Roger Federer: I Don’t Know If My Kids Will Ever Play Pro Tennis

by Tom Gainey | December 28th, 2014, 1:21 pm

Speaking to the BBC, Roger Federer reflected on several topics including his family which ends the year with twice as many children as when it began.

With new additions of Lenny of Leo, Federer maintains he does not know if the boys and his 5-year-old girls Charlene Riva and Myla Rose will ever follow in his footsteps and play pro tennis.

“I don’t know if the kids are ever going to play tennis at a high level like that,” says Federer, whose wife Mirka gave birth to their second set of twins this May.

“Honestly, I think it all depends on how things are going to be when we settle in Switzerland, and what sport they are going to take up.

“But I think for any kid it’s important for them… to enjoy what they’re doing, whatever sport that is.”

Federer said years ago he would not force tennis on his kidsg. Roger makes his 2015 debut next week in Brisbane.

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8 Comments for Roger Federer: I Don’t Know If My Kids Will Ever Play Pro Tennis

brando Says:

A natural position to take. Interestingly he spoke for the first time correctly about retirement: basically if he’s out on court 15, playing poor he’ll retire and that’s how I see it with Federer: as long as he’s playing well, gets centre court matches, is enjoying himself he’ll play on regardless of ranking, slams etc. But if he’s playing poorly, sports a lowly ranking for him and is out on court 4 in none factor matches then he’ll call it a day. It’s hard for legends to stick around after being so used to heady heights and then having to be on a lower level at a age old in the game. I think he’ll be fine in 2015 though: top 4-10 range.

queen Says:

Fed’s kids are genetically engineered – who gets two sets of twins like that? Nobody unless u mess with nature. Anyhow the mutants will probably have some tennis super powers, freakin transformers😝

Wog Boy Says:

I was about to buy the tickets for Federer/Hewitt exhibition on Jan the 12th in Sydney, but when I saw the prices I decided it is not worth it ($120 to $322) I’ll rather watch Apia Sydney International, real matches played for the result,

skeezer Says:

So much better than HR…lol…happy new year.

Michael Says:

Genetically, Roger’s kids must lean and root towards Tennis as both their parents are Professional Tennis players. That said, love for the Sport comes by passion, desire, yearning and not by force. Tennis is a tough and competitive sport taking a heavy toll mentally as well as physically extracting maximum from the player . You must be prepared for huge sacrifices and even risk your career by playing the sport as making big is not a given and you might fall between two stools. The parody of this sport is you would be playing very well in a match, but yet go on to lose it not knowing what hit you ? I have seen many players lose from winning positions where they would be dominating the match for almost two sets and half and yet find a way to lose. My memory recalls the match between Roger Vs Haas in the much heralded 2009 French Open where the former made his breakthrough to win the trophy. Haas was just dictating the match and was about to take it in straight sets having even a break point in the third with his serve to follow to win the match. But on break point, Roger goes for a desperate cross court blistering forehand and it just lands on the line leaving a lurching Haas shaken by disbelief and that turned out to the point of the match changing its whole complexion. So that is how things change for the better or worse and as a player you need to have that tenacity, grit, ruthlessness to pursue what you propose to achieve with determination to become successful. There can be no sympathy on court. Let us just wait as to what the future unfolds.

Tennis Island Says:

They don’t have to:)

Humble Rafa Says:

With so many Baby-Arrogants already out there, we don’t need more. What we need is baby Humble, spreading humility and happiness around the world.

Alexandra Says:

If they do sports, I hope it’s not tennis. Can you imagine the pressure they would have. Wouldn’t be pretty at all.

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