Roger Federer: I’m Healthy, I’m Eager To Attack Again, So I’m Really Excited For 2015
by Tom Gainey | January 3rd, 2015, 9:44 am

Roger Federer sounds more than ready for 2015. Speaking to the press in Brisbane today, Federer said he’s feeling great and full of motivation for the new season.

“I’m healthy, I’m eager to attack again this year,” said Federer. “So I’m really exicited.”

When we last saw Federer, he was dealing with a back injury, but the Swiss says he’s feeling good now.

“I’ve had no hiccups in preparation,” he said. “I never had to stop a practice.”

Federer is coming off a terrific bounce-back season; Slam titles, though, are still on his mind.

“Overall, it was a great season for me,” said Federer looking back. “I was consistent and I was playing positive, attacking tennis, the exact way I want to play. I gave myself quite a few chances at the Slams. I want to go one step further, because being close is not quite good enough.”

Federer will open play Wednesday night in Brisbane against either a qualifier of Australian John Millman.

“I am unbelievably pumped up for this week. It’s a really good field, with a lot of promising players.”

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25 Comments for Roger Federer: I’m Healthy, I’m Eager To Attack Again, So I’m Really Excited For 2015

the DA Says:

“unbelievably pumped up”

Uh-oh. Watch out! :-0

brando Says:

I absolutely and completely admire the attitude and mindset of Roger Federer. His is a champion’s and this bit here is gold: “I gave myself quite a few chances at the Slams. I want to go one step further, because being close is not quite good enough.” bravo Roger bravo! Winners only care if they win grand slams: they do not really give a damn about finishing runner up, semi final, quarter final streaks since ultimately all those stats tell us one thing: you did not win. Period. That you are good at creating opportunities but not at capitalizing on them. And genuine winners care not for 2nd, 3rd place etc: it’s either I won the grand slam or not. That simple. And Roger Federer is a genuine winner: all time number 1 grand slam winner, and for him at 33 to still maintain his champions mentality and say not winning grand slams is not enough: I completely salute and applaud that winners mentality. Good luck Fed: but know you don’t have to prove anything in grand slams now since in your youth you showed your class at that level. Barring only one player(let’s face it: if you are to struggle against someone why not the all time great grand slam winner outside of yourself? His one struggle is not a bad one at all), everyone and anyone was toast for you in your prime at slams. The real deal!

madmax Says:


you are so sarcastic these days. Don’t buy anything you say where you seemingly praise Federer.

Fed, so glad you are pumped up! Looking forward to the new season with all that that brings! :)

brando Says:

@madmax: thanks for letting me about something I care not for. Devastating news: if only I cared. As for my comment: it’s genuinely serious. I have always admired Federer when it comes to attitude: he’s 100% all the time and has a excellent champions mentality. I remember last year when he said barring FO all slams are on his racquet, others here chuckled for certain reasons but I personally loved that statement: completely disagreeable for me for certain reasons, but I loved the positive, champions mindset it oozed. And this is the same. And its great to see and he’s entitled to it: as barring one player- who’s not a Joe nobody- he’s shown he’s got the goods for years in grand slams tennis. He’s a champion for the big stage who barring one other champion completely ruled over all comers in his youth in a deadly manner. So when I applaud his attitude: it’s certainly not sarcastic since champion has a great one all the time, every time.

dari Says:

Haha excellent how you praised Rog, then undermined his streaks, Brando!
I’ll take the portions where you seem genuine, though. Its an incredible attitude, how could you not admire it!

brando Says:

@dari: lmfao it seems I have got everyone to pay acute attention to my posts and muse ‘what really does he say here? What’s the pragmatic and semantic meaning here?’ Lol, good times. Seriously: all of it is genuine. Streaks are great of whatever kind but ultimately winners care for the wins and winning ones. Feds a winner and I am sure he’s concerned on matters of winning as opposed to anything else. His attitude is great in this regard, hence my genuine applauding of it.

dari Says:

Oh “acute, pragmatic, semantic”?! Too much Brando!
Fed thinks the streaks are important. Showing up consistently is a big part of the picture. Fed happened to show up and win his fair portion, but even if you don’t win, athletes respect that consistent commitment to being there all the time. Plus its not something you can re-create. You get one shot at building your streaks and there is no rest, regroup,try again. it represents your entire career.
And in tennis its especially important, cause every week, everyone loses except one person. If consistency and streaks, etc didn’t factor in, none of the second tier guys would be respected and we know that’s not true. So fortunately for fed fans like myself, we get it all: consistency, streaks, good attendance, plus a few ;) wins here and there.

