Ginepri Gives Countryman Pep Talk for Federer v Isner US Open Match-Up
by Richard Vach | August 31st, 2007, 8:00 pm

American fans are gearing up for big-serving rookie sensation John Isner against world No. 1 Roger Federer on Saturday at the US Open. Turns out a good number of players are also looking forward to seeing how the almost-untouchable Isner serve stacks up against the almost-untouchable all-around game of the Swiss.
American Robby Ginepri added his assessment to the match-up:
“I actually saw him in the locker room about 20 minutes ago,” Ginepri said after his win Friday at the US Open. “I was talking to him about the match tomorrow, saying, ‘You can do it.’ I was like, ‘You got to serve well to beat him.’ I was like, ‘You already do it, so it’s a plus (smiling).’ He’s a little anxious to get out there. It’s going to be fun to watch. But he’s got to believe that he can upset Federer if he has a chance.”

Ginepri says with Isner’s delivery an upset is a possibility.

“With a serve like that, anyone’s got a chance,” Ginepri said. “You know, it’s tough to ever doubt what Roger can do out there. It will be an interesting match, put it that way.”

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6 Comments for Ginepri Gives Countryman Pep Talk for Federer v Isner US Open Match-Up

Tony Says:

Ginepri — who has lost to Federer all three times they played — is giving advice to Isner? Now Isner is truly jinxed. Second, the “almost-untouchable Isner serve” has been broken by David Ferrer (7-6 2-6 2-6 in Cincinnati and again 6-7 3-6 in New Haven) and even Andy Roddick (4-6 6-7 in Washington). If a poor returner like Roddick can break Isner’s serve, Federer certainly can do better. Read “Federer’s Reliable Returns Overcome 150-mph Serves at US Open” on

Isner will lose to Federer in straight sets, one tiebreak at most (or none). After Roger beats Isner the same cheerleaders hyping the match will then say Roger was expected to beat Isner after all, nothing special. But given all the hype that they have generated, I fear poor Isner’s promising career and confidence might be harmed when he loses. If Federer and Nadal had been subjected to the same amount of hype in their young careers, neither might have progressed to where they are today. And people wonder why American tennis isn’t producing enough young talents.

jane Says:

What about the OTHER “Young” American? He’s playing a great match against Lopez and virtually no hype about him. May not win but certainly a player to watch. Has a more all-round game than Isner.

Maverick Says:




What do you think of my prediction on Isner and Federer. I had said on August 31st, 2007 at 10:16 pm and I quote, “ It will take Federer few games to check Isner out. He may lose the few games or the first set, but that is all what good will happen to Isner”. I was, one more time correct. I must be psychic.

No hype for Donald Young. Why?

This is because US media and many of us, incorrectly become excited to see big servers. Whenever one sees a player with this ability, we all get excited and think this is it. This is the person who will take the trophy and carry USA tennis on their shoulder. Shortsighted we are, aren’t we?

I have in my blogs, of past, on Isner and Roddick consistently said that service only games will not make one a player of any consistent repute. Again, as I have said in the past, yes, service is an important part of tennis and if one has a good service game, lucky you. But one must have, with a service game other skills, which one must be able to consistently apply.

A player with only service as a primary weapon will not go beyond the American hype and few minor laurels. The media is doing injustice to American tennis. By hype and constant barrage of praise on big servers, the media is telling our up and coming kids and junior tennis players, that this is how tennis should be played. The media could not be more wrong.

Kids and younger players are very vulnerable to what they hear and see. They are in their formative years. Formative, in their general growth and development and formative in early their tennis development.

Media is a very powerful medium and consistently influences, on how we think.

Media must not promote a message that service only game is the only way to go. By hype on big servers, this is exactly the message our media is promoting. If, on the other hand when the hype on big servers is on and blasted to us day in and out, the media personnel’s in the same breath pass on the message that to have long term success in tennis one must have all around game, media would then influence how the kids and younger tennis player in USA look at their future abilities in tennis and media would then be serving future USA tennis interest, very well.

Because of so much hype on big servers now and in the past, kids and younger players, in their formative years know no better than to emulate their idols, this is only natural, and come out as big servers, only to realize upon arrival at professional tennis, that now they need to be all around, but then it is too late.

Media people think about it. Why US tennis is producing big servers, the likes of Sam Querrey and John Isner and god only knows how many of such players are in line. This kind of tennis is not going to serve US tennis, on the long run.

Since Donald Young is not a big server and more or less is a fairly good all around player, the media does not see him as somebody they would like to hype. Donald Young will not produce a big bang, so why bother.

In fact, it is Donald Young, media should be concentrating and not big servers. Unfortunately, that is how tennis is promoted in USA, emphasis on the bang and short term news making, rather than promoting and making an example,on all around players.
I hope the above answers your queries

In the end, I would like to ask USA media to, please, please think on the impact your narrations has on USA tennis. Think before you open your mouth, before you join the band wagon of hype, on the impact what you say will have on USA tennis. Thankyou

jane Says:


Yes – good call on the Isner match.

I agree that at this point Isner only has a serve in terms of weapons; however, if he can develop the rest of his game, he will most definitely be a contender for the higher ranks.

Personally I think Roddick has more than a serve: he has a huge forehand too. And since Jimmy’s on board, he’s added a pretty good slice and improved his movement. He’s also willing to come to net and from time-to-time is effective there. So I would not lump Roddick with Isner – although agreeably they are both noted for their big serves.

I agree that an all-round game should be both promoted and lauded by the USTA and the media.

However, a big serve is, without a doubt, a HUGE feather in any cap. Players can win so many easy points on big serves. But it is what they ADD to that serves that matters in the end – as Federer has shown.

jane Says:

BTW – anyone think Ginepri can make it to the quarters? He may be another American under-hyped??

jane Says:

Ginepri out – musta jinxed him. Oops.

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