Australian Open Men’s Draw: Djokovic Drives For Five, Federer v Nadal SF?
by Sean Randall | January 15th, 2015, 8:13 pm

The first Slam draw for the new year just came out, and it looks like a good one for Novak Djokovic. The World No. 1 and 4-time Australian Open champion avoided both Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray who are situated in the bottom half of the draw with Roger Federer. So good news for the Serb!

Djokovic could run into John Inser in the fourth round, then a date probably with Milos Raonic. Juan Martin Del Potro is also in there, but he plays Jerzy Janowicz in arguably the best match of the first round. If Delpo were if form maybe that poses a risk, but I can’t see that nor do I see any upsets by Big John or Milos.

In the second quarter, Stan Warwinka begins his biggest career title defense. The Swiss was granted a great draw to help – though maybe that amps up the pressure – with Fabio Fognini, Pablo Cuevas and Alex Dolgopolov as the major threats in his quarter. Then in that final eight he’ll get either David Ferrer or Kei Nishikori, or even Gilles Simon. If Simon was more in form I’d like his chances, but since we are in the Asian region I’ll go with Nishikori.

Flipping to the bottom, Tomas Berdych and Ernests Gulbis appear headed for a fourth round collision, though Phil Kohlschreiber could play spoiler to the Latvian’s hopes. Actually I think the German will. Former champion Rafael Nadal figures to be a quarterfinal opponent for Tomas, but Rafa’s in a tricky section. Nadal opens with Mikhail Youzhny, who’s beaten the Spaniard. Then potentially Lukas Rosol in the third followed by either Richard Gasquet or Kevin Anderson. Despite his lack of play, in best-of-5 I like Rafa.

In the final quarter we find Federer, Murray and 2014 Australian quarterfinal Grigor Dimitrov. Plus David Goffin and Jeremy Chardy who I think made a quarter in Melbourne also. It’s a tough section but I like Federer over Murray in the end.

So where are we headed? Initially I like Djokovic to win the title, and perhaps he does it over Rafa. I’ll have more over the weekend. But that’s my early pick.

Sweet 16 seeds:
1 Djokovic v 13 Agut
12 Lopez v 8 Raonic
4 Wawrinka v 16 Fognini
9 Ferrer v 5 Nishikori

7 Berdych v 11 Gulbis
14 Anderson v 3 Nadal
6 Murray v 10 Dimitrov
15 Robredo v 2 Federer

Overall, I tab Djokovic’s draw as the easiest with really only serve-bots Isner and Raonic the only true threats. I’d rate Federer’s quarter the toughest with Murray, Dimitrov and Karlovic. Nadal’s is tough, but tough for Rafa.

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61 Comments for Australian Open Men’s Draw: Djokovic Drives For Five, Federer v Nadal SF?

Daniel Says:

Reposting fro previous tread.

Nadal gets a tuff first round with Youzhny but other than that can’t see him losing to other guys, Anderson is his biggest treat in R16. Gullible is in Berdy quarter so this could be ideal for him to play himself into form. And if he reaches quarters to face Berdy (can’t see him beating Nadal ever again, unless he a disaster happens), Nadal could play Murray or Fed in semis, both players who he have an excellent record against. I wasn’t thinking he had a shot at first but if he plays himself into form and Fed and Murray play a exhausting match they could enter semis rewinding previous Slams encounter with Nadal. At that point anything can happen.

Don’t think we will get major upsets this tournament, think most seed with reaches quarters where the fun will actually began.

Fed only treat is R16 in Karlovic or Kyrgios, if they reach there.

Djoko is a lock to quarters with only Isner in his way in R16 if he reaches that stage. No way he loses before quarters in my view.

Murray is also lock, can’t see him losing to Dimitrov again not now unless Dimi finds his Wimbledon 2014 form again.

Wawrinka also lock for Quarters can;t see nobody beating him.

The only vulnerable is Kei who has Ferrer just coming of a title.

