Nobody Beats Sharapova 16 Times in a Row; Except Serena for 19th Slam Title
by Staff | January 31st, 2015, 8:35 am

The “old” rivalry continued in the final of the Australian Open on Saturday where 33-year-old World No. 1 Serena Williams continued her dominance of 27-year-old Maria Sharapova, defeating the Russian 6-3, 7-6(5) to remain a perfect 6-0 in Aussie Open finals.
The carnage stats of the “rivalry:”

* Serena improved to 17-2 career against Sharapova
* The Russian hasn’t beaten Serena in 10 years
* Sharapova has lost 16 matches in a row to Serena
* Sharapova has lost the last 10 sets in a row
* Serena has denied Maria 3 Grand Slam titles in finals, an Olympic Gold and a WTA year-end championship in finals
* Serena is 5-1 vs. Maria in career Slam meetings
* Serena has won in 9 of the 10 years they have faced each other (2 losses in 2004)

It looked like it would be another Serena blowout when the American broke serve in the very first game, and broke again before closing out the first set 6-3 after a short rain delay.

In the second set both players took care of serve, with Sharapova fighting off a match point at 4-5. In the tiebreak Williams fought ahead 6-4 before Sharapova fought off yet another match point, but Serena wrapped up her 19th Grand Slam title with a booming ace.

She now stands alone at No. 2 on the all-time Slam title list behind Steffi Graf’s 22.

“Standing here with 19 majors is something I never thought would happen,” Williams said. “I went on the court with a ball, a racquet and a hope.”

Sharapova was congratulatory of Serena and the rivalry that has seen the two snipe at each other in the media and on social media, but it was all smiles and handshakes on Saturday.

“I’ve got to congratulate Serena on creating history and on playing some of her best tennis,” Sharapova said. “It’s an honor playing against her. I haven’t beaten her in a really long time, but I love it every time I step on the court to play her because she’s the best, and as a tennis player you want to play the best, so congratulations on such a great achievement.”

Sharapova fought off match points early in the tournament while Serena survived multiple three-setters, a sickness bug, and in the semifinals was tested in a first-time meeting with the bruising game of American teenager Madison Keys.

“I was not feeling great [during the fortnight],” Serena said. “Every time I didn’t feel great I started to feel better, and then the next day I got worse. There was a lot of ups and downs. So I just thought — you know, I was somehow still in the tournament and now I somehow have won.”

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19 Comments for Nobody Beats Sharapova 16 Times in a Row; Except Serena for 19th Slam Title

Humble Rafa Says:

WTA – Williams Tennis Association – is all and well.

Shriekapova wishes she didn’t win that Wimbledon 11 years ago but at least she makes twice as much money as the Big Lady. She has that going for her.

skeezer Says:

“* The Russian hasn’t beaten Serena in 10 years”
Now THATS ownage.

Humble Rafa Says:

Now THATS ownage.

I am impressed how you have understood the complex concept of ownership. Now, you need to learn the nuances and attain mastery. May you find more ownage and more owners in your path.

skeezer Says:

Thank you. Now that you also understand fully what ownership is, not just a winning H2h, please medititate on that and let it sink in. And please tell your fanbase that when you can beat someone 10 years with out losing a match…and…win 16 times… a row…what being owned is.

Giles Says:

^^^ Just keep repeating 23-10

jane Says:

congrats to serena. at least sharapova wasn’t routed this time and pushed to a tiebreak 2nd set. i have to say this: what was with serena’s eyebrows? did anyone else think they looked strange? she must’ve got carried away with the eyebrow pencil, lol.

Giles Says:

Yes her eyebrows looked very strange indeed. Eyebrow pencil overload! Why would she want to do that I wonder?

Okiegal Says:

@Jane…..funny you should mention her eyebrows. I hadn’t paid any attention to them until hubby said something about them. He thinks they have been tattooed. I personally know someone who did that very thing. They do look rather odd. My cousin did her lips with a permanent color. That got to be a fad a few years ago. Maybe that’s what Serena has done to her brows????

Dan Martin Says: I have my men’s final pick up there. I think Serena is on another plane at the moment. She has not lost to the #2 player in the world in over a decade. Certainly odd things are bound to happen and clay is not her favorite surface so I am not predicting a calendar year slam, but I do think she will add to her haul of 19 majors this year and get to at least 20 before the season ends.

jane Says:

okie, that’s a crazy thought! i just thought it was pencil.

andrea Says:

hmmmm….it’s astounding watching maria play so well against other players to make it to the final (panova not withstanding) and then look average.

maria was bombing serves and hitting winners in brisbane and in the matches leading up to the final. she just can’t execute the same level consistently against serena.

let’s face it: serena’s serve is such a huge advantage. even after a couple sloppy points you just know she’s going to rain down another ace.

@jane. the fact she made it to a tiebreak is amazing and she should take that as a small step forward.

jane Says:

agree about serena’s serve andrea. it’s kept her in matches she otherwise would’ve lost. also agree that it was a small step forward for maria. who knows if she could’ve won that tiebreak? maybe she would’ve taken the title. a lot of people diss sharapova, and some for valid reasons, but one thing she has is an incredible compete level. she’s never rested on her laurels or her looks.

sienna Says:

this was the best match of tournement male/female.
three setter would have been nice and would have given another winner.

now the mens tournement has been terrible. Compaired to Us open it is not 1 but 2 steps back.

both zo called finalist would be fried if Cilic was in this draw.
This AU open has been one big let down.

Hamza Says:

Man, Serena Williams is just unstoppable. Does she know anything about aging ? I doubt that.

On her way to becoming the greatest female tennis player ever to play the game.

skeezer Says:

Agreed. Serena is now looking @ Graf’s record. Will she do it? There is no doubt now she is the greatest woman player of this generation. Now, she has to be looked at as one of the greatest ever. For those saying her time in tennis the competition was weak, well, you are shallow in your knowledge of who played during her career.

Jeez Says:

Did anybody notice the fact that Sharapova ‘s average speed of 2nd serve was 153 kph!!! [Berdych-159,Wawrinka -152,Djokovic -151,Serena -150]

Way faster than Murray’s @ 134 kph

Ok Murray played 4 SETS with 45 2nd serves & Sharapova played 2 SETS with 30 2nd serves ..

But still !!

martins take Says:

All props to our great female American tennis legend. Indisputably, she is the best female to ever play the game.

funches Says:


You watched a different tournament than I did. The men’s matches were consistently terrific all the way up until the poorly played 5-setter between Wawrinka and Djokovic, which was not good tennis but not as bad as people are making it out to be.

The first two sets of the Murray-Djokovic match were excellent, too. Their ability to retrieve is astounding, and Murray finally cracked under the weight of Djokovic’s defense and return of serve.

sienna Says:

tournement blew first fuse after feds exit and second after nadals. it never came back from those led downs.

already the best HC player of the last slam wasnot there.

And after all the hype on this site about Nishikori and Dimitrov…I was expecting that they could make some impact.

but a sub par Murray could prevail in finals and well that leaves Djokovic.
to suggest that he came close to 2011 level is fault.

All in all a sub par mens tournement.

Bummer that Cilic was/is injured.

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