Djokovic Wins Third Straight ATP World Tour Finals Title As Federer Withdraws
by Sean Randall | November 16th, 2014, 2:34 pm

In one of the most disappointing finishes to any tennis season in recent history, today’s highly anticipated clash between the best two players in the world, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, at the ATP Finals in London never took place as six-time champion Federer withdrew ahead of the match with a back injury.

“Unfortunately, I’m not match fit to play the match tonight,” Federer told the crowd. “Clearly I wish it wasn’t so. I tried all year to be ready for the [Barclays] ATP World Tour Finals, and I didn’t want it to end this way. I tried everything I could last night, also today – painkillers, treatment, rest, so forth, warm-up, until the very end – but I just can’t compete at this level with Novak. It would be too risky at my age to do this right now and I hope you understand.

“I wanted to come out personally and excuse myself. It’s been a great week for me. I played some great tennis and I love coming to The O2 and to London, and there’s been so many great memories for me here. Congrats of course to Novak, who’s played an amazing season, and an amazing tournament here as well. I hope we can play some more great matches, hopefully next year.

“Thanks to all you guys for making it special to come out and play tennis all around the world. I know you guys travel, as well, and spend a lot of money on tickets and so forth. We really, really appreciate it – me in particular. It keeps me going, it makes me tick, especially at this age. Hopefully, I can come back next year and get another chance to compete for the title here. So thank you very much and I’ll see you soon. I appreciate it.”

At 33, the thought of having to play such a physical match yesterday then turnaround and face a guy like Djokovic was going to be a tough test regardless, but with a back spasms and the Davis Cup next weekend, Federer simply wasn’t able to go.

It happens. And it’s happened to everyone.

So tough news. On the bright side Federer’s back issues usually work themselves out in short time. By that I don’t mean 100% heal, but rather return to some level of playability, which he’ll need against France on Friday.

Mostly injury free this year, Federer played a lot of tennis, so maybe all the matches and the tough one with Stan all caught up with him in the end. His body just isn’t getting any younger.

And while the timing isn’t great, at least this injury didn’t flareup mid-season which could have derailed him for an extended period. He’ll have Davis Cup then 5-6 weeks off to rest up for 2015.

So hopefully he can get some measure of relief before Friday’s start on the red clay. Whether that impacts his play is still unknown.

As for Djokovic, he gets his fourth ATP Finals title, third straight. However not in the manner he would have liked.

“We always give 100%,” said Djokovic told the crowd. “I’m sure that if he could’ve played, he would’ve done. So I wish him the best in his recovery.

“I’m not one of those players that celebrates these particular wins, but I have to reflect on the whole season. This trophy is definitely the crown for all the achievements that I had this year. I owe the credit to my team, to all the people who supported me all the way through, and plenty of joy. I’m very happy to be able to stand here and finish with this trophy.”

The Serb caps a great year with the No. 1 ranking, the ATP Finals title, a Wimbledon title, overall seven trophies and of course he got married and had a baby boy. It’s not his best season – I’m sure he’d have liked to have won another Slam or two, especially the French – but he’ll go into the six week off season a very happy, very content man.

And if I had to guess this won’t be the last time he’ll be sitting atop the year-end rankings. Hopefully it won’t ever be under these circumstances again.

“I’m glad during the stay in London for these 10 days I got a lot of sleep, because that will not be the case from now,” said Djokovic who has a growing family. “I’m looking forward to it. It’s the most beautiful feeling that my wife and I experience – holding a baby in your arms. There will be a lot of that without the racquet in next couple weeks for me.”

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79 Comments for Djokovic Wins Third Straight ATP World Tour Finals Title As Federer Withdraws

jane Says:

well, congrats to nole, even though he wasn’t able to play a proper final; i like how he is looking at this as a capper for his overall year. also, get better fed! dc is just around the corner…

Humble Rafa Says:

If it comes from a horse’s mouth, it must be true.

brando GOAT poster Says:

@humble rafa: thanks for that. Judging by McEnroe’s I don’t see bs there at all. Rather it seems like he knows more but was carefully phrasing out what he commented on the matter. I think it’s interesting wawrinka did not play tonight.

madmax Says:


Interesting stan didn’t play? He couldn’t walk!

