (oooh big word for you!)for tomorrow.
I’m cool about it all :)

Daniel Says:

So is you. Just for you to get some perspective as some of your comments implies you think your better than others. I am just lazy here and type most of the times with iPad and am not worried about sppeling perfectly.

I can write wrong and you may not like it as I don’t like how you type, but we all need to respect others as this is a multi cultural site and not everybody has english as the first language. At least I know I can communicate in other languages, but you judging by the racist comment above…

Sirius Says:

Why nobody asks for moderation when someone gets called an “African prostitute”? Is it because this comes from a FRIENDLY poster? Now where are the anti-racists? I remember there were much noise created on T-X when steve27 made an ugly joke on serbian people. So, why not now?

Sirius Says:

No responses yet? No anti-racist here?? I guess so

Hippy Chick Says:

Sirius let me chime in then,racist and uncalled for,and im saying this as a poster whom generally likes CDPs posts,and whom has been on the end of siennas sarcastic name calling a couple of days ago,seems sometimes people only say things if/when its a poster they like thats on the recieving end of such insults,if its a poster they dont really get on with they dont say anything for fear of upsetting that particular poster,and it would seem at times that the tennis-x staff,have a strange idea of moderation on this forum to say the very least….

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