Yolita Says:

I think Delpo, Isner, Milos, Wawrinka and Nishikori are all big threats for Nole. Having to deal with two big servers in a row (Isner/Raonic) will be tough. And that’s before he meets Wawrinka or Nishikori. Raonic, Wawrinka and Nishikori are all in great shape. Novak didn’t get an easy draw at all.
He’ll have to focus and be calm when playing the big servers.
If he makes the final. I like his chances for the title. But he has to get there first.

Yolita Says:

The Delpo-Janowicz match will be fun, and hopefully we get Goffin-Dimitrov.

Solomon Says:

i feel very nervous about rafa, he’s lost to so many unknowns recnetly like krygios, coric, berrer and the other german. he needs to find form.

Youzhny is on ehanded backhand, Nadal needs to play to that, against berrer who was one handed backhand, Nadal was playing it to his forehand allowing him to dictate the rally and hit winners.

Kimberly Says:

Djoker has this one. I am actually really looking forwRd to the women’s that seems more open. Go sharapova

Michael Says:

True, Novak has an easy draw to navigate. Although Isner could pose a few threats, he is not the same player he once was and is reaching even that stage is a big question ? Milos, Del Potro etc. could pose a challenge but not enough to avert Novak’s path to the final and may be lift his 5th Australian Open title.

Roger has a very tough draw with Andy in the quarters and possibly a semi-final clash with Rafa. I would say that is a steep mountain to climb especially when Roger is above 33. So, Roger’s quest for his 5th Australian Open might not be thrist quenching and he is in for a rough road ahead.

As regards Rafa, despite his lack of match practice, in five set matches you have to favour him and finding Berdych in the quarters is a good sign for Rafa as he usually reserves his best against him. And I do not find him struggling against Youzhny, Gasquet or Anderson. Rafa obviously will find himself very lucky to have been handed out such a draw and would fancy his chances even to win the title if Novak falters midway which is possible, but most likely not probable.

As regards Andy, well Dmitrov, Roger, Rafa and then Novak …. Can that line up get any tougher ? It looks a herculean effort would be needed for Andy if he is to win his first title and it is possible considering how great a player he is with so much variety. Nevertheless it looks a tall order.

At the moment, Novak appears to be the favourite followed by Rafa (he finds favour from the draw) and then you have Roger and Andy. At the moment, I cannot pick a dark horse. But if I need to, I would favour Del Potro.

skeezer Says:

Agree and was pretty much my sentiments described in the other thread, re; draw analysis.
Only caveat Imo fans should not count on Delpo going deep, too early in his coneback attempt.

Michael Says:

Yes Skeezer, Del Potro is capable of producing big surprises but coming he is after such a long lay off, he would find the going not easy especially if he advances to meet Novak.

Monfils, Ferrer and even Kohlscrieber in my opinion are capable of producing nasty surprises. For sure, they might not go as far to win the tournament, but some upsets are definitely possible with these kind of players.

Margot Says:

Hoping Andy gets to the quarters, needs to defend points, then who knows?
Young Aussies all seem to have a good draw. Lots and lots of expectation riding on Kyrgios’ shoulders but as he’s a bit of a show off/show man, he could do very well.
Atomic looks a bit more settled too.
As for the young Brits, really hoping Liam Brody qualifies -loads of promise there. Has zoomed up the rankings this year.

sienna Says:

easy draws are load of BS.
for weeks this site writers and posters are pushing the youngsters nishikori and raonic. I havent looked very good at the draw but he could get those guys.

sienna Says:

Murray still needs tournements to get competative with Federer in this form. Im almost hoping for Murray to reach quarters the 0 and 1 was no incident.
Federer owns Murray atm.

Nadal is the enigma here. He is very well capable of winning this tournement. But only Nadal knows where he really stands. They would never be fair about their chances so be prepaired for everything.

I wouldnot be surprised if his head splits open and UFO came flying out.
Youzhny can hit pretty good so that is aan good test.
dont know about Youzhny form atm.