And not a whole lot of stuff could take place if you put your thinking cap on. Match finished near on midnight, he was in presser at 1am. One hour?

Midnight conspiracies will continue to bubble however from rafa fans who want to stir it up.

Don’t go there Brando. No one will ever truly know. Not even JM. He wasn’t there! He was commentating on the match I believe?

gannu Says:

what a bummer.. I was there in the
O2 arena and moment after the doubles
match they said we have something
to announce regdg men’s finals.. my
heart was pounding I sensed something wrong

and then the announcement came…
what luck man.
heart broken and devastated…
crowd was least interested in exhibition
many left after the announcement

out of 1000 matches playd federer had
withdrawn only in 3 matches

thats a 0.3% probability…and
I am a part of tht…
God at times is cruel!!!

brando GOAT poster Says:

@mad max: calm down max even Novak fans are commenting on this. Ditto muzza fans so it’s not a conspiracy. The reason why I find the wawrinka situation interesting is: if he’s still in London then that’s not good enough reason to not play. In fact: I think it’s BS. Think about it: Fed played the same match, is 33 and he busted his backside to play so are you seriously telling me wawa not make it since he’s tired? Come on now. What wawrinka really pass up a once in a lifetime chance to win the wtf (if he could thatis since I am not sure if title would be on the line) because he’s tired? Of course not. If a 33 year old with back issues tried to play, did a warm up even then I am sure wawrinka could have made it for sure. As for McEnroe: again I see no reason why he would say such things without having a good reason for it. He’s a paid commentator for many a year now who would not be stupid enough to say such a thing without some certainty as to what he is saying. Why say lie when it could lead to litigation and bad repute? I see no reason personally to disbelief Johnny Mac. My 2 cents

jane Says:

gannu, it’s too bad all round, but also kind of sad if so many left. with the andy/nole exo, then j-mac, andy, pat cash and henman all putting on a show, i know i would’ve stayed. but i guess it is a different sort of thing.

gannu Says:

. tks for ur kind words… some had travelled
all the way from diff countries
for the match… they were v disappointed

but anyways djokovic v well deserved
in the end and was v v gracious
in his speech…
congrats to u…

jane Says:

cheers gannu. sorry you didn’t get to see your fav. all the best.

Okiegal Says:

@gannu……. How disheartening! I feel so sorry for both fan bases…..a real bummer! People who buy tickets for these events to just have it snatched away in a matter of minutes….yeah, sorry!

@Madmax…..I totally believe these commentators know what’s going on….that’s their job. If the truth was known, Pam Shriver was probably lurking about trying to find out the scoop!! Lol I’m kidding, of course. I think something did happen ….why would Mac make something up like that? Why are Rafa fans stirring things up? It’s the news of the moment, isn’t it? Obviously something went down. I agree in the fact that the lowly fans won’t know for sure…..but that doesn’t take away the fact that someone will be trying to get to the bottom of it! Drama between the boys from Switzerland, this is a different scenario and very interesting…..

Wog Boy Says:

Congratulations Nole on a great and dominant year, you were a man on mission in London, I have never seen you so focused and determinant, you were dishing bagels and breadsticks at will, you were and you are SIMPLY THE BEST, proud to be your fan:

jane Says:

wog boy, nole even set a recond for the least games lost through 3 rounds, so you’re right – very deserving. :)

gannu Says:

well O2 is abuzz with this mirka issue

I was watching the match live and
wawrinka did indeed go towards fed camp
shoved the racket towards the camp
at tht tine I thought it was the linesman

but kept wondering what the linesman had done

umpire said ” stan stan… leave it
move on ”
apparently french press picked up stan
saying ” she even did this during
wimbledon semis”

photographers near fed’s camp hv cnfrmd stan yelling at mirka

I can inly cnfrm tht stan did move
towards the camp…

neways…surprised federer didn’t do his
usual press interview also today

something unusual and fishy out here

Eric Says:

If you’re interested in the full “story,” assembled from speculation and meaningless drama stitched into a coherent but almost certainly untrue tapestry, here it is:

I personally predict that this will all come out as having been nothing within a couple of days. Whether Fed and Stan are both ready for DC on clay in less than a week is the real issue.

