Novak Djokovic: It’s Going To Be A Really Interesting Season, You Cannot Count Out Federer And Nadal
by Tom Gainey | January 6th, 2015, 9:55 am

Speaking on Doha yesterday, Novak Djokovic assessed the upcoming tennis season including his thoughts on rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

“You cannot count out Rafa, neither Roger, because both of them, they are great champions and they are still, you know, my biggest rivals and there is no question about it,” Djokovic said. “Rafa didn’t play many matches in last four, five months. He had similar issues with injuries few years back, and then he came back in 2013 and played maybe the year of his life.

“Roger also didn’t experience the season up to his standards back in 2013, but then again this year we were fighting up to the last couple of matches in London for No. 1 spot of the world.

“Obviously these two guys are still one of the main candidates to win every Grand Slam that we play on. Andy is right up there, and then you have Berdych, Ferrer, these guys that have been very consistent and established top 10 players. Then you have some new faces coming up that we, you know, have seen in the last season that can challenge and that can win against the best players in the biggest tournaments, like Cilic, Wawrinka, Nishikori, Raonic, and Dimitrov, to name some of them.

“It’s normal to expect that there is a new wave of tennis players who are able to contend for the top spots of the world who are able to compete for the major titles. This time was coming sooner or later and we all knew that. It’s going to be interesting really season, I think, that there is a wider and larger group of players who are able to get to the top of the world.”

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18 Comments for Novak Djokovic: It’s Going To Be A Really Interesting Season, You Cannot Count Out Federer And Nadal

brando Says:

All he’s said is agreeable and the usual you get from them all but while what he’s said is not wrong I am surprised he mentioned pigeons such as berdych and ferrer as in the same mention as others, presumably as contenders. If those 2- birdman and ferru- are major contenders, then we really are looking at a lacking time in terms of quality performers since those 2 for many a year now just choke or roll over in the big matches v the top players. Barring that: the usual respect shown to his fellow fab 4 members with fedal being the Lennon- McCartney :-). Id substituts Ferrer euthanasie nishikori and berdych euthanasie wawrinka.

brando Says:

Wtf auto correcteur how did euthanasie pop out?


Well, looks like Nadal will need more time to get in gear – just lost to German qualifier Michael Berrer in Qatar in 3 sets. Damn!

RZ Says:

@Brando – I had the same reaction as you. I agreed with it all until he mentioned Berdych and Ferrer. He’s right that they have consistently been in the top 10 but I don’t see either doing much this year to challenge the top players.

brando Says:

@redcom: did not see match but the stats showed he played fine for a first match, just lacked the sharpness-as in the Murray match- to perform better on break points. When you spend a age off tour you need to ‘re-educate, condition yourself to play those points: and that takes time. And he needs it. The AO will be tough for him and when he suffers his loss there the media will write a ridiculous obituary.

courbon Says:

@ Wog Boy: Crecan Bozic brate

Thangs Says:

Hope he doesn’t pull out of AO.

Margot Says:

Lol what is this “euthanasie” of which you speak?

skeezer Says:

“….just lost to German qualifier Michael Berrer in Qatar in 3 sets. Damn!”
A qualifier strikes Rafa again? Alrighty then.

brando Says:

@Margot: lol, the time may be soon when I’ll end up throwing the mobile against the wall when I see such typos emerging as a result. So infuriating to see.

Wog Boy Says:


Hvala brate,
Mir Božiji-Hristos se rodi-vaistinu se rodi,
Srećan Bozić tebi i tvojoj familiji.

To Nole and all the people who are following Julian calendar and celebrating Cristmas today I wish Very Happy Christmas with traditional greeting from Serbia on Christmas day:

Peace of God, Christ is born! Indeed he is born!

Michael Says:

Novak must be enthused about 2015 for a variety of reasons and this may be the year when he might atlast conquer Rolland Garros if Rafa is not to able to find his groove sooner after his lay off. Ofcourse the clay court season is yet to start and everyone knows the prowess of Rafa there where he is a different player altogether. So, we just need to wait and watch. This is one major which seperated him from Roger and Rafa and its conquest would place him on an even kneel. The absence of players like Del Potro, Tsonga etc. would also be advantageous for him. These are the players who have given him trouble in the past. If everything goes according to plan, I think Novak has the possibility of even achieving a calendar grand slam this year considering the jaded competition with many struggling to find foot.

Margot Says:

Tut tut, Writing off Andy already? ;) Last year, even after that damn op and disruption caused by Lendl leaving, he made the quarters of all the slams.
He’s looking like he’s in a very good place at the mo.

Michael Says:


Who can write off Andy ? My post was written from Novak’s point of view. It doesn’t mean he is going to run away with everything. Especially at Wimbledon, I think Andy would hold the edge if it comes to that stage. I feel that Andy handles Grass well than Novak. You would have seen my predictions for the year in another column where I have tipped Andy for Wimbledon and even coming to the finals of Australian Open. So, there is everything to hope for.

brando Says:

Re Andy: I must say that while Rafael is absolutely not at his brilliant best, the way Andy was thumping the balls seriously impressed me. He ways hitting the balls as I wish to see him do so: with intent of winning the point not ensuing some passive, rally lengthening tactic. Should he progress naturally I hope/think by Wimbledon-uso he’ll be back to being Andy Murray: immediate grand slam contender. FO for obvious reasons is not on, while AO seems to early, but I think by June onwards he’ll play like the high class performer he is: and at his best he’s got no-one to fear in stretch I feel. Good luck muzza!

Ben Pronin Says:

^Same thing was said last year.

Margot Says:

I don’t think we were. Most Andy fans were extremely cautious because we know how serious any kind of back surgery is.
I, for one, think he started playing tournaments far too soon, especially AO.

Noonen Says:

Novak, I know you want your new family to be blessed. It will be if you repent to Jesus, received Him into your heart and then live for
Him all your life. The many years of fornication with Jelena were sin. The Good News is we can have a new life after turning to Jesus in repentance.

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