KatH Says:

If Murray beats Grigor it’ll be 50-50 with Murray v Federer. If it goes to 5 sets Murray will win – if it only goes to 3 sets Federer will win.

sienna Says:

have watched any tennis at all the last 12 months?
it probably will go to 3 or 4, but if federer is to play 5th against Murray then Fed is more likely to beat him. He is far fitter then Murray in this stage of their career. 2 years ago not Murray under Lendl was animal. I donot see him hitting that form or fitnesslevel. Clutching at straws is what you do.

KatH Says:

To Sienna – appreciate Fed. is a favourite of yours (and many others) hence your comments about which I disagree. However, we can agree that within the next fortnight we’ll have a definitive answer.

Wog Boy Says:

Bottom half of the draw is playing on monday. Says:

Michael, I like your analysis. Rafa is just a huge question mark. Courier just called him second favourite.
He plays a journeyman first round ranked in what 20’s or 30’s and that will be his tough threat. Then some nobodies.
If he can avoid the Rafa Hiccups, and makes second week, he gets probably the two best players he owns most: Berdych and Fed.
The question is if he can get past the nobodies and play himself into form.
Isner is absolutely no challenge for Novak right now. I do think Milos will be a challenge, but I don’t think Milos can beat the best returner in the game. Wawrinka or Nishikori could be real challenges for Novak should they meet, so its certainly not a slam dunk that Novak makes the finals.
I expect Murray to take out Grigor this time; Murray is far better know than he was last summer, and Grigor is probably worse. I expect Murray/Fed to be a brilliant match if it comes to pass.

Talk with y’all soon my friends!

van orten Says:

Fed is the clear favourite vs murray..look at their last 10 matches . Fed won most of them

Another shot for fed if he were to meet Nadal in semis.
He should finally prevail if he plays great because Nadal cannot be matchfit.
He just cannot be given his lack of matches since last summer.

I expect wawa vs nishi to be a long match ..djoker vs raonic should be easy for nole

Looking forward to the happy slam..

Michael Says:

Tennis Vagabond,

Thanks !! True nothing is certain. But for me, at the moment, Novak appears to be the favourite to win it. But, who knows ? We might be in for surprises as we recently saw at the US Open. Who would have predicted Cilic to lift the title ? And today he has reverted to his old self and become an also ran. So, an interesting Australian Open in prospect and hope it is competitive and give the spectators value for their money.

contemperory Says:

Djokovic’s draw:
The only caveat I see in his draw is Wawrinka / Nishikori. If he is able to defeat them (I give him a 60-40 chance for Djokovic with them) then he is going to be in F’s.
F’s : If he faces Nadal, it is going to be a 50-50. But with any other player, the edge is with Djokovic.

Nadal’s draw:
Youzhny&Gasquet – Nadal has a clear edge here for obvious reasons (one handed BH, Nadal owning them etc.)
Rosol – There is a possible upset here provided Rosol reaches the Wimbledon level and Nadal is not 100%. However I give the edge to Nadal.
QF’s – Nadal has owned Berdych so most likely we will not see an upset.
SF’s – Nadal reaching SF’s in itself is an ominous sign for others. If he is facing Fed, we all know what is going to happen. If he is facing Murray, it is going to be a thriller because Murray would then have defeated Fed in the QFs (and we know what it means).
F’s – Nadal will face Djokovic. It is going to be a 50-50 with the best man on that day to win.

Fed’s draw:
4R- If Fed faces Robredo in 4R, considering Robredo had beaten him in USO 2013 in straight sets, it is not a foregone conclusion that Fed will beat Robredo. But 60-40 in favor of Fed.
QF’s – With regards to Murray, I agree with TV – If he is able to defeat Dimitrov, we are in for a classic Fed-Murray QF. I would give an edge to Fed but nevertheless it is going to be a thriller.
SF’s – If Fed faces Nadal, Nadal is sure to win. If Fed faces Berdych, it is a 40-60 for Fed because Berdych is known to give Fed problems. If it is any other player, then Fed stands a good chance of reaching F’s.
F – Fed will need to face Djokovic most likely assuming no “disaster” happens in the other half of the draw. Djokovic will be the clear favorite.