Ash Says:

Man a life I was gutted but I think it was the right decision not to play. I like the rest of the fellow readers think if his back is not to match fit then he should skip dc and definitely miss the iptlIin India. I really thought he would of beaten Djokovic although it would of been really close of course. I hope Federer recovers quickly and is back to healthy again. What a real shame. Mr Smug Djokovic wins, total bs bs bs!!!!! You could see the crowd that was pro Roger, they were definitely gutted like myself. You should of seen Djokovic face when he was playing is exhibition match with Murray when he was serving someone in the audience shouted out “come on Roger!!” Djokovic was getting pissed off and squirming. He absolutely hates it when the crowd even when he isn’t there the crowd are mentioning Rogers name. Lol. Anyway a real disappointing end to what was a fantastic season by Federer.
Ps I do blame Stan a bit for this injury as like usual he decided to play against Roger. When lets say if he won Djokovic like before routed Stan. Mr Stan you idiot why why why. Stan would of never have won, and now because of this he might have ruined the chances Swiss winning DC if Fed cannot recover in time. Mr Stan what have you done. Not good at all.

Wog Boy Says:

Sean, can you please open new thread and spare us this Swiss family soap drama since that has nothing to do with this thread. You can classify it as “domestic violence, Swiss way”.

Wog Boy Says:

Nole played Roger 36 times and won 17 times. In all those matches Federer has fans with him, Nole didn’t have them and yet he beat him 17 times, so forget about that crap that fans would carry Roger over the line agains No1e. I wonder if it was the other way around how many matches Roger would have won. Roger knew he would be humiliated if he played bad back or good back wouldn’t make any difference, he is smart man.

It is time for some Rogers fans to get over it, No1e is #1 and was better player than Roger not this year, not last year, not the year before last year but since 2011. and you hate will not change that.

Wog Boy Says:

jane, thanks very much for that, just proved my point and that with a good margin. I saw somwhere that Nole is also best in percentage of won/lost finals, bit better then the rest of active players, all the finals, not just last four years. This one was 10th out of last 11, pretty good, no?

Eric Says:

…of course, if you remove 2011, you can see that 2012-14 is actually the Rafa Era, 5 slams to 3 and the same # of titles. Just like 2009-10 was the Rafa Era as well (kinda).

HD Says:

That chart is a terrible use of statistics. You HAVE to start from 2011 to make it seem as though Nole was the dominant player. Had they started counting from 2010 or 2012 suddenly it’s no-one’s era. Nole isn’t the defining player since 2011 like Roger was from 2003-2007 or (arguably) Rafa from 2008-2011

Eric Says:

Excuse me, 4 slams to 3.

Eric Says:

Wog boy, actually that’s not true either. Rafa has a better winning % in finals than Novak. Very marginally.

But it’s a dumb point of comparison anyway. Roger, for example, is slightly lower than Novak or Rafa on pretty much any career-average stat you pick, because he wasn’t outstanding as soon as they were upon entering the tour, so he has several ho-hum years at the beginning of his career dragging down his averages.

jane Says:

the article, hd, is proposing that the last 4 years have been nole’s time to shine, that’s all. it’s not talking about the past, just how nole has been ahead of the pack these past 4 years, and in that regard the chart is right.

jane Says:

also, i watched the exo match and nole was smiling when someone yelled “come on roger!” everyone was. it was lighthearted fun.

Wog Boy Says:

Eric, if you are doing that way then you can also dismiss last couple of years due to Roger’s ages. I think you should take into consideration only 2003-2007 period for Roger.

HD Says:

Understand your point but an ‘era’ suggests the player consistently dominated over everyone; which isn’t accurate with Nole when you look at the stats. Agree that 2011 was definitely the year of Djokovic though.

Eric Says:

But, Jane, that’s not really true. Rafa has been ahead of Novak on the chart’s criteria in the last 3 years — again, four slams to three (despite being absent for 25% of them), and the same number of titles (despite competing in fewer tournaments), and probably about the same win percentage. Djokovic’s 2011 was one of the best years ever, no doubt– up to the standard set by Roger and Rafa’s best years. But the fact is that HD is right; there hasn’t really been a dominant player since then, certainly not this year.

Eric Says:

Anyway, don’t mean to derail the discussion… A bit of I suppose.

