Djokovic Assesses Federer v Isner US Open Match-Up
by Richard Vach | August 31st, 2007, 7:48 pm

American fans are gearing up for big-serving rookie sensation John Isner against world No. 1 Roger Federer on Saturday at the US Open. Turns out a good number of players are also looking forward to seeing how the almost-untouchable Isner serve stacks up against the almost-untouchable all-around game of the Swiss.
World No. 3 Novak Djokovic added his assessment to the match-up:

“Obviously looking, John’s last couple months have been great for him. He won two matches here. Crowd supports him. He likes that energy and entertainment. I think he doesn’t have anything to lose. So it’s going to be interesting anyhow. I mean, he’s playing against the best player on the world, defending champion. It will be interesting to see, but it could go either way.”

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20 Comments for Djokovic Assesses Federer v Isner US Open Match-Up

Shital Green Says:

My DJ took the guy out who was best at the net on the tour. He took Stepanek out when he was only 75%. Imagine what he would do to Fed when he is 100%. He believes he can go all the way to the end, and I believe what he believes in. It is going to be his 1st slam to take. Good bye Fed, you were my best, once up on a time.

Tony Says:

Too much has been made about Novak Djokovic’s one win over Federer in Montreal. It’s the law of averages – Djokovic had to eventually win one match, finally. Even though he had an off-day in Montreal, Federer came within a few points of beating Djokovic, and indeed ended up winning more points overall even though Roger lost focus and his game at crucial points. Canadian TV tennis analysts like coach Peter Burwash had it right: Burwash observed at the start of the Montreal final that Federer looked like he was having an off day (he started off poorly and couldn’t get his engine running continuously and consistently); Djokovic had a great tournament throughout with quality opponents who developed his rhythm and confidence before the final with Federer (i.e., Kiefer, Nalbandian, Roddick, Nadal); and Federer did not get the necessary rhythm from earlier opponents like Ivo Karlovic, Fognini and Stepanek (except for Hewitt) to get him match ready after his post-Wimbledon vacation break. Regardless, Federer showed better general form in Montreal overall than he did in previous years in Canada after his break. Federer is probably more prepared and match-ready for this US Open than he has been in previous years, and it showed against Capedeville and in the Cincinnati final against Blake. In Montreal, Federer took out a more confident Stepanek in straight sets in the semi-finals (while Djokovic struggled against Radek). If Djokovic survives to his first Grand Slam final, he had better pray Federer has another off-day. Otherwise Federer will probably beat him even if Djokovic is 110%.

jane Says:

Shital Green –

I’m with you. I hope the Djoker can prevail and thwart Fed’s dominance. And if not Djoker then Rafa, who’s getting better based on last night’s match.

Tony –

“Law of averages”? That’s bogus. By that logic then why do so many other players still have a 100% losing record against Fed? Djok won because he’s got game and a huge heart and desire to win. He has said he learns from each match – and notice how each of the previous losses to Fed he came closer? In Australia he lost to Fed in straights but in Dubai he took a set off him. In Montreal he won. So it is not “law of averages” – it’s talent, smarts and confidence.

Ali Says:

Djokovic is over hyped 2 early he needs 2 win a slam b4 we talk big about him,at montreal fed lost not law of averages perhaps but Fed has to lose some times. but at the us open, 1st of all Djokovic is more unlikely 2 survive his side of darw and reach the final after a 5 setter the other day, djokovic takes 2 long to dispatch his opponents like Baghdatis in 5 hours at wimbledon hewitt in 4 hours wonder he has anything left after a few matches like that. Even if Fed and djoko both manage to come through their draws Fed will easily beat djoko in the Final here is a Guy who even doesnot know what it is like to be in a garndslam Final if fed plays his A game Djokovic will b lucky 2 take a set let alone the match.

Tejuz Says:

ha ha ha .. jane and Shital green. Like your optimism.

First of all.. Djok doesnt know how to win easy matches.. he likes to stretch it long and exhaust himself and then retire the next match. Even if he was 75% on..he was made to look like that by Stepanek. Once he goes into a rally, he doesnt try to finish the point fast, rather tries to go toe-to-toe like Hewitt, expecting and unforced error. No wonder he gets exhausted so often.

The ONLY win he has against Fed is where he won less points than Federer where he was 110% and Fed was 75%. If both of then play their A game, Fed will take him down in straight sets. And with the way Djok plays his earlier rounds, he would be 60% rather than 100% by the time he reaches the finals.

jane Says:

Tejuz –

Did you see Djok play in Montreal? He didn’t lose ONE SET until he met Roger in the finals; you might look too at his French Open results this year – he sailed through most of those matches in straight sets too.

“He likes to stretch it long and exhaust himself” -?? First of all, WHY would any player “like” to stretch it long and/or “exhaust himself”? That’s a pretty silly claim to make – and second, how would you know what Djok “likes”?

Djok’s long matches have all been against very talented or determined players – he tends to have rather difficult draws in case you hadn’t noticed.

Your man Federer hasn’t played anyone ranked higher than 120 thus far this tournament. Perhaps that’s why he hasn’t been in any long matches, although he did lose a set to a rookie today.

Our optimism for Djok’s future is justifiable and valid – most tennis pundits agree.

Ryan Says:

Jane, you are just another member of the anti-federer group.Thats why you support anybody who undermines his achievements like Pete and anybody who has a chance to beat him like Djokovic.It’s ok everyone has an opinion but just letting everyone know what you are about…All I have to say is that lets see what happens in this US open.If djokovic is as good as you all claim then he is supposed to dethrone Fed now.Not after 2 or 3 years when Fed will probably be past his peak form.If that doesn’t happen, then don’t come out and say djokovic is only 20,he’s inexperienced,first slam final,where was fed when he was 20 and all that bullshit.

grendel Says:

Very prudent of you, Jane. You say you’re with Shital Green. But he “believes” (so he says: how does one test belief?) Djokovic will go all the way. You merely “hope”.