Armend Says:

With Nadal it will be either going out in the first round or in the Final round, the draw seems to be that simple for him.
I was looking at his overall GS winning record, which is at an amazing 90.5%. The 1st round GS losses during the two latter years have had a detrimental record to this amazing stat.

Federer stands at 87% and Djokovic at 84%. These figures give further credit to their GS dominance.

My “bold” prediction is that all four top seeds go through, it will be another amazing 5 and a half hour Nadal-Djokovic final.

van orten Says:

How could djoker be the clear favourite if he were to meet the number 2 seed Federer in the final?

All those predictions are is pretty wide open this year . Mark my words Nadal getting to the finals is everything but a foregone conclusion

RZ Says:

In terms of the biggest names, it’s the same draw as last year with Djokovic and Wawrinka in one half, and Fed, Rafa, and Murray in the other half. I haven’t decided yet if I’m excited about that or annoyed. Probably both.

sienna Says:

Ok so Murray beating Dimitrov will make him favorite for Federer match?
that is basicaly said here.

well just ignorance Fed schooled Dimitrov so what grounds gives a Murray victory over Dimitrov for beating Federer?

But you are assuming that me being a Fedfan cannot see clear and that is why I claim Federer to be clear fav against Murray.

I hope it isnot. I dont see fed as clear favorite against Nadal or Djoker.
I think Nadal if they meet this time will be 55/45 favorite. see explanation van Orten.

With Djokovic. it depends on how previous matches went, but should meet under normal circumstances they are split 50/50.
with Murray, Federer will be clear favorite.
65/35 or 70/30.
Murray hasnot got the game he had when he could trouble Federer.
2 years ago he clearly was much fitter and he could wear Federer down in the rally.
That is clearly not the case. Everyone sees this Fedfan or not.

sienna Says:

get act and facts together.

90% winning % in slams for Nadal is big fat lie.
88% it is and when he keeps playing it will drop considerably.

but that is in the future but keep it real when posting #s!

Giles Says:

The bookies seem to be very confident indeed, making joker the odds on favourite. Here’s hoping they make a packet! Lol

Atul Says:

It is so transparent to us of Djoko’s draw… But if one thinks that Delpo or Isner might pose a trouble for him then they’re probably wrong. He is the best returner of the game and his athleticism too has improved remarkably.
Unless there is some fierce cross court backhand from Stan or the little hefty perseverance from Kei… Djoker has reserved his place in the final. But it is tennis as we all know!
The only thing that puts a mark is him getting overwhelmed at hard situations and thus, fall. Didnt we see that from last couple of years? Getting in GS’s finals and ending up with smaller trophy. Well, here’s where Roger excels!
Tired to type for other big 3. But will post. Cheers.

SG1 Says:

I think Roger has his last two chances to win a major this year and if this happens, it’s either at this AO or at Wimbledon. I like his chances in the AO because he’s as fresh and healthy as he’s going to be all year. I like his chances at Wimbledon because he’s been to the final 9 times and there isn’t anyone a whole lot better than him on grass.

All the above said, I’m not picking Roger to win the AO or any other major for that matter(though i believe he has a chance if the draw lines up well for him). I think that it’s time for Murray to step up and win a major again. Andy’s had some good AO results and he must be feeling left out in all this Rafa/Djokovic major title hogging over the past year or so.

SG1 Says:

Glad the majors are back! It;s a long wait between the USO and the AO.

Kimberly Says:

Come pick brackets and chat! Sorry ive been off tennis x for awhile but im back. While I haven’t been posting tennis ive been playing a ton! But I am here to post all of my brialliant insights for the aussie open.

I personally think it will be Djokovic v. Murray or Federer. I just don’t see Nadal going deep with the lack of match play. I know he would not play the tournament however, if he did not feel he could be competitive in it, but I just don’t see it. but no matter what he says he aint there to lose.