Looking forward to next season!

jane Says:

hd, i understand your point. but the fact that nole has ended number 1 for three of the past four years, and that he’s won at least one slam and 3 masters for three of the past four years, and that he’s won the wtfs for three of the past court years, to me anyhow, makes it a special time for nole in particular. :)

you guys are free to disagree and lessen nole’s achievements.

he doesn’t always have to be “up to the standard” of whomever else.

he is a wonderful player in his own right, and perhaps *especially* because he’s been playing not against one of the greatest players of all time but against two of them.

to my mind, that makes nole’s achievements all the *more* special.

jane Says:

“he’s won at least one slam and 3 masters for three of the past four years”

sorry, he’s done that for all 4 of the past four years.

Wog Boy Says:

I don’t know how you classify “dominant” but last time I checked it was:

Novak 1xGS, 4xmasters and WTF
Rafa. 1xGS, 1xmasters
Stan. 1xGS, 1xmasters
Marin. 1xGS
Roger. 2xmasters

Pretty fominant by No1e if you ask me but again, how woul I know.

Wog Boy Says:


django Says:

Didn’t Justine henin do this and everyone demonized her?

Wog Boy Says:

Do what?

mat4 Says:

@WB, jane:

Very happy for our boy, and a bit sad it all ended this way.

I hope that Novak will have a few more years like this, and that he will continue to improve his game.

django Says:

I think she retired at AO final against mauresmo with a stomach ache.

mat4 Says:


BTW, Nole’s average opponent in slam finals has won more that 10 GS… And it is a record in itself…

Wog Boy Says:

@Django, thanks, BTW, do you remember when you ask me if Nole can overtake Rafa in number of weeks at #1 and I said “yes if he can hold to it by the end of the year”. Well I think he is going to stay little bit longer #1 this time around.

@mat4, more than happy for Nole, great year alltogether. Good luck to France in DC final..don’t tell me you are going to cheer Roger against your own country..

jane Says:

^ mat4 thanks, very cool stat.

Eric Says:

I don’t mean to slam Nole. He’s one of the best of all time. But cherry picking a time period to look at to illustrate that fact just gets my goat.

“Nole’s average opponent in slam finals has won more that 10 GS” Woah! That’s awesome!

mat4 Says:


I’m not. But Wawrinka is from the same region where I was born, only on the other side of the lake, so I was cheering for him last night.

When I go back to France I really feel acculturated, everything has changed too much. And there is a generational shift: I really don’t understand youth any more. I spend there six months last year and I felt as a stranger.

I just hope that I won’t be “relocated” with my job from where I am, except perhaps in Russia, or in Poland. Although it matters less and less, Polish ladies are very, very pretty, and I am accustomed to continental climate.

jane Says:

eric, or gets your GOAT? ;) just kidding! :)

mat4 Says:


Yes, it’s an interesting stat — it shows the level of opposition he had in slam finals. It’s not like he has played against Rainer Schuettler, Arnaud Clément, or a Miloslav Mecir with a wooden racquet.

Eric Says:

Jane, puns intended. :)

Wog Boy Says:

mat4, that happens to all of us who left our native countries, last time I was in Belgrade I was just walking the streets I walked thirty forthy years ago, that was all I wanted to do I couldn’t have enough of it. When I got tired I would sit in any caffee shop, preferably in Knez Mihajlova street,and just watched and listen to people, I could stay like that all day if it wasn’t for my family. I will be there next year Aug/Sept, come over, we’ll put some pig on a spit, get some good old brandy…and watch Nole winning USO;)

Daniel Says:

The last 4 years (2011-2014) Djokovic is clearly ahead of the other including Slams wise:

6 Slams
3 YE#1
110+ weeks at number 1
15 Masters titles

The oy other player who cames close is Nadal (in the same period):
5 Slams
1 YE#1
55 weeks as number 1
9 Masters titles

Abd yes, the same way we can pick Fed’s 2004-2007 spam as his bemchmark we can have this 4 years for Djoko. Of couse he didn’t dominate the way Fed did, but compared to his rivals in this spam he is the dominat player.

andrea Says:

i was waiting all day to watch this on the PVR and someone just broke the news to me via text! major bummer. you know it has to be serious for fed to pull out of a final.


skeezer Says:

Congrats to Nole, his new family and his fans on another WTF.
Hope the top 10 get a good rest and enjoy the Holidays(get well fast Fed and hopefully you’ll be competitive @DC). Can’t believe the Tennis year is almost over. AO 2015 here we come.