RZ Says:

Let’s go Fed. Your fans are also pumped up for you to finally get #18!

RZ Says:

^ And Fed should be hitting the 1000 match wins mark sometime in January. He’s only 4 away.

brando Says:

@Dari: no qualms from me. Your a poster I regard well. Should the streaks of qf/sf bring joy to you as a fan then hey: go for it. I see nothing wrong with. Me personally: I admire Federer’s attitude and wins. He’s a winner and I like that how at age 33 he’s saying not winning slams is not good enough for him. Ballsy attitude from a winner I feel. His fans should be proud of him. Good luck to him this year.

skeezer Says:

Like Feds atitude here. No insecurities or signs of fear about anything. Welcoming any challenge or surface that is put before him. He is still excited to play the game.
This reminds me of the time where he had to play on blue clay. He was slipping like everyone else, but he endured, didn’t whine and actually won the tourney. The guy just walks and talks like the Tennis Champion he is, and still has the excitement to play anywhere, most anytime.

jane Says:

fed’s been so consistent for so long, amazing. tennis-x continues its tradition of hilarious front page photos, in this case fed is flying? :)

KatH Says:

Fed. will be OK in 2015 – he’ll win a couple of 250’s and 500’s and a couple of 1,000’s but I doubt he has the stamina to win another Slam and a 2016 Olympic medal is unlikely to happen (he couldn’t do it in 2012 when he was much younger – highly improbable he’ll have the steam 4 years later.
Nonetheless, hats off to him for remaining so successful for so long.

Brando Says:


I find that a very agreeable post.

My feeling for Fed this year in terms of results:

I think he’ll be fine and also enjoy another very good performance overall.

I can see him being in the 2-5 range depending on how he and others do. Grand Slam win? I would consider unlikely. No one has won a Grand Slam in the Open Era age 33 or over since 1972. That’s over 42 years! And just looking at how Rafa, Andy and Wawa were hitting the ball- with so much power- in the last 2 days I cannot see how Fed will change that. That said: you never know and I still consider him a contender at AO,USO and Wimby of course. A MS win and some 500/250 titles are also certainly within range.

I think his year would be similar to last year: something which he and his fans I imagine would be pretty pleased with seeing as he would be 34 this year.

Patson Says:

The addition of a new phrase in the English Lingo

“as consistent as Roger Federer”


Dude, this guy makes steaks that taste awesome; needless to say, he’s as consistent as Roger Federer.

Patson Says:

make that “this guy always makes” in the previous example to emphasize consistency.

queen Says:

I thought at his age u need a pump to get pumped up. I hope he is filled with helium and not oxygen. He will last longer😁

Michael Says:

From where this man finds his motivation at this age after achieving so much in his career is really amazing. I do not think we are going to witness such a player for generations who stands a perfect role model for young Tennis aspirants. As Tennis fans, we are indeed lucky and proud to watch him dominate the sport during our time. Just imagine 50 years from now, Roger would be just history and academic importance. Brute majority may not realize about his greatness and he might just fade away as passing mention and that is the tragedy of life in general.

jane Says:

there’s a fun video of fed really hamming it up at kids day in brisbane; here’s a link

madmax Says:


Exactly. You picked up on it to.

Jane, thanks for the link. Will look at this phenomenal player, who just continues to impress.

Humble Rafa Says:

I am not pumped up. I am not excited. Humble does what Humble does. Another year starts. Hard work ahead.

Matador Says:

He is done in majors. Too old to win a GS.

Skeezer Says:

helium is legal , juicing is not, like ….who?

sienna Says:

A true leader in tennis. He guided and still show where the future of tennis soul be.

What a contrast to Nadal. Nadal the follower always downplaying his tennis and chances to win.

People want to see inspired leadership not reaction tennis based solely on weak area of opponent.
TMF established himself as GOAT and
Federer is showing the fourth generation he is playing what it takes to be champion.
Leading the way like only he can.

Noonen Says:

You forgot to add this: “I am an egomaniac.”

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