Now, with respect to Djokovic, the only way I see him losing before the finals is if the opponenet plays the match of their life and for some reason or another he comes out with a lack of focus and mental lapses and gifts the opponenet the match, which is not totally impossible as it has happened several times. But if he plays like he can and is mentally focused this tournament should be his. In the final, Federer, Nadal and Murray at the top of their game are not favored, but capable for sure.

Okiegal Says:

@Kimberly…..I think like you are concerning our favorite. Just don’t think he’s had enough match play either. I think it will be Fed and Novak…..but having said that, if anyone playing Fed should happen to get a couple of sets off of him, then it would be questionable. I think Fed could go three or four, but 5 would be iffy. I am picking Novak.

Okiegal Says:

@Hippy Chick……I’m glad to see you had the fortitude to stick to your guns about taking a TX break. I wavered. I’m nursing a twisted knee and severely bored!! I did see where you did Kimberly’s bracket challenge. Good luck with that. Miss ya’ girl!!

KatH Says:

To Sienna – I am sorry to see you are distressed re. my opinion that Murray could beat Fed. re. if the match extends beyond 3/4 sets. I am not out to challenge anyone’s views but nor do I expect the kind of otp reaction that my opinion seems to have engendered. I said that if Murray gets thru Dimitrov he is likely to meet Fed…..please refer to what I said.

Re. your comment that everyone knows Fed. will beat Murray – Fed. may well beat Murray but not everyone believes it – at least the Betting Outfits don’t agree with you.

Keep calm – I’m not looking for a fight.

Nusi Says:

Oh God another fixed final incoming.How wonderful..

sienna Says:

its ok.
dont be so defensive.
Murray might well beat Federer.

But if you look objective to the way both have played the last year or even months/ weeks it is clear that Federer is favorite.

that is the whole point. You claim I choose Federer over Murray because Im aan fan. Not true I pick Federer on facts
You on the other hand have no legit reasons to claim Murray will take aan five setter. Just a wild shot based on a Murray more then 16 months ago.

I am not saying he cannot win but probably if he does somwthing is out of tune. ie injury/freak luck. it can happen.
keep your hopes up.
sets will surely last longer then 0 and 1.

Damien Mills Says:

I may be re-named Captain Obvious for this post, but the pentultimate sign the stranglehold of the big 4 (3? – at the risk of getting mauled by Murray fans) is loosening fast:
Not many are making them sure-fire locks to lift the big trophies anymore, and are more surprised/relieved each year when they do win one. I think we’re all in for a few surprises this year, and may start to see something like we did a-la Hewitt/Safin/Roddick/Ferrero.
But then again, who knows, really? I know I’m tipping via my heart more than my head these days, which is making me more Flukey than skilful.

Wog Boy Says:

Andy can’t and will not Federer only in London, any other place the are fifty-fifty and Andy proved that. London is mental thing, the people read my post (not many though) will remember that I said the same thing prior their match in at WTF. London fans are not fair to Andy, I feel sorry for him, he is the only player that doesn’t really have home crowd, the only time they cheered him, was Olympic games but they Actually cheered the UK and UK flag and not Andy. Last year at AO few points here and their decided thei match (and double bounce that neither chair umpire nor Roger have seen;) and Andy was coming after operation. So to say that Roger is favorite outside London is not a fact, take away Andy’s loses in London away and he has positive H2H with Roger, methinks.

Patson Says:

Nole it is. It took a match-of-his-life performance from Stan to take him out last year. The odds of him falling to someone playing the match-of-his-life two years in a row are pretty low.

Would be terribly disappointed if Nole doesn’t win.