Humble Rafa Says:

Does the Arrogant One get fined for missing the presser. That is one unSwissman like behavior.

Steve 27 Says:

This decade start in 2010.
Rafa is the player of the decade so far with 8 slams.
Djoker has 6.

jatin Says:

Congrts Novak. You deserved it. The best player of the year.
See you at the Aussie open

Humble Rafa Says:

I can fully imagine the French Choke Machines losing to the Swiss without the Arrogant One, and people like Skeeze will proclaim that the Arrogant One won the DC “in spirit” or some such non-sense.

Just wait for the madness to unfold.


Steve 27,You start decade from 1 and finish with 10,new will start with 11 not with ten as I know, may be that You do different.

skeezer Says:

^ hows the job search goin? Looks like your still unemployed. Recommend you stick to Tennis, not comedy I hope.( nobody is laughin at that Cat thingy you try ).
Hope the dysfunctional duopoly thing is doin better for ya…
All the best.

skeezer Says:

^ for my good concerned minion, HR

skeezer Says:

Nice to see Fed fans congratulating Nole. Rafafanatics, as usual, are nowhere to be seen other than the usual jealous remarks….like an Egg comment or some racist thing…
Nole has earned it this year for sure…no controversy…and he is poised to continue on with the personal life intact.

Okiegal Says:

Skeezer…..I guess I haven’t actually sent him congrats today, my bad! I have been supportive of him on other threads this past week. I was thrown off guard with the withdrawal of Fed and his resurgent back injury and the Stan issue with the Fed box. I got all wrapped up with that. I do want to congratulate all of Novak’s faithful fans. I’m sorry for Fed fans…..I know they’re devastated…..been there, done that!! Just hope everyone gets healthy…..2015 almost here!! Looking forward to it!!

NK Says:

Why in the world would WTF start the second SF match five hours after the first one ended? They could have started the second match right after the first match ended? That would have been fair to both Federer and Wawrinka, no?

Steve 27 Says:

Bojana, is up to you really. But he is the favorite to win AO 2015.

Michael Says:

Hearty congratulations to Novak for his third straight win at ATP WTF. He truly deserves what he has achieved and has had a remarkable year personally as well as professionally making him perhaps the happiest man in the World.

Nevertheless, even Novak would not have desired to win in such a ham handed fashion with his opponent’s withdrawal and thereby gaining victory by default. It certainly robs the aura, glory and euphoria surrounding your victory and no sports personality worth his salt would desire it. But, Novak is helpless in this instance and he can only take what comes.

Giles Says:

No congrats from me to joker for (winning?) the WTF. He did not actually win it per se, he was handed the title due to Fed’s withdrawal. So, for me it is a non event. That is the truth, no?
Had fed competed who knows what the outcome would have been. Sorry joker fans but those are my feelings on this farcical non-event.

Hippy Chick Says:

Skeezer sorry i didnt send congrats either,real life sometimes gets in the way,ive had a nasty virus all weekend that made me very sick,and a poorly father in law with dementia,maybe other fans be it Rafa fans or other fan groups have issues in the real world too.
Anyway congrats to Nole on ending the year as world number 1,much deserved as hes been the best player this year,sorry about Federer and i hope its not too serious and hes fit for the DC….

Giles Says:

skeezer. Just be quiet. Your fave withdrew, there was no match!!!


The worst, the best WTF , who cares, there was no one better player in front of Novak Djokovic.He is the winner like it or not it is on You.
Nolence simply the best.


Neka tako bude u 2015,16……

Felipe Says:

Timeline stats review between Nadal and Djokovic from 2010 – 2014:

Nadal: 8 Slams / 0 WTF / 12 Master 1000 / 28 Titles / 93 Weeks as world number 1 / 2 years end World number one / 9-12 Head to head / 7-12 Finals /Slam finals 4-3

Djokovic: 6 Slams / 4 WTF / 15 Master 1000 / 32 Titles / 120 Weeks as world number 1 / 3 years end World number one / 12-9 Head to head / 12-7 Finals / Slam Finals 3-4

Felipe Says:

Since Nadal fans claim that head to head matter and that the Slams are not the only measure of greatness, we can all agree that from 2010 – 2014, Djokovic has been the greater player (half decade).
Djokovic has more WTF trophies, more Master 1000, more titles, more weeks as number 1, more year end number 1, better head to head and better head to head in finals.
Nadal has 2 more slams and better head to head in slam finals (4-3).
All this including Nadals 2010 stats, beacuse in fairness, the dominance period should be splitted as follows:

Federer 2003 – 2007 / Nadal 2008 – 2010 / Djokovic 2011 – 2014

skeezer Says:

Nice stats ;). But Rafafanatics won’t count WTF, its a “farcical non-event.”. Clay however is the only surface that matters to them also, so go figure.