Nothing wrong with hoping.

Trouble is, reality has this nasty habit of intervening.

Tejuz Says:

Jane, u seem to have become a Djokovic-fanatic. So u support underdogs?? well, Djok wont be an underdog til he reaches the semi or the finals.

Fed does get his share of luck, cuz he deserves it. Anyway..he owns everybody non-nadal or non-canas including your man Djok. So any draw looks good for Fed. The same cant be said for Djok or Nadal.

Tejuz Says:

Btw .. I feel, Nadal deserves to succeed Fed for the the No 1 ranking rather than Djok.. and even Fed himself said that in an interview.

jane Says:

Tejuz –

I agree that Nadal deserves to be number 1 first, in the sense that he’s spent more time at number 2 than anyone else thus far. I just wish he could prove himself in a hard court slam, but unfortunately he’s injured this year. That’s why I think Djok might have a better shot at it this year.

Grendel –

Don’t know why hope is “mere” but anyhow I guess I don’t “believe’ yet because djok has yet to prove himself consistently (e.g. after Montreal he lost in first round at Cincy) – so in this case I think hoping rather than believing IS more reaistic.

Ryan –

You’re 100% right – to each his or her own. But I am not “anti” Federer, nor do I wish to see his achievements undermined. Would just like to see someone else win a slam or two…

jane Says:

Nadal looking stronger today so he’s still in this tourney – magic Italian Doctor must be doing something right!

grendel Says:

Nadal not just looking stronger, he’s got to be a really good bet for the final. I think he’s got a better chance of beating Federer than Djokovic.

jane Says:

I agree – Nadal still has a winning record against Fed and is a strong bet in any best of 5 scenerio. He also knows Roger’s game much better than Djok. If he continues to prove healthy, and he certainly looked healthy today against Tsonga, I’d take him over Djok for sure. Vamos!

jane Says:

Grendel –

Wait a second…let me rephrase that.

Of course it depends on how Rafa continues to play on hard court – so far he looks good. But Djok’s preferred surface is hard so that gives him a slight edge. Rafa has a mental edge though, as he has been in these “big” situations. On the other hand, Djok didn’t seem daunted in Montreal. Both so talented…

….ARRRGHHH…I can’t decide. These two are my favourite players so it’s really hard to decide, given my mutual bias.

Like Andy, Blake and Moya too, but see Moya’s now in 5th and Andy will have hands full with Berdych.

What do others think? Do Rafa or Djok have a better chance of beating in this final and why?

Shital Green Says:

Djoko stretches the match intentionally? To get exhausted? Who would want to risk elimination? What are we talking about here?
What did Djoko did to Del Potro today? Straight set easy win in about 2 hours. That’s Djiko’s answer to you.
And Djoko is a joker? Not even Fed would say that, though they had animosity once over Djoko not behaving like an adult, but Fed said a couple of months ago that it is not there any more.
All I am saying is Djoko is a serious contender.
Yes, Jane, if Nadal gets past Djoko and stays unaffected by the knee problem, he is psychologically bigger threat to Fed in the final. His easy win over Tsonga tells that he is recovering fast. My wishes for him !
If it is a semi between Nadal vs Djoko, I take Djoko, looking at his last 2 wins in a row over Nadal on this surface (both happened to be this year).
I would be disappointed only if either of them fail to make it to the final. Bottom line is I wanna see a 5 setter final. 5th set going into tie break would still be better. I think only Djoko or Nadal can give me that against Fed. I don’t wish Fed to be out before the final. That would also equally spoil the pleasure for now.

Tejuz Says:

well.. Nadal can give Fed the jiiters in the finals and not Djokovic. If its Djok in finals.. well, it will be a straight sets win for Fed. I dont think Fed fears Djok. Nadal vs Fed can be interesting. It might go the distance.

Probably Nadal vs Djok could be a different game.. Nadal might want to make a statement and to show why he is the undisputed No 2 and successor to Fed’s throne. And certainly he would get a chance to get near Fed in ranking points as well

I wish a Fed vs Nadal final with Fed edging Nadal in a tight match. I dont thinl Djok has the arsenal to trouble Fed over 5 sets. Rather Roddick has a better chance than Djok.

Daniel Says:

Looking at this year:

Fed won AO and Wimbledon, finalist in RG

Nadal won RG and finalist in Wimbledon

Djoko wins Miami (the 5th slam) beating Cannas, who beats Fed. Lost to Fed in AO and in the semis in RG and Wimbledon to Nadal.

This proves that other than Nadal, Djoko is really the one who can stay within Fed and Nadal. His lost in slams came to Fed and Nadal.

He prove it by his two victories in Montreal and his ranking when this open ends will be even higher, sustaining him in the 3rd spot until next year, since he doesn’t have much points to defend until the end of the season.

So I understand and share Shital and Jane enthusiasm, but with Fed playing the way hi is, no matter who gets to the final. This open is taken!

But, the Nadal / Djoko match will be very interesting because Djoko must be dieing to beat Nadal in a slam. I am looking forward to this meeting!

Kristen Says:

u knw wat screw u all, i’m serbian aswell and i say thet Djokovic is capable of winning and beating federer for should i say the 2nd time this year, how can you say he looses easy matches? wtf is that? the only problem his got if you really watch his play is that his lid tends to pop open eveyronce and a while when he wins an avd but then looses the tie breaker point, his serve kills federerds in a seconde so there!!!

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