Wog Boy Says:

^^ …can’t and will not BEAT…

Wog Boy Says:

I just checked, Andy lost five times to Roger in London, 1xWimbledon and 4xWTF, take that away and Andy is 10:6 elswhere.

brando Says:

I am sorry but: it’s absolutely ridiculous and idiotic to dismiss Andy Murray with having no chance against Roger Federer should they meet. Absolutely ridiculous. If stats mean anything then they tell us Andy’s worst match up is Rafael Nadal. If Andy Murray’s opinion matters then he’ll also say it’s Rafael Nadal. And yet Nadal and his fans, tennis fans generally always give Andy due credit and say he’s got a real chance to win-outside clay- against Rafael because he’s a supremely talented player who always stands a great chance since he’s that damn good. That’s Nadal: his toughest foe. Now if he stands a great chance against him: how on earth can he be dismissed v a 33 year old who he historically has matched up very well against? Its absolutely idiotic to dismiss him: for what? His struggles against Federer in the last 18 months? Everyone and their dog knows as much Federer has been good Andy has not been the same player post injury. He’s been the shadow of his former self: and that’s a truth everyone knows! And it’s crazy to cite his 6-0 6-1 loss at wtf. Comical even. Andy once thumped Nadal 6-0 6-1 in a final losing only 4 points. 4 mere points. Outstanding result: but no one put too much weight into since they know: elite players don’t thump each other every time they meet since their elite for a reason. And yet: here we have some posters suggesting that 6-0 6-1 @ WTF has some permanent elements to it. Absolutely ridiculous for anyone to think that.

brando Says:

Re the draw: to be honest: the draw at AO matters not. I see it like this: Novak Djokovic is the closest thing to Rafael Nadal at French open. He plays his best: everyone plays for runner up. Period. He’s that good and the field ain’t on his level at all. He lost to wawrinka giving a all time great performance and even then: he lost barely in the 5th set. At the AO Novak is a beast: it’s the perfect match of a special talent doing his thing in the perfect environment for him. That court was made for like Philippe Chatrier is for Nadal, and if he’s in his groove then there will be one winner.

jane Says:

interesting stat about andy/roger in london wog boy; i had no idea that it was a pattern.

autoFilter Says:

Wog Boy,

I agree it’s an interesting stat. I don’t know if I’m totally persuaded that London is the prime factor, though. At the very least, I wouldn’t think it’s the only significant factor. I’d say that, by far, Andy’s played defensive and cat & mouse tennis against Roger (often very successfully as Andy does both masterfully), but that’s simply been a losing strategy against Roger in London because the surfaces have been ones on which Roger can take the time away like no one else. I do seem to recall (am I mistaken?) Roger losing to Andy at one WTF (the one when Fed’s back was so bothered that he was sitting down between points), but in general I think what I’ve described has been the trend.

I’m fully with those of you who assert that Federer beating Murray is far from a given, though. I have to admit I didn’t see Murray’s end of the season resurgence, so I don’t know if the hype was overblown or what. I did see him get trounced in the WTFs, but whenever he’s been comfortable with his game on the court (whether due to surface or venue or occasion or what have you), he’s always been able to trouble Federer.

kjb Says:

@Brando I agree with you about Murray. He mathes up well against Fed and he actually looked damn good in the Hopman Cup. If they do in fact meet in the quarters I think it will be a great match. I would give Fed a very slight edge but until we see a few matches from these guys it is really hard to say.
I don’t really see anyone but Djokovic/Fed/Murray lifting the title. Rafa is obviously a contender but it would be quite a feat with the amount of matchplay that he has had in the last few months. Its Djokovics title to lose IMO but this is sport, and anything can happen. It wouldn’t surprise me if Stan or Kei took out Nole and I wouldn’t be surprised if Nole won the whole thing without dropping a set.

Wog Boy Says:

autoFilter, I can bet my house it is mental thing in London for a few reasons.

BTW, Andy beat Roger three times in Shanghai, once in WTF and twice masters. Andy loves Shanghai and that is actually surface that suits Federer more, there you go.

Wog Boy Says:

BTW, I agree with Jim Courier regards Nadal and AO, ones he is through first week, he is the man to beat.

autoFilter Says:

You make a compelling point, Wog Boy.