Get well soon! You and OK are not rafafanatics. You’re Tennis fans that love Rafa. There is a difference.

jane Says:

felipe, that’s sort of how i see the years; thanks for laying that out. but whatever; it doesn’t matter in the end.

elina Says:

2011 was simply the best year any player has ever achieved in my opinion. Novak set a new standard that year.

As I pointed to in an earlier post, Novak has the most impressive record from 2011 to date but Nadal is more impressive 2010 to date arguably and certainly 2012 to date. And of course Federer from 2004-07.

Felipe, respectfully, I believe the Nadal fans are referring to the time period covering their whole career to date.

When all is said and done, Novak may pass them all but he still has substantial work to do. For example, I wouldn’t yet place him above Sampras or even Agassi at this point.

Okiegal Says:

@Skeezer @10:21……Thanks for recognizing that. I do love to watch Rafa and he is my fav…..but I love tennis period! I was so disappointed that we didn’t have a final Sunday. ESPN was going to air
the match too! I was all settled in, it was snowing and I was all toasty…..and boom baby, no match! We’ll never know what that result would have been, but that’s the sport, no?? I really thought Fed was hyped and ready to take it to Novak, mainly because the crowd would be in his corner and Novak lets the crowd get to him. Novak stated that he needs to get past crowd preferences…..but he’s human and can’t be perfect all the time…..yeah, thanks again…..I love me some tennis!! Looking forward to 2015.

I think Roger strained his back on the overhead smash….He looked very awkward aftewards…imo….I remembered making a mental note that the shot looked iffy, but of course no way of knowing for sure, just my observation. Hope he is well for DC and the big hullabaloo is in the past. It would be a real shame for the two Swiss pals to split because of an excited wife who got a little carried away, but she is super duper supportive of him. You can tell she takes his matches very seriously, and rightfully so. This will all be old news in a matter of time….

RZ Says:

Random tidbit I saw on Twitter about Fed’s WTF withdrawal: Federer’s last withdrawal came in Doha ’12 when he’d played 996 career matches. Today, he was going for his 996th win.

Joe W Says:

I’m not sure if anyone else noticed – having four lumbar back surgeries I have a sixth sense when someone is experiencing back pain – but in the last game of the match Roger was caught on camera wincing after a the first or second point of the game on Stan’s serve.

He could not get into his usual “hinge” position for return of serve, that is bent knees with torso at a 90 degree angle angle to legs. He was standing straight up receiving 1st serves on the last two points of the match. Lucky for him he did not have to serve again. He might have had to default or just lost outright.

jane Says:

hey wog boy or mat4, if you’re still around, i found an article about nole. so much has been focused on other issues, but here’s one that is mostly on nole: thought you might enjoy the read.

elina Says:

Novak has now surpassed Nadal with the second highest career prize money behind Roger:

1. Fed $88M
2. Nole $72M
3. Rafa $71M

mat4 Says:

Thanks, jane.

Wog Boy Says:

@jane, thanks for the link. You are right, this Swiss family saga took the spotlight from the worthy champion, one that won it three times in a row without dropping a match and this time would be without dropping a set if it wasn’t for those idiots, Swiss Roger’s fans, dressed as Santa Clauses, the same ones that bring cow bells to tennis match, who were constantly cheering missed serves, double faoults and heckling Nole in his match against Nishikori. The person from the other forum, who was sitting next to them in O2 was outraged with their behaviour, regardless of that Tata No1e showed everybody who is Tata:)

jane Says:

here is another summation of the WTFs with some discussion of fed and nole’s form and the health issues of the big 4 as well as kei’s future prospects:

Top story: Serena Williams Out Of French Open Due To Achilles