Oh, maybe the match with Fed’s back was in Shanghai, actually…

Wog Boy Says:

autoFilter, yes, it was in Shanghai WTF 2008, one that Nole won:)

Brando Says:



Re Muzza: there’s nothing to add really. He get’s blasted really rather criminally at times here. They all do, but with Muzza some heat he gets at times is baffling to say the least.

Re AO:

Agree there to.

Just cannot look beyond Novak really. Hence why he’s seen as such a red hot favourite.

Deservedly to be honest:

He’s a beast at AO and the competition-IMHO- does not look in great shape at all.

Later on in the year I think the others, fitness and form permitting, can show their worth but right now, in January:

Novak looks head and shoulders above the rest.

Put simply: if he fires= he wins.

That simple really since at AO he’s a class above the rest, and when the rest ain’t looking too great either it’s a matter of how many set’s drops for me.

Tennis Fan Says:

Djoks quarter is a walk until ne loses to Raonic in the end.

The Nishikori – Raonic Semifinal will ne a killer

Nodal has an absolute walk into the quarters … nut I think he will find a way to go out fairly early before he gets there anyway

Federer has the more difficult quarter with a no. Of dangerous players … but he is used to it and will likely make the semis.

sienna Says:

Murray has nothing extra in the tank since last 12 months. He got a few good breaks to win a few smaller venues but he didnot face top guys. The ones he did beat were hampered.
Murray atm clearly cannot put in the workload he needs to be compatetive with the top players.

he will only be able to hold some ground in the rally but his lesser fysiek will cause that Federer gets the upperhand every single time.

Murray is at Dimitrovs level or slightly above. So Murray’s level is below Nishikori, Cilic, Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and propably Wawrinka , Raonic.
I am not trying to put him down. I call it how it is.
That doesnot mean he hasnot got chances to beat those guys, but hè needs totoup his game to do so.
I have seen nothing from Murray the past months that he can up his game come AUS open.
Fitness is lacking to overtake the rally’s like Lendl/Murray could.

Margot Says:

Remember how Bodo likened how they played to music?
Rafa -heavy metal
Fed -classic
Andy -jazz ie makes it up as he goes along. I love that analogy.
Over to all you Nole fans now :)

Wog Boy Says:

Viktor Troicki won Sydney…for those who are interested.
Keep it up Viktor! Says:

I love how apoplectic Brando gets at dissenting opinions. Ridiculous! Ludicrous!
Brando, I don’t know how you can even stand conversing with such low class ignoramuses as us! But thank you for your patience!

Wog, very interesting stat re Murray/ Fed.
I believe the reason Murray has historically matched up well against Fed is that, against Rafa and Novak who are primarily defensive players, Murray plays his ultra-passive game. Against Fed, he knows he can’t, and he plays his most varied and aggressive game. That is Murray at his best.
However, record aside, Murray right now has not proven that he can play like Big Four Murray. So, while we can guess he MIGHT bring that game and challenge Fed, if we compare their results over the last year, to me, Fed is a pretty clear favourite.

Klaas Says:

Djokovic: rock and roll

Kimberly Says:

I believe victor is going to have an amazing year. He is so fueled by anger at what he perceives to be his unfair suspension that he was effectively channel it to use as motivation to propel himself as high as his talent will allow him—12-8 in the rankings.

Giles Says:

Troicki’s suspension was by no means unfair. He refused to give a blood test (I believe) and therefore had to suffer the consequences thereof. Of course we will never know the truth – negative or positive, That’s Troicki’s fault.
Grown man scared of needles? Give me a break please!

Wog Boy Says:

Troicki did not refuse to do blood test, get the facts right. He was a scape goat.
Serena refuse to do blood test (panic room story) and was never punished!
Cilic tested positive but was let off after four months (mother both him pills).

sienna Says:

rereading comments about Murray Federer.

why dont you take away slams or better slam finals?
Murray would be ahead by 2.


Wog Boy Says:

^^ I think it is better if I take that weed away from you.

Okiegal Says:

@Wog @6:13………LOL!

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